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Harry Potter and the Light Brigade: Redux

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Summary: Dumbledore approaches the new council with a plea for help; a plea the Council is only too happy to help with. And as Dawn and Miriam start at Hogwarts, Harry Potter is busy pushing everybody away in an attempt to keep them safe. Full summary inside

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Preface and Prologue: Just Close Your Eyes

Harry Potter and the Light Brigade (Redux)








What more can I say? I loved this story. It was my baby, my pride and joy. It was inspired by what I considered, at the time, to be one of the best stories I’ve ever read on, written by an author I still consider, to this day, to be one of the best writers on the net. I had a nice little outline written down in my notebook, and I had the whole story mapped out in my mind. And then two things happened-


1) I read ‘Phantom’s and Slayers’, and got my idea for the Buffy/Star War’s crossover that’s taken over my mind.


2) Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince came out, and with it certain facts that obliterated things I wanted to do in my story (Snape. ‘Nuff said).


After HBP came out, I really lost the fire I had for this story. One of my greatest failings as an author is my absolute need to keep everything up-to-date. So when HBP came out, I found myself suddenly in a crisis where absolutely nothing I had planned would keep in with continuity. Never mind the fact my story is a crossover.


But when ‘Goblet of Fire’ was released, my desire to finish this story suddenly came flaring back to life. Hell, I already had one chapter almost completed when I went on hiatus, and it didn’t take long to finish it up. But after I did that, and posted it, I ran into one small problem-


I completely forgot what I had already written. I had no idea where I was, I where I was going. Well, that not true- I knew where I was going; but things had changed so much in my mind that it didn’t gel with what had come before.


But this presented me with a unique opportunity. A chance to go back to the beginning, so to speak, and tidy things up. There were several scenes in the story that I wasn’t completely happy with, so now I have a chance to go back and improve on them. And most importantly, I’ll be putting together a more comprehensive outline to help me on my way.


This story will not be abandoned. I will finish it, as I will also finish my Star Wars stories. I thank you all for reading, and hope you give this story a chance, one more time.


-Andrew Niehaus

The Nature Boy

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Harry Potter and The Light Brigade- Redux

By Andrew ‘Naitch’ Niehaus


Disclaimer: Rowling owns Harry Potter, Whedon owns Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I own the Horsemen. Give ‘em a chance, you might like them…

Summary: As Dawn recovers from her time under Voldemort’s control, Dumbledore approaches the new Council with a plea for assistance. Meanwhile, Ron has to deal with bloody visions, Miriam will be forced to face her past, and Draco will be forced to make a choice that could impact more than just his own life. As Voldemort closes in, The Council, the Horsemen, and the Golden Trio will have to do all they can to defeat the growing forces of darkness…

Sequel to ‘Dawn of the Phoenix’. I promise, I’m not going to re-write that one. At least, not yet…

Ships: Harry/Ginny, Dawn/Draco, Ron/Hermione…. Ships, ships everywhere, but not a’one for me…

A/N: Most of these chapters originally began with a song, but due to the rules over at, I got rid of the lyrics. Some chapters will have a theme song, whose title and artist I will post at the end of the chapter.


WORDS OF WARNING: I seriously screwed with the space-time continuum here, but as this is my story and with it I am God, that was my prerogative.

Buffy: 1 Year after Season 7. Buffy and Dawn went to Rome, Dawn had her Sophomore year of schooling there. Dawn is now 16-17 and a Junior.

Angel- Post season 5- WESLEY SURVIVED! He’s my favorite character next to Spike, so he lives. Illyria is still there, but Fred’s soul wasn’t destroyed and she can switch back and forth between personas at will. Wesley isn’t depressed, Gunn’s still a lawyer, and Cordy is still dead. Oh, and Spike’s around.

Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel are both properties of Mutant Enemy and Joss Wheedon. Harry Potter and all related characters are the property of J.K. Rowling. Miriam Kirk, Ann Kirk, the witches of Trinity, Calista, Selene Winters, the Horsemen and any related characters that you don’t recognize are the sole property of me, myself, and I.


Just Close Your Eyes

All was quiet on the mid-western front.

With so many Slayers congregated into one area, it was bound to happen. Inevitably there were days when there was no action to be found, and so all the Slayers took the night off to relax and catch up on much-needed sleep. Almost everybody took advantage of this rare opportunity to skive off work.

Well, almost everybody.

Dawn Summers crept through the silent halls of the main building towards the linguistics department as she had been doing every night since she returned home. As the co-head of the department, it wasn’t at all unusual for her to head down there. But at two thirty in the morning….

Well, only so much of it was dedication.

Dawn Summers had just been through hell. Not literal hell, that experience was reserved for Angel, Buffy and almost for Spike. No, her hell was much more personal. Her hell was her father kidnapping her and then him having his associates inject her with drugs that made her feel like her blood was boiling. Her hell was the witch Calista forcing dark magic into her body, unlocking the hidden power within her. Her hell was an evil force violating her mind, forcing her to kill Agent Miller from the FBI. Her hell was knowing that that same evil presence forced her into trying to kill her friends, her family, her Slayer…

Dawn pushed those thoughts from her mind as she made her way into her department, where she found Wesley hunched over a book.

“Up again, Dawn?” he asked without looking up. The girl shrugged.

“Couldn’t sleep,” she replied with a shrug.

“The doctor offered to give you something to help you sleep,” Wesley offered. Dawn stiffened slightly.

“I’ve had enough doctors giving me drugs,” she said with difficulty, sitting down. “What are you working on?”

“We just got this in last Friday,” Wesley replied, sliding the book over to her. “Giles thinks it may be a book of prophecies, perhaps one of the missing codex’s…”

“Chicken soup,” Dawn interrupted, causing Wes to falter in his explanation.

“Excuse me?” he asked. Dawn gave him a wan smile, and then gestured to the page she was reading effortlessly.

“It’s a recipe for chicken soup. The next page is cream of broccoli. It’s an ancient Sumerian recipe book.” Dawn noticed the look on her colleague’s face. “Wes, how long have you been working on this?”

“Well, er….” he stuttered, lowering his head in embarrassment. “Since it came in.”

Dawn blinked. “You’ve been translating an Ancient Sumerian cookbook for almost a week?” Wesley nodded. “How much did you have done?” Then she noticed the embarrassed look on the Watcher’s face. “You haven’t got any of it, have you?”

“No wonder the old Council sacked me!” he cried in despair as he banged his head against the tabletop. Dawn patted his back affectionately.

“Don’t worry, Wes. I won’t tell anyone.” The young woman then grabbed a few books from the ‘Just Delivered’ box and, handing one to Wesley, sat back down and began to read.

As they started to read (Wesley made sure he did NOT pick up any more ancient Sumerian books), the Watcher glanced over to his colleague. Her face was drawn and pale and there were dark circles under her eyes. He knew that she had been down here almost every night since she had been released from the medical wing and it concerned him. Because while it was nice to see her throwing herself into her job once more, he knew it was only a way for her to avoid other things.

“So... have you seen her lately?”

Dawn stiffened in her chair. “No,” she replied, her voice devoid of any emotion. “I haven’t had the time.”

Wes peered over his glasses at the young brunette. “Dawn, there is always time…”

“Not for me. I got my training in the morning with Giles for Watcher’s certification, training with Miriam in the afternoon on how to control my Vestica abilities and then I come here at night to catch up on all the translations I missed while I was…” Dawn trailed off and Wes took the opportunity to interject.

“Dawn, nobody expects you to just pick up where you left off. You just went through a traumatic experience and I of all people know how that can affect someone.”

“Have you ever taken the single most important thing away from your friend? Because that’s what I did to Vi. I paralyzed her, Wes. She can’t be a Slayer anymore because I took that away from her.”

“And I kidnapped Connor from Angel,” Wes retorted. “And as a result, he was taken from me, sent into a hell dimension and came back a very disturbed teenager. Me taking away Angel’s chance to be a father is much like you hurting Vi - we were both tricked and forced to do terrible things by something - or someone - more powerful than ourselves. But Angel forgave me, Dawn. We became friends once more and are still friends today. And I know for a fact that Vi has already forgiven you.”

“How could you know that?”

“Because I took the time to go visit her, which is something her Watcher should be doing right now.”

Dawn stared at him for a moment before finally shaking her head. “I…I just can’t. Not now.”

“But maybe soon?” Wes pressed slightly.

Dawn gave him a small smile. “Maybe soon.” There conversation ended, the two went back to work.

They worked in silence for the next couple of hours, occasionally glancing at each other’s notes that they had jotted down. As she worked, Dawn’s mind would wander and reflect upon the twisted turn of events that had irrevocably changed her. She had gone from a relatively normal girl, not to mention a trusted Watcher, to an outsider in her own home. And she wondered if she would ever feel normal, or trusted, again.

Albus Dumbledore sighed heavily as he read the letter again. In it, Harry described the dream he had had, which had revealed Lupin’s captivity and torture at the hands of Lord Voldemort. Even worse, Voldemort now had the entire prophecy and would waste no time in trying to eliminate the one and only person who could stop him

And if that wasn’t bad enough, The Order had found evidence of the Dark Lord recruiting demons of all shapes and species. The only conclusion he could draw was that he was raising an army; an army he intended on unleashing upon Harry, his school, and eventually the Wizarding World.

“What am I to do, Fawkes?” the elder Wizard asked of his companion, the bright red Phoenix that sat perched on his shoulder. The bird trilled in response.

“Yes, he has indeed become more powerful,” he replied to the bird. “I fear that another duel with him will be the end of me. But more than that, I fear for my students. Especially Harry.”

Fawkes trilled again in response, and Dumbledore tilted his head to the side in contemplation. “You are right. The students need to learn how to better defend themselves. They will need to be prepared if or when the Death Eaters attack. But who…”

Fawkes trilled softly, as if whispering a secret. Dumbledore frowned for a moment, and then smiled.

“Of course! Brilliant idea, Fawkes. And with any luck, I will be able to kill to birds with one stone. No offense, of course,” the Headmaster hastily added, causing the Phoenix to trill once more as he flew off of the wizard’s shoulder and landed on his perch a few feet away.

“I will go at once. Surely with Rupert in charge, they will see how much we need their help. And hopefully they will be able to give it.” With that, Dumbledore rose and strode purposefully towards the fireplace. He picked up a handful of floo powder and stepped into the fireplace.

“Now, let’s see…where is the new headquarters again? Ah!” he exclaimed, and then threw down the powder at his feet. “American Watcher’s Council, Chicago!” he exclaimed, and then disappeared in a burst of flames.

To be continued

Song: Just Close Your Eyes
Waterproof Blonde

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