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Xander in Ancient Greece

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Summary: Xander gets caught in a spell Willow is doing to get rid of a demon and is transported to another time and place. I split this into two different alternatives. S/X Slash

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Chapter One

Title: Xander in Ancient Greece
Pairing: S/X
Warnings: Slash and strangeness
Disclaimer: I own nothing, I mean no harm.

Summery: Xander gets caught in a spell Willow is doing to get rid of a demon and is transported to another time and place. I split this into two different alternatives. S/X Slash

Xander in Ancient Greece part 1

Xander woke up with his head pounding, flat on his back. When his vision cleared he also noticed several oddly dressed people surrounding him. A tall, black haired woman in the skimpiest leather armor he had ever seen was holding a sword to his neck.

“Uh, hi?” he tried, but all he got were a couple of blank looks. “Oh gods you don’t speak English, Willow sent me somewhere and I can’t communicate with the natives and I’m soooo screwed! And oh my gods! Spike is going to kill her when he finds out!!!”

“Who’s Spike? And why is he going to kill her?” came from a short blond fellow who looked like he was trying not to laugh at Xander. The scary warrior woman lowered her weapon, apparently finding Xander harmless. *What is it with me and scary women? Hey he just spoke English!*

“Spike is my lover; he’s going to kill Willow for sending me, uh, where ever here is. Do you have shrimp?” Xander asked as one of the other males of the group helped him up. He was around Xander’s height, with sandy brown hair and a goofy smile, and curious and compassionate eyes that held shadows. Xander grinned back, recognizing a kindred spirit.

“Yes, we have shrimp. Is Willow a god?” the last word was practically spit out of the mouth of the big guy standing next to short blond fellow. The thought of Willow as a god sent Xander into a fit of horrified, but manly, giggles. “That would be a great big NO. Willow is not of the godliness, and we shall all hope she never is. She doesn’t need any more power.”

“I see, perhaps you would like to tell us who you are, and why you’re here?” Tall Scary Lady asked with a raised brow. *How come heroes and villains can all do the cool answer-me-or-die look? That is so not fair! Is it something they teach them? Or just part of the whole super power thing?*

“I’m Alexander Harris, but just call me Xander or I’m not going to know your talking to me, cause that’s all anyone ever calls me, since like forever. And I’m here cause, uh, well, there was this accident, and sometimes, as much as I love her, Willow just isn’t as careful as she should be. So here I am. Where is here?” Xander babbled away until he noticed everyone but friendly guy were staring at him with glazed eyes. Up until that point the bland girl had been scribbling on parchment *parchment?* and that thought led him to realize that he needed names for these people, because the titles were getting old. “Can I get some names for you guys, because I gave you mine and it’s the polite thing to do. I think…but can you tell me where I am first?”

“Well, this is Greece, about three days south of Corinth.” The blond girl started, but Xander interrupted, having just noticed several things. “Greece? I don’t speak Greek. And you’re wearing swords, and rough woven cloths and leather. Oh man Spike really is going to kill someone…” his ramble didn’t make any sense to the others but he motioned them to continue.

Friendly guy started this time pointing to himself than the other people saying their names as he went. “Right, I’m Joxer, the blond girl is Gabriel, and then Xena, next is Iolus and finally Hercules.” He said pointing to the big guy last.

“Hercules, of course, I should have figured as much.” Xander said as he stared in disbelief.

End for now…
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