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Summary: Xumanji, Legendary Game of Adventurers and Lost Worlds. In 1987, some kids in Sunnydale play a game. Ten years later, one of them returns from a trip none could have imagined.

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Legendary Game of Adventurers and Lost Worlds 1

Xumanji, Legendary Game of Adventurers and Lost Worlds 1/?

Author: Tohonomike
Disclaimer: All characters belong to their rightful will start off with the Joss/ME characters, though any other characters aren’t mine either and real-life folks are clearly not mine. NO money is involved. None are mine.

This is dedicated to those of you who watch the show.


October 31st, 1997 – 3:30 PM

Willow guided her powered wheelchair into the SHS Library to find her friend Buffy the Vampire Slayer and mentor Rupert Giles looking at something she couldn’t see right away. She’d just come from seeing Amy, the two of them the shunned ‘weirdoes’ of the craziness that happened ten years before on this day. She’d decided to help Giles rework the indexing of the card catalog while Buffy in her Xena costume escorted trick-or-treaters in Snyder’s required duty in half an hour. She could hear both of them discuss something.

“I-it seems to be quite old, and of amazing craftsmanship, Buffy.”

‘It’s a game of some kind Giles. But look at these cool dice,” the blonde slayer in leather said as she handed him a pair of ivories. Willow steered the chair around the table and froze as she saw what they’d discovered and unboxed.

“Oh-no-oh-no-oh-no-oh-god-not-that-thing-again,” she started to babble then with amazing restraint slowed herself down and looked with resolution with her two friends. “That’s the game that took Xander. The one I told you about last year. Just put it away.”

“Willow, um, are you sure?” Giles asked, then at her firm look sighed. “Very well.” He let the dice drop from his hand, and they rolled. They watched as the board piece moved by itself, and a small dark square lit up with a message.

‘Why be in so much of a rush, because a stampede most great on you might crush.’


Willow looked around, but Buffy with her superior senses noted that Giles’ office began to shake, and a rumbling grew from faint to loud. The blonde slayer quickly pushed Willow toward the back of the library as Giles paused for only a moment before following.

The building shook, and the suddenly dozens of jungle beasts, mostly elephants, burst out of the now-destroyed office and poured out the main doors.

After a minute, they move back toward the table, which has remained untouched except for ceiling dust filming it a bit. Giles quietly hands the dice to Buffy. She just drops them onto the board like they’re demons.

“Giles!” she chides as the board begins to move again. This time they look at each other in genuine concern, as Willow freezes between hysteria and fainting.

‘Returns the boy-man from yesteryear, you better step back as the lion’s near.’

Being Sunnydale veterans, the three move back to the other side of the table, none of them letting their hands near the dice.

A roar fills the gap beyond what used to be an office, and a huge feline lands on the floor and spots three prey. It scurries two feet to the left as a shot rang out. The lion leaps at the three and they duck back from the table. Another shot rang out, then silence except for the sound of good-quality boots on the broken glass and splintered wood of what used to be Giles’ office. The predator collapses atop the table, then falls back to the floor.

“That’s one lion that won’t cause Marguerite and Challenger any more grief,” a bronze-skinned muscular big-game hunter with a close-cropped beard and mustache remarked with a light upper-class British accent. The twenty-something man looked around. “Good Lord in Heaven…I’m in Sunnydale again.”

Willow, who’d been gawking at the dead animal right in front of her, looked up in shock when she heard the man’s words.

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