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Xander in Ancient Greece

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Summary: Xander gets caught in a spell Willow is doing to get rid of a demon and is transported to another time and place. I split this into two different alternatives. S/X Slash

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Chapter 2

Title: Xander in Ancient Greece
Pairing: S/X
Warnings: Slash and strangeness
Disclaimer: I own nothing, I mean no harm.

Summery: Xander gets caught in a spell Willow is doing to get rid of a demon and is transported to another time and place. I split this into two different alternatives. S/X Slash

Xander in Ancient Greece part 2

Xander had been traveling with the Heroes of Greece for only two days, and he already wanted to strangle most of them. What was it about heroes that made them treat normal people like thoughtless pets? Maybe they were all just innately insensitive to the average person's needs. It must be nice to be so sure of your place in the world.

He was used to dealing with the whole “I am a chosen warrior and you are not” attitude, he'd been doing it for years, but not in multiples. So he just hung out with his counterpart in the group. He really liked Joxer; the guy was funny and light hearted. In a lot of ways he sort of reminded Xander of a purer and gentler reflection of himself. The guy had even more self-confidence issues than he did though.

They were walking down yet another description less dirt road to someplace called Corinth, where Hercules's brother was apparently the king. *Must be nice to have everyone in the family be special.* the day was sunny but not to hot and it was kind of exiting to be in a new place, on an adventure of his own, instead of tagging along. Except that he was still tagging along behind a bunch of heroes. He felt like he was in some freaky drama or maybe a D&D game. Not that he played something as geeky as D&D. honest.

He was even all dressed up for it. His new companions had all agreed that he stood out too much in the clothes he had appeared in, so they had gotten him some new ones when they passed by a village. They weren't as nice as his machine made ones, but the shirt was light and looked cool and the leather pants were incredibly soft and fit really well. Xander wished that Spike could see him in them. Of course that would lead to naughty touching, and Xander didn't think that was such a good idea to do in the past. Didn't they burn people for things like that in this time period?

Xander and Joxer were walking behind the others, laughing and joking around while telling each other all about some of the stranger adventures they had participated in. Iolaus would sometimes wonder back to speak with them or listen to their stories, he always seemed to find Joxer's version of events hilarious, but the others seemed to think their constant chatter was annoying. They would shoot an occasional irritated glance at them, but for the most part just ignored their presence.

They had just passed by a shrine on the side of the road, and Joxer paused to place some rations on it, and whisper what Xander supposed was a prayer. He was about to ask his new friend what he was doing, when a bright flash at the front of the group caught his attention. He moved automatically into a fighters crouch, angling his body in front of Joxer, while assessing the danger. When he noticed that that Xena and Hercules were already between them and danger he relaxed back into a loose stance. Looking over at Joxer to see if he was ok, he found the other man staring at him strangely, almost like he was reassessing his opinion of Xander. *oh well, not like I was hiding anything. I just didn't mention some stuff.*

Xander then returned his attention to the newcomer, and was shocked to find that he was also watching Xander closely. The man was tall, with black hair and a really cool looking goatee. He had that same DO NOT MESS WITH ME wicked air that Spike had, dressed all in black leather with a huge sword strapped to his side. He had been moving towards the group in determined stride, lethal grace in every movement, eyes set on the two standing in the back, when the two heroes started yelling.

“Ares, what are you doing here?” Xena and Hercules demanded at the same time.

*Ares, As in like the God of War? Oh shit* the god had stopped, his attention diverted for the moment, by taunting his least favorite mortals. Xander was on the verge of panicking. He sooo did not need to be dealing with gods. He had enough of that waiting for him at home. *Stupid Glory* he grabbed Joxer's hand and began pulling them away, but his friend resisted the movement. “What are you doing, don't you know that you shouldn't stick around when there are angry gods about.” Xander whispered to him, trying not to draw attention to them.

Joxer blushed for a moment and glanced at the still arguing figures down the road. It didn't take a genius to see why Joxer didn't want to leave; Xander recognized it from personal experience. “It's ok; they do this all the time.” Joxer whispered back.

Xander had a hard time grasping that, who in their right mind would want to go around pissing off gods? But Joxer was right, before long Ares had disappeared vowing dire threats, and having forgotten his interest in the strange new mortal.

Hercules was standing tall and looking very proud of himself, which had Xander trying to stifle a laugh, unsuccessfully. The bigger man turned to him frowning and demanded to know why he was so amused.

“Dude, you just completely pissed off a god, for reasons I'm not even going to try and comprehend, and now your acting all proud of yourself. According to Joxer, the only reason your not kitty chow is because Zeus decreed you off limits. So how can you be proud of something that has nothing to do with you scaring him off, because you didn't you just pissed him off and he's going to go take it out on someone else.” Xander explained.

The demigod in question was starting to get a little upset with the upstart newcomer. But Xander knew he was right.

“Just what is your Beef with Ares anyway?” he asked Hercules.

“He's evil. He creates wars and kills indiscriminately.” Was the hero's automatic response.

“You're joking right? Dude if you believe that then you have some serious issues. You need a reality check. War is made by men. They don't need someone to force them into it, and even if humans didn't feel the need to fight each other, there are still the wars with supernatural forces. You can't just toss the blame off on who ever and call it a day.” Xander shook his head in disgust. He had been a soldier in a war not his own since he was fifteen. He knew that gods were meant to lead or help. They couldn't control everything. With a final derisive glare at Hercules he grabbed Joxer and started down the road, ignoring the others as they went.

End 2

The End?

You have reached the end of "Xander in Ancient Greece" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 31 Jan 06.

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