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A Blaze of Glory

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Summary: Faith sets her sights on a certain Sytherin.

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Harry Potter > Faith-Centered > Pairing: Blaise ZabiniCanadaBFR151654021,95926 Jan 0626 Jan 06Yes
A Blaze of Glory

Author: CanadaB (
Rating: PG
Genre: BtVS/HP
Pairing: Faith/Other Slytherins
Disclaimer: I only wished I had any right to any of these characters
or world. But, I don't. They belong to Joss and J.K. All praise
goes to them.
Distribution: You're welcome to it, just let me know where it ends
Spoilers: After the Buffy series ends, and after everyone graduated
from Hogwarts.
Summary: Faith sets her sights on a certain Sytherin.
Author's Notes: I borrowed the idea for Faith's lust interest from
Echo. So, all praise for the character goes there, not here. Thanks
Echo!!! You're the best!!!!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Faith sauntered into the dark club, with Willow following the
brunette Slayer.

"I still can't believe we're in a wizarding club in Rome," Faith
yelled over the music coming from the speaker directly behind them,
to the redheaded witch next to her.

"Me either. I'll meet you at the bar. I have to go to the
bathroom," Willow replied, then turned and disappeared into the
mass of people.

Faith scanned the crowd below her as she stood at the top of the
stairs. Her eyes were drawn, almost inexplicably, to two men
standing casually by the bar. They were as different from each other
as the night the day. One was freezing ice, while the other was
scalding fire.

The one on her left was thin with pale skin, hair so blonde it was
nearly white, and pale gray eyes. The other, however, made Faith
want to drool. The two men were close to the same height, but there
the similarities ended. The second man had long black hair that fell
just past his shoulders, eyes so dark they were virtually black, and
skin of an olive complexion much like her own. She watched as his
eyes swept over the dance floor. In their depths she could see
hunger and passion, like as predator searching for its prey; and it
reminded her of, well, her.

Faith descended the stairs and stalked up to the two men. As she got
closer she could hear their distinctly British accents. Faith
grinned mischievously. Using her Slayer speed, she made it seem like
she suddenly "appeared" before them.

"A little from home, aren't ya' boys?" She smirked at their stunned
expressions. Her Greek God, for that's how he seemed to her, was
the first to collect his wits about him.

"No more than you; less I'd say," he replied, matching her smirk with
one of his own as he leaned back against the bar.

"Touché." She slowly, and not-so-subtly, looked him up and down,
letting her hunger and approval shine through her eyes that were
darkening with desire. She could feel his eyes wandering over her.

"See anything you like?" He asked casually.

"As much as you like what you see," she retorted, her smirk still
firmly in place.

Her Greek God pushed himself to his full standing height, which was
an impressive and imposing 6'3". He motioned to his blonde friend.

"The silent one here is Draco Malfy." Darco glared at his
friend. "And I am Blaise Zabini." Blaise offered his hand to her.

`Blaise. How utterly appropriate,' she thought. `So, full of fire.'

"Faith," she replied simply, placing her hand in his. She nearly
gasped at the electricity from the touch. She did gasp, however, as
he touched his lips to her knuckles.

"Would you care for a dance?" Blaise asked Faith. The question was
innocent, but his tone was highly suggestive.

"Sure; but not here. I don't usually like an audience." She quirked
an eyebrow at him, and he grinned, knowing instinctively that he'd
finally met his match in this Dark Goddess before him.

"Well then," he purred as he stepped closer to her. "Shall we retire
to my flat?"

"Sounds like a plan," she purred right back to him. She turned to
Draco who had been watching the entire exchange with interest. "Hey
Drake, when my redheaded friend comes back looking for me, tell her
I'm five by five, and I went to work off some post-Slayage energy.

With that, Faith turned, took Blaise's offered arm, and the two
disappeared in to the sea of sweat and hormones.


The End

You have reached the end of "A Blaze of Glory". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking