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Summary: An old man acts in desperation in the hopes that his son can save the world should he fail.

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Harry Potter > Xander-CenteredmortepinileFR1541,78522815,88631 Jan 065 Aug 06No

Old Age

Disclaimer:- I own nothing, please don’t sue I am a nice boy really.

A.N. I have messed with the timeline a bit so that the Harry Potter universe has been brought forward to Harry’s sixth year being sometime after chosen. Set after the fifth book. Unsure how closely it is going to stick to the events in it.


He was getting old, and what was worse he could feel it. He had been slipping these past few years and his bones ached with what was most likely the onset of arthritis. Poppy, though she tried her best, was unable to heal his hand from the injury gained destroying the ring Horcrux.

“If only I had time, or was young again.” He sighed. The gentle trill of Fawkes in reply to his comment did little to settle his unease.

Looking over to his family tree in the corner he remembered again the son he had from a one night stand while touring different hell mouths. He new that it was wrong to deceive Jessica like that with his glamour, and that was the main reason that he had made no effort to look for his illegitimate son.

He soon came to a decision. He went to prepare a ritual that had not been performed in centuries, lost in the mists of time. The only thought was I hope my son will forgive me.

Somewhere in Africa.

Xander Harris collapses as a thousand knives seem to pierce his skull. And from his throat issues a gut wrenching scream that reveals only a fraction of his pain.
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StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking