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Island of the Lost

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Summary: Xander finds himself on the island with the other survivors. The decision he makes now will affect his future.

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Television > Lost(Site Founder)JinniFR151487182,60510 Feb 0610 Feb 06Yes
Title: Island of the Lost
Author: Jinni (
Rated: FR15
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Everything remains in the hands of who owns it. Lost to the Lost people. BtVS to the BtVS people.
Note: For penyn_1600 on LJ.


He didn't like this place.

Mostly, that was because it was an island in the apparent middle of nowhere that was completely unlocatable by technological or magical means. He'd figured this out by the fact that no one - not even Willow and the rest of the crew - had come looking for them.

"This sucks," Xander muttered, kicking at a seashell that had washed up on the shore. It was a pretty kind of sucky-place, that much he could admit.

The uber-wigsome things that lurked in the jungle were sort of frightening in a Sunnydale kind of way, though.

But what sucked the most was the people he was stranded with. They were... well... just about useless. Cordelia-Prom-Queen type useless.

Except for that Locke guy. He was scary.

Take Jack for instance - sure, he was a doctor and that was a big 'yay', given that they were in a plane crash and people were hurt and stuff. And it seemed sort of like he was going to step up and take the role of 'tribe leader' in their little game of real-life Survivor. But, wow, he didn't like to make decisions.

Then there was his little would-be girlfriend. Kate. Currently, Xander was thinking 'demon' in his head everytime he saw her. She was just too....too... something. Too eager. Too smile-y. Too immediately liked by any man that got within a three foot radius of her.

To that effect, Xander had been doing his best to keep as far from the demonic Kate as possible. If she was casting a spell on all these suckers, he wasn't going to get caught up in it. No more demon women for him.

Sawyer - useless.

Shannon - useless squared.

Boone - useless whenever Shannon was around.

Michael - so caught up in trying to be a 'daddy' that he was nothing more than a waste of space.

And the list went on and on.

Oh, they weren't bad people, they'd just obviously never had to fend for themselves before in their entire lives.

But he had. He'd survived years of living with his mom and dad. He'd survived in Sunnyhell and then in the resulting chaos that ensued after it fell into the ground.

Yes, he was a survivor.

Hell, he'd even watched the damn show, which was more than he could say for these people.

With a sigh, Xander picked up his backpack and gave one last look at the ragtag group of misfits that made up his fellow survivors.

And then he turned and walked into the forest. With a little ingenuity, he could have himself a nice little treehouse built. One eyed and alone - he was still better off by than if he stayed here with these people.


The End

You have reached the end of "Island of the Lost". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking