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Spin The...What?

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Summary: Spin the bottle, crossover style. Random fic that I wrote in about half an hour last night at about 12am. Excuse the meaninglessness and see if you can understand it, just freakin' read the damn story! Warnings: Mild weirdness, other warnings inside

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Charmed > GeneralWhisperOfFaithFR1512,224021,02322 Jan 0622 Jan 06Yes
Warning: Femslash, but um, no guyslash, or “manslash” if that’s what you want to call it.
Disclaimer: Just playing, I promise to put them back afterwards, all hail the mighty Joss etc etc etc...
A spin the bottle story involving the Season…whatever you want Scoobies, and some random people from other places in my wandering brain. Anywho, its just random and popped into my head while I was spinning my own Coke bottle with my foot. It’ll involve some very interesting (AKA, very lame) drabble and has basically no plot, but whatever, enjoy it anyway. Or don’t, whatever you choose.
Sorry if random comments get into the story, I have an odd brain. If there’s a random sentence that makes no sense, you’ll have found what I mean. Picked from the story: “She winked at Angel when she said this, and no one had any idea why.” This is a classic example, and there will be more like it littered through the fic, ignore them if you want, or girlishly giggle at them like I do. What? I’m a girl, aren’t I the stereotype for the girly giggle?
Wow, sorry for that monologue.


“Spin the what?”
“Spin the bottle Anya, it’s a game commonly played among the drunken or the teenaged.”
“How does it work?”
Xander mentally slapped his forehead. “You’ll see, Faith’ll explain the rules, then she’ll spin the bottle.”
Xander took Anya back over to the group and looked around. Lotsa girls. A few guys, namely Angel, Spike, and Cole. Yeesh. Spike looked pissed. Xander wondered who had roped him into being there. Faith probably. She had that dominating and rather terrifying presence that kinda made you do whatever she told you to do.
“Okay, everyone in a circle on the floor,” Faith had taken charge and everyone randomly assembled themselves in a very jellybean-esque circle.
Faith sat in the space left, next to Willow. Willow was next to Tara, of course, and Xander was next to Tara, fiddling with the top button on his shirt, Phoebe was next to him, and Piper next to her, Angel was next to Piper, then Anya was opposite Faith, looking at her for instruction, Spike was next to Anya, then Cole was next to him, Paige was next to Cole, Cordelia was next to Paige, Buffy was next to Cordy and Dawn was next to Faith, making the circle complete. Nobody quite knew what Dawn was doing there, she was very clearly the youngest and made no sense to be in the story other than to be another name to put in the circle.
Faith looked up from playing with the bottle top, and smiled in her sultry way, “All right gang, here’s how to play. I spin the bottle to start off, then after that, whoever the top of the bottle points to, has to kiss whoever was spinning the bottle in question, got it?” She looked pointedly at Anya when she said this.
“This is no-relationship zone, so you smoochie-buddies out there, I don’t give a damn about you, you kiss who you kiss and everything that happens in this room, stays in this room. Kisses are for ten seconds, it’s the rule, and you have to use tongue,” she winked at Angel when she said this, and no one had any idea why. “Okay, I start.” Faith flicked her wrist and sent the bottle spinning in a circle, along with making the bracelets on her arm jangle.
Everyone watched the bottle slow to a stop. In front of Angel.
That was weird. Faith had made a point of looking at Angel before. She padded forward on her hands and knees, through the middle of the circle to get to her lucky victim, victim probably being the right word as Faith lifted Angel’s chin slightly with a finger and slid her tongue roughly into his mouth. The group counted to ten and they broke apart. “Your turn Angel-Face,” said Faith slyly as she slipped back to her spot.
Angel spun the bottle and in his eyes, seemed to go forever. It eventually slowed and landed on Tara. The blonde sitting next to Willow blushed furiously, she’d never really even talked to Angel before, let alone kissed him. She hoped Willow wouldn’t get jealous, as she felt her girlfriend shift position beside her.
Angel shuffled past Phoebe and Piper and awkwardly started to make out with Tara. What a strange combination of words. The group again counted to ten, though it had started to turn into an almost cultish chant. Like when they were done they’d explode or something.
Tara shot backwards a little after she broke away, which again, is a strange choice of words, and Willow nudged her to remind her it was now her turn. She spun the glass, and it ended up landing on Spike. Hell, another person that she’d never even thought about in that way? For a lesbian, she sure was straight.
Spike barely even seemed to register, and kissed Tara as if on autopilot, which was fine by her. He then spun the bottle and it landed on Buffy. That jerked him out of Stoic-Land. Hee, Stoic-Land. He leaned forward, and Buffy, not amused, had to kiss him back.
“You’re supposed to use tongue,” said Anya, matter-of-factly. That was Anya, ever the tutorial. Faith sniggered at Buffy’s loathing expression, which Anya just smiled away. Faith for some unknown reason, tried to figure out how to spin the bottle so that it would have a good chance at landing on Anya. She didn't know why, her mind had just randomly decided it would be a good idea. The girl didn’t seem to care that the people around her saw her differently than say, someone who wasn’t an ex-demon, and that was -for lack of a word that means the same thing as 'endearing' but not- endearing.
The circle got to ten and Buffy wiped her mouth, obviously not happy with her little snog.
She spun the bottle and it landed on Cole. As if to show Spike that she hated him, she kissed Cole with all the strength she could muster and was almost on his lap by the time the ten seconds was up.
“Hey, B, nice wheels.”
Buffy didn’t get what Faith had said, and by the look on everyone else’s faces, they didn’t get it either. Even Faith herself looked slightly confused. But she shook her head, then said “Cole, spin it.”
He obliged and it landed on Piper. Well, that was awkward. Kissing an almost sister-in-law. It was almost scandalous.
And for the…however many it was now, time, the group chanted all the way to ten, this time no one got confused and said ‘eleven’ instead of ‘nine’.
Piper spun the bottle and it landed on Willow.
That got a few sharp intakes of breath by members of the circle. Heh, they all knew Piper wasn’t gay.
The kiss between the two was lingering, even though it was slightly uncomfortable, and then Willow took the bottle and was glad when it landed on…wait, no she wasn’t, she didn’t want to kiss Faith.
Faith however slid a hand along Willow’s cheek and pulled her toward her. Willow in her head was denying that kissing Faith was rather pleasant, and having quite the geeky laugh to herself when she thought this, but also ‘cool’ as well. Her tongue however said differently to it being bad, in fact, Faith was smiling so it definitely wasn’t bad.
Willow pulled back right as the word ‘ten’ died from everyone’s lips and went red, finding Tara’s hand to reassure herself it was only a game, and Faith’s words echoed in her head, that whatever happened in the room, stayed in the room. Though after the words came the reminder of Faith’s tongue sliding around her mouth so the words were rather squished by it.
The night wore on a little, they’d played for an hour and a half and Faith was getting rather frustrated. She’d kissed everyone except Dawn once, and Angel, Tara and Cordy twice, but still no Anya. She was getting to the point of crashing over there, every time she saw Anya kiss someone else she wanted it to be her. And she didn’t know why. She’d never really noticed Anya as being anything but odd before. Now she was getting fuzzies for her? It was tripping her out a little. Nothing was five by five. While Angel kissed Piper, Faith wondered why she used the saying five by five. It was a bit random, she reasoned to herself. Breaking out of her stupor, and when she thought of the word ‘stupor’ it reminded her of the word ‘stupid’, which at the moment she felt she very much was, she heard talk of stopping, because everyone was getting kind of bored.
“Five more minutes guys,” said Faith, still determined to get that little session with Anya.
“Well I’m going,” said Dawn, who’d only gotten a make out with Phoebe. There were a few murmurs of agreement, Spike and Buffy were gone as quick as a flash, and then Angel, Piper and Xander got up too. Faith’s heart skipped a beat when Anya started to move, but calmed down when she saw the ex-demon was only making herself more comfortable. And somehow a whole lot sexier. She’d moved out of the direct light, so half her face was in shadow. Faith snapped out of it to see that it had been Piper’s turn, but she’d gone, so it went to the person on her right. Since Angel had gone too, it was left with Anya. Faith ordered her heart to stop gaining speed when she watched Anya take the bottle in her hands…her rather pretty hands, Faith mused, wondering where the heck her mind had gone and why it had been replaced with an Anya-wanting lesbian sex-robot. Her grey jeans were suddenly tighter, which was quite impossible to the real world, but Faith was in her own world as the bottle became slower and slower. Her black tank top felt slightly damp to her, and her body spray was starting to take effect, bringing the smell of vanilla tea into her incoherent senses.
Willow’s elbow in her rib prompted her to see that the top of the bottle was pointing at her and Anya was looking at her expectantly. Probably waiting for the blinking sign on her forehead to say “Now In Service, Sorry For The Inconvenience”. Faith came back to herself and moved hastily forward, the person she’d been waiting to get all lustbunny with for over an hour sitting right in front of her. She could almost see the fire as her lips came into contact with Anya’s, and she sat up more so that she was slightly above Anya, and the other girl’s head was tilted upwards, and put one hand on the side of her face while letting a finger on the other hand run right down the middle of Anya’s torso. She had obviously taken Faith’s “stays in the room” warning from earlier to heart, because she wasn’t protesting even though everyone had stopped counting ten seconds ago.
Phoebe huffed and got up, walking away, dragging Cole along behind her. Paige then got up too, not wanting to be left rather alone, seeing that Willow and Tara had turned their backs to the circle and were talking quietly about something. Cordy raised an eyebrow and then she got up too, leaving Faith and Anya to their antics, with Faith now straddling Anya’s legs and pushing her weight onto the other girl, forcing her onto her back. Her tongue never left Anya’s mouth and she let her hands roam, one staying around the ex-demon’s head and the other was left to dance down Anya’s leg or teasing her by running a finger along the waistline of her pants.
Faith finally needed to come up for breath, so she reluctantly withdrew her almost aching tongue from Anya’s mouth and sat up, flicking her long hair back as she did so. She pulled her leg back over Anya and sat beside her. The other girl sat up and blinked a couple of times. They were seemingly alone now, the ex-vengeance demon saw as she glanced around the room, so she took Faith’s face in her hand and left another smouldering kiss on the slayer’s lips.
“Its my turn now right?” she picked up the bottle and moved it so it was pointing at Faith. “Would you look at that,” she grinned evilly and the brunette was hit full force by Anya’s pushing herself up against her, seeming to not be able to get close enough, and leaving a trail of kisses down Faith’s neck and onto her collar bone.


The END. Ha! You thought you’d get smut! Ha! You were totally wrong! Heehee. I have to say, I myself became amused at this story as I read it through. I told you it was meaningless drabble and probably completely out of character for everyone in the story but I don’t care, I for once let my brain do what it wanted and that is what happened. Please tell me if I should put it on a leash or let it do what it did again.

The End

You have reached the end of "Spin The...What?". This story is complete.

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