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The Witch's Slayer

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Summary: Willow brings her slayer to Hogwarts

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Title: The Witch's Slayer
Author: Karie
Summary: Willow brings her slayer to Hogwarts
Rating: R **mentions child abuse/violence**
Disclaimer: Nothing HP or BTVS belongs to me.
Feedback: Please lmk what you think =)

Notes/Spoilers- HP is AU after GOF and BTVS happened as on the show. The story takes place after Season 7 BTVS


"I'm not afraid of you anymore." The words were spoken quietly in a soft southern accent, but the power of them carried through the darkest part of the cemetery. "You can't hurt me anymore."

The young woman stood tall in front of the massive stone monument, her shoulders back, her head high, and her feet placed firmly in a half-fighting stance. It wasn't a physical battle she was waging, however. A tall, dark haired man with an eyepatch and a much shorter redheaded woman stood to the side, far enough away to give her privacy, but close enough to lend their support.

They were all bundled up against the bitter cold, so different from the warm California climate they were used to. But it was worth it to help the younger girl face her demons. They had rescued her three years ago, right after the activation spell for potential slayers. She and her two younger siblings. They both still had nightmares about pulling them out of that house, barely alive and badly abused. Willow had been drawn to the house- the pull of an activated slayer was very hard to ignore and this one had been exceptionally strong. Neither of them would ever forget the day they pulled those kids out of that house.

The house was a huge, two story affair with a basement, located on the outskirts of a small town in Georgia. Nice and ordinary, white paint, picket fence and all. There was no sign that any children lived there as the two of them moved up the front walk and knocked on the door. A middle aged woman answered the door, looking just as well kept and ordinary as the house. Except her eyes. Willow glanced over at Xander, who had stiffened as soon as the woman came into view. "We're here to speak to you about your daughter," Willow started the usual speech, blinking in surprise when the woman immediately denied having any children in the house.

"I think you're mistaken," the woman raised her head just slightly so that she was looking down her nose at them. "I've no children here at this house. I have a daughter, but she lives with her father."

They nodded, not arguing as the woman turned back inside, shutting the door behind her with a soft click. "She's in there," Willow whispered to Xander. They'd dealt with so many people who exploited a slayer's powers that it was nothing for them to assume the worst. Willow did a small spell to make sure, and her eyes widened when instead of one young presence in the house- there were three. And their auras were unmistakably weak. She'd turned to Xander, her face pale as she said, "We need to get them out of there now. Call Buffy and tell her to bring Faith and Giles. We need as much help as we can get."

While Xander got on the cell phone to call the others, Willow moved around the house to the back, looking for any way in. She found it in the door to the basement. Another muttered spell and the lock fell away and the doors opened. With a deep breath, she stepped into hell.

Two hours later, the five of them had pulled the three children out of the house, barely alive. They were all starved and beaten, the youngest two found in an upstairs closet. Buffy and Giles pulled them out, the sight so terrible that the strong slayer turned to retch in the corner. Willow, Xander, and Faith found the third chained in a dark room in the basement.

She was fourteen years old, but looked twelve. She was skinny and nearly naked, wearing a dirty t-shirt and panties and nothing else. She was gagged, the filty rag so tight it had rubbed her mouth raw. Xander had stood, frozen, as Willow and Faith slowly removed the heavy chains holding the poor girl against the wall. She was emaciated and barely conscious, her head rolling back as Faith picked her up to carry her out of the house.

The woman- their mother- was easily subdued by a stunning spell by Willow. When faced with healthy adults more than capable of taking care of themselves, she crumbled. Xander called the authorities- and the ambulances.

Three months later, the children were the legal wards of the Watcher's Council. Well, Willow Rosenburg in particular. They were all three doing very well, the twins, Gabrielle and Jason, had grown by leaps and bounds. Once they were released from the hospital, Willow did a healing spell to make the scars disappear. And at the older sister's insistence, she also did a memory spell so they would forget. Adrienna Jane, who preferred to be called AJ, refused to do the same. She kept her scars, and her memories.

She'd grown into an exceptional young slayer, her tragic past making her stronger. She was the most focused activated slayer in her age group. She was still small for her age, looking more like a fifteen year old rather than a healthy seventeen year old. Years of abuse and starvation had taken its toll. If she hadn't been activated as a slayer, AJ would have died months before they found her.

They'd been in the middle of training when the call had come in. Their mother had died in prision. AJ had gone quiet, so quiet the other girls worried about her. When Willow had found her a little while later, sitting alone on the bench in the gym, she'd calmly asked if she could go and visit the grave. And so here they were.

"I reckon it makes you sick that I'm standing here right now, still alive and doing well. I'll bet you're in hell right now, screaming out your hate- that you couldn't stamp the life out of us," AJ's voice carried to Willow and Xander, making the redhead move closer into her friend's embrace. She took a deep breath and let it out slowly, the cold air turning it into steam.

"Gabby and Jason're doing well," she continued, her lips twisting in a mockery of a smile. "You'll be pleased to know they still cry when they think of you. But the jokes on you, Momma. With a little help from my friend, Willow, over there, they believe you're nothing but a monster that visits them in their dreams." She took a minute to just look down at the moonlight playing off the snow at her feet.

"Willow also healed their scars. In another couple years, no one'll ever know something so terrible happened to them. I refused to let them heal mine. I'm keeping them as a reminder, Momma. A reminder that true evil doesn't always wear a monsterous face." She turned to go back to her friends, reaching out for their hands. She turned back for just a second and told the cold gravestone, "I hope you're burning in the deepest hell. I hope the demons give you the same mercy you showed us."
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