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Paranormal Pairing

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Summary: *ON HIATUS* Gunn ane Spike show up in Trenton with new info on the person responsible for Stephanie's mates life. Stephanie Plum/Buffy/Angel/Mention of Harry Potter.

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Literature > Stephanie PlumChelseaFR1848,456112,10224 Jan 0619 Feb 06No

Chapter One

Buffy: You know I always say that a day without an autopsy is like a day without sunshine.


{Episode: Bad Eggs }

{Season 2 Buffy the Vampire Slayer}

.:: Paranormal Pairing ::.



*** *** ***


.:: By Chelsea ::.



*** *** ***


Chapter One:



*** *** ***

{Six Months Later}



        I was running down High Street after a Coclax Demon. The little bugger had been eating the burg’s pets during the night. I had been trying to track it down for three days now. It’s harder to work by yourself when researching, tracking, and killing demons. When I lived in LA I had a team to work with.


        It has been six months since I showed up at my parent’s house in the burg. I got a day job as a bounty hunter and I continue to slay vampires and demons at night. I hunt humans by day and monsters by night. I should get that on a T-shirt. It’s very lonely being the only one who knows about the “supernatural” aspect of Trenton...and the world. There is a hell mouth in New York and we get a lot of run off here in Jersey. Someone’s got to take care of the unsuspecting burgers; it might as well be me.


        I headed back to my house since I couldn’t catch up with the Coclax Demon. My car was parked at the park and it was a ten-minute walk from where I was. I headed back down High Street towards my car. I made it home by 3am and was asleep by 3:10.



*** *** ***



        My alarm went off at ten and I hit snooze twice. I got showered and dressed and was at the office at noon. I handed Lula the fried chicken I picked up for her and plopped down on the couch.


        “So ladies what’s up?” I asked.


        “The ‘burg top ten list came out today,” Connie said.


        “Do I know anyone on it?” I asked. Every year the single guy’s in the ‘burg got together to make a list of the top ten single women in the ‘burg. Whichever guy was with the most won. I rolled my eyes. I wonder if ‘burg women actually went for that shit.


        “Babe, your number two,” said a voice behind me. It was Ranger. I shivered slightly. He slid his hand under my ponytail and held the back of my neck.


        “How do you know? Your not from the ‘burg,” I said. His lips twitched into the almost smile.


        I had met Ranger on my first day at Plum Bail Bond’s. I was sitting there getting caught up on what Connie said about the other people who worked here. That’s when he walked in…



*** *** ***




        “Cool. Any files?” I asked just as the door opened. I looked over and every thought in my brain disappeared. If this was Ranger, then Connie was right. We were very similar, yet very different.


        We both were wearing black cargo pants and gun belts. I had on a black tank top and he had a black T-shirt. He had a single diamond stud in his ear and I had one in each ear. Both of us had our hair pulled back into a ponytail, his was black and mine is curly and brown. We were both wearing CAT boots. His skin was the color of mocha latte and mine was very Hungarian white. He was checking me out just as I was he. I pulled my black shades down off the top of my head at the exact moment he pushed his up. My eyes widened behind the lenses and I took off out the door.


        I got into my car and tried to catch my breath. Daaaamn. The electricity in that room just about killed me. Never in my life have I felt that level of Wowness. Not even with, Lucas. I pushed that thought out of my head and headed out to catch my skip.



{End Flashback}

*** *** ***



        The next time I saw him we actually talked. We have become friends since then. It’s fun hanging out, working together, and talking with him and the Merry Men. The Merry Men are what I call the guy’s who work for Ranger.


        “So how do you know I’m on the list?” I persisted. He squeezed my neck gently.


        “How does it feel to be dating the second hottest girl in the ‘burg, Ranger?” Lula asked. I felt my cheeks flame.


        “We’re not dating, Lula,” I said on an eye roll. Ranger grinned.


        “Fuck buddies?” she asked hopefully. I gave her a look. “I didn’t think so. She never comes in with that just fucked glow…too bad.”


        No kidding, I thought.



*** *** ***



        The next day I got to the office by ten am and handed over my four body receipts to Connie. She was writing out my checks when I felt a tingle go up my spine. I had only felt that since I had known Ranger. I turned and sure enough it was him.


        “Yo,” he said.


        “Yo yourself,” I replied. His lips tilted up into a smile.


        “Connie is he in?” Ranger asked. She nodded. “Can you wait? I’d like to talk to you.”


        “Sure.” I got my files and then headed outside to read over the files. I was waiting in my SUV when Ranger came out. I hopped out as he headed over.


        “What’s up?” I queried.


        “I’m looking for a new female to run distraction job’s for me. You have experience with capturing fugitives.”


        “What happened to the last one?”


        “Jeanne Ellen is no longer employed by my company.”


        “Okay. Just tell me whom, what they did, where it’s going down, and when. I’ll be there.”


        “Okay. I’ll call you.”


        “One more thing...Connie said that I should ask you about this file she gave me.”


        “Who is it?” he asked.


        “Norvil Thompson.” He laughed.


        “You need someone to go with you on that apprehension.”




        “I’m free. I can go,” he said. I gave him a huge smile.


        “Great. My SUV or your truck?”


        “Yours is fine.” I nodded and we hopped in. He whipped out his cell. “Yo. I’m helping Stephanie with a skip. I’ll be out for an hour or so.” He hung up.


        As we were driving Ranger told me about the skip. We couldn’t stun him because of his pacemaker and we couldn’t gas him because of his asthma. We got to Norvil Thompson’s apartment and headed up to the third floor. We both drew our guns. I knocked on the door and stepped to the side. We heard through the door “Go away devil whore!”


        “Huh, yeah right,” I muttered. Ranger rose a brow. I blushed. “Norvil Thompson open up. I have to take you to the station to get you re-bonded.”


        “You’ll never take me away coppers.”


        “We aren’t the cops,” I said. And then I put my CAT boot through the door.


        “Nice,” Ranger said. We entered the apartment and food came flying at us. We dodged and I only got hit with flour to the front of my tank top. Finally when he ran out of food we made our move. We got him cuffed and downstairs to the SUV in less than twenty minutes.


        We drove to the station and got Thompson taken care of then we headed outside. We were almost to my SUV when Joe Morelli pulled in. Oh, great. I had known Joe Morelli in high school. When I was sixteen he took my virginity on the floor behind the eclair case at the Tasty Pastry. Then he wrote about it on the wall of Mario’s Sub Shop. He ruined my reputation and I had thought he was in love with me. Naive, huh?


I had only seen him once since I had moved back to Trenton. I ran into him and my old best friend Eddie Gazarra two days after I got back at Pino’s. I had pizza and a few beers with them. It went okay, I guess. I just didn’t want a repeat performance of high school...if you know what I mean.


        “Hey. Stephanie...How are you?” he asked.


        “I’m good, Morelli. You?” I asked.


        “Good. Its Joe...remember?” I nodded. “So how’s your new job going?” he asked. We talked for another moment and he poured on the charm. Then I remembered Ranger, who must be bored to tears with Morelli’s and my ‘chat’.


        “Hey, Joe. Do you know Ranger?” I said. I pulled Ranger over closer to us. He raised a brow and must have seen my desperate look.


        “Yeah, we know each other, babe,” he said.


        “Mañoso,” Morelli growled. I think I giggled and it caused Ranger to grin.


        “Morelli,” he nodded politely. Joe turned back to me.


        “So, Cupcake,” I groaned. Yeesh, he hadn’t called me that since high school. Ranger was holding back laughter and Joe just grinned. “I think the high school nickname still fits, Cupcake. Any way...Would you like to come over tonight for pizza, beer, and the Ranger’s game?”


        “Gee, Joe, that sounds fun...but I’m not really into...that right now.”






        “Are you seeing him?” he asked. He was back to growling. I held back the giggle this time.


        “I’m not dating anyone, Joe.”


        “Okay. Well, if you change your mind let me know.”


        “Sure. Have a good day.”


        Ranger and I hopped into the SUV and I leaned my head back. I think I sighed, because I could here Ranger chuckling next to me.


        “Babe...isn’t he like a good catch according to the burg?”


        “Yup, he wins nicest ass in Trenton every year, too. Why?”


        “You turned him down.”


        “Yes, I did. And you could have been chivalrous...he was asking me out in another guy’s presence. It was obvious we were at the police station together.”


        “Yeah?” he said confused.


        “It could have been a takedown date...”




        “You’ve never taken a girl on a takedown before?”




        “Well, I use to do this kinda thing with my.... Well, all the time with my guy.”


        “Sounds like my kinda date,” he said.


        “No kidding. Cool clothes, good for the community, violence, and you most likely all sweaty and when it’s done with...” I was back in memories. Yum, sweaty Lucas...then sweaty Ranger. Hot flash.


        “Babe?” he said chuckling.


        “Oh. Yeah. Sorry. I was thinking…” Ha. Yeah right. He gave me a wolf grin; I guess he knew what I was thinking.


        I pulled out of the cop shop lot and headed to the bond’s office. We both hopped out and headed inside. I had Connie split the check up between us. When we got outside I grinned at Ranger.


        “Well, that was fun,” I said.


        “Yeah. Not many women would say that.”


        “Yeah, well I’m not most women.”


        “I can tell.”


        “See you,” I said on a grin.


        “Can I take you for pizza tonight and then we can talk about the distraction job.”


        “Sure.” He did the almost smile.


        “I’ll call you,” he replied.


        “See you, tonight.”


        “Later, babe.”



*** *** ***



I spent the rest of the afternoon tracking down a wily fugitive. I chased him from the burg to the shore and then back to the burg. Ranger called just as I left the cop shop.




        “Yo, babe.”


        “Hey, Ranger. What’s up?”


        “Can I pick you up at seven?”


        “Sure. Where are we going?”


        “Shorty’s. A friend of mine owns it and me and the guy’s frequent it.”


        “Okay, cool. See you then.”




        I had an hour to get ready, so I ran to the bathroom and hopped into the shower. I got out and put my hair in curlers. I did smoky eye makeup and lip-gloss. I headed to my room and put on my Victoria Secret black satin bra with matching panties. Not that he would see them, but for the confidence. I squeezed into my black leather pants and added a maroon halter-top. I strapped on my knife holster to my shin and slipped in the knife. My Glock went into the back of the leather pants and I pulled the halter over it, to conceal.


        I headed back into the bathroom and I pulled on my black and silver Gothic cross and put in my silver hoop earrings. I pulled the rollers from my hair and curled my bangs. I painted my nails a dark maroon. Next, I headed into my office and got out my black messenger bag. It has all the demon hunting necessities; three vials of holy water, two stakes, my back up gun (only difference was it had silver bullets), and all the necessities from my purse.


        And then the doorbell rang.


        I took a deep breath and opened the door. He looked great. He still had on his black cargos and tight black T-shirt. But, he pulled a cream Henley over it. His hair was still pulled back and he had on Oxford style Timberland’s instead of his CAT boots.


        “Hey, babe. You look great.”


        “Hey, you too.”




        “Yes.” I pulled on my messenger bag and we headed outside. Ranger was driving a Mercedes tonight. It was nice. We got in and headed to Shorty’s. This is the type of place that no burg girl would go to. But, it was my type of place. We went and headed strait to the back booth. Ranger put his back to the wall.


        “So…you aren’t gonna hook up with, Morelli?” Ranger asked after we gave the waitress our orders.


        “Nah…We have a past history,” I said. He raised a brow and I rolled my eyes. “It was a high school thing. Basically, the aftermath of the “event”, as I like to call it, wasn’t pretty. Changed my opinion of the ‘burg.  I left the day I turned eighteen and never looked back. Well, until six months ago.”


        “I see.” The waitress brought out our orders and we started eating. We talked about inconsequential things until we were done. Ranger leaned back and studied me for a moment. I lifted a brow and he pushed a folder towards me.


        “This is the skip. All you have to do is dress up to catch his attention and lead him out of the bar to the boys and I waiting outside. Easy distraction.” I read the file and it seemed like an easy job. I was game.


        “Cool, I’m in.”


        “Good,” he said. He was silent for a moment and I could tell he wanted to say something, so I waited him out. “Um. You free Saturday, three weeks from now?”


        “For?” I said with a small smile and brow raised. I could tell he was nervous. I had the odd suspicion he was asking me out.




        “Babe, its Tank’s birthday.” I nodded. “I’m thinking we should go…together.”


        “Like a date?” I asked. He was silent for a moment.


        “Yeah…what do you think?”


        “I’m thinking...I don’t date, but sure.”


        “You don’t date?” he asked.


        “Never ends well.”


        “No, shit,” he said on a nod.


        I think we understood each other.



*** *** ***

{Three Weeks Later}



        I was late. Tonight, is Tank’s birthday party and it’s a huge deal. I hated to be late, but I had a good reason. I had been helping a young girl names Sarah who was attacked by a Were on the last full moon. Last night was the first full moon. I had her locked in a cage in my basement. I got her tucked away and headed upstairs to change.


        I decided on my usual leather pants, but went with red tonight. I added a black-cropped peasant top. I finished hair and make-up. I heard Ranger in the front room; he was still waiting for me. Luckily, he got there before my basement friend changed.


        I ran from the bathroom and grabbed my coat. We headed out and to the restaurant.


        Tank, Ranger, the Merry Men, and I were all sitting in the back private room waiting on the rest of the guests to arrive. Tank had chosen a popular steak house as his birthday dinner venue. I was happy because they had excellent dessert and Ranger was happy because they had an available party room when he called the day before.


        “So, big guy, who are we expecting?”


        “My cousin is coming out from, LA. I haven’t see him in a while.”


        “Awesome. LA is a great town. That’s where I lived before I moved back here.”




        “Yup. So what’s his name?”


        “Well, you can meet him because here he comes,” Tank said pointing towards the door. A tall black guy in street clothes walked towards Tank. “Hey man,” he said and they did the manly hug. “Stephanie Plum meet—”


        “GUNN!” I shrieked and hopped over the table onto Tank’s cousin. I saw half the Merry Men pull their guns out until they realized I meant his name. Gunn was holding me and spun me around and then set me down.


        “Damn, beautiful, I hoped I would see you while I was here, but this is to perfect.”


        “Holy shit, Gunn. You look hot. How are you?”


        “Good. You ain’t dating my cousin are you?” he asked.


        “Nah, I’m just a friend…oh, and I’m here with Ranger.” Gunn raised a brow.


        “You’re shittin’ me?”




        “So you two know each other?” Lester asked. Duh, I thought with an eyeroll.


        “Why don’t we sit down?” Tank asked. I nodded and went back over to Ranger, who had the almost grin on.


        “Babe,” Ranger said.


        “So…how do you two know each other?” Tank asked. “Cuz’ I sure as hell would have remembered hearing about you knowing someone this hot, Chuck,” he said to Gunn.


        “Tank! You’re so sweet!” I said. Ranger grinned and gave me a quick kiss. My eyes widened, because of the sparks.


        “Steph and I use to fight d—”


        “Fight dust bunnies…when we cleaned…at the runaway house we ran,” I cut in. Which is true, because before Gunn and I had started the demon hunting with the gang we did run a runaway house. Gunn burst out laughing and everyone looked at him weird.


        “Steph? You didn’t tell them?”


        “No…and you shouldn’t either,” I hissed at him. “Ignorance is bliss…”


        “Stephanie…they know about vampires and demons.”


        “Seriously?” I asked him. He nodded. I turned to Ranger and looked at him.


        “Babe, you know vampires are real?” Ranger asked.


        “Yeah, and so do you?” I asked with a grin. He nodded yes with a small smile. “Great, I hated keeping it a secret from you.”


        “Ditto,” he said.


        “While we are on the subject…does anyone know how to track and kill a Coclax demon successfully? There is one eating all the pets in the burg. I can’t seem to catch it.” Everyone looked at me dumb founded, save Gunn who had a grin on his face.


        “What?” I asked.


        “Babe, you go out there every night on your own?”


        “Ranger…we are an hour and fifteen minutes from the closest Hellmouth…someone has too.”


        “Well, now we have this all out in the open…one of us will go with you,” Ranger said. I rolled my eyes and gave a slight giggle. Men are so protective of “their women.


        “Whatever you say. So, Tank, what did you want for your birthday?” I asked.



*** *** ***



        The night was a total blast. I was glad to have the whole demon thing out in the open. The food and company at Tank’s party were great and everyone had a lot of fun. We were all standing around in the deserted parking lot when I saw a figure coming towards us.


        The closer the man became I realized that I knew him. He was medium height, slim, but muscular, and bleached blonde hair. His long leather duster was billowing behind him and it made me grin. I pushed through Lester and Bobby as the figure drew closer.


        Yes, my guess was right. It was him.




        “Stop that vampire!” I yelled and ran towards him. His eyes widened and he turned to run, but it was to late. I had him tackled to the ground. “Can someone hand me the cuffs from my purse?”


        “Shouldn’t you stake him?” Bobby asked.


        “No,” Gunn and I said at the same time.


“We know him,” Gunn added.


        “Babe,” Ranger said amused, but wearing the wolf grin. “You only have fuzzy ones,” Ranger said referring to my fuzzy handcuffs. The crowd cracked up. I gave them the glare and turned to Ranger.


“You might have been bad on the drive home,” I said and I gave him my own wolf grin. Ha, innuendo that, buster. He handed me his cuffs and stuffed mine back into my bag. I cuffed one of Spike’s wrists and then helped him up. I walked over to Bobby and put the other cuff on him.


        “Um…Bombshell?” Bobby asked while Spike cussed up a storm.


        “Yes, Bobby?”


        “Why did you cuff me to a vampire?”


        “Oh, don’t worry. He won’t eat you.”


        “Okay, but why?”


        “It would be rude to cuff him to me.  I’m on a “non” date with Ranger and I don’t think he want’s me cuffed to another guy.” This caused a lot of laughter.


        “They let you date again…Scarier than an apocalypse,” Spike said.


        “Babe? Can you explain why we are detaining this vampire?”


        “Oh, right. He has my authentic Renaissance battle-axe! Among a few other weapons.”


        “Um…” Spike said.


        “He’s had them for three years and I want them back!”


        “Yeah…about that…” Spike started.


        “Babe, can you un-cuff him?”


        “Fine! But, I’m getting my weapons back. I don’t want to be on Buffy’s shit list, for beating him up. Especially when you grow a set and tell her your back from the dead.”


        “Daaaamn,” Bobby said.


        “She knows I’m back,” Spike said indignantly.


        “So you do have balls?” I said grinning.


        “Babe, please…” Ranger said.


        “Oh, right.” I un-cuffed Spike and Gunn came over towards us. All the other people from the party started to leave. So it was just Tank, Gunn, Ranger, Spike and I, who got into the Bronco to, head to my house.


        Ends up we had a lot to talk about.



*** *** ***



Thanks to Diane for all the help!



*** *** ***



Too answer a question that might not be clear. Stephanie and Ranger are NOT dating. Tank’s birthday is a “non” date, but so far they had just been friends. Earlier in the chapter they both concluded dating always ends bad, so Stephanie doesn’t date. Stephanie knew there was electricity between them when she first sees him. It’s confirmed in this chapter when she feels the sparks when Ranger gives her a peck on the lips. This is a Babe story. I’m just moving things slower. You have to remember that Stephanie came back, because Lucas died. Things can’t get serious until she let’s go of him. HINT: she still carries him with her.


Sorry, babes. You’ll have to be patient. Hugz. --Chels



*** *** ***
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