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Winifred Burkle, Padawan Learner

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Summary: Escaping Pylea, Winifred Burkle finds herself someplace equally alien to her: Coruscant. AtS/SW

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Star Wars > Fred/Illyria-CenteredValkyrieFR1542,2961186,97330 Jan 0631 Jan 06No


The characters and concepts belong to their respective owners. I only imitate that which I admire.

This is an attempt at drabble. It's AU, in case you were wondering. For the purposes of this story, Fred starts out as a twenty-three-year-old.

Winifred Burkle, Padawan Learner


Time’s relative.

That’s one thing you learn, when you’re hidin’ out in a cave, hopin’ the monsters and the demons outside don’t find you. That’s one thing Winifred Burkle learned very quickly.

She’s been living in Pylea for about two years, and that’s not accountin’ for what feels like slightly shorter days here. It feels like longer.

Every day, she goes out to scrounge for food, always afraid, always wonderin’ if today’s the day she’s gonna get caught, always wonderin’ if today’s the day someone’s gonna get to swing the crebbil at the bach-nal and end her days of hidin’.

She had a real close call today.

That’s why she’s sitting in the darkest corner of her little hole, the book hugged to her chest, repeatin’ those words over and over again, hopin’ that she’ll end up someplace else, anyplace else. Maybe, if she says the words out loud, in just the right order, she’ll wake up back at home, and this whole nightmare’ll turn out to be just a dream.

The thing is, she thinks she sorta knows how hard it has to be to travel between dimensions. There’s factors, lotsa factors, that have to be just right to make it happen.

Like, supposin’ two realities brush up against each other just right, so that the fabric of what keeps them apart is thin enough, supposin’ she were to somehow open a hole, well, chances are, she’d get sucked into empty space. You’d be pretty darn lucky if you came back same place you left, like, winnin’ the lottery lucky.

Because the universe is a big place, and it’s mostly empty space, and different dimensions, well, that’s just another way of sayin’ different universes, right? Lotsa big, empty universes...

Oh, and that’s not even accountin’ for all the different laws of physics. See, they’re universal, but it’s really hard keepin’ track of what works how, where. For all she knows, time here moves different, backwards even, relatively speaking of course, and then she’d be travellin’ back in time.

And those’re just the most obvious points. But she keeps whisperin’ those words to herself, over and over, because she can’t imagine any place bein’ worse than here.

Fred’s so deep in thought, she doesn’t even notice the quakin’ and the quiverin’ at first, the way her little world seems to bend, to contort ‘round a hole.

And then she’s fallin’, fallin’ in the dark.

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