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Of Slayers and Officers

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Summary: After Buffy jumps to save Dawn she winds up in the SGC. Why is she there and what will she find? Anybody's guess. ** ON HIATUS**

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Stargate > Buffy-CenteredfallenangelFR151411,544599102,54326 Jan 0611 Sep 09No


Chpt. 14- Meetings

While Buffy was sleeping, Hammond called a meeting with SG-1.

Sitting in the conference room SG-1 and Hammond stared at each other in silence.

“First things first, do we believe her and this Doyle person?” Hammond asked gruffly.

“Which part of her story?” Jack asked and then continued.

“The part where she’s from an alternate reality or that in her reality demons exist?”

“We fight aliens, isn’t that a little hard to swallow?” Daniel asked.

Jack made no comment.

“We know that there are alternate realities from the Quantum Mirror,” Sam stated.

“And the rest of her tale?” Hammond asked.

The military personnel shrugged, Daniel and Teal’c were silent.

“Whether we believe what was spoken, Buffy Summers believes it,” Teal’c said seriously.

“What is your take on Miss Summers?” Hammond asked.

“I cannot rightly say. When I approached her in the infirmary I tenses when I neared her. When looking into h
er eyes, I saw the eyes of a predator.

When I came closer, it happened again. Her eyes spoke of pain and loss,” Teal’c said.

“I saw the same thing when she smiled, it never reached her eyes. And they remained sad,” Sam added.

“What did you sense when that man appeared?” Daniel asked.

“He felt almost like she does, except he never felt like a threat,” Teal’c answered.

“I think we should worry about if she has a counter-part in this reality,” Sam replied.

“Plus she’s gonna’ need some type of identification,” Jack added.

Hammond looked thoughtful for a few minutes.

“Carter, I want you to try and find any records she has in this reality and let me know.

For now, Miss Summers will have to stay on base anyway to go through the Gate Training,”

“Yes, sir.” Carter said before leaving to go to her office.

“Anything else?” Hammond asked.

“There are some questions I would like answered, but they’ll have to wait until she’s awake,” Daniel said.

Before Hammond could reply, someone knocked on the door.

“Enter!” Hammond ordered.

The door opened and an airman walked in.

“What is it?” Hammond asked.

“Dr. Frasier wanted to let you know that Miss Summers is awake and is taking her to the gym,” the airman replied.

“Dismissed airman,” Hammond ordered.

The airman saluted and left.

“Sir?” Jack asked.

“Well, let’s go see what Miss Summers is up to in the gym,” Hammond said and stood.

The other stood as well and followed Hammond out the door.

As they were making their way to the gym, Carter met up with them.

Falling in with Jack she asked

“Where are we going?”

“Summers is awake and requested the use of the gym. We’re going to see what she can do,” he replied.

Sam nodded and looked down at the folder in her hands. ‘I don’t know how much Buffy is gonna’ like finding out she’s dead here.’

SG-1 and General Hammond silently made their way into the gym.

What they saw made them all stop in their tracks.

Daniel looked with his mouth open.

Jack had a smirk on his face.

Hammond looked shocked and faintly amused.

Teal’c simply raised his eyebrow.

“Holy Hannah!” Carter exclaimed

Next Chapter: Just what was Carter exclaiming about? Read and find out.

A/N: Sorry for the delay in updates, but when I reread this, I found that I didn't like the direction it was going so it will be on hiatus until I can figure where I want to go with it.

In the meantime, I've been working on a BtVS and NCIS crossover that is posted on this domain. Check it out!

The End?

You have reached the end of "Of Slayers and Officers" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 11 Sep 09.

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