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Paranormal Pairing

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Summary: *ON HIATUS* Gunn ane Spike show up in Trenton with new info on the person responsible for Stephanie's mates life. Stephanie Plum/Buffy/Angel/Mention of Harry Potter.

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Chapter Two

*** *** ***


(Willow’s spell causes the gang to lose their memories.)


Spike: Oh, listen to Mary Poppin’s. He’s got his crust all stiff and upper with that Nancy-boy accent. You Englishmen are always so…bloody hell! Sodding, blimey, shagging, knickers, bollocks, oh God! I’m English!


Giles: Welcome to the Nancy tribe.


{Episode: Tabula Rasa}

{Season 6 Buffy the Vampire Slayer}


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If you have any questions PLEASE let me know!



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  .:: Paranormal Pairing ::.



*** *** ***


.:: By Chelsea ::.



*** *** ***


Chapter Two:

The Vision


*** *** ***



        When we all got back to my apartment and shuffled inside I remembered my full moon visitor downstairs. I was glad that I didn’t have to hide anything supernatural, with Ranger or my new friends. Most of the Merry Men and I were friends, this would make things much easier.


        We all got into the living room when we heard the howl and rattling. It was Sarah the Were in the cage in the basement.




        “There is a Were in my basement…” I said.


        “Is it Oz?” Spike asked.


        “Nope,” I said. “Her name is Sara and she is a werecougar. You all want to take a look and see?”


        “Were--things are real?” Tank asked.


        “Yeah, but there are different kinds of Were’s. I’ve only seen a true Were, which is a werewolf, a werepanther, and now a werecougar. Technically, they are called Lycanthropes or sometimes shape-shifters if they aren’t a true were. But, I’ve heard there all tons of types.”


        “You’ve seen a werepanther? Those are really rare, pet!” Spike said surprised.


        “Yeah…well, there was this thing…and…um,” I stuttered. Shit, I must be blushing, because Ranger rose a brow and gave me the almost grin. “You know…it’s a really boring story. Let’s head down.”


        “I’ll bet,” Gunn said. Tank elbowed him and we unlocked the basement door.


        “The weird part is she gets smaller, rather than larger when she shifts and I’ve never seen that happen before. I only have a few books on common Were types, but nothing about cougar’s in there. I found a good one from eBay. It should be here in a few days. Then maybe I can help her out.”


        “You can get books on Were’s on eBay?” Tank asked. I nodded.


        “You can buy anything online, big guy,” I added.


        “This one time…I saw a very rare Were in Venezuela. Dru and me…”


        “Cripes,” I whispered as we headed down the steps.


        “What is it, babe?” Ranger asked.


        “Oh, nothing bad…well, nothing too bad. It’s just I really don’t want to hear about the one hundred and some odd years that Spike spent with that loony ho bag.” Gunn snorted at this.


        “Ditto,” he added.


        “Hey! Now, come on. I listened to all your dumb stories of you flying with your underwear showing. And all the ones about you and Gunn running that runaway shelter.”


        “Yeah, but the difference was my stories were good. And they didn’t star the loony-toons girlfriend you mooned over. ‘Oh, my dark princess…my ripe wicked plum’ I mean come on. Who calls their woman a wicked plum.”


        “Sod off!” Spike said.


        “Babe, I don’t think you can talk. Morelli called you Cupcake the other day.”


Spike fell down the rest of the steps laughing.


        “Holy shit,” Tank said when he saw the cage.


        “Damn,” I said. Sara was crashing around in her cage. She was tearing at her skin and blood was flying everywhere. “This is bad,” I said and ran over to the storage bin in the corner of the room.


I found my tranquilizer gun. I loaded quickly and shot Sara twice, due to the fact that the darts were for humans. It took her a few moments and then she stilled.


“Jesus,” Tank said.


“Ditto,” Gunn said again.


“I’ve never seen anything like that,” Ranger said.


“You got any blood, kitten?” Spike asked.


        “Sure, let’s head upstairs. We need to talk,” I said. I put the tranquilizer gun away and followed the guys up the steps. We headed towards my large kitchen, which has a bar and would be a comfortable, homey place to talk.


        “Drinks?” I asked.


        “Blood. Please, tell me it’s not cow,” Spike said.


        “No cow, William. I have pig and a big bottle of hot sauce. Good?”


        “Perfect, pet.”


        “Anyone else?” I asked. Gunn and Tank both asked for beer and Ranger water. I handed Spike, Gunn, and Tank their drinks, but when I went back for the water there wasn’t any. I thought I could go one day, without those freaking fairies butting in.


        “NIXIE! Show yourself!” I screeched.


        “Babe, whose Nixie?” Ranger asked.


        “Fairy. She and her mate are working for me this month.”


        “Shit, I’ve learned a lot of stuff at your house,” Tank said.


        “Wait until you see who is working for me next month.” I heard giggling and looked to see Nixie and Drake skipping hand in hand towards us. Nixie was about six inches tall to Drake’s seven, they both had silver glitter dusted wings.


        “Nixie, what happened to my bottled water?”


        “Not fresh enough. I’m here to help you and my gift is water. You won’t need those icky bottles or that junky faucet water.” I’m pretty sure my eyes flashed red, because I had walked over to the sink and flipped the lever up.


        There was no running water.


        “Nixie! Did you make Drake cut the water off?”


        “Yes.” I got to glasses out of the fridge and added ice. I set them on the counter in front of her. She pulled a small bag on a leather cord out from under her neck and sprinkled it on her hand, and then she held her hand over the glass and circled it three times. Fresh water began to pour from the center of her hand as she filled both glasses.


        “Cool,” Gunn said.


        “There you go. Fresh water from the Fey Forrest,” she said on a giggle.


        “Thank you, Nixie.” 


        “Need any fire?” Drake asked excitedly.


        “No, thanks. Why don’t you to go watch over Sarah until your ready to go to sleep.”


        “Aye, my lady,” Drake said with a deep bow. I rolled my eyes and Nixie giggled as they skipped off across the counter.


        “This is turning into a wicked birthday,” Tank said. We all laughed.


        “So, Gunn I’m assuming you and Spike are here for a reason and not just Tank’s birthday.”


        “You got it, shorty,” Gunn said. I rose a brow. “Cordy had a vision.”  I turned to Ranger and Gunn.


        “Cordelia has visions from the Powers the Be, so Angel and the crew know who needs help,” I filled the in on how Doyle was half demon and right before he died, he kissed Cordy and passed the visions onto her. I also told them how she had to be given a “supernatural” boost so her body would handle the blinding pain from them. “So, what’s the what?” I asked Spike.


        “Master Nigel Claudius* was a star in the vision,” Spike said quietly. I dropped my glass and it shattered on the floor.


        “I’ll pack my bag and we head back to LA tonight,” I said. I turned away from them and tried to calm down. I walked towards the basement and flipped the light switch on and off a few times. Nixie and Drake flew up hand in hand. I pointed to the glass. “Please, take care of that. I’m going to LA. You two are in charge. Just make sure Sarah is let out tomorrow and tell her to come back the day of the next full moon. I’ll call you tell you how long I’ll be gone. If I die someone in LA will call you and my lawyer will take care of it. The earn on my dresser goes in my coffin…”


        “KITTEN!” Spike yelled. I turned to look at him. Oops, they must have been trying to talk to me that whole time.




        “He’s not in LA.”


        “Where is he, Spike? I don’t care if it’s Timbuktu. I’m going after him.”


        “And I’d follow you anywhere to find him, but he’s here in Trenton.”


        “IN MY TOWN?” I practically roared.


        “Beautiful, calm down. We will get him and you can take him out, just like all the rest. We want to help you. That’s why we are here. You won’t do this alone,” Gunn said.


        “Babe, I don’t get what’s going on, but you aren’t going to die and I’ll help you in anyway I can,” Ranger said after being silent for a moment.


        “Thank you.”


        “Why don’t you tell us more about this guy,” Tank suggested. I nodded.


        “Where to start?” I thought aloud.


        “The beginning, beautiful…with me,” Gunn said.


        “Okay. After, I left the ‘burg I went back to Europe and stayed with friends for a year, but then decided to head to LA, when they all started there life after finishing schooling. I met Gunn when he was fighting vampires on the street. I knew all about the preternatural aspects of the world, but didn’t have much hand on experience. I heard Gunn had a gang of sorts of kids who fought vamps. I wanted in. Gunn and I ended up opening a runaway shelter for teens, but then Gunn started working for a Vampire with soul.”


        “That you, man?” Ranger asked.


        “Yeah, I have a soul, but at this point I was still a vicious killer, without a soul or behavior modification chip,” Spike said. Ranger nodded.


        “So after a year or so I started going with Gunn on these jobs and I met this vampire who worked with Angel and his crew named Lucas. He didn’t have a soul or chip, but he was full of humanity and he didn’t relish in the kill like most vampires. When I was with him…I just felt right. We started hanging out more and more…”


        “Then she broke my heart and dumped me,” Gunn added.


        “Gunn, you know it wasn’t like that.” He grinned.


        “I know, I’m just teasing you.”


        “Anyway, I fell in love with this vampire and we were mated. It’s vampire ritual, which binds you to the other person for eternity.”


        “It’s not common between vamps and other vamps, but even less common between vamps and humans. I’ve only known a few vamps that were mated,” Spike said. Then he gave a huge grin. “Including me, as of two weeks ago!” he said and pulled his shirt down to show the human teeth marks. I shrieked and jumped up to hug him.


        “Omigosh, Spike! That’s so great. I’m so happy for you and Buffy. I bet you’re like freaking ecstatic.”


        “Damn straight.”


“Who woulda thought, William the Bloody, one fourth the Scourge of Europe, mated to the Slayer.”


        “Not me,” he said quietly.


        “You deserve this, Spike. You’re a good man, just like Lucas told you.”




        “Anyway…last year on Lucas’ and mine one year anniversary he got dusted by a group of vampires that were protecting some demons they were planning on using as an army.”


        I pulled the leather cord out from under my shirt and lifted it over my head. I set it down on the counter and they guys all stared at the little glass vial filled with dust.


        “Is that…him?” Ranger asked.




        “I get why you don’t date,” he added.


        “No shit. I can’t let go yet.”


        “So, what’s the plan?” Tank asked.


        “Vengeance. We track him and I kill him.”


        “He human?” Ranger asked.


        “We have no frickin’ clue. Angel says he is a vampire, because of his name Master Nigel Claudius. But, Cordy threw Holy water at him and he didn’t even sizzle.”


        “They call him the Dark One, but there is like zero information on him other than that,” Spike added. I put my necklace back on and we all sat in silence for a few moments.


        “You two still in?” I asked Ranger and Tank.


        “I am, babe. I’ll let the guys at RangeMan decide if they want to work the case with us.”


        “I’m here for, cutie,” Tank said.


        “Good. Let’s get some sleep and talk tomorrow,” I decided.


        “Good idea,” Ranger said.


        “You staying here, Spike?” I asked.


        “Yeah, Gunn wants to stay with Tank. Your guest room vamp proof?” he asked.


        “You know it is. First door on the right. I’m walking the guys out.”


        I walked the guys out the front door. Tank and Gunn headed off in his SUV and Ranger stayed to talk for a few more minutes.


        “Thanks for being my date, babe.”


        “No problem. I actually had fun.”


        “You and Spike have something going on?” I burst out laughing.


        “Oh, shit. Your serious?” he nodded. “Nope. We just enjoy annoying the hell out of each other. He was Lucas’ best friend. Even when Spike was evil. Plus, he’s like head over heels in love, with Buffy and 1000% devoted.”


        “Oi! I’m still evil! Ask Buffy! I’m the big bad!” we heard shouted from inside. I laughed.


        “He doesn’t think this do-gooder stuff is good for his image. Kinda like you,” I teased.


        “When your ready to let go…you’ll let me know, right?” he asked.


        “You’re on the top of the list…well you’re the only one on the list.” Ranger chuckled.


        “So you feel it, too?” he asked referring to the chemistry between us.


        “Yeah. It freaks me out, because even mated to Lucas…it wasn’t that strong between us.”


        “It’s new for me too, babe.”


        “Just don’t wait. I don’t think it can be more than friends until I kill Nigel and scatter Lucas’s ashes…let go and all.”


        “I get you, babe. What about friends with benefits?” he asked with a wolf grin.


        “Maybe,” I said with a shy smile. I knew me cheeks were burning.


        “Later, babe.” He turned to leave, but I put a hand on his shoulder to stop him. When he turned back I brushed a gentle kiss across his cheek.


        “Thank you,” I whispered and headed inside.


        When I got back inside Spike was waiting for me in my room. He was sitting in the big chair next to my bed. I took one look at him and burst into tears. He got up and came over to me, he scooped me up in his arms and we sat the as he held me while I cried.


        The LA gang forgot about Lucas being dead after a month or so, but for Spike and me it was the hardest. To them he was soulless vampire, but to us he was a loved one. They all liked Lucas, but most likely because he fought by there side and saved them a few times, but to me he was my source of happiness and for Spike he was someone who believed in him and trusted him.



*** *** ***



        I woke the next morning tucked under the covers. Spike is such a great friend and Buffy is such a lucky girl. I got up and headed to the shower to start my day.


        I had a lot to do. I needed to pick up more blood for Spike, find out what to do about Sarah, and get started researching Nigel the Dark One. He’s going down!


        For Lucas.



*** *** ***



        Across town a Vampiress was having a tea party with a doll and three young children. She knew her childe was in town and she couldn’t wait to see him. It was time for family to come back to her and in the mean time, being with the vicious Master Nigel the Dark One was fun.


        “Mummy?” a small girl asked.


        “Yes?” the crazy Vampiress answered.


        “Why are you whispering of spikes?”


        “My sweet, William, is near and I want him to come home.”


        “May I play with Miss Edith?” she asked.


        “No! You’re a bad dog. Miss Edith is my toy.” She slit a line across the child’s cheek with her razor sharp nails. The boy next to her licked the blood from the cut. “Behave or I’ll tell your, Daddy! No tea and cakes for you!”


        “Who’s your, Daddy…Mummy?” another girl asked.


        “My Daddy, is named Angelus, and I’m his perfect little princess. Not a bad girl,” she rambled. “I’m a good girl and he will come back to me! HE WILL!”

        “Yes, Mummy,” the child said quietly.



*** *** ***



Thanks to Diane for all the help!



*** *** ***


*The name Nigel means dark one in Latin.


** If you didn’t catch this at the end…the crazy Vampiress is Drusilla. Depending on the week either she or Angelus was Spike’s sire. Angelus was Drusilla’s sire. Angelus is now a soulled up Angel.


***Lycanthropy/Weres/Shapeshifters definitions are not always agreed upon. For this story it goes as follows: Lycanthropy is an ability to undergo a transformation into an animal. Lycanthrope is mostly referred just to Werewolves, but can also refer to other Were animals i.e. Werecougar, Wererat; Wereshark, but these are usually referred to as shapeshifters. Shapeshifters can shift into any animal they desire. Weres must shift on the full moon, but if the Were is the first child of two Weres it will be able to shift upon will. If a man is bitten by a Were he will only shift on the full moon. Shifters may also produce one (always the first) who has the ability to shift; all other children are normal. This isn’t that important to the story, but it always helps to know what’s going on.



Hope this helps yall. Enjoy the chapter!

PLEASE REVIEW! Hugz. --Chels


If you have any questions PLEASE let me know!


The End?

You have reached the end of "Paranormal Pairing" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 19 Feb 06.

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