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The Grand Master

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Summary: Sequel to Willow, A Jedi called Qui-Gon and Hogwarts. Yeah, I started writing the sequel before finishing the first story. This story is set in the Star Wars Expanded Universe. This story takes place about 30 years after Episode IV

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The Grand Master
by Ryan

1. Willow and co. are owned by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, UPN and WB.
2. All characters and places from the Harry Potter books are owned by J. K. Rowling, Bloomsbury paperbacks and WB.
3. Jedi and Star Wars stuff belong to Lucasfilm ltd and 20th CenturyFox
4. No copyright infringements intended.
Pairings: Tahiri Veila /Anakin Solo (Yes, he is named after his Grandpa Anakin Skywalker, yes Princess Lea and Han Solo did finally get it together he's their youngest), Willow/?
Summary: An ancient Jedi keeps a promise. Set after Unifying Force
Spoilers: The books of the New Jedi Order Series, and my story Willow, A Jedi called Qui-Gon and Hogwarts

Dramatis Personae
Willow Rosenberg, Grand Mistress of the Order of the Jedi War Witches, Force Grand Master (Human Female)
Tahiri Veila, Jedi Knight, Apprentice witch (Human Female)
Anakin Solo, Force ghost.
Luke Skywalker, Jedi Master
Mara Jade Skywalker, Jedi Master
Lord Voldemort, Dark Master Lord of the Sith.
Ginny Weasley Malfoy, Elder Mistress of Order of the Jedi War Witches.
Draco Malfoy Elder Master of the Sith Order and soul survivor of the destruction of the first Sith order

Story starts here.

How many years did I sleep this time?

How many old friends are now gone?

What caused me to wake again?

Who's grief resonates though the force?

Something happened the force is starting to unbalance again?

A pause.

Old and tired green eyes of a woman closed and reached out though the force.

What are the Vong doing here?

Why did they leave their home Galaxy?

The force shown her images in her mind. She concentrated. Reaching out across the vastness of intergalactic space. "Tahiri," she whispered. "So you are Ginny's descendant. Now all I need is a ship. Where did I park that ship? Will it still be there?"

She wandered around the dust covered chamber. "R1!" She called out.

The low light strips became brighter. A red astromech droid came out of a bay in the wall.

It beeped.

"Yes, we have work to do." She smiled

The droid beeped and whistled.

"Yes, we are using the fighter." She laughed.

The droid beeped happily and whistled has it wheeled out of the room.

"Let's see, sword, checked." A sword floated off the wall. "Clean robe's." A little magic her robes restored and the sword correctly hung from a belt.. "Walking staff." A worn wooden staff appeared in her hands.

She made her way after her droid. The fighter was how the woman left it over 100 years before. R1 was sat in the droid bay. The woman hovered into the pilot's seat. The cockpit closed. The launch bay doors slowly opened.

R1 beeped and the fighter launched the bay doors closed behind it. The small craft gained height high above the planet of Naboo.

"I see they built a few more cities." She observed.

"You do sleep for a hundred years at a time." The faint voice of Qui Gon whispered.

R1 beeped a couple times.

"Unidentified fighter," came a voice. "This is Naboo control you are ordered to landed."

"This is fighter X2-45T20, please repeat." She spoke

"You are ordered to landed." Two Naboo defence fighters closed on her position

"Sorry, you are braking up." She entered the hyperspace co-ordinates into the navigation computer.

R1 beeped in alarm.

"Don't worry." She giggled. "Hyperspace in two."

They jumped into hyperspace.

"Control," a pilot spoke. "The craft jumped."

An hour later the small craft jumped back into normal space. "Yes R1 that's the planet."

The droid beeped. "Yes, this was, is, Coruscant. It got invaded. I hope the old temple maintenance system is still working."

A whistle.

"No, not Yoda's old pad." The fighter entered the atmosphere.

"R1 scan the old radio broadcast range."

The droid whistled and beeped.

"That's the signal we want." The fighter was guided down deep into the sub levels of the broken city planet

Tahiri Veila had came back to the world of Coruscant. It was just a feeling in the force. Master Skywalker was not happy, well he was concerned. The planet was still being rebuilt and several areas where still wild.

She made her way into the sub levels of the planet. It was moist under foot and dimly lit the young Jedi Knight walked down a disused passage way. It led to an old landing platform with a fighter on it. A freshly landed fighter! She reached for her lightsaber.

Beyond this was steps leading to a temple undamaged by recent events and stood at the top of the stairs dressed in Jedi robes of a style over three centuries old with red hair with silver in it, stood a woman. The Jedi Knight studied this woman. The force was strong with this old woman.

"Welcome Tahiri." She spoke. "My name is Willow, and I'm the Grand Master. I was old when Yoda was young."

Willow smiled. "You youngling are to decide to be my Padawan or not."

"Okay lady," Tahiri spoke. "I don't recognise your name or face from any roll of the order."

"There wouldn't be," Willow held up a hand. "Even Yoda considered me to unpredictable for a place on the council."

"Why?" Tahiri asked.

"Cause I am a Grand Master." Willow giggled. "The force tells me where to go I go, the force tells me to train a Jedi I train a Jedi. If I'm told to train a Sith I train a Sith. To me there is no Light or Dark side only the many shades of Grey. It is one's actions that decide if one becomes good or evil."

"You trained Sith?" Tahiri yelled her lightsaber bursting into life.

"Yes," Willow grinned.

Tahiri charged her. Willow side stepped. "Your technique is poor." The old woman sighed looking at Tahiri's lightsaber now in her hand.

"Hey! Give that back!" The young Jedi protested.

"Why?" A question.

"Cause you stole it!" Tahiri answered.

"No," the Grand master frowned. "You attacked me, I disarmed you. You have many holes in your training. You can have this back once your training is completed or you can leave it behind and waste your potential."

Tahiri glared at her.

"Make your decision." Willow commanded and turned her back and walked into the temple.

"That's was Anakin's." Tahiri yelled with passion.

"Skywalker's or Solo's?" Willow asked. "I'm unable to keep track of those two, always running around in the background. Ob'sconstantlymoaningtoYodaabouttheirlatestplank."

Willow stopped. "I really must stop doing that. Well, are you coming?"

"Did you say Solo?" Tahiri asked.

"Yep," Willow grinned. She's taking the bait, thought she would.

"Maybe," The young Jedi spoke. "We should see how it goes."

"First thing," Willow smiled. "I prefer the title Mistress during your general training. The title of Sensi during your combat training."

At that moment there was a disturbance in the force, felt by Jedi and Sith alike.

"What?" a Sith spoke.

"Yes, my apprentice," another spoke. "The Grand Mistress Willow as returned. We must be patient and not draw attention to ourselves."

"Yes, Lord Voldemort." The Sith acknowledged his master.

Elsewhere. "Master. . .Will! " Young Ben Skywalker cried out. "Tah!" Drawing his parents Luke and Mara Skywalker.

"Tah!" Ben yelled. "Mistr..ess Will!"

Willow paused and felt the Force echo's. So Voldemort's line still exists. Like his ancestor, the power has corrupted him and as always the rules are wait and see. The Grand Master mused.

"Mistress," Tahiri asked.

"We will begin with balance exercises without the use of the force in the morning." Willow grinned.

The morning came too early for Tahiri. "Up," Willow spoke. "Time for morning mediation."

Tahiri looked at her watch. It was four in the morning. "It's only . ."

Willow banged her staff. "Yes early. Mediation, then exercises, then breakfast."

"Yes mistress." Tahiri responded.

"Good," the Grand master smiled. "Wear these robes. I'll be in the Dojo."

"Yes Sensi." Tahiri nodded.

Willow proceed to the Dojo. Weapons that would be considered outdated lined the walls. She slipped off her shoes and entered the room barefoot.

There was a roll of rice paper in front of her. Willow walked on the rice paper. She left no marks. "Eat your heart out Grasshopper!" She giggled

"Grasshopper?" Willow's new Padawan asked.

"An old name for a monk in a story of fiction." The master answer. "Now young one walk on this roll of rice paper, trying not to leave a mark and without the use of the use."

"Sensi," Tahiri spoke. "I thought we where studying mediation first?"

"We are this is the first mediation exercise." Willow grinned. "I need to see if you can you mediate while moving."

Willow skipped back over the rice paper without leaving a mark. "Do they still teach what I just did?" She asked.

"No." Tahiri shook her head

"Shame," the master sighed. "Go on then, take your time. There's no pass or fail."

The student walked slowly on the rice paper. Slowly and carefully. First step no mark. Second no mark.

Impressive, the grand master thought.

"Easy, Tahiri stay calm." The student whispered to herself.

Third step still no mark.

Forth step still no mark.

Willow walked behind her Padawan. A smiled was on her face.

Fifth step still no mark

Sixth step still no mark

Seventh no mark

Eighth and final step a mark.

"Impressive," Willow whispered in Tahiri's ear. "Seven steps no marks. You needed to feel the paper before applying pressure on the final step. There was a fault in the paper where you put your foot. This exercise will be revisited later in your training."

"Yes, sensei." Tahiri spoke turning to face Willow.

"Your next mediation exercise lift and hold those weights and enter a trace." The older woman instructed.

Time passed. Tahiri's arms grew tired. "Tahiri," whispered a voice in the force. She felt a presence. A familiar presence.

Willow came out of her trance. Stood and picked up her staff.

Tahiri felt a gentle touch like lips on her earlobe.


"Ouch!" The voice and presence cried.

"Explain yourself young man!" Willow bellowed, her staff under the ghost's chin.

Tahiri opened her eyes. "Anakin!" She gasped.

"Well," Willow was tapping her foot. "I'm waiting for an answer."

"You hit me." Anakin rubbed his head.

Willow's resolve face was in place.

"Okay," Anakin swallowed. "I was visiting Tahiri."

"No," the Grand master shook her head. "No, no, no, not good, you never truly crossed over."

"What!" The young Jedi gasped.

"Bonded together you are." Willow removed her staff from under Anakin's chin. She lent on it and closed her eyes. "Together, you are stronger." she spoke the words, but it was Master Ikrit's voice.

Tear's filled Anakin's and Tahiri's eyes.

"Ana . .K . .in." Ben Skywalker wailed as he woke.

Willow coughed. "Yuk! Doggie breath!" She moaned and continued coughing. "Ikrit needs to clean his teeth more."

The grand master then started pacing. "Great just great!" She waved her arms about. Her language then came colourful but neither Anakin or Tahiri could understand Greek or Latin.

Tahiri and Anakin just watched Willow pacing waving her arms about and cursing.

"Who is she talking to?" Tahiri asked Anakin when Willow seemed to stop pacing and started poking her finger into the air and ranting at an invisible person.

"No idea I can't see anyone."

"Hey watch it!" Whistler spoke only visible and audible to Willow.

"Give me the beans." Willow demand in pig Latin.

"I can't I don't know what's going off!" He stepped back.

"Bull mister!" She poked him hard in the chest.

"Okay," the demon defend himself. "I know the boy wasn't suppose to die."

"Continue," Willow snarled.

"He tapped in powers that only you have used before." He grinned. "That little slayer toy weapon."

"What!" Willow yelled.

"Bye Bye." Whistler disappeared.

"Right, you two we're going on a trip." Willow spoke to her pair of watchers.

"Where?" Anakin asked.

"Not sure yet. Why? To get Anakin a new body." The grand master spoke.

"How?" Tahiri asked.

"Just let me worry about the details." Willow sighed. "Now anyone know of a place to get a shuttle? Without 20 questions is preferred."

"I think I can get a shuttle." Tahiri spoke up. "It will mean talking to Master Skywalker in person though."

"Can he be trusted not to reveal my presence if asked?" Willow spoke.

"I believe so." The young Jedi replied.

"Agreed." The grand master nodded.

An hour later, Luke Skywalker Jedi Master was going over the order's paper work. The comm unit next to him made a beep to announce an incoming call.

"Master Skywalker." Tahiri's face appeared on the screen. She was smiling.

"Tahiri," Luke smiled. "Great to see you, we've been worried."

"Thanks, but is wasn't necessary." The Jedi smiled she looked off to one side and nodded to someone off screen. "Master Skywalker I was wondering if I and a companion could borrow a shuttle?" She asked.

"Who is this companion?" The Jedi Master asked.

"That would be me." Willow appeared in view, resting her chin on one of Tahiri's shoulders.

"Master Skywalker, may I introduce Mistress Willow." Willow waved, as Tahiri introduced her. "She's teaching me the mysteries of mastery." Tahiri and Willow had agreed on what information could be shared out.

Luke thought for a few moments. "I don't know if can just loan out a shuttle."

"It is very important," Tahiri spoke.

"Would a meeting calm your concerns, young master?" Willow asked. "A meeting for the loan of a shuttle. A tale or two of the Jedi's of old, before the Yoda sat on the council."

"You know the history of the old Jedi Order?" The Jedi master asked.

"Some, point you in the direction of the old archive sites." Willow offered. "Archives forgotten and lost."

Willow and Tahiri squeezed into Willow's old star fighter an hour later. R1 beeped. 'Engines engaged'

The fighter lifted off the ground and up into the sky. "Okay," Willow mused. "I could do without the Brady Bunch theme song running though my mind."

"Brady Bunch?" Tahiri asked

Willow smiled mischievously and began to sing the song. R1 whistled and shut down it's audio receivers.

Luke Skywalker walked though the halls of the ship that was currently his temporary home. "Mara," he spoke seeing his wife.

"Farm boy." She teased.

He smiled. "I've received word from Tahiri earlier."

"Is she alright?" The Jedi master asked.

"I believe so." Luke got that there's more look. "She and a Mistress Willow are coming here to discuss a loan of a shuttle."

"You want me to be nearby." Mara stated.

"Yes," he confirmed. "This Willow claims to have knowledge of the history of the old order."

"And after what happened in the Vong war." Mara finished for her husband.

Willow smiled and began another song. This time the Smurf song.

"Nooooooo!" Tahiri screamed. "Please the last one was bad enough!"

"Squares pants Tahiri." The grand master pouted and began to hum the theme to Black Beauty.

R1 beeped. 'Ship ahead.'

"Landing bays." Willow grinned. "Landing bays where . . .?"

Tahiri rolled her eyes.

"Anakin, try not to haunt people while we're there." The grand master spoke. A fighter came into view from the ship ahead.

The communications unit burst into life. "Please identify yourselves." Came a voice.

"Kyp." Tahiri spoke.

"Tahiri is that you?" The voice asked.

"Yes," she paused. "Can't you sense me?"

"Yes and no." Kyp Durron replied. "You're signature is being interfered with."

Willow struck her tongue out and blew a raspberry.

"That's Mistress Willow's doing." Tahiri spoke, then Willow gave a little display of her flying abilities

"What the?" Kyp gasped at the old fighter's fluid and graceful movements. Tahiri's face went green.

"Landing instructions please." Willow passed a sick bag to Tahiri. "My Padawan is suffering space sickness. Told her not to eat that much. Harsh browns, eggs, a nice little fry up."

Tahiri vomited!

"There, there." Willow patted the Jedi on the shoulders.

"Not funny." Tahiri groaned and vomited again.

"Please hurry only one spare sick bag." Willow asked again.

Willow landed the fighter a few minutes later, without permission. Tahiri was looking a little green round the gills still. "Next time I'm flying."

"Why, young one didn't you like my moves?" Willow raised an eyebrow.

"Can we not discuss that right now," the Jedi pleaded.

"When?" Willow grinned and opened the cockpit. "Come now young one many people watching you."

"Me?" Tahiri yelped. "I think they're looking at you, Mistress."

"Security to hanger bay one." A voice gave an order.

"It seems that the navies are restless." Willow climbed now of the cockpit. Tahiri jumped out.

Several security guards surrounded them. "Interesting welcome," Willow sighed.

"Surrender your weapons." One of the guards called out.

"What's the magic word young man?" The grand master asked.

"Now!" The guard yelled.

"Incorrect word." Willow closed her eyes and the guards weapons flew out of their hands and to the other side of the hanger. "We have a meeting Master Skywalker." She spoke sternly to guards. "I hate to be late. Someone show us the way please."

More guards tried to come into the hanger but where met by a barrier. "Security to bridge these two claim to have an appointment with Master Skywalker." Another guard spoke into a communicator.

"They're early by about four hours." Came the reply. "Direct them under guard to the nearest guest quarters and for goodness sake be polite, the elder one is an old Jedi Master."

"If you would follow me ma'am." A guard spoke. "I'll show you to your quarters."

"Thank you," Willow smiled. "Come along Tahiri, R1." The droid beeped left it's position in the fighter.

The guards standing at the entrance hanger bay moved back to respectful distance.

Ben Skywalker toddled over to the corner the living space of his parents living quarters. "Ani." He grinned.

Anakin Solo put his finger to his lips and winked. "See'ya later kid." He whispered and vanished.

"Master Skywalker," Kyp called to Luke.

"Master Durron." Luke turned. "I believe my guests arrived earlier."

"Yes," Kyp confirmed. "Tahiri's companion doesn't read right."

"What do you mean?" The Jedi Master asked.

"She's got a static field around her." Kyp replied. "I had to get very close to read Tahiri correctly."

*"Anakin's visited young Ben," Willow stated. "I asked him not to reveal himself. Not to raise hopes unnecessary."

"Master Skywalker's coming." Tahiri stated.

"Good maybe we can get on your way without any more problems." The grand master, sensed concerns and plans in the making.

"Something's wrong," the younger woman spoke.

"Yes, several Jedi are being positioned at all available exits." Willow nodded. "Looks like it's time to have a little fun."

"Why do I get the idea this . . ." Tahiri did not get to finish the words as Willow phased them though the floor.

"Come Tahiri time to play a plank or two." Willow smiled when as the reached the next level. "It will pass the time until we meet with young Luke."

"I don't think that's wise, mistress." She sighed following Willow down a hall way.

Willow looked down another hall way. "One Padawan. Two Padawan. Three Padies more." She sang softly. "Watch and learn." A small ball of coloured energy appeared in the grand master's palm. "This is a self moving energy ball." She put the ball on the floor and it rolled off. "It will divert their attentions from us. A loud if small prank. First rule of pranking, the prank must not cause harm."


"This way," Willow pulled Tahiri along. A force vibration echoed though senses. Tahiri's past was reveal to her. She needed time

"I think the others are going to get upset with us." Tahiri groaned.

"That's possible, young one." The grand master grinned. "This room will do."

"For what, mistress?" The Jedi asked. "And what about R1?"

"To hide in." Willow laughed. "R1 is fine. He's already in a droid bay area, sweet talking a pink R unit. This area is good not?" The grand master messed with the droid parts. in the room.

"It's a part's storage locker." Tahiri wondered how she got into this situation?

"Good question Tahiri." Willow began putting droid parts together very quickly. "Ever watched a film called Short Circuit?"

"What's a film?" The younger woman was confused.

"Number Five is a live!" Willow spoke and three mismatched droids now standing in front of her began a comedy routine. "A film is a long Holo drama."

"So much to teach you, Tahiri," Willow sat down. "History, is a good lesson to plug your knowledge with."

"Mistress," Tahiri began to protest.

Willow raised her hand. "This is about your ancestors. It is time you knew what happened."

"My ancestors?" The Jedi asked.

"Your ancestors 10,000 standard years ago, yes I'm that old, before the founding of the Jedi and Sith orders of modern times. I came across two of them. Ginvera Weasley, was my Padawan and the one she lost her heart to was a young man called Draco Malfoy a young Lord of the Sith. Note, he wasn't a Dark Lord, he had knowledge of the Dark Side and was a Sith."

Willow paused. "The difference between a Sith Lord and a Dark Lord of the Sith. Is how they apply their knowledge and power."

"Let me guess." Tahiri interrupted. "A Dark Lord uses it for personal gain."

"That child is the truth," the Grand master smiled. "And why the Dark Lords of the Sith attacked and destroyed the others in the Sith order. They then destroyed all record of the others. It was the combined power of myself and Ginny that cursed the Dark Lords to one master and apprentice. It was to limit their power, but the price we paid to place this limitation was more terrible and painful. Darth Voldemort threw the daughter of Ginny and Draco into the time stream. That infant was Tahiri Veila before the merge with Rina's mind pratterns."


Created: 12/06/2005

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Grand Master" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 1 Feb 06.

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