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Thirty Days

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Summary: Hermione gets to deal with Harmony for thirty days thanks to an exchange program. Ficlette, FFA # 1633

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Harry Potter > GeneralPauletteFR131426038688 Feb 068 Feb 06Yes
Title: Thirty Days
Author: Paulette aka Cooper_666
Disclaimer: not mine
Summary: Hermione gets to deal with Harmony for thirty days thanks to an exchange program. FFA # 1633
A/N: hehehehe…. I’m so sorry.

"Oh my God!” Harmony crowed, giggling. “This is like, so cool!”

Hermione pursed her lips silently. Months ago, McGonagall had offered her a one-time deal, an exchange trip with an American non-muggle. She hadn’t realized at the time that non-muggle didn’t necessarily mean witch. Harmony would spend two weeks at Hogwarts, mostly in DaDA classes, and then Hermione would go down to Los Angeles and live with Harmony for another fortnight. It had seemed like a lifetime opportunity…

“I’m not nearly as appreciated as I should be back home, but once everybody hears about this place, I’ll be the talk around the blood cooler!” Harmony gushed as she, for the fifth time, waited for the stairs to move back into place for the sake of pure enjoyment.

“Oh, really.” Hermione replied monotonously. It was only their first day together; perhaps Harmony had drunk some bad blood on the flight over… The more likely possibility loomed over her: she was going to spend the next month with a ditz.

“It’s horrible really,” Harmony sulked, “They just don’t realize how valuable a part I play in the daily workings of things. It’s like they don’t even want me there!”

I know the feeling, Hermione thought, as they made their way towards the dungeons, “This is where Potions classes are; Professor Snape teaches them.”

“Who’s he?”

“The Potions Master.” Hermione replied, grinding her teeth.

“Is he hot?”

Hermione froze and turned around to look at Harmony, “What did you just say?”

“Miss Granger,” a voice hollered from inside the nearest classroom. Professor Snape strode out, his robes billowing around him, “Why did not attend class today? I assume you didn’t have more important things to do.”

“Hubba Bubba!” Harmony said, taking in the professor.

Hermione cringed, “No, Professor, let me introduce Harmony Kendall. She will be staying at Hogwarts for the next two weeks; I was meeting her at the airport during class with the Headmaster.”

Snape narrowed his eyes on Harmony, “You’re a vampire,” he stated, “I could use some of your blood in potions.”

“Anytime, darling,” Harmony leered.

Snape whirled back into the classroom and slammed the door in their faces. Hermione sighed. Why did these things always happen to her?

“Damn,” Harmony purred, “He’s sexy. Looks like the next two weeks are going to be more interesting than I thought!”

Thirty more days, Hermione thought, thirty more days and not a moment longer…

The End

You have reached the end of "Thirty Days". This story is complete.

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