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Know Thyself

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Summary: These are desparate times. A slayer academy at Hogwarts is made, in exchange for help. New friends are made, enemies return, and some people they thought they knew are changed forever. HPBTVS Post HPB, Chosen, and Not Fade Away.

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Harry Potter > Multiple PairingsFirekrakerFR15515,896186,59731 Jan 0631 Dec 07No

Of Age

Ch. 2 - Of Age

-Harry's Birthday
(Dumbledore dead, Scoobies arrived in England)

Harry Potter looked out his bedroom window. He was waiting for his 17th birthday, which was minutes away. He knew he was going to get some outstanding presents from his friends.He spotted an owl. It came closer and closer. Then Harry realized it was not Hedwig returning from his hunt. It was his best friend Ron's family owl, Errol. He was descending lower and lower. If he got any lower, he'd - THUD - crash into the wall. Harry sighed in exasperation when the faint owl hit the ground.

"Accio Errol" The owl came zooming into his room. He took the letter tied onto it's leg and laid him on his bed. Harry's own owl, Hedwig, just returned from her 'hunt' (cough) with another package. Harry opened Ron's letter first.

"Dear Harry, happy birthday from all of my family."

Harry looked at a note tied to a picture of Ron, himself, and his other best friend Hermione. It said: "Tap the picture three times." Harry did as instructed and tapped the picture with his wand. It grew a beautiful golden frame. He put it on hes dresser, knowing that it hopefully wont stay there for long.

Harry then heard a hoot from Hedwig's cage. Hedwig carried two packages: a card from Hogwarts and one from Hermione. he opened Hermione's letter first.

"Dear Harry,

Happy birthday! Just think, we're now of age to use spells outside Hogwarts!"

Harry looked at the clock. 12:01. Hermione was right. Harry smiled. She always is. He kept on reading.

"You will definately love my gift. Please open it quickly!

P.S. I figured out that if you've already got Ron's picture, you can tap it twice and say someone's name to put them in the picture."

Harry decided to try it out. He took his picture tapped it twice with his wand and said "Ginny Weasley" to find a smiling Ginny appear in the picture.

"P.P.S. I think you know where we are"

Harry opened Hermione's package - a small blue box - to find a thick golden key. He looked at it srangely. It was just a key. Just a regular key. He glanced at his clock, which just turned 12:05. All of the sudden, he felt a jerk at his navel. Okay, he thought, I guess it wasn't just a regular key.

It was a Portkey. He found Hermione's sense of humor very amusing. It ported him to - "SURPRISE!" The lights flicked on, and he found himself at Grimmauld place. Where Ron, Hermione, Ginny, and all of the order members save the older Weasley brothers. Harry felt a pang for Sirius as he stared around the room, but he was jerked out of his thought by his friends.

"Happy birthday mate!" shouted Ron "We're gonna cut the cake, come on!" Harry was speechless. "Come on Harry!" Ginny said, smiling and pulling at his arm. Harry complied and got pulled over to the dining table, where sat a huge cake. Harry finally found his voice and told them how great he thought this was.

"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you..." and they continued to sing leaving Harry to think that this was the best birthday he's ever had. "...happy birthday to you!" they finished.

"And many more, hopefully!" shouted Ron.

Harry laughed just as Fred and George apparated in, carrying his trunk along with hedwig's cage.

"Happy birthday Harry!" said Fred (He thought it was Fred)

"We brought your stuff" continued George

"Most of it anyways"

"Charlie is coming with your clothes in a minute"

"Oh by the way, we fed your cousin a canary cream"

Harry stifled a laugh, just as Charlie entered the room, and turned immediately to the twins.

"I've left Bill to sort that trick out," said Charlie. "By the way Happy birthday Harry. But seriously Fred, George, I am very disappointed in you two." Charlie left the room, chuckling.

"What happened you two?" Molly Weasley entered the room, seemingly angry at the twins.

"We fed Harry's cousin a Canary cream."

"I told you two not to feed anything to muggles!"

"No Mum," George replied patiently, "you only told us not to feed him toffees"

Mrs. Weasley was seething at them when she retorted back at them and told them not to be so seemingly careless.

"Ok mum, fine" said Fred when it was over.

"Too bad we missed the birthday song..."

"Why don't we sing it right now?"

"Why not?"

Just then, Bill apparated into the next room, laughing his head off.


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