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The End of Azkaban First Arc

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The End of Azkaban Series". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Willow is thrown into Azkaban for her actions in Grave.

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The End of Azkaban

The End of Azkaban
by Ryan
Rating: 12 (Hey, I'm using the system we use in England) other parts maybe higher or lower
Type: Crossover
Violence: Some.
Language: Mild.
1. Willow and co. are owned by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, UPN and WB.
2. All characters and places from the Harry Potter books are owned by J. K. Rowling, Bloomsbury paperbacks and WB.
3. No copyright infringements intended.
Summary: Set 3 years after 'Grave"' and HP book 4.  
Willow POV

My name when it mattered was Willow Rosenberg. I sit in my cell, like I've done for the last three long years.

I'm waiting for Death. Waiting for my one way ticket to hell.

I'm watching over the girl I share this cell with, when they brought her here, her soul was pure. Now it's darker, not by her doing but others.

They've beaten her again. Her back's a bloody mess. I've done what I can again for her. This time they hadn't given her a matching pair of black eyes. I know her parents want to take her body home when she's dead.

That means we are going to die soon.

The cell is a dirt floor, a roof and four walls. There's a small window for light. It use to be bigger, they've started bricking it a few days ago.

We've had no food or water now for two days.

They are going to entomb us alive. I can hear the Dementors in my mind. The guards are laughing. Tomorrow the last couple of bricks will block out the light. Then the door will be sealed until we here both died.

They'll let us breath. We will die of thirst.

My cell mate is waking up. Hermione reaches out for me, we gasp each other's hands.

Hermione Granger is dying it's in her eyes. She's only seventeen! She's still a child for heaven's sake! She's been here two years and now it appears she's going to die. She should be free, dating and doing all that teenage stuff. I feel something snap inside me, my inter fire as relit
I won't let her die! I don't care about myself, but her life was stolen. It's passed time it was given back! My rage is unleashed. For the first time in my three years here I let my power out.

I feel the anti magic wards shatter. I reach out and plead with the power of the earth itself. I understand it may kill me for what I once tried to do.

The earth grants my request. I'm surprised at the answer and what I begin to feel.

I feel the cries of the innocents sent here to die. In this instant I realise the price tag. I'm to be an Angel of Vengeance. A holy warrior, sent out to put the world to rights. The Ministry of magic and many others have more blood on their hands than anyone can imagine.

I let the earth guide me. The Dementors that enter the cell, pull back in fear. Their powers redirected against them.

Next the ground shakes. It's not my doing, Mother Earth knows what I've sensed. The fortress of Azkaban collapses in upon itself, the forces of nature themselves punishes those it deems guilt.

We are unhurt. I feel a great deal of pain. I can make out one or two former prisoners wondering around. They were the innocent ones.

I've gotta move us. The Aurors must not find us here. Some are just like Deatheaters, only they pretend to be the good guys. These ones hold positions of power.

Hermione's POV

I don't know what's happened. One moment we are in a cell. Now there's dust everywhere.

Willow is breathing hard. I've been healed. What now I wonder?

"We've gotta get out of here," my former cellmate speaks, in like the first time in the two years since I was sent here louder than a whisper.

I understand what she means. But how?

I call out and we are joined by five witches and three wizards.

I think they're like me innocent of the crimes they came here because.

Willow closes her eyes and we are surrounded by magic.

We reappear in an old run down mansion. My friend collapses. She's more than my friend she's my older sister. I'm scared. This woman's protected me, kept me alive when I wanted to die.

For the next 30 minutes I and the others wait, we found some blankets.

We do the best we can.

Willow smiles and open's an eye.

For now we are free.

"Soon," my friend says. "The guilt will pay."

The end?

Created: 03/02/2003
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