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Willow the White

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Summary: Set after Chosen, AU after chapter 29 of Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix and set after the current Worst Witch Books

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ryanFR1325,827044,2892 Feb 0612 Feb 06No

Willow the White Parts 1 to 18

Willow the White.
By Ryan

Rating: 12 (Hey, I'm using the system we use in England) other parts maybe higher or lower
Type: Crossover
Violence: Some, be warned angst ahead.
Language: Mild.
1. Willow and co. are owned by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, UPN and WB.
2. All characters and places from the Harry Potter books are owned by J. K. Rowling, Bloomsbury paperbacks and WB.
3. Mildred Hubble and co. belongs to Jill Murphy, Puffin Books and who ever did the film and TV series.
4. No copyright infringements intended.
Spoilers: BTVS: Season 7 HP Book 5 this story goes AU after chapter 29 of the book.

Willow Rosenberg let the enchantments dissolve and looked in the mirror. Her hair was pure white and her eyes the purest green known.

"I've gone Gandalf!" She stated and smiled at her reflection. Closing her eyes she restored the enchantments. She was powerful. Now too powerful maybe?. This time she was the one in control not the power. Yet the power had refused to leave her and to return to place it came from.

The former redhead sighed and paced the hotel room she was staying in. She was spending sometime alone to get use to the power that flowed though her.

Every time, she did a spell, a charm or an enchantment she felt thunder roaring inside her. She felt the presence of magic approaching.

She quickly raised a magically shield over herself. It was invisible, undetectable and only a fraction of inch off her skin. Her power roared inside her. Someone knocked on the door to her room. Her eyes narrowed at the flare of magic being used on the locked door.

Willow asked the lights to dim and they compiled. The witch watched a robed figure enter the room. She observed the wizard. She could tell the stranger had the build of a young man. With a thought, the door of the room shut and the wizard spun round. A flash of magic and the stranger was shielding his eyes and disarmed. Then he was struck by a magically stunning bolt.

Willow ordered the lights back up. She examined the wizard. He was not much older than a boy. He had a lightning shaped scar on his dirt-covered forehead. His clothes where nothing more than rags. He had bruises and half healed cuts.

"True speak!" Willow caste a spell. The wizard opened his eyes. He was in a kind of trance.

"Name?" The witch asked.

"Potter, Harry Potter." He replied

"Why did you brake into my room?" She demanded

"I thought you were hunting me." Harry answered

"Who is hunting you?" She probed

"Deatheaters." The wizard replied.

"Who are these Deatheaters?" Another question.

"Followers of Voldemort." Came the reply

"Who is this Voldemort?" Willow decided she needed to know.

"A murder." Harry's voice was cold.

The witch thought for a moment. "Who did he murder?"

"My parents, some of my fellow students."

I think that's more than enough, Willow thought. "Awaken." The spell dissolved and Harry blinked his eyes.

He looked over to Willow she held up his wand and offered it him. "Tell me why hasn't anyone stopped Voldemort?" She asked while the wizard put his wand back into his robes.

Harry's eyes went wide. "He's conquered Europe's wizards." He explained while he stood.

"So you came state side to hide?" Willow asked.

"No, I'm running." He shook his head. "All who refused to live under his rule are."

"Living rough." She added.

"Sewers." Harry sighed. Why I'm I trusting her with this information? He asked himself.

Willow frowned. "Not the safest place in this town."

Harry was perplexed by her comment.

"Vampires." Willow spoke. She headed for the door and grabbed Harry by the arm. He resisted her pulling him along. "Vampires will attack them." She paused. "Plus they like to play a little with young women." Understanding of what Willow meant was reflected by his expression.

Part 2

The pair left the hotel. "Which way?" Willow asked.

"This way." Harry led her to a manhole cover.

Willow sensed a pack of vampires ahead of them, as they entered the sewers. "They've found your friends. They're preparing for an attack."

"How?" The wizard gasped.

"Later," the witch headed off in the direction of the hideout without Harry telling her. The witch moved like she was walking yet covering ground like she was an athlete running. Harry ran after her.

There was screaming ahead of them. The vampires being faster and knowing the sewers better had outflanked Harry's friends. "Now what to we have here?" A male vampire was speaking. "A group of untrained and unprepared witches and wizards." There was laughter of the vampire kind.

Willow reached the entrance of the hideout. The vampires heard her cough. They turned. "Leave!" There was thunder in Willow's voice.

"Boys." An old vampire spoke. "Eat this gatecrasher."

Several vampires rushed towards her. Willow did not move. When they grabbed hold of her then they screamed! They backed away from her their hands burned. "Solis ortus!" Willow raised her arms. Her white hair became visible rays of sunlight shot out of her body like she was the sun rising.

"Run!" A vampire screamed fleeing the rays of magically summoned sunlight.

After half a minute Willow lowered her arms and the rays faded. She realised the enchantment on her hair had dissolved when she used her power to channel sunlight.

"Any of you hurt?" Willow asked.

"They threw my brother into a wall." A witch replied.

"I'm okay Ginny." Called out a voice. A wizard limped forward holding his shoulder.

Harry finally caught up with Willow.

"Grab your stuff." The now white haired witch instructed them. "That gang will be back with re-enforcements."

"How do you know?" A witch with dirty brown hair her asked. "And who are you?"

"Firstly," Willow spoke. "I've fought vampires, demons, the hellmouth, a hell god and helped defeat the First Evil. Secondly, don't question the one you rescued you especially me. I know this town better than you do. Finally, my name is Willow Rosenberg." The witch paused. "Well, get moving."

"And where can we go?" Harry asked.

"There are a few empty houses in this town, former vampire hang outs." Willow sighed. "Once a human sets foot in one vampires can't enter unless invited. You do know the uninvite spell?"

"What's that?" The wizard enquired.

"Explain later,” she held up a hand. "First you and your friends need to get in a house, then change your clothes."

"That maybe difficult." The girl named Ginny spoke. "We've lost most of our belongings when Hogwarts fell."

"Hogwarts?" Willow turned to the girl.

"It was our school." Ginny eyes filled with tears.

"School for magic that's a new one." The older witch mused. I must ask about that later, the witch thought.

The group gathered up their belongings and were a rag covered lot. "Everyone got their stuff?" Harry asked putting rolled up blanket under his arm.

They nodded.

"Transporto." Willow cast a spell before they could react.

They landed in a lit room. "Willow!" A man spoke.

"Giles, what are you doing here?" Willow hugged the man.

"I live here now." He smiled and looked round at the semi puzzled, semi alarmed group around them. "Who have you brought with you?"

"Harry Potter and company." She replied.

"Oh God!" Giles gasped. "The rumours are true then."

"What rumours?" Willow asked her mentor. "Why do I think I won’t like the answer to that question?"

"Voldemort over ran Hogwarts." He cleaned his glasses.

"You know of Hogwarts?" Harry asked. "Of what happened?"

"Yes," Giles nodded. "The Watcher's Council asked Headmaster, Albus Dumbledore for assistance about seven years ago. Unfortunately, the council was under attack itself at the time."

The doors were kicked open and Faith entered the room sword in hand. She looked ready for a fight. "Hi Will." She lowered her sword upon seeing Willow. "I sensed a lot of power coming from this room."

"Inform the others we have guests please." Giles spoke.

"Okay boss." The slayer looked over the rag wearing bunch of strangers and left the room.

"Right, I think introductions are in order." Giles suggested. "My name is Rupert Giles. This place is the base of the New Watcher's Council, which I'm the acting head of. I can see you've met my former charge Willow Rosenberg."

Part 3

The group looked at each other questions on their faces. "Harry Potter, sir." Harry spoke.

"Ron Weasley." A young man with red hair spoke.

"Ginny Weasley." A girl with matching hair introduced herself.

"Hermione Granger," a brown haired girl spoke.

"Colin Creevey." A boy introduced himself.

"Dennis Creevey." The younger one spoke.

"Lee Jordan." He had a tired look in his eyes.

"Dean Thomas." The boy nodded.

"Cho Clang." The former perfect spoke.

"Hannah Abbot." A dirt covered girl spoke.

"Susan Bones," the last one spoke.

"I'll get some of the girls to take you to the kitchens." Giles folded up his glasses. "Then I suggest you may want to use the showers."

The phone rang. "Giles, Code Yellow." The voice of Dawn Summers rang out.

Giles picked up the phone in the room. He listened. "Go to base B with you slayer." Giles spoke. He put the phone down.

"What can you tell me about Deatheaters?"

"Why?" The girl called Hermione spoke.

"Cos' a group of them where spotted on the east coast." Giles replied.

Part 4

Willow listened as the group of wizards and witches explained what Deatheaters where and who they served. She noticed that the group had not eaten right in weeks.

"Giles, I think that's enough to work with for now." She interrupted after an hour.

"Willow," Giles began to protest. "This is very important."

"They can answer the rest of your questions later, you've been at it for over an hour." She counted. "They haven't eaten right for weeks at least."

"Sorry, I got carried away." The watcher apologized. "The manor's wards?"

"I've strengthened them." The witch answered. "Only those who mean no harm can enter."

"Right," Giles pressed a button on a phone. "Dawn we have guests can you show them to the kitchens."

"Be right there," Dawn's voice could be heard.

A minute later the door to the room opened and a brunette walked in. "Dawnie!" Willow's face lit up and next thing she was hugging the girl.

"I've missed you too Wills." The girl hugged her back.

Giles cleared his throat quietly. Harry and company had formed a circle and where whispering to each other. "Do you think we'll be safe here?"

"I hope so."

"Will they help us?"

"We might." Willow spoke and made Ron jump. "But first food, then showers."

"Giles,” Dawn spoke. "We've got enough spare clothes for the girls. But the boys are a different matter."

"There are spare clothes in the storage rooms." Giles passed Dawn a key.

Part 5

After Dawn had led the group away. "Giles,” Willow spoke. "You already knew half of the answers didn't you?"

"Some,” the man sighed. "I didn't know the scale of how bad things had got over there."

"I've felt no change in the world's magical energy for weeks." Willow observed

"He generates his own energy." Giles lead Willow to a sofa. They sat down.

"Willow, there are many kinds of what people who call 'magic users.' Wiccans, Shamans, and the wanded kind like Harry and his friends." He spoke softly. "When you first started out you were channelling power from outside yourself. Now you are generating your own power."

"You mean I'm like them?" She frowned.

"No, you're more powerful than their kind." Willow's eyes went wide. "You hair colour is pure white. That is a sign of a very powerful witch." Giles smiled.

"The power I've been feeling is my own." She stated.

Giles nodded.

"Oh my." Willow gasped.

Part 6

Dawn shook her head, as the group ate. "You guys haven't eaten in a while?"

"Yeah we've been on the run for the last two months." The boy called Harry replied.

"What happened?" The slayer that was in the kitchen asked. She had dark hair, freckles and blue eyes. She walked round the table.

"Jo,” Dawn folded her arms. "What are you doing?"

"Checking out the boys, watcher girl." The slayer giggled.

"Please excuse my slayer, Joanne, but she's been on patrol." Dawn then sighed, as the slayer kissed Ron Weasley. Joanne then sauntered out of the room. Ron had a dazed smile on his face. Hermione's foot found his shin while she glared at him.

Willow sat going over what Giles had said to her. What kind of witch am I? She reached out with her mind searching the library of books Giles had. A book floated to her and opened at a page, it read.

There are three main magical energies, these are;

Personnel, has generated by wanded wizards and witches. This magic can be dangerous for the caster without a wand.

Universal, this requires a strong link with the world surrounding the caster.

Dimensional, the calling of higher powers to caste spells. This is extremely dangerous. The higher powers may require a service in return.

How does this relate to deciding the different kinds of magic user?

If a witch or wizard can use all three, without the aid of others. Then the person has the right to use the title arch-witch or arch-wizard.

She closed the book and made her way outside to a small courtyard. There was a fine rain. She let the rain wash her face that's when she sensed something hidden. It was magical. She grabbed the object. Willow knew this was the correct choice and a staff appeared in her hand.

"It's about time you found that." A man's spirit spoke.

"Hello Doyle." Willow replied. "Show yourself, Lily my sister."

Lily Potter's ghost appeared.

"Told you she was good." Doyle grinned.

Part 7

"An explanation in the next five seconds would be good." Willow eyes glowed.

"There isn't any." Lily spoke. "I'm not sure why I was sent here."

"Neither am I." The former half demon spoke.

"It's a test." An oddly dressed man spoke.

"Your name's Whistler." The witch stated.

"Yours is Willow Rosenberg also once named Willow Anne Evans, baby sister to Lily Evans, aunt to young Harry Potter." Whistler sat on a chair. "You are the only Arch Witch on Earth at this time. You knew who Lily was the moment you sensed her."

"Want to tell me why you are here?"

"Want to?" He shook his head. "No, I must." He paused. "Voldemort is a growing darkness only you can check."

"What about others like Dumbledore?" Willow asked.

"Dumbledore was injured, badly." Whistler replied. "He won't be strong enough for months if ever, to put a check on Voldie activities."

"The others?" The witch pressed.

"In hiding or currently unable to act." Whistler answered. "White, they’re not able to regroup."

"What about the kids?" Willow's eyes narrowed.

"Harry could stop Voldemort only if their wands connect again." He stood. "The others would put up a good fight, but they wouldn't . . ." He trailed off.

Harry Potter was staring into the eyes of his mother's ghost.

Part 8

"Mum." The wizard whispered. His eyes rolled backwards and he fainted.

Willow sighed and used her power to catch her newfound nephew. "You where saying?" She prompted Whistler.

"My, is that the time?" Whistler smiled and vanished.

Doyle faded out of view.

"Mum!" Harry called out regaining his senses.

"Harry," Lily spoke she too was fading.

"Don't leave me again." The young man pleaded.

"Harry," Lily rasped, tears in her eyes. "I've no choice I'm being pulled back."

Harry reached for his mother. His hand pasted though hers. "My baby, I love you." Then the ghost was gone.

"Nooo!" The wizard screamed! He fell to his knees.

"Harry,” Willow knelt beside him.

No response.

"Harry." She placed a hand on his shoulder.

"I'm lone again." He cried out in his anguished torment.

"No," Willow corrected softly "You're not nephew."

Part 9

"Nephew?" The young man half sobbed.

"I am your long lost Aunt." Willow replied. "Your mother was my sister."

An image appeared. "Voldemort!" Willow snarled on instinct at the projection.

"So Lily's baby of sister isn't afraid of me." The image spoke. "You can't protect the boy from me forever. I will locate him."

There is a very faint locating spell piggy backing on the projection spell of the image. The witch sensed it's incoming approach.

"Dispel!" Willow called out. The image vanished!

"That was too close." The witch began to pace. "As that happened before?"

"Once or twice." Harry answered confused.

"It's how he finds you." The witch signed. "I spotted a locating spell working it's way towards the image."

Deatheaters ran out of their master's path Voldemort was furious. "Malfoy! Alert my Deatheater's in North America, that Harry Potter as been found by his mother's baby sister. She is powerful!"

"Yes, my Lord." Lucius Malfoy knelt.

"Instruct them to locate her only. If she relocates follow at a distance. Do not confront her. Her power equals my own." Voldemort paced. I suppose they'll confront her anyway. She'll cream them. At least then I won't have to deal with those fools I sent over there. The wizard mused. "Go on then." The wizard dismissed his follower.

"Parkinson!" Voldemort yelled. "Report, have you found him?"

"My Lord,” The wizard bowed. "My team located his hideout."

"He got away again." Voldemort finished for him, he tapped his foot. Parkinson fell to the floor. "Dumbledore's escaped 10 times."

Part 10

Willow led her newfound nephew back inside.

"So Harry," the girl who had identified herself as Cho spoke. She was clearly unhappy about something. "Where have you been?"

"Talking," The wizard replied.

So Cho's the jealous girlfriend. Willow mused. "Why shouldn't I talk with my nephew?" She asked.

Cho's eyes went wide "How? When? Where?" She practically screamed.

"My mother's side." Harry replied, as the rest of his group appeared.

Mother's side? What's going on? And a host of other questions came.

"Willow's my mother's baby sister." Harry answered.

The wizards and witches looked at Willow. Hermione's eyes went wide when she saw the magical staff in Willow's hand. "You're an Arch witch." She gasped.

"What's an Arch witch?" Ginny asked loudly.

"Huh?" Several voices asked.

Part 11

"A witch with the ability to call upon all forms of magic." Hermione answered, an expression of awe was on her face. "The staff is the sign of the power they control."

Willow chuckled. "A discussion for another time, perhaps I still have much to do this evening." She smiled.

"Like what?" Ron asked.

"Deal with those five Deatheaters that are going to be stupid enough to offer challenge." The witch replied. The group paled a little. "These foolish wizards are attempting to locate me. They are trying to probe a set of my delocalised wards. They are currently looking in another state." Willow explained. She paused for a moment.

"Excuse me." Willow vanished with a pop!

The five Deatheaters where blinded flash of light. "Here's the deal leave and never return or get your collective ass kicked." The witch announced.

They pointed their wands at her. "I don't think so." One spoke from behind his mask.

Willow closed her eyes and their wands snapped in half. "You still think that now?"

One pulled out a knife and charged her. Willow blocked the charging wizard and cracked his ribs with her staff.

"You really think that we all need a wand?" A woman lifted up her mask.

"No I don't Amy." Willow was not surprised.

Amy sent a hex at Willow. Willow held up her hand. A magically shield appeared. The hex slammed into Willow's shield and bounced off into a Deatheater. He flew backwards.

The others scattered not wanting to be in the firing line.

"You really think you can take me?" The former redhead spoke generating more magically shields

"Yes." The blond snarled sending bolts of magically energy at Willow.

"Bring on." Willow smirked.

Her former friend let loose with every hex and jinx she knew. They hit the shields around Willow. "Confundo!" Willow shouted.

Amy's onslaught stopped. She blinked and shook her head. "No! That's not possible." She took several steps back.

"It's time for you to go back in your cage." Willow sighed.

"Noooo!" Amy screamed, as she was turned back into a rat and a cage appeared around her.

"Who wants to be next?" The arch witch asked.

Amy's companions fled.

Part 12

Willow walked over to the cage holding Amy. "You can't keep out of trouble can you?" The witch picked up the cage.

The rat buried itself under the straw in the cage. "Let me know when you agree to behave."

A blast hit her shields. "Attacking from behind Catherine?"

"You would know all about that?" The older spoke.

"You really think you could take me on?" The arch witch smirked. "After all your bolt"

Catherine let loose another. Willow's shields crack against the blast.

"Tell me when did Voldemort buy you?" The white haired witch asked while increasing the strength of her shields.

"Since before you where born." She replied sending several bolts towards Willow. Her shield absorbed the attack.

Willow raised her staff. "Okay my turn." A bolt of lightning blasted though the roof the building and Catherine was thrown backwards. She landed on her back. Shaking her head, she launched a fireball at her opponent. The fireball was engulfed in ice followed by a rush of cold air. Ice formed around her and pinned her down. "Next time, I won't go easy on you." Willow glared at Catherine. "I hope you fully understand."

Catherine said nothing.

"Next time no mercy." The arch witch's eyes glowed faint bluish white for a moment. Willow faded out of sight taking the cage holding Amy with her.

Part 13

Willow reappeared in a forest. "Now why did that spell bring me here?"

"Move it!" A voice called out. "The Aurors are almost on top of us."

"Leave me Hagrid," replied an out of breath voice.

"Give it up Dumbledore!" Another voice.

"Well, it looks like my work isn't done this evening." The arch witch mused. She walked towards the sounds of spell fire.

"Surrender in the name of the Ministry of Magic, now!" Someone shouted. "You can't escape this time old man. This area is port key shielded and warded against apparition."

Willow walked up behind the shouting wizard. "Tell me sir, when did the Minister start doing Voldemort's bidding."

"You girl are under arrest for violation of decree 201." Another wizard pointed his wand are the white witch.

"You can try." Willow grinned

"A little over confident I think." The wizard pointing his wand at her snarled. "Stupefy!"

The bolt hit Willow and did nothing. She smiled. Amy's cage hovered gently to the floor. "My turn." She spun round the two Aurors nearest her fell the ground, her staff smashing their wand hands and cracking ribs.

"Assaulting Aurors carries a 10 year sentence for each offence." Stated one of the several Aurors that now surrounded her stated.

Several hexes came at Willow moving in a blur she gracefully avoided every single hex. "You don't know what I am?" She asked.

"Don't care." An Auror spat.

"I am the arch witch." Willow stated. "You should care I have abilities you can't counter." A jinx bounced off her shields. The caster screamed, as the spell affected her.

Willow sighed, "amateur." An Auror fell to the floor holding himself between his legs.

They charged at her throwing hexes.

Hagrid and Dumbledore watched the young witch disarm and disable her attackers. A cage hold a rat floated back to her hand. "We better be going gentlemen." The witch spoke apparating over to them. Then there was a flash of light and they where gone, leaving their would be captors behind.

Part 14

"Willow!" Faith yelled. "You almost landed on top of me."

"I've brought more guests." The witch grinned.

"Greez, Will," the slayer groaned. "Can't you warn us, first you bring in the junior magic pack. Now . . .” Faith saw Hagrid.

"Hagrid here is part giant." Willow spoke.

"Willow," called Harry as he entered the room.

"Arry!" Hagrid called seeing the wizard.

"Hagrid! Professor Dumbledore! How!" Harry rushed over and hugged Hagrid and Dumbledore

"It was this young lady." The elderly wizard replied.

"How did you find them?" Harry asked his aunt.

"I'm not sure." Willow sighed. "It was if I was directed to them. I can't explain. I'm disturbed by that fact I can be redirectedIdon'tlikebeingcontrolledThenagainIhavecalledupondimensionalmagic'sItappearsthe entitieshavedecidedonalittlepayback!" She babbled the last part.

"Willow babble." Faith smiled.

Hagrid chuckled and there was a hint of amusement in Dumbledore's eyes.

Part 15

A few hours later Willow was looking over the rim of a cup of cocoa. She appeared to be awake but was sleeping with her eyes open.

She frowned and spoke the word, "twin," as she woke. "A twin!" Willow's voice boomed. Everyone who was a sleep woke.

The cup in her hand shattered. "Dam you James Potter! Separating your children!" The cocoa on the kitchen table boiled dry.

Willow's staff appeared in her hand. "It's time to find her." With that she vanished in a flash of light.

Lucius Malfoy knelt before his master. "My Lord good news, we've found the twin."

"Kill her!" Voldemort grinned. "And any found with her."

"Yes, my lord." The wizard stood and hurried out of the chamber.

"Wormtail!" The dark wizard called.

"Yes master." Wormtail appeared and kissed his master's feet.

"I have a mission for you." Voldemort chuckled. "Slip this potion into the food of Egbert Hellibore, the Chief Magician."

"Master," Wormtail was about to ask a question.

"He's a danger." His master replied before the question could be asked. "A small danger, but a threat none the less."

Willow appeared on a mountainside a few hours of searching later. There was screaming coming from a castle. There was the scent of dark spells in the air.

A curse flew towards her the spell's energy hit Willow's staff and bounced into the sky.

"Bellatrix!" A man yelled. "Leave any on the mountainside to the Dementors."

A scream came from a behind a nearby tree. A young witch's face was held by a pair of cold hands. They belonged to a creature of shadow.

"Back." Willow staff struck the creature sending it back six feet.

It let out an unearthly scream as it burst into flame. Several more creatures came. They surrounded Willow and began to close in.

Part 16

The young witch was terrified. The Dementors slowly approached them. "Stay back!" The white witch shouted and began to glow. "That's close enough!" This time it was a command.

The dark creatures stopped their approach. "That girl is ours." They hissed. "Step aside she was promised to us. All code witches ours to hunt."

"The one who tried to destroy her was destroyed." The witch replied. "Now! Make your choice! Live or die?" Her voice increasing in volume.

"It will be you who will die a living death." They hissed together and charged.

"Expecto Patronum!" The spell was caste! A Lioness jumped out of Willow's body, followed by a Phoenix and Winged Unicorn. The lioness bite into a Dementor and it turned to dust. The Phoenix flew though the chest of another. The Unicorn blocked the path of the others, which decide to leave the area in retreat.

Willow turned to the girl. "I am called Willow. What is your name child?" She asked helping the younger witch to her feet.

"Ethel Hollow." The girl replied.

"Ethel, this Patronus I created will protect you." Willow pointed to the lioness that was circling around the girl. "There are more of the Dementors in the area."

"Wait! Where are you going?" Ethel called out as Willow walked off and she took off after her.

"To stop a blood bath." The white witch replied. "You would be safer out here, than in there," she point to Miss Cackle's Academy, it was burning.

A hex landed in front of them. "So the battle begins." Willow stated, as five Deatheaters charged towards them. A sword appeared in her right hand.

Part 17

The white witch moved in a burr of staff and sword strikes. The nearest Deatheaters lost their head in the literally sense. The second tried to cast a spell. "Avada . . .” Willow’s sword separated dark wizard from his arms.

The other three decide to keep their distance. "Incedio!" One shouted, and her wand exploded! She was thrown into a tree. There was a cracking sound when she hit the tree.

"Well, well." There was clapping. Voldemort's projection appeared. "I'm impressed girl. It matters not though. My forces have taken the school and you can't take on all my forces inside the school."

"Vampires." Willow grinned. "I thought you would realised I've fought their kind before."

"Oh,” Voldemort laughed. "Here comes my army."

A combined mass of Vampires and Dementors moved towards Willow. Above them a legion of Deatheaters where flying on booms.

"I think this will finish you off." Voldemort's image disappeared.

"Run girl!" Willow turned to Ethel. "Go now!"

Ethel ran back into the forest. "Go protect." She ordered the Patronus lioness to follow.

The witch's staff flew around her making a circle in the ground. The circle glowed. A vampire ran at her and bounced off an invisible barrier.

The rest then charged!

Part 18

They surrounded Willow. Her patronus phoenix flew off. The barrier spell was the only thing holding the demons and vampires back. The airborne Deatheaters circled above her. They hacked away at her shield. Opening a hole in Willow's defences. Time was running out or was it?

The white witch smiled has her phoenix returned and landed on her shoulder. Suddenly a flock of phoenixes flew towards the Deatheaters at first breaking their attack, the birds of fire then dived into the mass of ranks of Voldemort's demon army sending them into disarray.

The sound of hoofs could be heard in the distance. Unicorns burst out of the forest!

Willow began to walk forward she held her staff aloft. Daylight shone from the magical wood. Voldemort's forces fled than rather face the forces that answered the witch's call for help.

Her way to the school was now clear. The bunk of the army routed all what remained where the hand full of Deatheaters in the school itself.

"Crucio!" A Deatheater shouted. Miss Crackle fell to the floor. The wards protecting her students collapsed.

"Stupefy!" Another yelled and Miss Hardboom fell.

"That's the last of the teachers," one called.

"Good," a wizard spoke. "Killed the students use your knifes. Silenco!" He caste at the students.

This wizard pointed at Mildred Hubble. "That one is to be left recognisable, understood."

"You better hurry up!" A female Deatheater yelled flying overhead. "The bitch is on the path up!"

"Delay her!" The wizard ordered the flying witch.

"Do you think I'm crazy?" She yelled down to him.

A group of eight trolls stood in Willow's way. "How hurt, do you want to be?" She asked in their language.

"We eat little witch." The one closest to her replied.

The white haired witch raised an eyebrow. The troll grabbed it's throat gasping for air. The other trolls paled and stepped back.

"Anyone else?" The witch asked.

"No." Came the reply, as they began to run. The gasping troll passed out.

Mildred Hubble fought against the bonds holding her helpless. A Deatheater chuckled. He raised his knife above her heart. Then he screamed his arm lay on the ground.

A white hair woman was standing there sword in one hand and a staff in the other. "Cyfiawnder." She spoke.

The Deatheater fell to his knees in terror, bands of bright coloured magic held the wizard. His companions fled.

The witch's sword disappeared. She pointed at Mildred and spoke "Rhyddhau!"

Mildred screamed, as a white blinding light came from inside her. Willow smiled has the younger witch's power was released. Magical chains appeared around the girl and their links shattered. Mildred's true powers flowed at last free.


Created: 26/05/2003
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