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Kim Bauer: The Vampire Slayer

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Summary: What if terrorists and demonic forces combined their efforts? What if some of the Slayers Willow activated fell under an evil influence? And why is it that Kim Bauer disappeared after Season 3 of 24?

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Television > 24JackBuffsterFR1811,7690291128 Jan 0628 Jan 06No
This is my first fanfic, so constructive criticism is highly appreciated. If I get enough positive feedback I plan to do a full twenty four installments, though I make no promises as to the frequency of updates. The Scoobies will play a bigger role later on in the story.

This story occurs post Buffy season 7, between Season 4 and 5 of Angel, and between season 3 and 4 of 24. Jack and Kim are both still at CTU.

All standard legal disclaimers apply. I have no claim to anything connected with Buffy or 24, nor do I intend to make any money from this story.

The Following Takes Place between 7 a.m. and 8 a.m.

*Kim Bauer’s Apartment, Los Angeles*

Kim walked out of her door and squinted against the sunrise. Her hair fluttered in the breeze as she walked purposefully towards her car. She was excited for her dad. This was his last day at CTU and he was taking a new job as an aid to the Secretary of Defense. She was happy for him. He’d saved the world enough times on the front lines that he deserved a little success and recognition.

She stopped as she came to her car door. She felt an odd tingle at the back of her neck, like something was wrong. She’d felt weird for almost two weeks now, every since that day at work. She’d been working on a protocol to id a suspected terrorist when she felt something powerful wash over her. It wasn’t bad, but it was just – strong, like a triple shot of adrenaline injected straight in her veins. She’d actually managed to break the keyboard she was working on when it happened. Ever since then she’d been jittery, with strange dreams and sensations coming over her at odd times. She’d punched a hole in her wall last night out of frustration.

She shook her head to snap out the reverie. She had a job to do, a father to send off, and no time for nerves. The tingling suddenly intensified and then was replaced by the much more immediate sensation of a dart going into her leg. She fell to the ground and looked up to see masked men running toward her. One thought echoed in her mind before the world went black. Not again.

*CTU Headquarters, Los Angeles*

Jack Bauer sat at his desk, a distant look on his face. He’d sacrificed so much in his years of service as a CTU agent. He was proud of the lives he’d saved, proud to have served his country. But he couldn’t help but feel guilty about what it had done to his family. He had chosen to put himself in the front line against terrorists and assassins. His wife and daughter had not. He’d made the choice for them. He could still see Teri’s face every time he closed his eyes, and he could still see her death. He couldn’t go through that again. He wanted Kim to have a nice safe, normal life – to never put her life in danger again. He would prefer Kim didn’t work at CTU at all, but she was a big girl now and that was her choice. At least with Chase out of field ops neither of them should be targets anymore.

“Jack,” Chloe O’Brian said from his office door.

“Yes,” Jack answered.

“I know this is your final day and all and you probably just want to relax and reflect and have a send off with your daughter,” she said in her annoyingly perceptive yet earnest way, “but something had come up that you really ought to know about, but if you don’t want to deal with it I can send it up to district…they could send over your replacement today and maybe he could take over.”

Jack sighed. “No, CTU is still my responsibility until the day is over. What is it Chloe?”

“Well,” she said, “It might be nothing but there has been a lot of break-ins at museums around the world and ancient artifacts were stolen.”

“That sounds more like a job for the FBI or Interpol than CTU,” Jack observed.

“That’s what I thought at first,” Chloe said, “but there has been a lot of chatter in terrorist communications about the break-ins. There has also been escalated chatter about something big coming up in Los Angeles. Nothing specific of course, but…”

“You think the chatter about the break-ins and an attack on L.A. are related,” Jack asked.

“I don’t know,” Chloe admitted, “but a customs agent found an ancient Assyrian statue in crate coming into LAX. It was stolen from a museum in Cairo last week. The only reason they found it was part of a random search, so there’s no telling how many other artifacts could have arrived without us knowing.”

“What could terrorists possibly do with a bunch of relics?” Jack asked. Chloe shrugged.

“Could be payment. The terrorists steal the artifacts for someone who trades them for a WMD. I know it’s weird but I thought you should know,” she said.

“Alright,” Jack said, “Research the artifacts that have been stolen. See if you can find a common link. Also have somebody look into collectors of rare antiquities in L.A. and see if anyone fitting that profile has known ties to terrorist groups. I’m going to go down to LAX and have a look at this thing.”

Chloe paused, a pensive expression on her face.

“Is there a problem?” Jack asked.

“Um, it’s just that, with Tony gone and Michelle on leave you should really be here to run things and let someone else go out in the field,” she said. “Um sir,” she added awkwardly.

Jack knew she was right, but he didn’t like it.

“Okay,” Jack said, “tell the new guy to get up here. What’s his name again?”

“Riley Finn” Chloe answered. She walked out.

*The Hyperion Hotel, Los Angeles*

“You been up all night?” Angel asked. Giles was hunched over the desk in Angel’s office, his eyes bloodshot as he looked up.

“I’m worried,” Giles said.

“About what,” Angel asked, “You guys defeated the First, Willow created dozens of new superheroes. I’d say things are looking up for the good guys.”

“It’s the new slayers I’m worried about,” Giles said. “I just spoke to an old colleague of mine from the middle east. I had sent him to contact the new slayers in the region and inform them of their destiny so we could arrange to train them.”

“And,” Angel prodded.

“It seems all the girls have disappeared,” Giles said.

*A warehouse, somewhere in Los Angeles*

“The girl is regaining consciousness”, said a deeply accented voice. Kim’s eyes fluttered open. She was in a dimly lit warehouse, tied to a chair. Three Arabic men with guns glared down at her.

“That tranquilizer should have kept her out for several more hours,” said another man. He was clean shaven, unlike the others, and had close cropped hair. He otherwise looked much the same.

“Who are you,” Kim asked, “what do you want from me?”

“Quiet whore!” the man yelled and backhanded her hard across the face. It startled her more than it hurt, but she quieted. The man smirked and sauntered across the room where he grabbed a chair from next to a table and walked it back to her. He sat down with the chair reversed and rested his elbows on the backrest.

“Your father has caused us a great deal of trouble in the past,” he said. “Now that we have his precious daughter, he will work for us.”

Kim said nothing, but inwardly groaned. This wasn’t the first time someone had kidnapped her to get to her dad. The last time she’d been a kid, but now she worked for CTU and she felt ashamed. She was not a field operative, but still – she shouldn’t have let herself get captured so easily.

One of the other men walked over. Unlike the other man he was unshaven with a several day old stubble. His greasy face was topped with a wild rats nest of long hair. He sneered down at her hungrily and extended a hand to caress her face. Kim flinched away.

“What do you say, Ahmed, I say we collect some of our eternal reward early.” The lusty way he licked his lips and the way his hand trailed down her body left no doubt what kind of reward he had in mind.

Kim pulled at her bindings. To her great surprise the rope snapped as easily as a strand of yarn. The horny terrorist was even more surprised when she brought her fist around and knocked him at least thirty feet across the room. The other two reached for their guns, but they almost seemed to be moving in slow motion. Kim reached the leader and easily disarmed him before he could bring his rifle up. She used a Judo move her dad taught her to throw the guy towards the other terrorist. They collided like a car wreck and tumbled all the way to the warehouse wall nearly half a football field distant.

Under normal circumstances Kim would have paused to wonder at just how the hell she had the strength to do that, but for now she needed to get out. There was no telling how many other terrorists around. Several crates were stacked up against one side of the warehouse. About half way up the wall were some grime covered windows. Kim decided she was more likely to escape out the window than by running out the front door.

She easily – too easily – hopped atop the crates and pushed open the window. The alleyway outside was dark, but she could see quite well. No hostiles at least. Thank goodness for small favors. She jumped through the window and dropped about twelve feet into an easy crouch. She ran up the alleyway in the direction of a street. She was almost there.

That’s when a woman stepped out from the side of the building directly in front of her and blocked her path. She had long dark hair and an olive complexion. The rest of her body was covered in a black combat jumpsuit.

Before Kim could react the woman punched her harder than she had ever before been punched. For a disorienting moment Kim flew through the air until her head and shoulders collided with the alley wall. Kim got slowly to her feet and regarded the woman as she confidently approached.

“Who are you?” Kim asked.

“I’m the chosen one,” the woman said.

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The End?

You have reached the end of "Kim Bauer: The Vampire Slayer" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 28 Jan 06.

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