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The Story

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Summary: Gabrielle Delacour finds out the cursed story of her clan. One-shot ficlette.

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Harry Potter > Angel-CenteredPauletteFR131441021,2748 Feb 068 Feb 06Yes
Title: The Story
Author: Paulette aka Cooper_666
Disclaimer: not mine
Summary: Gabrielle Delacour finds out the cursed story of her clan. Xover with AtS
A/N: I was caffeinated and bored, what can I say?


“Non, petite fille, you will listen to this,” Grand-mère ordered, glaring at her.

Gabrielle sat back down next to Fleur and glared back. They had heard the same story every time they visited, and each time, it was drilled into that much more, despite its age.

“This vampire called us gypsies! Gypsies! We knew he was prowling around our camp and Chantelle and I were scared for our lives, but our concerns were waved off as teenage fantasies.” Grand-mère continued, “But that night, our fears came true. The vampire stole into our camp and kidnapped one of our own, Chantelle’s sister.”

Fleur nodded politely, “And what did your camp do, Grand-mère?”

Gabrielle rolled her eyes. Why Fleur continually encouraged the old chauve-souris was beyond her.

“Our elders flew into a panic and tried to fool the vampire into giving her up, using every trick they knew, but it was not enough,” Grand-mère said gravely, “finally, he tossed back her body, naked, bloody and dead, and so our most powerful witch created a curse that would damn the vampire with a soul, so he would be tortured by his guilt for the remainder of his existence.”

“And now we get to hunt him down and shoot him with a stick,” Gabrielle deadpanned restlessly, “We know, Grand-mère, you have told this story before.”

Grand-mère’s eyes flared, “Your impatience is not tolerable, petite fille, one day, it will fall on your shoulders to pass on our history so that it will never be forgotten.”

“And if it is forgotten? Grand-mère, you claimed you lived it, but if so then you would know the name of the vampire that apparently is cursed. And yet you have never told us and refuse to. Your story has holes,” Gabrielle said dryly.

“To speak his name is to be cursed!” Grand-mère said heatedly, “I have told you that before and yet you never listen, petite fille, that is why I must repeat and repeat our story!”

Gabrielle rolled her eyes, “Bon, bon, grand-mère, have it your way.”

Fleur coughed slightly, smiling, “Ahh, perhaps we should go have some dessert, non?”

Gabrielle stalked out of the room, not bothering to swing her hips like she’d been taught. One of these days, she would find out the name of the vampire. Then perhaps, something could be done so that Grand-mère would never have to tell her story again.


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The End

You have reached the end of "The Story". This story is complete.

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