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Of Keys and Speedsters

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Summary: Unable to return home after falling through a portal at end of S7, Dawn makes a new life for herself, only there's a couple problems: her new boyfriend is not exactly normal, and how exactly is she related to the Summers family anyway? DawnBart Allen.

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Multiple Crossings > Dawn-CenteredwillowbeeFR131312,75934720,91631 Jan 069 Apr 06No


Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy the Vampire Slayer, any of the DC Comics titles or any of the
Marvel titles either. I in no way shape or form make any profit off of this

Spoilers: Season 7 Buffy, up to (And maybe including, haven't decided yet) Infinite Crisis in
DC, and mid-to late ninties issues of various X-Men, X-Force, that sort of thing. I'm sorry,
but current Marvel really sucks.

Rating: T/pg-13 (for the moment)

Pairings: Dawn/Bart Allen (Kid Flash), mentions of Robin/Batgirl, Wondegirl/Superboy, maybe
Connor(Angel's son)/Greta or Connor/Cissie

Summary: During the fight against the First, Dawn falls through a potal which sends her to an
alternate dimension. Unable to return home, Dawn makes a new life for herself, only there's a
couple problems: her new boyfriend is anything but normal, and how exactly is she related to
the Summers family anyway?

Authors notes: I've been planning on doing a story with a Bart/Dawn pairing for a while now,
and I'm so happy that I finally managed to write it. I just love Bart. He's way more complex
a character than most people give him credit for. I mean, what with the whole being raised in
virtual reality thing, Bart has lived hundreds, if not thousand lives. Not to mention the fact
that he is much more intelligent than most of the adults in his life give him credit for
(admittedly because he doesn't really try academically most of the time).


Dawn fought desperately against the Turok Hans, well aware that if she faultered,
they would kill her. She continued moving, despite the feeling of a strange, almost painful
energy running through her. Willow had completed the spell. That was the only explanation.

The energy... the energy could only be from the Key. It felt exactly the same as
the energy had when the portal had been created by her blood, two years ago. Only this time,
the energy was in reverse. The energy that had left two years previously was returning to her.

Dawn held back a wince as one of their weapons cut into her skin. Without missing a
beat, she beheaded the creature. She felt the draw, the pull of a portal, losing consciousness
as she fell to the ground.


Dawn opened her eyes slowly. She was surrounded by mist. She looked up as a figure
started to appear.

“Cordy?” gasped Dawn.

“Hey there Dawn,” said Cordelia. “How are you.”

“Pretty sure I’m dead. You?” said Dawn, unsure of what was going on.

“I may be dead, but you are not,” said Cordelia. “I was sent by the Powers to warn you.”

“Warn me about what?”

“The world that you’re going to, well it’s very different from our world,” said Cordy.
“They don’t forget about things they don’t understand there. You’ll be going to a place called
Keystone City, in Kansas. You’ll be in the foster care system, but you’ll be able to keep your
memories, your name, that sort of thing. You’ll also be able to keep your powers as the Key.
You need to learn to control these powers, and quickly.”

Dawn stared at Cordelia. “What about...”

“The Scoobies think you are dead,” said Cordelia. “And that is how it is going to
remain. Too many people in that dimension knew you were the Key.”

“Oh,” said Dawn, slightly unsure.

“Dawn, I’m dead, and soon my body will die as well,” said Cordelia. “My powers, as a
seer, well, no human can handle those abilities. Even before this happened, I had planned on
passing on my powers to you. You’re the only person I know who would not use those powers to
their own benefit. And anyway, normal humans can't handle the visions, their body gives out.”

“But, I don’t want those powers,” said Dawn, thinking about how horrible it was with
the powers she already had, let alone the powers Cordelia wanted to give her.

“I know, that’s why I’m passing them on to you,” said Cordy.


“It’ll be fine,” said Cordy. “I’ve already arranged for you to have a bank account
with enough money to help you with college or whatever you end up doing. In it is all the
money Spike left you in his will. Oh, and don’t worry about your foster family, they’re good
people, and when you arrive in the dimension, it’ll be your first day with your foster family,
so don’t worry about not knowing them or anything.”
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