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Never More Than You Are

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Summary: Never asked you to be more than what you are, I like you just fine. Jayne/Kaylee

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Firefly > Non-BtVS/AtS StoriesJmariaFR1551,375053,4809 Feb 068 Mar 06Yes

Keep Me Safe

Title: Keep Me Safe
Author: jmaria
Theme: Commitment
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Joss is Boss, he owns them.
Pairing: Jayne Cobb/Kaylee Frye
Summary: Little packages with big answers.
Words: 249
Notes: Set Au-The Message - after the catwalk scene.

Keep Me Safe

They’d been fightin’ again when Mal’s dead army buddy showed up. She’d been miffed when he’d gotten a wave from one of his girls, and decided to let herself get bogged down by the dead soldier’s sad story. She wished it hadn’t a gone down the way it had, and she felt all kinds of sad for him.

“You okay?” Jayne said, his hand still on her hip as he pushed her safely behind him.

She could only nod that she was okay. Later, during the funeral Jayne kept his distance, letting Simon and Mal comfort her. It hurt and confused her. Jayne was in the lounge when she caught up with him that night.

“Jayne, what’s goin’ on? You didn’t come to the engine room, and I -”

“I got a package from my ma this mornin’” Jayne cut her off. Kaylee smiled as she remembered the orange hat he’d proudly worn. “She had this fer me. I guess it’s fer you.”

He held out a small tightly woven pouch. Kaylee frowned at it, but took it anyway. she peered inside of it, her hands shaking when she saw what was inside. A silver charm hung on a thin pink leather cord. It was a replica of Serenity’s engine, engraved on the back were the letters K.L.F.C


“Will ya?” His head was down, his fingers playing with his hat.

“Are you askin’?” Kaylee bit back a smile, knowing her answer was yes no matter what he said..

The End

You have reached the end of "Never More Than You Are". This story is complete.

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