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Winifred Burkle, Padawan Learner

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Summary: Escaping Pylea, Winifred Burkle finds herself someplace equally alien to her: Coruscant. AtS/SW

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Star Wars > Fred/Illyria-CenteredValkyrieFR1542,2961186,96930 Jan 0631 Jan 06No


Winifred Burkle, Padawan Learner

Gasping for breath, Fred wakes up. She finds herself lying in a small but comfortable bed, in a plain, obviously functional room.

“W-where...?” She stammers, trying to recall what happened. It hits her in a rush: her last two years in Pylea, readin’ the words and ending up this place. She remembers being chased... They must’ve caught her.

After two years of hidin’ out in a world filled with monsters, she’s learned most times it’s better to run.

When she saw what those two could do, with a wave of their hands... Well, runnin’ just seemed like the smart thing to do.

She half expected to wake up in a cell. She’s a little relieved. Fred pushes herself up, loosely hugging her knees.

She looks around. Another unfamiliar place. This place is pretty comfortable, if a little plain. Large windows give her a view of the planet-city beyond.

Fred tries to calm herself down, to look at her situation like a scientist would. This could be Earth. Time could’ve moved slower in Pylea than it does here; she’s got no way of knowing.

If that’s the case, then her friends, her family, everyone she’s ever known... They’re all dead.

“Awake, you are, hmm?”

Startled, Fred turns to see what looks very much like an ancient green gremlin in brown robes watching her. He gives her a smile, his bright green eyes lighting up.

Is she hallucinating? Fred blinks, but he’s still there.

“Y-yes?” Fred stammers, uncertain, staring wide-eyed at the, the gremlin?

“Many questions, you have,” the little green guy says. It’s not a question but Fred nods quietly anyway. She has many, many questions. ”Questions, I have, as well. Perhaps together, answers we will find.”

Fred nods her head, feeling a little bewildered. “Yeah.”

Fred pushes aside the thin sheets. Someone’s changed her into an off-white gown. It’s several sizes too big for Fred.

She gets up, following her strange new companion over to two round seats, near the window. She settles herself down on one of them, and watches as he clambers up onto the other.

She could help him up, but something tells her he doesn’t want help. When he’s settled, he looks up at her, gives her an expectant smile. Fred realises that he’s waiting for her to ask a question.

“Who are you?” Fred asks.

He chuckles. “Yoda. I am Yoda.”

“My name’s Fred,” she says, feeling a little nervous. “Well, actually it’s Winifred, Winifred Burkle, but mostly folks just call me Fred, so...”

She trails off, realising that she’s babbling.

“Fred, I shall call you then,” Yoda says, giving her a smile. “Know you how you came to be here, Fred?”

“I’m not even really sure where I am,” Fred says, shaking her head, smiling nervously.

“Coruscant, this is,” Yoda tells her.

That doesn’t exactly tell Fred anything, except that now she knows this isn’t some future version of Earth. Still, now, she has a name to this strange, frightening place. “Oh,” Fred says. “How did I get here?”

Yoda frowns. “Troubling, this it. Know the answer, we do not. Investigating this, the Jedi are.”
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