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Right Hand, Meet Left Hand

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Summary: Challenge#952- 20 minutes with Riley, a Threshold crossover

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Television > ThresholdselkieFR131504021,1119 Feb 069 Feb 06Yes
Disclaimer: not my shows, not my intellectual property. I'm just borrowing them a bit and will return them when I'm done with them.
Challenge: 952- 20 minutes with Riley

Right Hand, Meet Left Hand


"Don't tell me this is your first time stopping an apocalypse." Riley softly grumbled to the two strange men who also worked for some shadowy part of the government. They were creeping through a warehouse following up on what he thought was supposed to be a vampire ritual to release the powers of hell. What the other guys were looking for, he didn't know. He had just been told to play nice with them on this investigation.

"Now that you mention it, it's usually more small scale." Lucas said.

"So you're a linguist?" Riley said, trying to be friendly.

"Among other things."

"A question for you then. My friends always did want to know what the plural of apocalypse was supposed to be."

"You're saying you deal with these things on a regular basis?" Ramsey said.

"Someone has to." Riley said.

"You probably even volunteered for it."

"Wanted to serve my country and all." Riley said.

"Save me from the idealists, please." Ramsey said. From across the room, they could hear chanting start to begin.

"Show is starting." Riley said.

"Quiet then. We want to be able to hear what they're saying." Ramsey ordered.

"I just need to get Sonya on the line. She's our expert on demon languages." he said, switching channels on his headset microphone so their translation office could hear the chanting. "And go to Sonya."

The chanting went on for a few minutes before Ramsey spoke again.

"Good grief, you people really do need to fire your translation department. Clear as day that they're saying that the blood of the sacrifice needs to pass through the crystal goblet before it's suitable to use to open the gateway," Ramsey snapped.

"Hear that guys, open fire on the goblet. If it's smashed, we will not have portal activation." Riley ordered into his headset.

One of the other snipers on his team drew a bead on the goblet, and fired. As it splintered, the two vampires charged toward the sniper's hiding spot, but Riley stepped from the shadows and intercepted them, dusting them quickly.

"That was something new even for us." Lucas admitted.

"How did you know what they were saying? How did you figure it out so quickly?"

"Ramsey may want you to think it was on the spot, but we got ahold of some wiretapping records with the language on it a few hours ago, so he had some lead time to figure out the basics."

"Verb structure was a bit weird." Ramsey said. "So there really are vampires?"

"Those were vampires you killed?" Lucas said.

"Yeah, vampires. I take care of things that go bump in the night. And you guys?"

"Can't talk about it right now."

"Yeah, I know how that goes. But if it's looking like you run into something that's more my area than yours, give me a call." he said, pulling a card from his wallet that had no name on it, only a single phone number.

The End

You have reached the end of "Right Hand, Meet Left Hand". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking