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Of Faith and Nothing Else

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Summary: a spinoff of the "Of Family and Q Series" by Anime Ronin. Faith centered.

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Star Trek > Other/GeneralKyliaSkydancerFR71513021,75524 Jan 0624 Jan 06Yes
This story came to me while in the car listening to the radio. As the cover of Nothing Else Matters by Bif Naked came on, i was suddenly reminded of a fic here on TTH I'd read recently and was inspired. And so, with the permission of AnimeRonin, I present to you this spinoff of his fic Of Family and Q series

Disclaimer: I don't own BTVS or Star Trek-any of them


Xander was leaving. Faith's mind kept repeating this over and over. He's leaving. He's leaving. He's leaving me. The stupid thing was, Faith reflected to herself, that since he could travel time as a Q, she probably wouldn't even have time to miss him. So why was she sobbing her heart out?

Downstairs she could hear him hugging and saying goodbye to everyone. Part of her hoped he would come up here to comfort her but the rest of her knew he wouldn't because he knew her better than that. It made her almost wish she wasn't such a prickly person, that she was the kind of person who could accept comfort. She'd do just about anything for a smoke right about now but ever since Xan had cleaned out her system the things did absolutely nothing for her. Hell, they didn't even taste the way they were supposed to.

Problem was, Faith knew exactly why, deep down, she was sobbing. And even if she would never admit it to anyone else, she forced herself to admit it to herself. She was scared. Not scared that he wouldn't come back, though that was definitely a 'to-be-afraid-of'. She was scared that he would come back but...but he wouldn't love her anymore.

Even if it would be a very short time since she saw him next, he'd told her how very long would pass on his end. She just didn't know if their love could survive all that apartness. It was a new thought to her, love. She'd never believed in it before and now she couldn't stop thinking about it.

Suddenly she sat up on her bed and listened. Silence. Sudden silence downstairs that could mean only one thing. He was gone.


Faith was awakened by the feeling of someone watching her. This wasn't strange in and of itself, in a place as filled with teenage girls as this one was, privacy was a precious and rare commodity. This felt different though, familiar yet strange all at the same time. Her hand crept under her pillow to grasp the knife hidden there and she suddenly rolled out of bed and into a fighting stance, catching a glimpse of her mysterious watcher.

"Xan-Xander?" Her eyes widened at the site before her. "Is that you?" He looked like Xander, felt like him yet...there was a look in his eyes that she had never seen in him before. She reached out fingers slowly to touch his cheek and he flinched away. Face hot and heart hammering she snatched her fingers back and backed towards the door. "Guys!! Buffy, Willow, everyone get in here!!"


hey, tell me what you all think? Thanks.

The End

You have reached the end of "Of Faith and Nothing Else". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking