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This story is No. 3 in the series "Elemental Journey". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Hermione is left for dead. Sent by visions, Drusilla rescues her and takes her to Oz. Only Dru knows their roles to play, and she's not telling... yet.

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Harry Potter > Multiple Pairings(Past Donor)CharlotteFR182399,7051110147,5797 Feb 0617 Dec 07Yes

Ch 2 Come Dreams

DISCLAIMER: I don't own any characters relating to either HP or BTVS, those belong to JK Rowling & Joss Whedon, respectively. This story is intended for entertainment purposes only and provides no financial compensation.

Thanks to Sita for beta’ing this for me. Any mistakes left are due to my ‘futzing’ with it.

A/N: I forgot to mention this with the first chapter. This will have two pairings, Hermione/Oz and Drusilla/?. Hermione will be a little OOC since this is an AU and she has been through a traumatic event. Ron and HG have only ever been friends in my version and I haven’t decided about Draco. I am ignoring HBP as is my right as an author. Music is a big influence to my muse, so there will usually be one song per chapter. Con-crit is welcomed. If my other characters become too OOC, please let me know as this is my first!

Thank you to all who reviewed.

2nd Edit: After much debating with myself, I went through and corrected the tenses throughout each chapter. I'm happy with it, and also the additions made to various chapters.

Enjoy, Oh and if so motivated, let me know what you think!

Here we go…




scene breaks


Chapter 2

Come Dreams

Drusilla enlists Oz’s help.

the Smell of Blood was so very strong…

Screaming through to pierce the soul…

Wild brown hair veiling toffee colored eyes…

A choked plea… “Please…”


Oz snorted and rolled over, wondering if the pounding was leftover from his disturbing dream or for real.


‘Huh, well that answered his question.’

Oz rolled out of bed, and pulled on a pair of low-slung sweat pants. In a rolling gait that revealed his true nature, he made his way to the door. Rising to his toes, he looked through the peephole…

“What the…??? Drusilla? What are you doing here?” Oz asked incredulously. The normally stoic lycanthrope was feeling a bit more than agitated at the sight of Drusilla trying to peer back at him through his peephole.

“Princess needs puppy’s help! Sweet siren is broken and needs her white knight.” Dru whimpered. “The stars told me where to find you. Please help her…”

“Drusilla, I’m not about to invite you in. Who is it that needs help?” Oz asked skeptically. He breathed deeply through his nose and smelled blood. “You better not have killed anyone in this building.”

“I brought the wounded bird to you, naughty puppy. The pixies are dancing, singing of your dreams. She is here. Princess is so very hungry… NO, no tea and cakes for me.” Dru crooned to Oz through the door, trying desperately to convince him to open the door. Dru knew she wasn’t making much sense, but in her agitated state she could not calm herself enough to be lucid.

She mumbled to herself, “All will be lost if puppy doesn’t help the music sing. Mean daddy hurt his princess and broke her heart. The stars sang a new song and told Princess to fly back home.” Dru slid down the door and began to rock. “She must be good to get her prezzies. No burning spark for Princess… must prove worthy of her wicked dark knight.”

Oz leaned on the other side of his door, listening to Dru babble on.

‘Drusilla is certainly harder to understand than Willow-babble…’

Oz closed his eyes in anticipation of the pain that usually accompanied thoughts of the young witch from his past.

‘OK, NOT going there again man, she’s happy and lost to you.’

He opened his eyes and realized that it didn’t hurt so much anymore. ‘Huh…’

Dru banged her head on the bottom panel of the door.

“Wicked hound… daydreaming of the little tree when he should be helping his sweet song…” She began to cry in earnest. A nearly silent moan came from the pile of dark cloth lying next to Dru. If not for his enhanced hearing, Oz would have never heard it.

Throwing the door open, Oz watched as Dru bounced off the barrier and jumped gracefully to her feet, a hopeful smile turned to him.

“Princess promises to not hurt the wolf. Please help our treasure?” Dru said as she bounced up and down excitedly. She knew all would be well now that he had opened the door.

Another moan escaped from the cloth-pile again and it shifted, just barely. Oz, with cross in hand, said to Dru, “No wrong moves or you’re dust. Who, or what is that? And why did you come here?”

Very slowly, so she didn’t alarm the wolf, Dru slid over to the bundle and effortlessly picked it up. An arm flopped free and Oz saw a delicate wrist covered in bruises and blood. Dru carefully made her way to the barrier and held out her arms.

“Please take her, she is yours. The stars are crying for you. She will ease your pain.”

Oz realized he was beginning to understand Drusilla’s crazy talk. Kinda disturbing but cool at the same time. He quickly reached out and felt for a pulse. ‘You can’t be too cautious with Drusilla,’ he thought.

Oz decided to take a chance and reached across the threshold to take the bundle from the mad vampiress. It’s a bit heavier than he expected and as he brought the bundle into his home, a head flopped back and Oz sees a face.

Her face.

Images from his dreams overwhelmed him momentarily.

the Smell of Blood so very strong…

Screaming through to pierce the soul…

Wild brown hair veiling toffee colored eyes…

A choked plea… “Please…”

‘Hmmm a little unsettling, how did this girl get from my dream to my doorstep?’ Oz wondered.

Due to the swelling, he can’t see the color of her eyes, but Oz was certain this was the girl from his dream. Hearing her heart flutter, he realized her injuries were quite severe and moved to place her on the futon in the living room. Her moans grew louder and she began to whimper in pain.

Dru leaned on the doorjamb to keep her eyes on Hermione and began to hum. The young woman settled a little at the sound of Dru’s humming so Oz encouraged her to continue. It was puzzling, but he somehow knows instinctively that sending this girl, no … woman, to a hospital would be a death sentence.

Oz sat on the floor in front of the futon and began to meditate. What little magical ability he had was discovered during his training with the Monks in Tibet. It was a limited healing talent and Oz knew he needed to center himself in order to access this ability. As his power rose, he placed his left hand over her forehead and his right over her heart.

Dru began to sway and sing:

Pretty dreams, my baby, wait
Just beyond the Slumber Gate;
Come, dreams,
Come for baby, come;
Come, dreams,
Come for baby, come.

Day is done and night is near,
Off to sleep now, baby dear;
Come, dreams,
Come for baby, come;
Come, dreams,
Come for baby, come.

Now it's time for you to sleep,
Hush now, baby, not a peep;
Come, dreams,
Come to baby, come;
Come, dreams,
Come to baby, come.

She continued to sing as she watched Oz work on the girl.

Oz could feel the healing of her most grievous injuries. Bones knitted, internal injuries closing and concussion fading. Drained, he removed his hands and slumped forward.

‘Huh, that’s never happened before.’ Oz thought right before passing out from the drain of power.

The young woman quieted and slipped deeper into a healing sleep.

Dru stopped singing and released a deep sigh in relief. She quirked her finger at the door, summoning it closed. “It wouldn’t do to have the neighbors peeping in on my sweetlings.” She turned and picked up a blindfolded doll from the other side of the doorjamb.

“Come Miss Edith, Mummy needs tea and cakes.”

* * * * *

The song is Come Dreams
An Old French Lullaby
By L.A.E. Poulsson

Please review and let me know what you think!

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