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The Wizard Next Door

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Summary: A drabble series that wonders what if Sirius, with a cleared name, wanted to resume his godfather status for Harry, but Harry still needs the protection his blood relatives provide? What's a determined Marauder to do? Why move in next door of course!

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Harry Potter > Non-BtVS/AtS StoriesKristenFR1341,928245,78329 Jan 0621 Jul 06Yes

A Matter of Opinion

Author: Kristen
Series: The Wizard Next Door
Title: A Matter of Opinion
Disclaimer: No, I don’t own Harry Potter. He belongs to the talented J.K. Rowling. No profit is being made and no infringement is intended.
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Goes directly AU after GOF. Fourth in The Wizard Next Door series.
Summary: Prompt #25 for the potterverse100 livejournal community. He tried to tell himself she was Ron’s sister and he shouldn’t be thinking of her like that, but still he stood there and wondered. What was Ginny’s favorite color?

~A Matter of Opinion~

He had to admit that shopping with the twins hadn’t been as bad as he feared. They had actually treated the task seriously, well as seriously as the twins treated anything.

They had respected his tastes mostly. There had been that rather fierce argument over whether or not Harry should wear leather pants. He suspected the twins’ endorsement of them was more about making him blush than anything else. In the end, he had given in and bought one pair protesting the whole way to the counter to pay for them. Secretly he wondered if Ginny would like them, especially after the enchanted mirror had let out a wolf whistle after he tried them on. He had been noticing the youngest Weasley more lately since the Yule Ball.

All in all, the shopping trip hadn’t been too bad. Once he had started trying things on he had been more enthusiastic about it. It was nice to wear clothes that actually fit. The sheer wonder of that had him hunting the racks in a happier mood. He had ended up spending rather more than he intended, but he didn’t regret it. Though he had a feeling Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia were going to be furious that he actually owned some nice clothes then suspicious over how he’d paid for them.

He planned to tell them Sirius had paid for it all. He couldn’t wait to see their reactions to that. It would probably kill them not being able to deny him the new clothes out of fear of Sirius. Since Sirius had moved in next door his uncle had developed a nice tick next to his left eye that gave Harry satisfaction to watch twitch and his aunt had a permanent pained look on her face.

Katie, Angelina, and Alicia had bumped into them halfway through their shopping in another store along Diagon Alley, thankfully after the leather pants argument was past or he’d never be able to look the girls in the face again. Once they found out what was going on they had enthusiastically jumped in with their opinions. Shirts, jumpers, jeans, and robes in a dizzying array of colors had been piled high in his arms before they marched him to the changing rooms where they waited expectantly for him to model the clothes. He had followed orders, a bit dazed at how they had taken charge.

Still, he had to admit they had good taste. His wardrobe was now full of clothes in the colors they declared suited him best, primarily darker shades of green, red, blue, and black.

He wondered what Ginny would think of all of his new clothes, not just the leather pants. Since the trip yesterday he had been casting his mind back over the brief conversations he had shared with her. He wanted to know her favorite color. Which shirt would she like best? Harry had never given much thought to clothes before but Sirius had brought up the possibility of a birthday party for him next month when Harry had seen him after lunch. Which meant Ginny would likely appear with the rest of the Weasleys and Hermione. And that was what had brought Harry to stare indecisively at the riot of color in his closet.

He tried to tell himself she was Ron’s sister and he shouldn’t be thinking of her like that, but still he stood there and wondered. What was Ginny’s favorite color?

The End

You have reached the end of "The Wizard Next Door". This story is complete.

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