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Mayday the Vampire Slayer

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Summary: What if May Parker, the daughter of Spider-Man, became the Sunnydale Slayer instead of Buffy? Attempted to be written in the style of Marvel's "What If...?" comic books.

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Series Prologue

Disclaimer: The world of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and all the Characters therein are the Property of Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy. The Watcher, Spider-Man, Spider-Girl and all related characters are the Property of Marvel Enterprises. Sentences 1, 2, and 5 are taken verbatim from page 1 of “What If……”#55. These quotations are ditinguished by quotation marks. Please do not sue me.

Series Prologue
“I am the Watcher. Son of a race of intergalactic scholars, it is my privilege to observe the unfolding history of my designated sector of the universe, and my sworn duty to abstain from all interference in those events.” A small, yet important area of my jurisdiction is the Planet Earth, in a universe where that planet has born countless heroes and villains. The Avengers, the Masters of Evil, the Fantastic Four, Galactus, the Hulk, the Juggernaut, and Spider-Man, these are only a few of the powerful beings who inhabit this planet. “From time to time, for historical analysis, I peer into other universes alternate to my own, in which a given set of events happened differently than they did in the cosmos I know.”

During the course of my research, I usually examine universes that are directly alternate to my own, those in which a single event changes the course of history. In one particular case, however, two realities came to my attention: one which was fairly close to mine in terms of the course of events; and one which was very different. In these two completely different realities, there exist two teenage girls who had much in common, and yet can not have been more different. Each one has obtained incredible power at a young age, each became a great hero in her own right, and each has kept their identity secret from the public world. On the other hand, the differences between the two are far more pronounced. Buffy Summers comes from a family broken by divorce, and was completely self-absorbed before she received the mystical power of the Vampire Slayer from the death of her predecessor. May “Mayday” Parker comes from a family that has hung together in spite of all the difficulties that have come upon them, and before her powers from her father, the Amazing Spider-man, kicked in, she was someone who could shatter clique barriers and make friends with almost anyone around her. The greatest difference between them, however, was their outlook on life. Buffy’s power and newfound duty tore her out of a life that was completely oblivious to the pains and concerns of others, as well as the larger issues of the world. Although her responsibility transformed her into a hero willing to go to any lengths to defend the weakest of humanity, her lack of choice in the matter gnawed at her soul, beginning a slow downward spiral into despair and hopelessness. May had been trained from childhood that, whatever power she possessed, whatever advantage she gained, she had a responsibility to use it for the good of others. As a result, when she received her powers, she chose the responsibility that went with them, which enabled her to deal much more easily with the troubles and and trials her life forced upon her.

As I observed these two realities, I encountered a new reality that I had never before encountered, a crossing of the previous two. A reality in which vampires, monsters, demons, and forces of darkness roamed the earth, but so too did humans possessing incredible power of a non-mystical nature. Far fewer beings obtained this type of power than in my own universe, but some of them are there. Two such beings were Peter Parker, the Amazing Spider-Man, and Norman Osborn, the Green Goblin. As it happened in Spider-Girl’s reality, Spider-Man’s final battle with the Green Goblin killed Osborn and destroyed Peter’s leg. After that battle, Peter Parker gave up being Spider-Man once and for all to raise his young daughter May. He went through Police Academy and became a police scientist; using the knowledge he had gained over the years to assist the Police in hunting down and capturing the greatest of criminals from the lab. However, it is at this point that the timeline of this universe separates, as far as the Parkers are concerned, from the one with which we are already familiar. After 2 years in New York, Peter was offered a job at the Los Angeles Police Department as a Police scientist in LA. Peter accepted, and he and his family moved to California. Eleven years later, May Parker is going to Hemery High School. During the course of her sophomore year in high school, the man known as Merrick introduces her to her destiny as the Vampire Slayer, just as he had with Buffy in her reality .Up until the destruction of the school gym, events proceed in much the same manner as they did in Buffy’s reality: Merrick’s training, Pike’s rescue, May’s premature encounter with Lothos, Merrick’s death, and Lothos’ attack on the gym. With May being publicly blamed for the destruction of the gym and school parents screaming for her expulsion, Peter requests that his family be moved to a smaller, less urban setting in order to deal with the situation. The LAPD grants his request and moves him and his family to a small town a few miles south of Los Angeles. The name of that town is Sunnydale. As I continue to observe it should be very interesting to find out the answer to the question: What if May “Mayday” Parker became Sunnydale’s Vampire Slayer instead of Buffy Summers?
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