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Summary: An old man acts in desperation in the hopes that his son can save the world should he fail.

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Harry Potter > Xander-CenteredmortepinileFR1541,78522815,85831 Jan 065 Aug 06No


I own nothing

Rupert Giles, head of the new watchers council, was worried.

Xander had been due in three hours ago, he had hoped that it was just a delayed flight but a quick phone call was all it took to discover that the plane had been on time. The knowledge that Xander had been able to look after himself for the past few years that he had been in Africa did little to dissuade his own fears.

The short phone call he had had from him had only told him the barest details, that he needed to come to London. Truth be told he had been thinking of calling him back anyway as willow working alongside the coven were close to perfecting a mass tracking spell and Xander needed a holiday.

As he was about to call up a search party he was stopped by the sound of the door. Upon opening the door he was faced with a dazed young man, barely recognizable as the youth that had fought alongside him in Sunnydale. He looked tired and his eyes had large bags formed under them like he hadn’t slept in days, and also what appear to be flecks of white spotted throughout his hair.

“Bloody hell!” It was crude he knew but he was after all stunned at this young mans appearance.

“Sleep. Now.” were Xander’s last words as he collapsed into Gile’s arms.


The small tired looking owl perched on his desk had brought good news. His son had arrived in the country, and according to the message from Ollivander, had just purchased his first wand. This was indeed good news. Now all he had to figure out was how to tell Minerva and Alexander what had happened. His old friend would of course be mad at him, but she would come round. His son was an unknown quantity.

“Well first things first,” He spoke quietly to himself, “I’ll just send a message to Minerva telling her to meet me tomorrow.”

“So, my little friend would you take this message own your way home. Thanks.”

Next day (Still Hogwarts)

“Ahh, Minnie, how nice to see you this fine morning.” The Headmasters tone was much brighter and a smile graced his lips that had not been there since he had destroyed the Horcrux in the ring that damaged his hand.

“Don’t you ‘Minnie’ me, not at seven thirty in the morning. Especially when you send me a message to come to an urgent meeting.” Minerva said, anger at being forced to get up so early in the holiday’s prevalent in her voice.

“Well, I have to tell you something.” He said his voice suddenly serious. “I have a son.”

“This is, well, a shock. How long have you had a child? Why are you just telling me now?”

“You didn’t know about him because he was born and raised by someone else, on a hellmouth.” He said, the regret he felt made his words sound heavy, the twinkle in his eyes fading in the pain of never knowing his son.

“Oh Albus, why?” Worry etched her face, she knew that he wouldn’t of taken such action lightly because he loved children.

“There was a prophecy, it was that or let the world fall to a great evil. It was the single hardest thing that I have ever done. Fortunately he should be arriving here sometime soon and if my hunch is correct he will help fill our defence against dark arts post. He would also be a perfect guide and confidant for Harry they have both regrettably had unfortunate upbringings because of me.”

“Are you sure? Living on hellmouth has been known to turn a wizard to evil, or at least make them unstable.”

“I thought of that so I placed enchantments upon him when he was born too suppress his magic, thus preventing it from releasing it to have the taint of the hellmouth touch him.”

“Ok if you think it is safe I trust your judgment. But I’m still not happy that you did this.”

“If that’s all, Minerva I would love to walk you to the gates.” Slowly Albus stood up from his chair, offering his good arm to Minerva.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Rememberance." – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 5 Aug 06.

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