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The Darkness Rises

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Xander's Darkness". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Spike tried to rape Buffy. Xander can't just let that go unanswered. So he pays him a visit and brings some friends.

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Comics > Darkness, The(Past Donor)raithsandsFR1316842106,77127 Jan 0627 Jan 06Yes
Disclaimer: All characters belong to their rightful owners... none of which are me. Top Cow Productions owns The Darkness, ME owns Xander and Spike. I own nothing.


I had a nice rage going when I kicked in the door to the crypt and stared at the vampire within. “You know Spike; you really have hit a new low. I mean trying to rape a slayer? What were you thinking? I really am curious, or were you not thinking at all?”

I watched Spike frown before responding. “Sod off droopy. I got more important things on my mind then you and injured pride.”

I smiled slightly. “Just when I thought you could be counted on. You go and show me that vampire’s like you can never be trusted. So I’m here to put you out of your misery.”

The harsh laugh that erupted from Spike’s throat really did nothing to improve my mood. “Please, as if you even have a pair. Everyone knows that you can’t even hold your own in a fight.”

I could feel the grin on my face getting even bigger. “Well you see Spike that’s where you’re wrong. I went through a change last summer after Buffy leapt off that tower to close the portal and I think its time for you to find out what it was.”

A snort from Spike was his first response to my statement. “Please, the only change you went through was to put on some weight and come back more pathetic than before.”

“We will see. Here, why don’t you and the boys say hello to each other.”

I watched them appear from the shadows and take in their surroundings. “Damn boss this crypt is pathetic.”

“Hey is that Spike?”

“Hey Spider! It’s Spike. Remember when we bumped into him and Angelus in China?”

I watched Spider smile slightly while Spike had gone paler than normal. “Yeah, that was when the boss’ grandpa had us out and about. Those were some good times!”

“Don’t I know it!”

“Bloody Hell!”

I was still smiling though I almost wished that I had a camera to take a picture of the look on Spike’s face. “Awww, don’t take it so bad Spike. These are some good friends of mine. A little shy in sunlight but they really show themselves in the darkness.”

“What’s the plan boss?”

“Well I’m going to give you guys what you’ve wanted since we first met, a chance to really cut loose and have some fun. Since I probably won’t let you do this ever again make sure to enjoy yourselves.”

Somehow hearing them all praise me was quite funny. Especially since Spike still had that terrified expression on his face.

“Come on droopy. Ca-can we talk about this?”

Turning around I stepped outside the crypt pausing on the threshold. “Oh, and boys make sure he screams so loud that he wakes the whole town up before you dust him.”

“YOU GOT IT BOSS!” As I took a few more steps outside the last comment from my companions carried on the air to my ears just before they got to work on the vampire. “Hey Spike, you ever seen what can be done with a potato peeler? I guarantee you that it’s a scream.”


The screams had died off suddenly about two minutes ago. Though how they were able to get Spike to scream for fifteen minutes straight is something I didn’t ever want to know.

“Thanks a lot for that boss. We all had a lot of fun.”

I smiled down at the little devil standing in front of me. “No problem Shadow. That bloodsucker had it coming for a long time.”

“So what’s the plan now boss?”

“Well I’ve been thinking that its time for the supernatural community to get reacquainted with you guys. I mean you’ve been gone for so long that I bet everyone has forgotten why the darkness was first feared. Demons and vampires need to remember that there is something to be afraid of.”

“You go boss!!”

I smiled slightly at their response. Of course The Darkness was all for me slaughtering evil. Chaos and destruction is what is lived for; so it didn’t care who died just that it got to kill them.

The End

You have reached the end of "The Darkness Rises". This story is complete.

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