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Willow, A Jedi called Qui-Gon and Hogwarts.

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Summary: Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn was sent by the Force to stop Willow during 'Grave'.

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ryanFR1314,028011,92131 Jan 0631 Jan 06No
Willow, A Jedi called Qui-Gon and Hogwarts.
By Ryan

Rating: 12 (Hey, I'm using the system we use in England) other parts maybe higher or lower
Type: Crossover
Violence: Some.
Language: Mild.
1. Willow and co. are owned by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, UPN and WB.
2. All characters and places from the Harry Potter books are owned by J. K. Rowling, Bloomsbury paperbacks and WB.
3. Qui-Jinn, Jedi and Star Wars stuff belong to Lucasfilm ltd and 20th CenturyFox
4. No copyright infringements intended.
Pairings: Willow/Qui-Gon
Summary: Qui-Gon stopped Willow at the end of season six.

Qui-Gon Jinn was testing the earth woman Willow Rosenberg. Six months ago he landed on top of an insane Willow. Once he had got her past her angrier and grief, her sanity returned.

The Jedi could still not believe the beings called, 'the powers that be' brought him back from dead and sent him to this world.

This world needed Jedi to protect it. The young witch Willow quickly learned all he could teach her. In fact she had already passed the trials over a month ago. He was testing her more before telling her. He had to be certain. That she could resist the Dark side itself.

The redhead stepped out of the cave. She was dirty and tried. She had refused to call upon either dark magic or the Dark side.

He smiled and walked over to her. "Well, Master Rosenberg."

"Master?" Willow questioned.

"Yes,” Qui-Gon replied. "That was a Masters trial. There is nothing more that I can teach you."

"Don't female masters get to be called Mistress or something'?" Willow smiled.

"They can, but many don't." Qui-Gon smiled back.

"I need a bath." The new Jedi master or mistress stated and gave the Jedi Master a hug. She then ran off of in the direction of her parent's house.

The Jedi Master followed; as he walked he felt a disturbance in the force.

Willow stopped running. There was a dark power rising. It was miles away. It was dark and terrible.

"A Sith lord." Qui-Gon whispered reaching Willow. Who was still trying to sense the cause of the disturbance.

"He can't sense us." Willow concentrated. "He's concentrating on someone else."

"Voldemort." The Jedi spoke together.

The two Jedi ran quickly and silently to the Magic Box. "Willow, they haven't been very supportive since?" The oldest of the pair spoke when he saw the shop was open.

"I know." The witch Jedi replied. "However, there's a book I once came across once. It tells of this Voldemort." She opened the door to the Magic shop.

The redhead looked round. "This way." Willow headed straight to a collection of books marked Historical.

Qui-Gon followed. "We've got company." He whispered.

"That you have." Buffy Summers stepped round from behind another bookcase. "I told you not to come into this shop again." The slayer spat at Willow.

"Last time I checked it was Giles' shop still." The redhead continued to check out the titles, showing no emotion at Buffy's words. "This is the one." She pulled a book called "Hogwarts: A History" from the shelf.

"Oh my." Giles' voice carried across the shop. "Willow, it is unwise for you to be in this shop."

"Even more unwise to face someone called Voldemort, without first knowing his history."

"Bloody Hell!" Giles gasped. "He's dead." He moved in front of Buffy.

"No," Qui-Gon corrected. "We felt him return to full strength."

"He's concentrating all his energy against someone." Willow added. "He'll sense us two eventually."

"Who's this Voldemort?" Buffy asked.

"A Sith Lord." Willow replied.

"A dark wizard." Giles replied.

"Okay the dark wizard bit I get. Sith I don't." The slayer was perplexed.

"The Sith are the evil reflection of what I now am." The redhead answered. "Think my vampire self with magically abilities."

"Giles, where is Hogwarts?" Willow asked. "The other information we need is there."

Giles thought for a moment. "It's in the British Isles. Where I'm not sure."

"Thank you." Willow smiled and passed Giles some money to cover the book.

"We've got what we've came for." The redhead nodded to the Jedi Master.

The Jedi left the store quietly. "How do we get to the British Isles?" Willow's mentor asked.

"Oh there are ways, Giles thinks I don't know about the transatlantic floo link." The woman smiled.

"Yes, I remember you told me about it." The Jedi smiled. "Given that I don't currently have an identity. It would cut out a large number of problems."

"It will take us a few days to reach the floo port." Willow scanned though the pages of the book.

The pair of Jedi Masters spent five days travelling to a remote town. It was half deserted. "Something's wrong with this place." Qui-Gon spoke, as they walked towards the town boundary.

"There as been dark magic here. . ." The pair jumped out of the way, as the ground exploded under them!

"Dark Wizards!" Qui-Gon yelled. His lightsaber burst into life and he sent a hex back at it's caster. The wizard screamed! His spell turned against him.

"Incoming!" Willow yelled she was holding her own lightsaber in front of her. She jumped up and sliced a couple broomsticks in half. Sending a couple of dark wizards to the ground.

Qui-Gon sliced a hex in two. Two more dark wizards fell. The caster's wand arm was cut from his body. The fight ended, as the dark wizards apparated away.

"It would appear they didn't expect us." Willow observed.

"Appearances can miss lead." Qui-Gon turned off his lightsaber.

"I can't sense anymore of them in the area." The redhead spoke.

"Still keep your guard up." The older master Jedi advised.

"I didn't say I was going to drop it." Willow grinned her lightsaber's blade shrinking. "Who ever they were, why would they be here?"

"Maybe to stop us." The man replied.

"Possible,” Willow frowned. "I can sense the floo link is still active and in full working order." She looked round. "It would look like they where robbers." She pointed to the large bags of jewellery next to the doors, she clipped her lightsaber to her belt.

"There's an enchantment still in the air." Qui-Gon stated. "I'm not familiar with."

Willow closed her eyes. "It's old magic, ah it’s a wide area sleep spell." She paused. "It's beginning to wear off."

"The enchantment would make the town feel empty. Little or no activity." The Jedi master commented.

"Hold strangers." A wizard pointed his wand at the pair. "I don't know what's been happening here. Your here and there are bags of stolen property over there."

"That was not our doing." Qui-Gon showed the wizard his empty hands. "We only just arrived here."

"I think we are going to be questioned." Willow sighed. "This could take some time." She let the wizard see her empty hands.

"I agree." Her fellow Jedi sighed.

"Just keep you hands there in view." The wizard instructed them.

"Claire!" He yelled into the house behind him. "Fetch the sheriff."

"I don't know." Willow shook her head. "I was hoping we could get to Scotland without all the attention, this is going to bring us."

"You think there might be Deatheaters in the area?" He asked.

"It's possible." Willow nodded. "Oh look here comes the sheriff man."

The wizard sheriff caste a spell on the bags and then walked over to the Jedi masters. There was a star pinned to his robes. "Right, know it wasn't you. So you want to tell what you saw."

"There were five of them. They had covered faces. We appeared to have disturbed them upon reaching here." Qui-Gon explained. "They attacked us we defend ourselves and countered. They fled."

"You two aren’t from around here." The wizard observed.

"We're from California." Willow smiled at the wizard.

"Your robes aren’t the normal kind. What kind of wizards are you?" He stared at

"We are part of a order of wizards, that deal with threats to both muggle and magical realms." Willow answered. "We are on our way to British Isles to investigate a rising dark power our order sensed."

"So you're passing though?" The wizard probed.

"That is correct." Qui-Gon answered. "May we go?"

"Yeah,” The sheriff replied. "And be quick about it."

"Thank you." The Jedi master spoke. The pair quickly moved off.

"Well,” the sheriff spoke. "Who cut these booms in half?"

The Jedi Masters were long gone.

Using the floo network took them only a moment. They landed at Diagon Alley. "This is the main shopping area of the community under threat?" Qui-Gon asked, as they walked along the street.

"Yes it is." Willow was looking at the items for sale, like a child in a sweet shop. "Though I've never been here before."

"Don't we need to exchange currency?" He stated.

"Yeah." She replied. "I hope the bank's open still. Given the time difference." They head off to Gringotts. The bank definitely looked strange. The creature at the door was a goblin he the opened the door for them. "Looks like the force is with us for the moment."

Willow walked up to one of the goblins behind the counter. "Good afternoon," The Jedi Mistress smiled. "I wish to exchange some US dollars."

"How many Miss?" The goblin replied.

"2000." Willow answered.

"10 percent commission." The goblin stated

"Two percent." She countered.

"Eight percent." The clerk offered.

"Four percent." The counter offer.

"Six percent." The clerk eyed her.

"Five." Willow held her nerve.

"Five and a half." The clerk sighed.

"Done!" Willow smiled.

Money exchanged hands.

The Jedi masters left the bank. "Next stop a place called the Leaky Cauldron." Willow smiled.

"The public house,” Qui-Gon stated.

"We need to know how to get on to that train platform," Willow clarified. "Unless you want to walk to Hogwarts?"

"The train will be just fine." He replied. "At least we won't be riding in the in empty cargo wagons this time I hope."

"Have you forgotten what our lightsabers cost to build?" Willow stopped and put her hands on her hips. "Our funds are now low until the next payment from my trust fund in three months time. We need to earn some money soon."

"I guess you're right." He placed a hand on her shoulder. "It's just the order provided us with clothes, shelter and funds."

"Unfortunately, here we are going to have to get funding from somewhere." Willow sighed.

"First thing first,” the Jedi master spoke. "We have a Sith Lord to deal with."

"Which isn’t going to be easy." A statement.

"It never is." They started to walk again.

The Leaky Cauldron was dark inside; smoke from pipes filled the air. The witches and wizards turned and looked at the pair of Jedi Masters. They watched them closely.

"Hello." Willow spoke to the barman. "We are visitors here, and I was wondering if we could have a room for tonight." She knew she could not use her Jedi powers in a roomful people watching her so she did not.

"Of course, Miss?" The barman spoke.

"Rosenberg and this is my companion Qui-Gon Jinn." Willow replied

"Are you two running off to get married?" The wizard asked.

"Alas we are on official business for our order." Qui-Gon replied.

"Oh,” the barman sighed. "I wondered why you're dressed like that. What order are you part of?"

"We are called Jedi." Qui-Gon answered.

"Never heard of your order." The barman sighed.

"We prefer it that way." The Jedi master spoke. He could sense a buzzing in the force. Willow was scanning the room. Her body language screamed incoming. "Evacuate the bar!" Qui-Gon yelled. "Now!"

The doors to the Leaky Cauldron exploded inwards. Several robed figures wearing masks stood there.

"Deatheaters!" The barman gasped.

"Get those two odd looking ones!" Their leader ordered pointing at Willow and Qui-Gon. Masked Deatheaters charged forward. The customers of the pub fled.

"So much for not being noticed." Qui-Gon sighed. The Deatheaters surrounded them.

"So much for a simple information gathering mission." The redhead gave a lopsided grin. "On three?"

"Three!" They spoke together. The deatheater's not being trained in the Jedi arts, screamed as the Jedi Masters cut into them. In the first second of the attack four had lost their wand hands or arms.

"Kill them!" The group's leader ordered.

"Avada . . .” One began to call out the killing curse. Willow made a pinching movement with her thumb and fingers. The wizard could not breath. The Deatheater fell to the floor gasping.

"Cuccio!" This spell was redirected by Qui-Gon's blade into the chest of the spell's caster. The wizard fell to the ground.

"Okay let’s get out of here!" The leader yelled. "Aurors are incoming." The Deatheaters ran out of the building and disappeared.

"Now what where we doing?" Willow asked turning off her lightsaber.

"Trying to book a room." Qui-Gon replied putting his away.

"Hold it right there!" A group of uniformed wizards appeared.

"You know? All these wands that keep being pointed towards us are a pain." The redhead sighed.

"They know no better, Mistress Willow." Qui-Gon chuckled

"Suppose they do, Master Jinn." Willow grinned

"Great!" One of the Aurors spoke. "You're a pair of crazies from St Mungo's."

"What is St Mungo's?" Willow asked. "We're from the States."

The Aurors looked at each other. "Thank the heavens." The barman reappeared.

"Tom did these two attack the Cauldron?" One of the wizards asked.

"No,” Tom shook his head. "They stayed and fought some Deatheaters."

"Deatheaters?" A younger one asked.

"Yes Oliver." The barman answered. "They wanted these two visitors." He pointed to Willow and Qui-Gon.

"Right we'll be requiring statements from you two,” The lead Auror spoke.

"Is that really necessary?" Qui-Gon asked. "We're on a mission for our order."

"Yes it is." The one called Oliver spoke. "We need to know in detail what happened here."

The Aurors began to discuss where to question the two Jedi masters. "Hey they're gone!" One of their number yelled.

"Shit!" Their leader spoke. "Find them!"

"Sir, there's a magical signature, but the tracking charms can't follow it." Another called out.

Willow and Qui-Gon stepped out of a forest. "Your doing?" The redhead asked.

"The Force's doing." He smiled.

"I was only the channel." Willow finished his sentence.

"Patience Mistress Willow,” he smiled at her. "Such abilities come with experience. Besides I asked that we be dropped off near Hogwarts." He motioned to the castle in front of them.

"You could have told me." Willow sighed.

"That would have ruined the surprise." He chuckled.

"By my reckoning the school year should be finished. Yet there are students still here." Willow spoke. "Did you sense that?" There was a humming in the force itself.

"Yes,” he nodded. "There's been Jedi here before. I sense Padawans in the student numbers."

"I fear they know nothing of the Jedi Arts." The redhead stopped. "Is it usually to specifically sense a Padawan?"

"Not usually." Qui-Gon frowned. "Unless you are being lead to the Padawan by the will of the force. What do you sense?"

"She's been under the cloud of the dark side, yet came out from under it." The Jedi Mistress sensed. "She is not being allowed to grow."

"Well," the master spoke. "We better go in and see who this Padawan is and get the information we require."

They walked up to the point the wards began. "A detection ward is in place." Willow observed.

"May, as well say hello." Qui-Gon stepped though the wards. His fellow Jedi followed.

"They may have detected what we've just done." The redhead grinned.

"I most certainly hope so." The master replied.

"A couple of wizards are approaching." Willow observed two wizards charging towards them. "I think they are thinking shot first ask questions later!" She yelped dodging a hex.

"Any chance of talking our way out of this?" Qui-Gon asked defecting a hex with his lightsaber.

"Given their mind set at this moment, no." Willow yelled and jumped over the head of a wizard with badly kept black hair.

"You're the invaders." The wizard fighting with Willow growled.

"That's just one point of view." The wizard's wand flew to Willow's hand. "Shouldn't us just walking though the wards tell you that we can counter magically attacks."

The wizard gapped while Willow toyed with his wand.

"Can we stop this fight?" The Jedi master asked his small opponent. "Your friend has already been disarmed."

"That depends on you?" The small wizard spoke.

"I am prepared to lower my blade if you're prepared to lower your wand." The Jedi master spoke blocking another hex.

"Agreed," the wizard spoke. "Though, if you threaten even one student."

"Understood." Qui-Gon nodded.

Lightsabers and the wands lowered. Willow threw the dark haired wizard his back.

"Shall we go inside?" Willow smiled.

The dark haired wizard scowled at the redhead. Willow's hands where back inside her robe. Willow was smiling.

"Severus!" The small wizard spoke.

"Shall we." He spoke coldly.

"Of course." Willow nodded.

The four began the walk up to the castle. Near the castle Willow asked. "Tell me, why haven't you let go of your pain?"

"I don't know what you're referring to!" He snapped.

"That is your choice." She sighed.

'Willow, best not tease our hosts.' Qui-Gon used his telepathic powers.

'His pain will destroy him.' She replied. 'Pain leads to suffering.'

'He's not ready.' The master stated.

"Nice." Qui-Gon observed. "A lot like the Temples built in Northern Naboo."

"Naboo?" The small wizard questioned.

"A place very far away." Qui-Gon answered.

"Feels like the boss man coming." Willow whispered. "He's powerful."

"He feels like some of the old masters that I studied with." The Jedi master grinned.

"Yoda?" The redhead asked.

"It was impossible to tell how powerful Yoda was." Qui-Gon remembered his old master. "He always kept a lid on his powers."

An old wizard met the group. Qui-Gon and Willow bowed in acknowledgment of the old wizard's presence. "Professors, who do we have here?"

"Qui-Gon Jinn and Willow Rosenberg." The Jedi master answered. "It's a pleasure to meet you Master Dumbledore."

The headmaster was puzzled by the title Qui-Gon used. "My name is Albus Dumbledore," the headmaster spoke. "Can you tell me why you have came here before we go any further?"

"We seek information relating to one Darth Voldemort." Willow replied.

Not Lord but Darth? Dumbledore noted to himself.

"Why?" Severus snapped.

"To stop his schemes." Qui-Gon answered this time. "Stop him before he begins training an apprentice."

Willow sensed the presence of the girl she sensed before. She closed her eyes.

"What is Miss Rosenberg doing?" Dumbledore asked.

"I sense's the presence of my chosen apprentice." Willow replied. "She is close by."

"Professor Dumbledore," a redheaded girl called a approaching. She stopped and stared at the Jedi Mistress.

Willow opened her eyes. She smiled. "I take Ginevra Weasley, as my Padawan learner."

"I think we better take this meeting to my office." Dumbledore popped a lemon drop in his mouth before any one could react.

Later Qui-Gon, Willow, Albus and Ginny where sat in the headmaster's office. "Here's the book." The headmaster lifted an ancient book titled 'A Warrior's tale.'

"Jedi, are an ancient order. They are by their nature; peace loving enjoying the presence of life in all it's forms." The Headmaster began to read. "The order is split into levels, in regard to the power and wisdom of the members. Padawan is the title given to a junior member or apprentice. Jedi Knight is the next level of the order. Jedi Master is the highest."

Dumbledore put the book down. He turned a page and read again. "By the terms of the ancient Jedi and International Conference of Wizardry treaty 550AD. A Jedi Master can take any witch or wizard under 16 years has their Padawan Learner."

"So what exactly is happening?" Ginny spoke she was confused. "Since err?"

"Willow." The redhead spoke. "The presence of a master causes a disturbance in the force, this can confuse the thoughts of the newly discovered Padawan." The redhead then went on to explain.

"Miss Weasley," the headmaster spoke. "You are now a member of the Jedi order. Mistress Rosenberg having taken you has her apprentice."

"Oh." The girl was still being overwhelmed be the presence of the two Jedi masters.

"You called me master earlier?" The headmaster asked.

"You are a master." Qui-Gon replied. "You may not have studied the combat arts of order, but you have use of all the other arts."

Qui-Gon and Dumbledore then spent time talking about the force, the reason they had came to Hogwarts, into what would be the small hours.

Willow decided that it would be better get to know her new Padawan, so they went for a walk. "Tell me about yourself?" Willow asked.

"How about you?" Ginny replied.

"My name is Willow Rosenberg, I'm a Jedi Master. I was a wandless witch before becoming Master Qui-Gon's Padawan. I was walking a hard path. Before I was found." Willow paused. "Your turn."

"I'm the youngest of my family and the only girl." The younger redhead replied. "I'm treated like a baby, by my brothers. They don't want me to grow up!" She snarled.

"Family can be like that." Willow grinned. "Are your brothers here?"

"Ron and the twins are." Ginny bit her lip a little. "My parents are too. I don't know how they'll react."

"Neither do I, the force, as decided not to let me know." The Jedi Mistress sighed.

"The force?" The girl asked

"The force is the energy that link's all living creatures together." Willow explained. "It holds the universe together, it's the source of a Jedi's powers. It can grant abilities. Allow you to see friends both living and gone beyond."

The pair continued walking though the halls of Hogwarts.

Voldemort was feeling something? A disturbance in the Force. It was the dark side that kept him from dying years before. "Jedi." He snared.

The Sith Lord decided to let them know he could feel them. Some muggles where brought before him. Not normal muggles, the Force was with them. He smiled as bolts of power left his fingertips.

Willow found all of a sudden she needed to sit down. Ginny noticed that Willow looked pale and out of breath.

"What is it?" The girl asked concerned.

"A disturbance in the Force," the Jedi mistress answered. "Voldemort just killed several undiscovered Padawans. He did it just to let us know he's sensed us."

The Jedi mistress and Padawan paused for a moment.

"Ginny!" A witch called approaching the pair. She had red hair. "Where have you been?"

"Mum," Ginny replied. "I've been with . . "

"That all well and good." Molly Weasley started.

"Excuse me,” Willow spoke softly yet her voice carried authority. "My name is Willow Rosenberg, Jedi Master. Your daughter, as become my Padawan learner."

"Padawan learner?" Molly spoke softly. Then in a shout. "Padawan learner! What is that? Now listen here young lady. . ."

"Molly please." Dumbledore pleaded approaching. "Could we please sit down and discuss this matter."

Molly put her hands on her hips. "This better be good."

*Half an hour later. The discussion was not going well.

"She will not be a Jedi!" Molly screamed.

"That must be Ginny's choice." Qui-Gon spoke. His tone was soft, but carried an air of authority. "It is only a path Ginny may chose to change."

Molly was about to yell again.

"What do you say?" Qui-Gon asked Ginny. "This is your choice."

"I want to do this." The young witch replied.

Silence filled the room.

Voldemort was mediating, in a quiet room. "Oh what fun it will be to brake that little Padawan."

Several young witches and wizards where led into the room. He smiled. "Which one of you to pick?" The room became dark and very cold at his words.

Willow and Ginny sat crossed legged on the floor facing each other.

Created: 15/04/2003

The End?

You have reached the end of "Willow, A Jedi called Qui-Gon and Hogwarts." – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 31 Jan 06.

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