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The Interview

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Summary: Many years post Season three, the surviving gang talk about their reactons to the split that would cause one of their kind to form an army with one thing in mind- Destroy The Enemy.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-CenteredSilentbobfoleyFR1514,865063,0718 Feb 068 Feb 06No
Disclaimer: BTVS belongs to Joss Whedon (Though he doesn't deserve it), Cyberdyne and John Conner to James Cameron and The design of the GUJ is based on the In'tar from Stargate and belongs to whoever owns that now.

Chapter 1
Sir Rupert Giles

Some people see the full picture when it comes to the future of the world and
some can't see past their own predetermined views of the world when they see
something as wrong. As such the end result can be a hell of a problem if and
when two opposing viewpoints ever meet up when and if this happened explosions
would happen.

That's precisely what happened to Alexander Harris the day his few and only
true friends found out his terrible secret.

Now it’s been a good many years since the disbanding of the Infamous Scooby
gang and the scattering of it's various members to all corners of the world and
to all occupations.

It must be said that one of the most admired and respected was a Mr Alexander
Lavelle Harris, the first of the multitude of people that would become the
Sunnydale Scooby Gang or 'Scoobies' indeed a name coined by Harris himself, to
pledge their selves to the fight against the darkness centred in Sunnydale.

Very little real information is known about the life of 'Xander' Harris or the
reasons behind his assistance in the fight that came close to destroying the
world, his recent believed death has brought to light several files pertaining
to his life before and after the massacre of much of Sunnydale's public and
infrastructure in the summer of 1999.

The public knowledge of the 'underworld' of the demonic sections of the
Earth's surface has also allowed many to personally get involved with the
battles against the enemy.

This has also allowed groups such as the United States 'Initiative' and the
United Kingdom and Commonwealth's Watchers Council, amongst other clandestine
organisations across the world to come to light.

However during the later years most of these were absorbed into the already
established groups such as those previously mentioned, allowing a comprehensive
network of combat stations to be built with the intention of fighting 'Hostile
Sub terrestrials' or more simply 'Demons'.

This disclosure allowed many files on personnel from both sides of the fight
to be used by both military minds and historians to map the immediate timeline
culminating into the closure of several Hellmouths during recent years.

The files of the Watchers Council were found to be the most comprehensive when
it came to information about the stranger phenomena of the later 20th and
earliest years of the 21st centuries and of course about those whom fought the

However even then the actual information about certain members of the 'White
Hats' was still scarce, even with the access to both files and the Watcher's
Diaries of Rupert Giles and Wesley Wyndham Pryce the actual information
revolving around the exploits of Alexander Harris and his immediate allies both
in the months prior and much of the years post Sunnydale are unknown.
However with the recent memorial marking thirty years since the destruction of
Sunnydale and the public revelation about demons and demonic powers, several
members of the former 'Scooby Gang' have come forward to give their views on the
man once hailed as a 'White Knight' or sometimes 'Paladin' by the people he had

Two conflicting versions of the man are held by the group and it is hoped that
the use of both first hand information from the front line combatants, as well
as allies of Mr Harris and secondary information from older files and interviews
with people who knew him and the very rare interviews he gave during his last

The primary information given to us is directly from the former Head of the
Watcher's Council Sir Rupert Giles, Earl of Westminster and creator of the
current incarnation of the Watcher's Council. He is credited with being directly
responsible for the creation of the unilateral rules and regulations of
Human/Demon co-operation against the more 'Evil' of both races.

World News: Good Evening Sir Giles.

Rupert Giles: Good Evening.

WN: It has been Thirty years since the destruction of Sunnydale and the full
disclosure worldwide of the existence of the Demonic presence across the planet.
You and those you have taught have been directly responsible for the continued
war against the enemy. Many people look up to you and your people, as a paradigm
of good for humanity, how difficult is it to live up to your profile.

RG: The biggest problem has been people belief that we are more than human and
more than who we are, I agree that because of who and what we were, we were in
fact more than the sum of our parts but we were all still basically just human.

Buffy's Power as the slayer, Willow's as a top level Wicca amongst others were
still based in little more than a basic human body, the loss of use of any part
of their bodies could still cripple or even kill them. Some people do not
realise that and put each of us up on a pedestal as a potential demi-god.

WN: Since the revelation thousands of troops have swelled the ranks of the
Watcher's council and many more hundreds of thousands have joined the war effort
against the Demonic hordes, there are also those whom believe that the normal
humans should not get involved in what is a job for those whom can take the
enemy on one on one.

RG: The original watchers council had indoctrinated many of their members into
believing that only some such as slayers, Wicca's and some allied demon kinds
should fight and leave the 'civilians' on the sidelines removing them from any
kind of danger.

The rebuilt Council disagreed with these rules and allowed combat groups to
form under their auspices. I had written those rules into the new doctrine
because I myself had seen the myriad peoples of the world freely fight of their
own accord no matter how much some people may have tried to force them to
concede from the fight.

My own slayer Buffy summers was the strongest voice opposed to the inclusion
of the 'normal' humans in the war perhaps due to the problems that she had had
with several humans whom had fought with the forces of light.

WN: I assume you are talking about the 'Paladin'?

RG: And You would be right.

WN: For those readers unsure about the reference, the Paladin was a name used
to describe Alexander Harris, one of the world's foremost Demon hunters and one
of the first of the 'human resistance' against demonkind.

Sir Giles in the many years since Alexander Harris joined the fight very
little is anything is known about him, your own diaries are sparse and his files
with the Council of Watchers, the Initiative and the Library of Heroes are
lacking in much of his exploits yet he is well known and respected by most of
the fighting peoples of the world.

RG: Xander Harris was once best described as a Bull headed, Infantile, child.
However as I got to know the boy I found him to be much more, In my time as a
watcher I have met few men as truly loyal and dedicated as Alexander Harris.

His love for his friends, respect for both allies and the power of his enemies
and lastly his outright refusal to stop his participation on the war made him
quite possibly one of the true heroes of his time. I have fought beside many
whom have been dubbed thus but Xander was one of a kind a human that refused to
quit when things became difficult.

WN: It is said that the reason he no longer fought the fight alongside the
Council and its immediate allies was due to his refusal to conform to the rules.

RG: Bollocks!!

WN: Excuse me.

RG: Excuse me, I'm an old man and my ability to hold my temper has diminished
with the years, Xander Harris is directly responsible for what is currently
written as Council doctrine. There is much that is unwritten about the last few
months of Sunnydale's existence and the resulting schism that resulted in the
problems that arose.

But needless for me to say Alexander Harris is not totally blameless but his
also in no way responsible for all that happened at that time, the few items
written about him from the point of view of the traditionalists skew his true
character completely.

For thirty years I have kept the secrets of Xander Harris I am not long for
this life and with Xander's passing it is time for this information to come out.
The unspoken agreement between all parties that this would not be mentioned has
already been broken by the actions of Buffy Summers and Willow Rosenburg with
their condemnation of Xander's actions in recent years and his refusal to join
the network.
WN: I know that I as well as many others wish to know more of the man whom
fought the war without any powers or support bar that he could acquire from
allies and enemies alike.

RG: Then it's time that the world knew.

Los Angeles
November 1999
Warehouse Six- Cyberdyne systems LA
A massive explosion ripped through the warehouses lining two sides of a long
concourse, the entire row came apart in a fireball to rival that of a small
nuclear weapon.

The holes in the warehouse's walls peer directly into the centre where the
stored munitions were kept, many were destroyed instantly by the thermo baric
blast however those far enough away cooked off destroying more and more boxes of
supplies and weapons and wiping out the entire factory's stockpile.

A group of secondary explosions crippled the factory's production lines and
transport equipment.

With all the commotion and fire from the explosions no one saw three of the
factory's trucks pull away packed to the gills with arms, ammunition and
supplies, all with what seemed to be teenagers at the wheels of each, if anyone
had seen them odds on they would have been terrified.

The three trucks pulled up outside an old decrepit warehouse where another
group were awaiting their arrival, within minutes the stores had been stripped
from the vehicles and the trucks hidden out of sight the first group making
their way back to the hideout.

"How'd it go?" A slightly built young man asked.

The leader of the secondary group removed his black balaclava and ran his
hands through his hair scruffing it up and making him more comfortable.

"We got a hell of a lot of food and medical supplies some ammo for the weapons
as well as a bunch of prototypes I've heard about but not used. What's going on
around here John?"

"Gunn's taken out a group to hit the nest up on 33rd."

"What he take?"

"Flamer, a few grenades and some of the magnesium flares."

"Should be enough."

"Get some sleep Xander You look like you need it."
"K, Separate the equipment and supplies and get it to the other groups and
stashes, we had to pull a load of shit out of the one underneath the church up
at Marlowe Hills."

"Got It, off with ya."

"Night Conner."

"Night Harris."

Residence of Rupert Giles
July 2029
WN: So Xander Harris had been looting and destroying supply caches and
warehouses belonging to Military technology sources as well as the actual
military themselves.

RG: Xander didn't follow the rules at the best of time; he discredited
thousands of years of prophecies on one night, his actions resulted in the
creation of what was thought to be the second slayer line.

He also willingly broke into an army base and stole several weapons needed to
halt a powerful demonic threat, he knew when and where rules stopped and he
could break the lot if he believed it would help, his assistance to the street
kids of LA helped many of them survive the coming war.

WN: Several companies claimed that these terrorist actions by Alexander Harris
and his cohorts were directly responsible for the downfall of their LA branches
and the loss of billions on Military contracts.

RG: It is well known that some of these companies were involved in projects to
subjugate large areas of the human populace or worse destroy others, many were
fronts for the demon population of Los Angeles including several Computer system
manufacturers and weapons research companies, it was more of a blessing than
anything that Alexander's Innate viewpoint allowed him to see who was on the
side of the demons and who were not.

Lost Boys Blockhouse
November 1999
"Ladies and gentlemen this is the GUJ-5, the latest in ordinance from
Cyberdyne industries. The Weapon fires electrified pellets of lightweight
metallic composites which explode on impact like this."

Xander had picked up the weapon, one that looked suspiciously like a
streamlined lighter version of the MP-5, the weapon looked relatively easy to
use the only difference to the original design being a small red light on the
end of the rifle's magazine.

Xander flicked off the safety and fired down the range directly at a demon
shape on the far wall, each of the 'bullets' flared red as they left the gun's
barrel and exploded on impact with the wall- the concrete was undamaged however
the bullets were no more.

"Each bullet can knock out a human for approximately ten to twenty minutes
depending on the person's size, more than one will keep them down longer. The
Magazine holds sixty rounds the same as the Mp5s we have been using against
demons. The red light on the bottom of the magazine reports that the weapon is
powered, armed and there are rounds in the magazine. Once the light has
disappeared it means that a wither a new magazine or energy cell is needed."

He field stripped the weapon to its basic components

"From what I've gathered from the manuals and my own testing the range is
about six hundred metres with an effective range of around three fifty, sixty
rounds with one in the pipe and an infrared scope. The Shell's capability should
allow us to take down most demons with a half mag or so, however I have no idea
if it'll work on a vampire so we'll have to test it sometime in the next few

"We want two of every six man team to be fully qualified and capable in the
use of this weapon, three magazines per man per weapon. Infrared sights will be
used as basic, suppressors and field kits will be supplied if and when needed.”
John chirped in

“Xander and I already know the abilities of these weapons and so will be
training teams as they return, in turn they will be transferred to other groups
around LA to train them in the weapons use."

Xander once again took up the slack, "I know that we are not an army, hell
maybe half a dozen of us know how to really use the kit we have. I know some of
you really don't like this put we're better off organised and running as a group
of mutual assist gangs than alone allowing the enemy to pick us off."

The assembled demon hunters’ mumbled agreements, each of them owed each other
in the group their lives many times over, not something that can be thought of

Few groups outside of full blown military units had the brother (and sister)
hood that the lost boys had, but it had taken people like Xander Harris, Charles
Gunn and John Conner to keep them together and fighting a trait few if any
really had.

"Gunn's back." Shouted one of the younger members of the assembled group of
warriors, a tall and slim but well built Dark skinned teenager walked into the
room his entourage of warriors behind him, he walked straight over to his
nearest bucket and threw up what remained of his dinner straight in.

"What happened?"

"Vamp gang initiation bunch of idiots trying to get themselves turned." A
young Hispanic kid spoke up, "We took out the vamps but the humans tried to get
us. Gunn was forced to blow a hole in one guy's stomach, dumb fucker's still
alive but Gunn's not taking it well."

"No shit. Did I look like that after I did that the first time?"

"You were worse after you killed a human."

Rupert Giles Residence
WN: So he had killed someone at that time?

RG: Much as I regret he was forced to, yes he did kill a human around the end
of 1999. He once told me that the old urban myth about it getting easier with
each one was true, but he never killed an innocent or anyone that didn't deserve
it but he hated the fact he was forced into it by the people he fought.

WN: What about the rumours about his involvement with the apparent murder of
ranking Network officials shortly after he survived several assassination
attempts from the Tarakan Brotherhood.

RG: Very little is known to the watchers council or even to those that
remained close to Xander before his recent demise, If Xander did have anything
to do with the Assassination of Quentin Travers or any of his 'associates' then
he would have had his reasons behind what he did.
He never told me that he had killed Travers but considering his view of the
world he may have done it to protect those who could not protect themselves-
just like he always did.

WN: Several members of the ruling council have expressed their views that even
though Xander Harris may have been doing what he thought was right, he was still
a danger and should have been taken out of the picture many years ago in one way
or another.

RG: Yes during that time the council was split completely down the middle, it
had been well over a decade since Xander had left Sunnydale and begun hunting
solo or with his allies. He was already quite well known by the Council’s
Network for his uncompromising behaviour against both Demons and humans that
actively worked for them.

The detonation of a Thermobaric explosive inside the offices of Wolfram and
Hart now known to have been a centre for demon activity in the United States,
brought the wrath of the council down upon him. The two sides debated and fought
against each other about what to do with the young man if they could find him.

One side acknowledged the fact he was doing what was necessary the other side
still held that a human should not be getting involved in 'Slayer' territory.
*snort* Ten years and they still believed he couldn't fight demonkind.

The unwillingness to take the viewpoint of the other side in any way is what
led to the defection of a large number of teams and resources away from the
network and into Xander’s own hands. Something that was detrimental to Council
functions but of use to the other hunters out there.

WN: But some of that was still rooted in the conflict between Alexander and
his former compatriots in Sunnydale.

RG: Xander's actions were directly responsible for the continued existence of
the human race as we know it, the continued friction between Xander and his
former friends shattered the Scooby Gang into its components.

Even with the return of the Vampire Angel after several months did nothing to
seal the rift even with the Vampire's own belief that Alexander did the right
thing. It was the wholesale refusal to try and see the other side of the
argument that ended up ostracizing Buffy and Willow from most of their allies.

WN: You are speaking of, Daniel Osbourne, Faith Lehane, Wesley Wyndham Pryce,
Cordelia Chase, Liam O'Connell formally the vampire Angelus and yourself.

RG: Each of the members whom agreed with what Xander had done were also those
whom had one reason or another to dislike him due to differing reasons, it
seemed to me then and even now that those whom called him their friend were
those whom were in fact his greatest detractors.

I am saddened to know that even after thirty years and his death, that the two
of them would still not acknowledge that his reasons for what he did was as
right as he believed, fortunately he no longer cared what the others thought
about him.

He believed more than anything that normal men and women of humankind had the
right to make the choices that would affect them directly, Xander used his given
right of free will to make a decision that decision saved many lives over the
years and proved that a human can and will fight to live and to help save those
who need it.

That is not to say that we agreed with everything Alexander did, he made
mistakes and made them often both before and after the incident in Sunnydale-
but again he proved he was only human.

Sunnydale high School
March 1999
Four months, two weeks Pre- incident

"I disagree."

One voice piped up from the massive argument that was encompassing the
library, Daniel Osbourne best known to his friends as Oz brought the entire
conflict to an abrupt halt. The argument had been raging between two sides for
well over three hours, the members of the group turned to the werewolf as if
they expected him to say more.

"Oz?" an angry redhead asked.

"I said I disagree."

"He lied about the retrying of the soul curse to Buffy, he's responsible for
Angel's being sent to hell, Buffy's pain for months afterwards and mine because
he didn't believe I could do it."

"I also do not believe that Alexander would purposely try to hurt anyone, from
time to time he has made mistakes your own indiscretions uncounted Willow." The
Redhead flushed at the words delivered by the librarian.

"Xander may be many things but he is not a traitor nor is he deliberately
cruel to anyone, he made a choice and I stand by that choice I also disagree
that he was motivated by personal feelings about Angelus or anything he had

"Your partly right Giles." A voice piped up from the swinging doors of the
library's main entrance, Xander stood there looking completely unrepentant about
what had happened, he knew the argument was bound to happen sooner or later.

He had lied about the curse and he knew if it came around again he would still
make the same decision, again and again if need be, but a part of him still
questioned how much of what he did was purely self serving and how much was for
the good of all.

"A good part of it was trying to stop Acathla being opened and keeping the
world turning, but I was terrified as well, some of it was my own fear and I'll
admit that hell there may be more to it than that. But I made my choice."

"You Bastard." Screamed Buffy as she tried to launch herself at Xander only to
be held back by a grip that rivalled her own, her sister Slayer Faith held her
arm stopping her attack on the young man, "What the hell are you doing?"

"Boy saved my life B, just returning the favour."

"You know what he did?"

"I've only heard you rant about it for the last three hours so hell yeah I
know what he did and I know others would have done it too, I would have killed
Angelus before hand anyway."

"I'm sorry I lied to you Buffy but I had to make a choice and I think I chose
the right one, Angel was dead, gone and Angelus wasn't him. You loved Angel and
once I would have thought badly of him but he helped me save your life, I didn't
like Angel but I respected him- I hated Angelus and it was him that needed to


"ANGEL WAS DEAD, no heartbeat, no pulse, no breath, no reflection get your
head out of your arse and look, Angelus killed god knows how many people because
you fucked him."

"You were jealous."

"Oh here we go." The male members of the library said

"You were jealous I slept with him that I love him not you."

"G you owe me ten bucks." Said Faith.


"What?" asked Willow

"I bet Jeeves that Buffy would try the old jealousy route when she started
screaming at him, I bet him that she would go on about loving Angel etc. I'd
never believe her, he wouldn't sleep with me when I almost begged him to why
does she think she's special?"

"I thought she might be a bit more grown up." Giles said

The entire repose was interrupted by the sound of meat slamming together and a
crash of metal against skin as Xander flew into the weapons cage closely
followed by Buffy.

"Guess I was wrong." Giles finished.

Buffy stalked to the cage and picked Xander up and threw him across the room
and into the counted cracking the surface and ripping a scream from Xander's
throat as his spine was bent close to breaking, scrambling around him he grasped
the only thing close enough to defend himself with, a broomstick.

As Buffy attempted to get closer she was knocked off her feet by the brush end
slamming into her stomach throwing her across the room and into the table,
shaking her head she tried to attack Xander again, this time getting the broken
handle across the face launching her into the air.

The impact of the wooden handle breaking her jaw and cheekbone at the point of
impact, Xander, his adrenaline spent dropped to the floor in immense pain, he
knew his ribs were cracked and had possible spinal damage and didn't move in
case he was right."

"I never, ever tried to hurt anyone Buffy but you; you chose a vampire, a dead
body animated by evil over humans and especially those who have given everything
to keep you alive. You've now made your decision Buffy and you have to live with
it but understand this.

If you ever choose a vampire or a demon over the lives of your friends and
family or the life of one man over the entire world again, I will kill the pair
of you no matter what and no matter who you are.

The rest of the scoobies were frozen by the whispered words of Xander, his
voice was low and soft but the pure steel behind them chilled every one of them
through to the Marrow.

Even Giles with his years as ripper behind him was terrified of the young man
at that point, each of them had to make the decision there and then who they
would follow now, the group would be torn asunder as it was would they choose
one of the other.

The first to move were Faith and Oz one on each side, Oz caught Xander's eye
and Xander just nodded, he knew Willow would go directly to Buffy's side and
while he may have made a mistake when he got between Oz and Willow, he refused
to try to make the Wolf choose between them again. Willow may go against him but
over twelve years of friendship had left their mark, Oz was a good man.


"I'm here."

"Tell Giles to stay here when I'm gone, there will be need of some sort of
sanity when I'm no longer around."

"We need to get you to a hospital."

"No I'm ok, my back's calming down now, I don't have any damage to my spine."

"No Xander we're going to the Hospital, you looked after me now it's my turn

Rupert Giles Residence
September 2029
WN: That was the point that the slayer line completely left the auspices of
the Watcher's council.

RG: With the departure of Faith that night we lost control of the line, but it
did not in fact matter particularly as Faith survived for a long time
afterwards, Faith refused to return to the Scooby Gang and in her own words said
'If she can do that to X- the one guy who saved her life and was willing to die
to save her and the others, what the hell would she do to me If I got in the

Faith had found it difficult to trust anyone or anything in her life and
Xander was one of the few; It's possible it was her death that spurred him on
over the years to continue the fight.

That night was the second to last time the entire group were assembled in one
place and a night I wish I could have changed, I lost a friend and a son that
night but I was one of the fortunate few he kept in touch with.

WN: This interview with Rupert Giles was interrupted here by a request from
the council for Sir Giles to return to Council Headquarters as quickly as
possible; the interview was never completed as a result of Sir Giles' death one
week later on his ninetieth birthday.

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Interview" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 8 Feb 06.

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