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W Company, SG

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Summary: Hermione as an accident after book 4, and ends up at SG command four years in the past with no way back to her time. Willow left Sunnydale after Tara left her and joined air force. Hermione is 19 at the beginning of this story.

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W Company, SG.

By Ryan

Violence: Some.
Language: Mild.
1. Willow and co. are owned by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, UPN and WB.
2. All characters and places from the Harry Potter books are owned by J.
K. Rowling, Bloomsbury paperbacks and WB.
3. The Stargate belongs to Gekko Productions, Double Secret Productions, MGM/UA, Showtime/Viacom
4. No copyright infringements intended.
Pairings: Willow/Daniel Jackson,  Hermione/?
Summary: Hermione as an accident after book 4, and ends up at SG command four years in the past with no way back to her time. 
Willow left Sunnydale after Tara left her and joined air force.  Hermione is 19 at the beginning of this story.
Dedication: For Laney, who gave me some ideas.

A young graduate of the US Air Force Officer training programme was sat in a room in Stargate command. Was she going to be posted here? This was after all her home from home when away from the Academy. Today was the day when at 4pm that afternoon four years earlier in her life, a joint Jaffa/Deatheater attack caused her to be thrown four years into the past.

Her uniform had the newly formed W Company logo on it. The woman was a witch. Her name badge read 'Lt. H Granger.'

A Captain entered the room. The woman stood. "At easy." The Captain spoke her name badge read "Rosenberg."

"Captain." Hermione Granger stood at easy.

"No, Ms Granger." Willow Rosenberg corrected gently.

"Congratulations Major, Ma'am." Hermione smiled.

"Congratulations to you are in order, graduating a full Lieutenant." Willow smiled. "I have good news our European allies managed to stop the attack after you, a Jaffa and a Deatheater jumped. Your parents are safe and sound and have been informed that you are safe and sound."

Hermione grimaced at the memory of being hit in the head a point bank range by both a zat blast and a Crucio. Pain was just a word in a book, compared to what she had felt. That is when Willow revealed she was a witch, by magically letting rip at the Deatheater.

"Did I have some explaining to do after that." The redhead rolled her eyes.

"I remember, ma'am." Hermione added. "I believe they debriefed you and your unit for sixteen hours each. They decided you were loyal after poking and testing us both for a further eight weeks while my memory returned. Then some yelling by the General and a meeting with the Joint Chief of Staff in person."

"During which you read every text book in the base's library, while a formal alliance with the Aurors Council caused the formation of the Department of Magical Control and Protection." Willow passed Hermione a file. "We had reason to believe several Jaffa units are in the company of Deatheaters. We need you in England according to Teal'c there's a chance another gate exists, if Voldemort is allying himself to the G'ould then."

"Do what must be done." Hermione finished.

"Exactly." Willow confirmed. "Your cover? There's no need for charms." There was the Willow's planning face, all at the command centre knew she was up to something when that look entered the Major's eyes.

"I don't like that look, Major." The Lieutenant observed

"You'll be teaching your old classmates." The redhead grinned. "I don't think trying to fool them will work, just say you had temporal accident."

"What?" Hermione gasped.

"Yep." The major smiled. "So will I. Dumbledore, as agreed that the students need training in the art of staying alive."

"We get the girls forth year and above and students third year and under to train." Willow chuckled.

"The rest of the boys?" A simple question

"He's gone and set up an army boot camp thing for them." Willow grimaced.

"Ouch." She brunette sighed. "Medical backup for the operation?"

"Dr Fraiser." Willow replied.

"Isn't she required here?" Hermione asked.

"The teams have all returned and the iris is sealed at the moment." Willow grinned. "One other thing, we are to see who could be apart of the Company. We leave in one hour."

"Willow, Major." Hermione began to protest.

"That will be all Lieutenant." Willow let her resolve face move into place.

A few hours later.

Hermione wished the plane ride was smoother. Her C.O. could sleep though anything. Willow was sleeping while the weather outside was blowing up a storm. She looked round. Dr Jackson, Teal'c, Major Carter, Dr Fraiser, Colonel O'Neil and Captain Graham Miller, were playing cards. Graham Millar had transferred to the Stargate programme after serving in a Special Forces Unit. Her eyes kept going back to the Captain. He's cute. Steady girl, you’re what 19, he's like 30. She thought to herself.

Willow opened an eye. So Hermione got a soft spot for Miller. She filed that thought away for later. Mione and Graham up a tree, rang in her mind. A small smile spread on her lips.

A day later Ginny Weasley looked at the letter what had arrived for her earlier that day.

Dear Miss Weasley

Your parents have informed me that they agreed to let you go to the
special summer camp for the full three months allowed.

You'll be picked up by minibus at 10pm the evening this letter arrives.  This so you can be prepared to be a 'house big sister' to a group of first years girls.

Your supervisor will be a one Lt Granger.  Miss Granger appeared to have time travelled into the past, I've been informed by her parents that is was during the recent attack on their home.

Can you get the story out of Hermione please.  When I tried it was like getting blood from a stone.  Yes, we did meet when she visited her parents after the attack. 


Albus Dumbledore


There was a knock at the door. Ginny's watch read 10.00. Her mother opened the door. A man stood there. "Good Evening Ma'am," he spoke. "I am Dr Jackson, I'm here to collect Miss Weasley."

"Of course," Molly replied. "Doesn't Ginny need any supplies?"

"All supplies are provided, from clothing to other stuff." Daniel replied

Ginny walked into the hallway.

"Miss Ginny Weasley, you ready?" He asked.

"Yes, sir." Ginny replied.

"Miss Weasley, call me Dr Jackson or Mr Jackson, but not sir. I'm a civilian." Daniel informed her.

Ginny and Mother said their goodbyes while Daniel headed back down the path.

The witch had to run to follow when Daniel yelled. "Last call we leave in 30 seconds."

Ginny sat down in a seat. Daniel sat in the driver's seat. That is when she realised who was now standing at the front of the bus as it was prepared to move off. "Please put on your seatbelt, Miss Weasley." Hermione spoke. "I suggest you Ladies follow Mr Creevey's example and try to get some rest. Instead of talking” Colin Creevey was asleep in his seat. "Our ETA at the camp is 11.35pm. Breakfast is between 7.30 and 8.00am."

"Hermione, is that you?" Ginny asked.

"Yes, it is, Ginny, though once we reach the camp please, refer to me has Lieutenant or Miss Granger while I'm on duty." Hermione smiled and sat down. She fastened her seat belt and Dr Jackson began to drive.

"So Major," Graham Millar began. "How many are in W Company?"

"60 so far." Willow replied. "Walk with me Captain."

"You think any of the girls could be future recruits?" He asked. "If they want to sign up."

"A couple, if they can stop themselves thinking about a certain Army Captain." Willow grinned. "Graham, why did you reject promotion to Major?"

"I lost some of my unit, well most of my unit." Graham stopped walking. "The demons we went to stop were serving Voldemort."

There were several faint gasps from the darkness between huts they were walking by.

"To bed ladies!" Willow bellowed. "That means you Miss Parkinson. It's gone curfew!"

"I believe you're missing one of the Creevey boys." Willow turned her attention back to Graham, the girls ran off.

"Yes, the younger one." Graham confirmed. "Got the flu, I'll be picking him up at the end of the week. It would be a shame to him to miss out on the scout training."

"Hermione says he's got a knack of walking in on things."

"Let me guess can't stay quiet." Graham grinned.

"In a nutshell." The redhead grinned. "Now Captain, I believe Dr Jackson and my second in command are due soon, let's go and greet the younger ones."

"By some shouting, Major?" The Captain asked.

"No,” Willow shook her head. "I just let them know who's the boss."

Hermione breathed in. "Mr Creevey! Ladies!" She yelled. "Wakey! Wakey!" Her charges all jumped.

"From the moment we pass the gates ahead refer to me by Miss Granger or Lieutenant Granger. Unless I invite you to use my first name which I'll only do in private." Hermione instructed her group. "In a minute or two you'll meet my commanding officer Major Rosenberg. Ladies, remember this if asked to jump the only questions you should ask are, magically or muggle and how high? Mr Creevey remember that too."

Daniel began to slow the minibus so the gates to the camp could be opened.

Willow watched the bus pull up and the group step off the bus and formed a line.

"Mr. Creevey," Graham bellowed. "Follow me. Sooner you've got your things the better."

Graham led Colin off.

"Alright ladies." Willow started. Her voice was a little softer than earlier. "I am Major Rosenberg. The rules of the camp are simple and are posted in your dorms. There are two additions, no use of wands during the tasks you'll undertake without permission, no letting the older girls know you've still got them they don't for the first three days. Now get your stuff from stores, hot chocolate or warm milk with cookies and then bed. Your wake up call is 7.00. Though, if you want a hot shower I suggest you get to the showers before then. Carry on Lieutenant Granger."

"Thank you Major." Hermione replied. "By the left quick turn. Forward, wait for it Ladies! Match!"

Hermione matched her group off.

"So Colin, I hear you like photography?" Graham spoke looking for a box of equipment in the stores, while waiting for an old looking soldier to fetch the other items Colin would needed.

"Yes, sir. What is your name sir?" Colin asked.

"Miller, Graham." Graham replied. "Captain US Army."

"What did you do, sir." The boy asked.

"I started in Re-con, then I was in what we call Special Forces." Graham lifted a box on to the counter. He smiled and opened the box. "Mr Creevey! I have a mission for you. I want you to be the camp photographer."

Graham had to quickly catch a fainting wizard.

30 minutes later Willow pulled down the blind to her window in the room she was sharing with Sam Carter and Dr Fraiser. "Sam, I think better pull that blind down more your side." She suggested.

"Why?" Major Carter was half a sleep.

"Graham and Mr Creevey are outside taking pictures, with the low light camera." Willow replied.

"Oh crap!" Sam reached out and pulled her blind down further.

Hermione Granger was now checking on the sleeping girls. She heard movement. "Great Mr Creevey's, got the camera."

Graham and Colin quickly concealed themselves under the hut, as Hermione came out. Colin was about to say something. Graham tapped him on the shoulder. Colin quickly took a couple of pictures. Hermione was wearing shorts and a T-shirt.

Hermione went back inside the hut. "I better check the windows." She spoke to herself.

The following morning Willow was looking at a series of photographs pinned to the general notice board. "So let's see what the boys got to."

Her senses pick up a very slight movement from behind a bush "Morning Colin."

"Morning Major." Colin stood so he was clearly visible. He was fully equipped in the outfit of a re-con soldier minus weapons.

"Carry on Mr Creevey." She smiled.

"Thank you Major."

Teal'c stood in a door with Major Carter. "Morning Ladies!" Major Carter shouted. "Time for your early morning run." The dorm became chaos with the girls screaming at the sight of Teal'c.

"Quiet!" The Major yelled. "I am Major Carter! I am your officer for your three months stay here. That's right three months! The boys in your year and up finish earlier than you. We are going to teach you more, lots more. Try your hardest and we'll get along just fine. Now, Mr Creevey, as been taking pictures of you lot getting you beauty sleep. Miss Abbot, you should not be smoking. From this moment on you don't. You must not allow him to do this again! In a few days time, most of the first to third boys arrive, do you want them to see what happens in this dorm?"

"No Major!" They shouted back.

"Good remember he has been tasked with recording what happens." Major sighed. "Right to Business, I'm taking it most of you ladies used magic to make your beds or house elves. Well, here you make them yourselves one of the instructors will show you all later. This is Teal'c he's my assistant."

Major Willow Rosenberg noticed a group of young woman waiting at the gates. She walked over and the soldiers at the gate stood to attention at her approach. "Carry on." She ordered, the women outside were at attention.

"Please identify yourselves and your purpose here." She asked

One of them stepped forward. "I’m Penelope Clearwater, we are reservists that were ordered to report here, Miss."

"Major Rosenberg." She mused. "You're a week early. Check in then report to the officers of the day. Captain Miller and Lieutenant Granger." The gates where opened.

Hermione sat on a step. "Morning ladies," she spoke to her charges as they came out of the hut.

"Morning Miss Granger." Came the sleepy replies.

Ginny Weasley sat next to her. "Hermione," the girl started. "Sorry, Miss Granger."

"Yes, Ginny,” Hermione smiled at the redhead.

"What happened to you?" Ginny asked quietly.

"I had an accident."

"What kind?"

"Of the temporal." Hermione sighed. I sense Dumbledore asked her to ask me. "Ended up on an Air Force base in the states and it was four years in the past. Now I'm part of W Company."

"W Company?" Ginny was puzzled she thought Hermione was in the Air force.

"The full title, if you're sending Dumbledore owl's" Ginny went red. "Is The Honourable United Services Company of War Witches. Our main task are to locate any witch or wizard who can't control their powers and train them, kick the butts of Dark Magic dealers, offer support to the units based at our base."

"Where is your base?" The redhead grinned

"Can't say?" Hermione shook her head.

"Okay, have you been on active duty." Ginny had to think hard for the correct phase.

"Yes, several times, again I'm unable to say where."

There was a pause in the questions.

"Have you ever killed someone?" That one shocked Hermione a little.

"I'm a soldier." Hermione hung her head.

Ginny was crestfallen. The girl looked at her feet.

Hermione continued. "I didn't want to, but I sometimes when your unit, your friends are in danger, or when innocents are being attacked. That is the time you are forced to act. Not because of any need or want, but you have no other way. The others ways have been tried or the foe, as made a choice not to try."

"I have always felt sick after wards, sometimes I cry when I'm alone at night. I know some of the others have. It changes you in ways you won't understand until you've been there." Hermione lifted Ginny's face. "I pray you're never find yourself left with only that path open to you, it's not easy."

"I just always thought you valued life." There was sadness in the younger witch’s eyes.

"I do," the war witch smiled. "Just sometimes there's no choice, kill or be killed. Ask yourself what you would do, if your family were in danger and to save them meant you had no choices left."

"You see your unit as your family." A statement.

Hermione nodded.

"The ones under my command are my kids. As you were Lieutenant." Jack O'Neill stood there. "Don't want the young Miss knocked over. I think you better take a look at the notice broad. There's a nice picture of your legs and the young Miss sleeping."

Daniel Jackson yawned getting an early morning cup of coffee. "Get me a cup please."

"Major Rosenberg, I thought you'll be yelling up a storm in the seventh years dorms." Daniel mused.

"Got one of the girls that turned up earlier doing that sir. Please call me Willow we've know each other long enough." Willow sat down.

"If you will stop calling me Doctor or Sir." He passed her a cup of coffee.

"I can live with that." Willow grinned.

"Tell me Willow, do you know how Mione's meeting with her parents went?" He asked. Mione being a pet name the members of SG-1 used went referring to the younger officer.

"It was mixed." Willow thought back to the meeting.

"Mum, Dad." Hermione spoke, as she entered a small conference room that had been set-aside for this purpose.

"Hermione is that you?" Her mother shrieked rushing over to her. "What happen to you?" Her mother was looking her over The witch was in her standard uniform of paled grey trousers and black jacket.

"Mum, I'm fine." Hermione tried to reassure the older woman.

"Fine!" He father roared "You were our little girl. Three days ago. Now you're a grown woman in the space of a few days."

"Dad please," Hermione pleaded. "It's been four years. Four very long years for me."

"Why didn't you contact us?" Her mother gasped.

"I wasn't allowed, what would have happened if my younger self had discovered me? It could have meant the end of everything."

"So what are you now?" Her father asked

"A US Air Force Lieutenant."

"But your English." Her farther protested.

"I was adopted by one of the officers on the base. Besides, your mum's dad was a duel national. So they made me a duel national too."

"Then it went on from there." Willow slipped her coffee.

"You know cause?" Daniel smiled from across the table at the witch.

"Daniel, I don't also have the rank of Acting Witch Major-General for nothing." Willow winked. "Besides, I see Mione has my little sister."

"Then do you know Graham, as a crush on her?" Daniel asked

"It's mutual." Willow slipped some more coffee.

"So what do we do to get them together?" Daniel smiled.

"Are you suggesting I do something against the rules?" Willow grinned. "Cos' casting a spell would not be right."

Out on the exercise yard the sixth and fifth years groaned again. "Okay ladies," Major Carter yelled. "Stop groaning." She paced. "That was a one mile run. I must say you seem to be struggling. By the end of your three months you should be able to run at least five miles, do half an hour in the gym hut then another five miles, if you've entering your sixth year of school. "Now get to the mess hall. Then after breakfast Major Rosenberg is going to putting you though a test."

There was a groan.

"To see if any of you have developed the ability to do wandless magic." Sam continued. "Miss Abbott is there something wrong with your ankle?" Sam stopped in front of Hannah Abbott.

"No Major." She grimaced.

"Report to Dr Frasier." Sam could see the girl's ankle was badly bruised. "Now, Miss Abbott."

Hannah walked painfully off to the medical hut.

"Anyone else injured?" Sam asked.

There was silence even though several of the girls had black eyes and cut lips. "Let me state this once. There are no houses here. You do not earn point or lose points for your Hogwarts houses here. Miss Bulstrode, next time you trip someone up remember I or another officer will know about it."

Hogwarts latter that day. The boys where being taught drill when Professor Dumbledore received an owl from Ginny Weasley. He read it a few times and decided to read it to the boys when lunch was being served. He stood up.

"Your attention please I received a letter this morning I think some of you will find interesting. But first a couple announcements. Miss Granger will not be returning in the autumn. She had what is being termed as a temporal accident. She is now a fully grown woman now for the letter." He opened it up the letter and began to read.

Dear Professor Dumbledore

Okay, it's the first day here.  The first morning in fact. 
Hermione knows that I'm writing to you.  She answered a few of my questions

Here are a few things so far to today;

i. She's a member of W Company, the full title being The Honourable Untied
Services Company of War Witches.  The Motto on the flag is 'To walk though
the Fire'

ii. They work like Aurors do, though they work with muggle soldiers with some things,
iii. She has battle experience.  Said she can't go into details.
iv.  I asked, as she killed the answer was yes, (That was upsetting. 
I wish I hadn't.)  When there was no options left.  The way she explained it to me was her unit, is her family.
v. Millicent Bulstrode's been tied by a rope to Hannah Abbott. hehe.  Millicent tripped Hannah and now must help her for the rest of the day.  A lesson in taking responsibilities for ones actions.
vi.  I have what the call a power limit test today at 10.30am if I want to under take it.  I think I might.  I get to meet Major Rosenberg at closer quarters.  She has this strange aura. ( I've discovered I can see auras.)  It can't be read hers, well I don't have the skill to.  It's shielded some how.  Now, I think of it so is Hermione's.  A couple of the instructors are too.
vii.  Colin, as really taken to re-con training he's a natural.  He's loving the fact he's getting to get covered head to toe in mud while doing it.
viii.  On the romantic side of things. (For Professor's McGonagall and Sinistra.) Hermione's got a crush, on a certain Captain Miller. (Us girls have a gym class with him!  Must try to concentrate)  She doesn't know that the good looking, crushworth Captain's as kept looking her way.  Matchmaking plans please.
ix.  The seventh years have just got back from their first early morning run.  They look like they're been though a hedge backwards a few times.  Ooops! Looks like they went on the assault course by mistake!  Ouch!  The camp doctor Dr Frasier, just ordered them to line up outside her hut.

Write more soon.

Ginny Weasley

P.S.  Say, Hi to Ron for me.  Got drill practical in 30 minutes.

There were a few gasps. "Harry did my sister just write that Hermione's a War Witch?"

"What's a War Witch?" Was the whispered question.

"A War Witch, is a Witch that is also a trained soldier, lads." A soldier that was teaching them drill answered the question

Daniel Jackson shook his head he was observing the power limit test. The test was, sit in a chair and then place your hand on a metal plate and channel you magic against it. The equipment then measured the force you could press using wandless magic.

"Miss Brown." Willow spoke looking at Lavender Brown's results. "You managed to press 10kg of magical power. You have above average power levels. In fact you have enough power to caste your first year spells, if you can centre yourself for long enough. Now Miss Brown, I believe you have a bed making demo to watch."

Lavender bounced out of the room with a smile on her face.

"That's the first one to even push the plate that much." Daniel spoke.

"Well, they were sent to Hogwarts to learn to use wands." The redhead filed away results

"That's bad?" Daniel asked.

"It's a two edged sword." Willow looked who was next. "The use of the wand lets a witch or wizard tap his power earlier than it's ready to appear. The power is sometimes not mature enough to be tapped. The putting aside the wand helps the power to mature. Hence the restriction on the students."

"Isn't Mione's lot due next." Daniel rested his head on her shoulder.

"Yes." Willow giggled.

"What did Mione score?" He grinned.

"A ton." Willow smiled.

Several hours later Willow and Hermione were speaking in the medical hut.

"She won't be able to stay at Hogwarts." Hermione stated. "She pushed what 10,000 tons. They're not equipped to teach her up to that level of power. I don't have the experience or knowledge to guide her. She'll need a top end alpha witch at the least."

"No, the girl's an high omega level witch." Willow added. "Over time she would be stronger than me. Have you noticed that birthmark she as. She was born a warrior witch."

"Voldemort will want her. If he finds out. Poor Ginny." Hermione sobbed. Ginny Weasley had fainted after pushing the plate with her power, she as sleeping at the moment nearby.

"Then it's up to us to make he doesn't." Willow spoke firmly. "I've spoken with SG command and O'Neill, all we can do is watch the girl. I've doubled the guards, stating that we need the extra. I want you to speak to Dumbledore in person tonight, brief him that the situation is deadly serious. What Ginny is capable of must remain a guarded secret. Take Captain Miller with you. Hermione, if attacked castes first, ask questions later, understood. His orders are shoot first."

"Yes Major." Hermione left to get her stuff together for the trip.

"Dr Fraiser, I'm putting a guard on the outer doors for tonight." Willow spoke to the doctor. "The power levels got though the cloaking wards. Voldemort won't be able to locate her, but he knows she's out there."

"So what's going to happen to the kid?" Janet asked.

"I'll take her, as my apprentice if needed." Willow replied.

Later that evening. Daniel Jackson was thinking, he had known Willow along time. Four years, she was one of the best soldiers and officers at SGC The Major was shocked when the small redhead seemed to lose control of her powers. He knew, that the equipment auto evolved to correctly measure the girl's power. That in itself meant the girl was in fact a wandless witch. A high end wandless witch. Same level as Willow. She had explained what that meant once to him and to the entire command staff.

"Well sir, think of it this way." She began. "Every army as weapons, small, medium and heavy. Then a handful of weapons of you hold back. You use them when there is nothing left to use. That is were I've reached." She explained. "I can kill a G'ould System lord."

The sound of movement caused Daniel to clear his head.

"Dr Jackson," Colin Creevey spoke crawling from under a hut. "I think we have a problem."

"Mr Creevey,” Daniel spoke. "What is the problem?"

"I noticed fresh footprints near the hospital hut." Colin replied. "They're not camp issue boots made."

"Did you track them?" Daniel asked not wanting to know the answer.

"Yes, Doctor." The young wizard replied. "And the person left the camp. I still followed at a distance. The person was meeting someone. The power this person had caused me to pass out. I came straight to this hut because it was the nearest one with a responsible person. Before I passed out I managed to take a picture."

"Jack." Daniel called into the hut. "We have problem."

20 minutes later a picture was placed before Willow, Sam, Daniel and Jack.

"Voldemort." Willow spoke looking at the picture. "He's got though the outer wards. Colonel, I'm going to need some of the Vanguard units activated. To maintain the camps security."

"That's that Voldie guy." Sam Carter stated.

"Don't let looks fool you, Sam." Willow paused. "He's deadly. He was able to stun Colin without even casting a spell or knowing the boy's location. Fortunately, it was an auto spell and didn't report Colin was there."

"Still, it's a shame he didn't get the face of the person who got into the camp." Jack was not happy.

"That it is." Willow's expression was dark. "I going to asked Miss Brown and Miss Weasley to accept a location chip. He'll not cross me, Colonel. He knows I'll kill him on sight. I doubt he'll attack the camp or order an attack."

"How Major?" Jack asked.

"Before I entered the Academy." Willow started. "He had regained his human form before and was at full power for a few days. I almost died. He was forced to flee or be destroyed. I'm more powerful now, than then."

Hermione Granger sat opposite Graham Miller they were on the Hogwarts express. "Lieutenant," Graham spoke.

"Yes, sir." Hermione replied.

"Stop frowning,” Graham spoke. "It doesn't suit you beautiful."

"Captain!" She gasped her face going red.

"You thought I wouldn't notice you." He grinned and winked.

"Captain Miller." Hermione yelped. "Stop it!"

"Stop what Lieutenant?" He teased

"Embarrassing me, Captain." She sighed. "And I'm worried."

"About the kid?" He was serious.

"Yes," Hermione nodded and whispered a quick silencing charm. "She's equalling the Major's score. I've known her, Ginny for four years. Now we discover she's the one in the prophecy."

"Prophecy!" He gasped.

"It's a long story. You have the clearance level. SG-2 found some ancient texts. Magical texts. They foretold the G'ould vain would be a war witch. Her mark would be present as a birthmark. Not granted by a teacher." Hermione showed the Captain, her mark on her shoulder. "This I was given by Willow, my teacher. Ginny's birthmark is such a mark."

Hermione paused.

"The texts foretell a G'ould invasion is coming." Hermione was sad. "She's going to have to fight, she's going to have to kill or we all become slaves or die. Willow sent for a crystal found with the texts. It reacted as written. Now, I may have to help her learn to kill." Hermione wept.

Graham moved over to sit next to her. He put his arm round her shoulder. "It says to defeat the G'ould the one foretold must die." She hiccupped.

"Then we must find a way then." He held her close.

Willow sat watching Ginny Weasley sleeping and was asking herself questions. What do I say? What do I do? Do I activate paragraph 8 and start an emergency call up? There maybe no choice? Muggle and Magical worlds acting as one? Can they put aside their differences? Tough questions, that's why they made you Acting Witch Major-General. I wonder if Jack's read the report I did on Voldemort, there's G'ould in him. Is he the scout sent to locate the G'ould Vain and destroy her?

"Willow," Daniel spoke. "I thought I'd find you here."

"The end of days, maybe, at hand." The redhead whispered looking at Ginny.

"Poor girl," Daniel passed her a cup of coffee. "Does so such now depend on her?"

"If the texts we translated two years ago are right, everything." Willow gave Daniel's hand a squeeze. "Stay with me tonight." She looked

"Willow, I'm . . ." Daniel did not know what to say.

"Not that. I just need to be held." She clarified.

Hermione and Graham found themselves having to walk from the station to Hogwarts. "We're being followed." Hermione whispered.

"Since the train station." Graham confirmed.

"Adult or children?" Hermione asked.

"Young adults, by the sounds of it." Graham pretended to mess with his coat. In fact he was slipping his zat into his hand.

"Possible students." Hermione put her hand in her coat pocket. The pocket was false, it was designed so she could quiet reach her zat side arm.

"What do you sense?" The captain asked.

Hermione's eyes glowed bluish white for a second. "Two familiar, non threatening for the moment. Five paces to your left and 10 back."

They turned and fired their zats. Two young men fell to the ground stunned.

"Know them?" Graham asked.

"Weasley, Ron and Potter, Harry." Hermione answered. The fury in her eyes told him the boys were going to have suffer one her legendary fury fits. Legendary since when an enlisted man tried it on once when she had received her commission as an ensign, the poor man did not know what hit him.

"Oh, read the files on these two." He put away his zat.

Harry and Ron started to come round. "Stand up the pair of you!" Hermione snapped. "What on earth did you intend to achieve? Get yourselves killed!" She yelled.

"Mione,” Ron pleaded, as he and Harry got to their feet.

"Don't call me that." She cut Ron off. "I bet Dumbledore doesn't know that you’re outside!"

She began to pace. "We could have killed you. But no! Mister Potter and Mister Weasley have to have a little adventure." Hermione's hands were glowing. Her eyes had turned black.

"At easy Granger." Graham decided that she was getting ready to hex the boys. "That's an order!"

Hermione stilled and breathed a few deep breaths. Her hands stopped glowing and her eyes returned to normal.

"I suggest you gentlemen never do that again." Graham directed his attention at Ron and Harry. "Ever!"

Daniel held Willow. "A penny for them." He whispered in her ear.

"Just thinking on how messed up things get in the space of a couple days." The redhead rubbed her temples.

"They've been worse." Daniel whispered.

"Not like this." Willow turned in his arms. "There's a darkness coming. I can feel it in my bones. I'm certain like you were when they attacked before."

They stared into each other’s eyes, then lent towards their lips met.

"Yuk." Came Ginny's voice. She was waking up.

Willow and Daniel pulled apart.

"What happened?" Ginny grimaced. "Dr Fraiser gave me a tablet. Then lights out."

"Yep that's what happened." Willow spoke.

Hermione was still fluming while she sat waiting in Dumbledore's office.

"You're going to start shooting stream from your ears again." Graham observed.

"The floo network is activating." Hermione spoke, she let her power come to the surface. Her hair began to move as if a wind was blowing it, her eyes went black.

Dumbledore and Arthur and Molly Weasley step out of the fireplace. The Weasley parents looked like they were a sleep a few minutes before.

"Miss Granger." Dumbledore greeted.

"Professor," Hermione returned, letting her visible display of power fade. "Mr and Mrs Weasley."

"I thought it would be better if Molly and Arthur were here." The old wizard grinned

"I understand." The war witch nodded. "This is Captain Miller."

"Professor Dumbledore," Graham shook the old man's hand. "Mr Weasley." They shook hands.

"Not to be rude." Molly spoke. "But why are we here?" Molly was not happy.

"Mrs Weasley. Please take a seat." Graham instructed. "I'll let Lieutenant Granger explain. Lieutenant."

"Thank you Captain." Hermione nodded. "At approximately 10.45 this morning, during what is called a force pressure test your daughter demonstrated she processes a power level belong her years. In fact there are only three or four people known to have her power level. She is an Omega level wandless witch."

"A what!" Molly screamed.

"The grading system is Beta, Alpha, and Omega. Beta is the common level for a witch with wandless magic. Alphas are advanced and capable of casting all the spells Professor Dumbledore knows without a wand. Hermione, I mean the Lieutenant is an Alpha. The highest level Omega, are capable of just about anything." Graham explained. "Ginny is Omega level."

"She is a war witch." Hermione stated. "She was born with the mark."

"Nonsense." Molly yelled, "That's not possible."

"Does this mark look familiar to you?" Hermione rebutted. She showed the Weasleys her mark.

Molly went pale.

"Ginny's birth mark." Arthur whispered.

Hermione nodded. "Now, all our information at hand points to Ginny being the G'ould vain."

"What is a G'ould?" Dumbledore asked. "And why do think I won't like the answer?"

"They're hard to explain." Graham answered. "They're snake like creatures that can take over a human host. They once pretended to be ancient gods. They rule a large section of the galaxy by fear. They are extremely powerful creatures. The G'ould vain is the counter balance to them."


"The G'ould vain was foretold only to appear when an the invasion is coming." Hermione added. She took a deep breath. "Voldemort is a G'ould."

"Major Rosenberg wants a word." Lavender Brown was awaken by Sam

"Sleepy." Lavender yawned and tired to go back to sleep.

"Miss Brown this is very important." Major Carter whispered.

"Alright." The witch got out of bed and pulled on a pair of combat trousers and put on her jacket.

Sam led the sleepy witch to the camp's main office.

Lavender noticed that there were a few more guards round the camp. They were wearing body armour of some kind.

"What's going off?" The witch asked.

"Major Rosenberg will explain." Sam replied. The pair entered the main office's hut.

Willow was waiting with Ginny Weasley and Dr Fraiser.

"Thank you Sam. Please take a seat Miss Brown." Willow spoke.

"I bet you're wondering why you're here?" Willow asked. Both Ginny and Lavender nodded.

"We had an unwanted visitor. This visitor being a minion of Voldemort." The redhead explained and the girls gasped and became pale.

"I have reason to believe that he might have developed an interest in you pair. So I would like you to accept a locator chip being placed under you skin." Willow continued. "Only I, Major Carter and Dr Fraiser will know the chip's code."

"What does this chip do again?" Ginny asked.

"It will enable you to be found and rescued if you are removed from the camp against your will." Willow answered.

The sun was rising over Hogwarts, in the court yard Hermione was warming up. "You know there's a lot of teenage boys in this school at the moment?" Graham spoke.

"Who don't get up until six anyway." The witch grinned.

"Wanta spar?" The Captain offered.

"Why not, the train doesn't leave until after breakfast which is at eight. That gives us three hours." Hermione pulled some sparing gloves.

"Free style okay by you?" Graham grinned.

"Okay, lets see what you've got sir." They began.

At first their moments and shrikes were to test each other's defences. Then they started trying to break though those defences.

Their skills were evenly matched. After about 15 minutes they stopped. "First time that's happened." Hermione spoke.

"Fancy some weapons practice?" Graham sighed. "Your choice."

"Staves." Hermione summoned a staff each. She tossed one to the captain.

Graham adjusted it in his hands. Then the sound of staff meeting staff filled the air.

Willow looked at her laptop. 'The G'ould serve their master the First.' She read. The translation team had sent her a disturbing report. On one of the books that foretold of the G'ould vain. There was a passage written in blood. Human blood. It was one phase on it's own in encoded in 12 different characters from 12 different languages from across the Galaxy, the last one had only just been discovered.

The First. Why him? The big bad himself. Willow mused. If he created the G'ould or is their master then everything just got turned on its head.

The witch unlocked a draw and got out a storage box. She unlocked and opened the box.

Willow pulled out a folder. 'Paragraph 16 Activation Papers.' The label read below a stamp read. 'For the Witch Major General's eyes only.'

Willow took a breath and closed her eyes and broke the seal on the folder.

'Paragraph 16: Discreet call-up of available auxiliary company members' The top page read.

Willow quickly read over the documents. The witch signed them. All that was left was to send them. Willow looked up.

Jack O'Neill stood in the doorway. "Who is the First?" He asked

"The First Evil." Willow signed put the papers down. "An Evil beyond anything the mortal mind can imagine. The Watcher's council is terrified of his rising."

"So you're activating your auxiliaries." The Colonel walked over.

"I would like to be ready as possible, if the First is starting to return." Willow grinned sadly. "If the text is right and the First is the master of the G'ould then more prepared the better."

Far away on the other side of the galaxy. "Anubis, my Lord." A Jaffa knelt.

"I have a mission. Take this crystal to my brother Voldemort on earth." Anubis pointed to a crystal.

"Sir, the Asgard will detect my ship." The Jaffa spoke.

"Fear not, they'll be too busy. Four mother ships will appear in orbit around one of the other planets they protect and bomb it." Anubis chucked. "Now go."

The Jaffa stood and took the crystal. As the Jaffa left Ra appeared. "There's still the problem of the G'ould vain."

"Who is now protected by Rosenberg and O'Neill of SGC."

"My father can be defeated." Ra became O'Neill's dead son. "Ms Rosenberg is a different matter. She's been blessed by some kind of mind shield."

"Like myself." The hooded G'ould probed.

"No, this is raw strength of personality. Her sense of self too great for me to weakened her." The First frowned. "She's being protected."

"The one's that caste me out have changed her." The system Lord spoke. "But what of the G'ould vain that supercharged bastard form of slayer power."

"The magic's around her are still functioning." The First took on the form of Lily Evans. "Lord Voldemort better keep his end of the bargain."

"He will. It's all a matter of time. But rushing in like fools will get us killed if the gate builders decide to interfere again." Anubis stood and walked over to a window.

"They won't grant Harry anymore protections." Lily smiled evilly.

"It's not the Potter boy that's the problem." He paused. "It's the original four races, they placed technology near the earth that will alert them. To ensure victory The Eye of Ra is required."

"Go to his old haunt and dig it up then. It's below the gate complex." The First changed this time to Drusilla. "But be like a thief and not be seen. Like a cat stealing milk."

Thor and several Asgard sat in a circle. "The first as returned." Odin spoke. "It means to destroy the race of man."

"The First can not take physical form." Thor spoke.

"No, it will use others. The G'ould just for starters, as it did before." Odin sighed. "Maybe, other races too."

"Most sentient races will realise what the First is." One spoke. "Humans would eventually, Furlings will, we do."

"And races that are new?" Odin asked.

"You mean the Cylons?" A female asked.

"They have been preparing for war." Thor replied. "Unfortunately, we can not interfere if the Cylons attack those 12 human ruled worlds in that sector. They are not covered by the protected planets pact."

"Arrange for O'Neill to be warned of the threat the Cylons may prose to the Earth, if they become hostile." Odin instructed.

"It will be done." Thor nodded.

Back on earth. Letters where arriving in mailboxes. Tara Maclay opened a letter. It read;

Untied States Military Reverse Forces Office

Ms Maclay

We must inform you that Under section 4 article 25 (W Company reg) you are required to report your call up base, no later than 28 days after receipt of this letter.

Yours Sincerely

Major Hanson
Reverse Commander

Los Angeles Woman's Correctional Facility the same morning.

"Wilkins!" A guarded. "You're wanted in the Warden's office."

Faith groaned and got off her bed. The guard led Faith to the office. "Wilkins sir."

In the standing next to the Warden was a W Company officer. "You sure you want her Captain?"

"She's needed, sir." The war witch smiled.

"Wilkins you're being released into the care of W company, Air force section." The warden informed the slayer.

"Ms Wilkins, I'm Captain Ross you are to come with me." A woman in blue uniform introduced herself.

"Where?" Faith grinned.

"You'll see Ms Wilkins," the captain chuckled. "You'll see."

*Willow was doing her morning Tai Chi routine. She felt a presence in touching her shields. "You can't protect them all little witch." A voice whispered.

"I can try." Willow whispered back.

"It won't be enough." A faint answer.

"Why is that first of the chosen ones?" The witch asked.

"It's awoken. That before the vampires before the demons." The first slayer chuckled.

"The First." A statement.

"Yes it comes." A Confirmation. "Are you ready? Can the line wait for you? Can we wait?"

"Huuuh!" Willow gasped as she was pulled out of her body to the astral plane.

"So you are this time's guardian." An old woman spoke.

"Who?" Willow asked.

"Not important?" The old woman smiled. "I'm the last of my order. Well, was until you started speaking to and an understanding the first slayer. She spoke and you understood her, you are the first in over 3000 years to reach this level of awareness not even the ascend ones have reached this far. So much on one so young, she must decide her path at the end. You are the choice bearer. For both her and the slayers not yet called."

A wind began to blow hard and Willow felt herself being pulled back into her body. The force her mind returned to her body sent her flying into a into and though a hut's wooden wall.

"That was unexpected." The redhead groaned. "Not good, not good. Ouch, magical feedback."

"Willow Rosenberg." Teal'c spoke looking down on the witch. "Do you require assistance?"

Hermione Granger was waiting at the station for the train. "What else went off?" Graham asked.

"Pardon sir?" Hermione replied.

"Something happened," Graham answered. "You went all strange earlier. Like you where talking to someone I can't see or not completely in the here and now."

"There was a power echo." The war witch replied. "It was fresh yet very ancient. It was communicating with someone of equal power. I was trying to get a signal lock . . ." She stopped.

"What is it?" Graham asked.

"Deatheaters," Hermione whispered pointing towards to dark mark floating in the sky. The station around them exploded!


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