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Paranormal Pairing

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Summary: *ON HIATUS* Gunn ane Spike show up in Trenton with new info on the person responsible for Stephanie's mates life. Stephanie Plum/Buffy/Angel/Mention of Harry Potter.

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Giles: Just because the paranormal is more normal and less... para, of late is no excuse for tardiness or letting your guard down.


{Episode: Reptile Boy}

{Season 2 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer}



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.:: Paranormal Pairing ::.



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.:: By Chelsea ::.



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Moving to Trenton



*** *** ***



        My name is Stephanie Plum and I feel like I’ve just stepped into hell. I just signed the papers to a house in Trenton, New Jersey. Scary. It’s fifteen minutes away from the burg (my own hell) and an hour and fifteen minutes from the Hell mouth in New York City.


        I decided to move back to Trenton a few months back. Thing’s with my friends had gotten a little sticky. My boyfriend was killed two years ago in a fight and it was hard to be around all of my friends while they were pretty much happy. Losing people in this business is common and I knew something like that would happen sooner or later. I just never thought it would be the person who made me happy.


        I knew that one day I would have to come back to my hometown, but I never thought it would be like this. I missed all my friends dearly and I missed, Lucas*, most of all.



*** *** ***




          The gang was all there; we were all loading up on weapons. We got a line on a Suvolte demon’s **, that had been preying on students at the UCLA campus. I strapped my knives to my forearms and pulled on my stakeholder.


        I looked over at Lucas who was talking to Angel and Gunn about the tactical stuff. He must have felt my gaze, because he looked over and caught my eye. He grinned at me. I took in his dirty blonde hair and gray eyes. We were both around five ten, but he had at least 120 lbs. on me.


        Oh, and he was a vampire.


        He came over and gave me a bone-melting kiss. It reminded me of what we had been doing all morning. I grinned.


        “Happy anniversary, mi amare,” he said.


        “Happy anniversary to you, too,” I replied. I was so happy. Today was our one-year anniversary.


        “Let’s rock and roll,” Gunn said.


        “Hurry, up. Dawn’s coming up from Sunnydale to visit and I want time to shower before she gets here,” Connor said impatiently. I rolled my eyes and grabbed Lucas’s hand as we headed out.



*** *** ***



        The battle was quite simple, we had the demons seven to three, but when a nest of Vampire’s came running in to protect their “demon warriors” we were over powered. I watched in horror as we tried to escape. I had cut’s running up and down my arms. I was tired and down to one knife and a stake. A male vampire came towards me. He licked his lips and leered at me.


        “I might just keep you, me dear. I bet you would be an excellent mate,” he said. I pulled my shirt back to show him I was already mated; his eyes widened just as Lucas jumped him.


        “Mine,” Lucas roared. And then he beheaded him. I grinned.


        “Cave man, much?” I said jokingly and he grinned back.


        “If you like.” Then we got back to the fight, with smiles on our faces.


        We were losing the fight and Angel gave the signal to escape. We were almost out the warehouse door when Lucas pushed me back and was staked right threw the heart. I cried out and Angel and Gunn grabbed me around the waist and pulled me through the door.



*** *** ***



        I went back the next morning to collect his ashes. Fred and Cordelia watched with tears in their eyes. I put some of his ashes into a small glass bottle and tied the leather cord attached around my neck. I slipped the rest into a small urn.


        They tried to cheer me up for weeks, but all I did was fight demons, sleep, and eat. It took us four months, but we tracked down every demon, but one from the fight. The guy’s let me kill each and every one. It helped some, to take out all my anger.


        After a year of trying to get back my spunk out in LA, I finally told the gang I was headed back to Trenton. I thought that maybe my family and old friends could help me get over, Lucas.


        They supported my decision, but would miss me. As I would them. I promised to keep in touch and visit, as did they. And then I left.



{End Flashback}

*** *** ***



        I was broken out of my thoughts by the realtor, who was handing me the keys to my new home. I thanked her and headed inside. The entryway broke off into a living room and dining room. The kitchen was to the right of the dining area. There was a den behind the kitchen and a garage to the right of the kitchen.


        The three bedrooms and two bathrooms were to the left of the entryway. The hall to the bedrooms had a door leading to the basement, which by tomorrow would have an 8 x 8-foot cage and training area.


        I took the master bedroom, with the connected bath. I would need to make up a guestroom and convert the third bedroom into an office. I had a busy week ahead of me.


        My basic plans were to get the house set up and find a job. Okay, more like I’m going to my pervy cousin Vinnie’s, bail bonds business and will blackmail him into letting me be a bounty hunter for him. I had done this kind of work in LA when things were so slow, so I had a taste for it.


        My life would be chasing criminals and going to my parents house on Sunday for dinner.


        Welcome home, Steph.


        Like I said…Scary.



*** *** ***


**Suvolte Demon was from season 6 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode 115 “As You Were.” Suvolte demons are violent killers who tear apart the bodies of their victims. They start to kill the minute they’re hatched and can be used by unscrupulous human military power’s to “cleanse” entire areas of unwanted people. Got my information from that episode of Buffy and



*** *** ***



Thanks to Diane for all the help!



*** *** ***

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