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Why Dementors and Boggarts Hate the Scoobies

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Summary: A series of shorts revealing why two types of Dark creatures fear and loathe the Scooby Gang. Chapter 6 won a Crossing Over Award for Best Length Based Fic: Drabble!

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Harry Potter > General > HumorSlowMercuryFR1382,88634239,25730 Jan 0615 Sep 07No
CoA Winner

Faith Afraid

Neither the Buffyverse or the Potterverse are my property; they belong respectively to Joss Whedon and JK Rowling and their various subsidiaries. No harm is intended, no money made.


A giant spider approached a lone brunette woman on eight huge, hairy legs. It hesitated a moment, then melted into a vampire with fangs extended and bloody clothes. Onlookers (namely, Dawn and Xander) could only gape at the stupidity.

“Oh, like that’s going to scare her,” Dawn said. “I mean, jeez, she’s only been a vampire slayer for what? Seven, eight years now?”

“Nah, more like nine,” Xander replied.

In front of them, the vampire attempting to menace the bored looking Faith shifted into what appeared to be a dentist holding a drill.

“Five points for creativity,” Xander commented.

“Minus one for the size of the drill,” Dawn said. “It’d be more intimidating if the drill was bigger. You know, like the one that Har’loki demon had when it tried to steal the Great Calabash of Sicily?”

“Hmm. I see what you’re getting at.”

Meanwhile, the dentist morphed into a man in a ski mask with a butcher knife (“Weak! Even I could take someone like that!”), a giant snake (“Please! Faith was on the Mayor’s side.”), Buffy (“This is just silly. Faith and Buffy are pretty evenly matched, and they don’t even fight much anymore.”) and lastly, a giant centipede. (“It must be running out of ideas; it’s doing insects again.” “Well, technically, Xander, spiders are arachnids, not insects.”) The boggart gave up then, or at least that’s how Dawn and Xander interpreted it turning into a tiny pug dog and scampering from the room while whimpering.

Faith strolled over to the two observers, smirk very firmly in place.

“I told you I’m not afraid of anything, didn’t I?”
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