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Free thought drabbles

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Summary: A collection of free writes from the perspectives of or about different Characters in different fandoms. new chapter- thoughts of an antisocial character. warning it's sort of harsh thinking.

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Dru's Boys'

Title: Boys
Pairing: hinted S/X
Warnings: dark twisted rambling. Adult rated for Dark Themes.
Summary: Dru thinks on her boys.

Cold breezes and soft music and I know where he is. Kitten, Kitten, such a naughty thing, never spoken, such sweet bitter dreams and desires. Chocolate and bitter sunshine, all shiny with such pain. But you’ve taken him now, what was mine. They whisper it to me, they scream it at me, I pushed and pushed and I just wanted to be daddy’s sweet girl, but it’s all gone and you have it, but you don’t know it and I miss you. I wonder if I went back you’d take

I twist and turn, and your touch feels like lava on my skin, I crave it like water, like earth and rain. the dark empty places in my head taste like copper. a crying screaming tantrum of insurmountable odds that makes the hollow ACHING feel like lead in my stomach. and I weep. I weep until tomorrow when all the tears are gone, until they come again. the fire is in my insides eating me away and I can feel it all consuming, tangible and bitter like acid in my ears I hear your whispers, from where ever you may be. Chatter, chatter, chatter and everything is ashes because I’ve wandered to far and I can’t feel your touches.

the taste of ashes in my mouth, the hint of copper in the air and I can still feel you like you never left me, and that thought makes me dirty, scrubbing skin and washing my mind and I've pressed to hard and I'm bleeding on my outsides, like I'm bleeding on my insides and it all feels so vague like memories behind a veil, but there’s an ache behind my jaw from holding in the screaming, nausea in my belly and rocks fill up my throat, and I still feel you here with me, picking at my armor.
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