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Teen Titans

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Summary: It starts with a simple bite from a monkey in a zoo.

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Teen Titans

Disclaimer: I Don't Own Any Of The Characters, Except Nick And Ash, Joss Whedon, DC Comics, Stan Lee, Stephen J. Cannell, And Whoever Created The Crow Do.
Setting: 1st Season of Buffy, beginning of the 3rd Season of Smallville, and whatever season of X-Men Evolution, the rest is AU.
Summary: It starts with a simple bite from a monkey in a zoo.
Rating: FR21. For language, violence, blood and guts, and sexual content.
Pairings: FIND OUT.
Authors Note: I didn't know Xanders mom's name so I made one up, and his mom and dad are not drunks. Joyce and Dawn found out that Buffy's the Vampire Slayer in 'The Witch'. Dawn might or might not be the Key. Penhall, Hoffs, Hanson, Ioki, and Fuller show up in Sunnydale following a high school murderer.


Chapter 1
It's Easy Being Green

Three teenagers, a boy and two girls, were walking around the town’s zoo, on a field trip, talking.
"That's not what I meant Buff." the tall brunette male said as he looked down at the short blonde girl on his right side.
"Then what did you mean Xand?" Buffy asked as she looked up at her tall friend.
"I mean, why don't you ask Giles if he could train us with you Buff." Xander said as he headed to the primate house.
"I don't know Xander, I'm not as physical as you and Buffy." the short redhead girl, on his left side, said as she looked down at the ground, letting her hair fall down to cover her face.
"I know Wills, but we could still use the training though." Xander said as he went into the primate house.
Willow looked up from the ground to say something, when she noticed a poster on the wall she headed to the poster. "Hey guys, look at this." Willow said as she pointed to the poster. Buffy and Xander stopped their conversation to see what Willow wanted, when they saw her pointing to a poster they headed over to take a look at it.
"A green monkey?" Buffy asked in wonderment as she stared at the poster.
"Looks like a poster monkey for green food coloring." Xander quipped as he looked at the poster.
"Yeah, but it's from the near extinct rainforest in Upper Lumumba, they say that it's resilent to disease." Willow said as she turned away from the poster and started walking to one of the nearest monkey exhibits.
Xander opened his mouth to say something when a loud screeching sound stopped him. All three turned and stared as a little green monkey came running at them full speed. Buffy walked to where the monkey should pass by them, to try to catch it. When the monkey was about four feet away from Buffy, it jumped about two feet to the left, out of the way of Buffy's reach as she bent down and tried to grab it, and ran past her and ran towards Xander. As it was passing him, Xander bent down and grabbed it by the tail and stood straight back up with the green monkey hanging upside down screeching.
"See Buff how hard was that?" Xander asked as he looked over at Buffy, who just glared mockingly at him, just as he said that he felt a sharp biting pain in his hand,when he looked down he saw the monkey release his hand from it's mouth and started to struggle more, "Hey, no biting the Xander, little monkey." he said as he looked up to see some of the zoo people coming his way. Buffy and Willow run over to him to see if their friend was alright.
"Xander are you all right, because if you're not then we should get you to the hospital." Willow said as she started to babble. Xander looked at Willow and shook his head smiling at the Willowbabble.
"Wills, I think he's okay." Buffy said as the zoo people came up to them with a meduim sized cage, "Thank you for catching the little darling." a Lady, that looked to be the head of the primate house said as one of the guards took the monkey from Xander and put it in the cage.
"Young man, you might want that checked out." a Man in a lab coat said as he noticed the blood coming from Xander's hand. At that all the zoo guards and the lady looked at Xanders hand and saw the blood from the bite. The lady took Xanders hand in hers to check the wound.
"You might want to go to the hospital after this and get it checked out." the Lady said as she looked at Xander in the eyes and took a handkerchief out of her pocket and wrapped around Xanders hand.
Xander nodded his head and turned to go out of the primate house, what no one noticed was one of the zoo keepers glaring at Xanders back. When Xander, Willow and Buffy walked out of the monkey exhibits they ran into Princepal Flutie.
"And where have you three been, it's time for us to go back to the school." Princepal Flutie said as he herded the three teenagers to the bus to go back to the high school, when they got back to the high school they were so busy getting ready to go home that Xander forgot about the bite that the green monkey did and headed home for the weekend.


About three blocks away from his house Xander started to feel dizzy. When he got home it felt like he was on fire. Xander opened the door to his house and stumbled in and closed the door with a slam, "Alexander is that you?" Xander heard his mom asking from the kitchen.
"Yeah Mom." Xander mumbled loud enough for her to hear him all the way into the kitchen and then headed up the stairs to his room. His Mom came out of the kitchen to see Xander slumping up the stairs. When he got to his bedroom, Xander tossed his book bag on the floor, then flopped onto his bed with a sigh, and closed his eyes. When he opened his eyes it was past nine o'clock, "Oh shit, Buff's going to kill me." Xander said as he stumbled to his feet, grabbed a few stakes, two crosses, and a bottle of holy water, and out of his bedroom, down the stairs and out of his house.


He had come to Restfield cemetary when he heard the sounds of a struggle, Xander crept past the cemetary gates to see a vampire trying to drain a young brunette girl. Xander, recognized the girl as Buffy's little sister Dawn, watched as the vamp tried to sink his fangs into the girl, waiting for it to turn it's back towards him. He got the chance to, when the vamp and the girl turned away, he snuck up and plunge his stake into the vamps heart dusting it immedately.
"Thank God." Dawn said as she turned around and noticed Xander, "Um, hi Xander, where'd that vamp go?" Dawn asked as she looked around.
"" Xander panted as he tried to catch his breath.
"Uh, Xander are you all right?" Dawn asked as she looked up at him with a worried expression on her face.
"Yeah, just feel a little sluggish tonight, Dawn Patrol." Xander said as he leaned against a tombstone.
"I think you need to lay down Xander," Dawn said as she reached her hand up and put it on his forehead, "because it feels like you're burning up."
"I'm fine Dawnie," Xander said as he pushed off the tombstone and started out of the cemetary, "let's get you home, before Buffy finds out okay."
"Okay, but when we get there you should have Mom check you out." Dawn said as she followed Xander out of the cemetary.
"Like I said I'm fine." Xander said as he leaned against a tree a few blocks away from the cemetary.
"Xander, what do you think Buffy would do if she saw you like this?" Dawn asked as she looked back at him.
"I don't know, what?" Xander asked as he pushed off the tree and resumed walking towards Buffy's house.
"First of all she would kick your butt for being out of bed, then she would drag your butt back to your house to put you to bed." Dawn said as she ran to catch up to Xander.
"Fine after I drop you off, I'll go home." Xander said as he turned on to Revello Drive.
"Good." Dawn said as she looked up at Xander.
"By the way, what where you doing out at night anyway?" Xander asked as he stopped at the walkway of Buffy's house.
"I was at Janice's house working on home work when I lost track of time, her parents weren't there so I figured that I could get home safely, with out running into any vamps." Dawn said as she and Xander walked up the porch steps. Before Xander could open the door, it was wretched opend to reveal Joyce Summers, mother to Buffy and Dawn.
"Oh, there you are, Janice called a few minutes ago saying that you were on your way home," Joyce said as she looked over to the boy that was leaning against the porch railing, "Xander are you all right, you don't look like you should be up and walking around at all."
"Don't worry Miss. Summers, I'm headed home right now." Xander said as he turned to leave but toppled over in pain.
"Xander!" Joyce and Dawn yelled as they ran the few steps to Xander, to see if he was alright. "We need to get him to the hospital right now." Joyce said as she started to pick Xander up.
"No, no hospitals Mrs. Summers," Xander said as the pain in his body subsided for now, "My Mom works at the hospital."
"Then where do you want to go Xander." Joyce asked as she looked down at one of her oldest daughters friends.
"The couch would be perfect." Xander said as he started to stand.
"Okay, we'll put you on the couch then." Joyce said as she grabbed a hold of one of his arms, while Dawn grabbed the other one. They then led Xander into the house and onto the couch in the living room.
"Mom, do you want me to call Buffy?" Dawn asked as she and her Mom set Xander gently on the couch.
"Yes, call Buffy and have her get here as so as possible, tell somethings wrong with Xander." Joyce said as she felt Xander's forehead. Dawn went into the kitchen to call Buffy.
"So c-c-c-c-cold." Xander stammered out as he began to shake.
"I'll go get some blankets for you, alright." Joyce said as she looked down at Xander. She stood up and left the living room. Through the cold, that he felt, Xander heard arguing coming from the kitchen.
"I'm serious Buffy he's right here laying down on the couch."
"He didn't want us to take him to the hospital."
"Well, what's more important this new Big Bad or Xander?" Dawn asked as she paced back and forth, before Dawn heard Buffy's reply Ainhuman scream of pain came from the living room, without thinking Dawn dropped the phone and ran into the living room right as Joyce ran down the stairs, they colided in the door way of the living room for a moment, then ran to Xander's side, who was arching up as if he were in a mass amount of pain. Dawn and Joyce tried to get him to lay back down.


"Dawn, Dawn, Dawn pick up the phone." Buffy said as she became aggravated at her little sister. Buffy had just taking the phone away from her ear when she heard an inhuman scream. With that Buffy shifted from annoyed big sister to the Slayer in a flash, she dropped the phone and ran out of the high school library, like a bat out of hell.
"Can't right now, somethings at my house!" Buffy yelled before the doors to the library closed behind her. Willow, Giles, Angel, and Amy looked at each other for a minute before grabbing up some weapons and following Buffy out in a hurry, trying to catch up to her.


"Come on Xander, you can fight through this."Joyce said as she and Dawn tried to get Xander's back flat down on the couch. Joyce and Dawn were to busy with Xander that they didn't hear the front door slam open and in ran Buffy and Angel hardly out of breath, with the others bringing up the rear panting for breath. Buffy ran into the living room to see what was going on, and saw her best male friend in pain and screaming as if he were being tortured. Buffy heard a couple of gasps from behind her, knowing that they came from Willow and Amy.
"Mom what the hell is going on!" Buffy yelled over Xander's screaming.
Joyce turned around to see her oldest daughter and her other friends behind her and Dawn, she motioned Buffy and Angel over to see if they could get Xander's back flat on the couch, when they succeeded Xander started to calm down, he eventually fell asleep. When Joyce was sure that he was asleep she started telling Buffy what she knew. "I don't know, all I know is that Xander brought Dawn home and he was about to leave when fell down in pain, so we brought him in and layed him down on the couch, I had Dawn call you to get you over here, when she left, Xander said that he was cold so I went up to get a couple of blankets to warm him up, I was half way to the stairs when I heard him start screaming in pain, so I ran down the stairs, Dawnie and I bumped into each other, we then both ran over to Xander to try to keep him down, because it looked as if he was trying to break his back."
"Alright I think we should take shifts in watching Xander." Giles said as he took off his glasses and started to clean them off.
"I agree." Angel said as he looked down at his so-called friend.
"I will get some more blankets set up in here and ine Buffy's and Dawn's rooms." Joyce said as she got up off the floor and headed upstairs.
"Do I get to help?" Dawn asked as she looked back at her sister.
"I guess you can." Buffy said as she took a hold of Xander's hand.
"What about school?" Amy asked as she looked round the room at her friends.
"I will let Princepal Flutie know that a mutual friend is deathly ill, I think that should cover it." Giles said as he put his glasses back on.
"Who takes first watch?" Willow said as she looked down at her life-long friend.
"I will," Joyce said as she came down the stairs, "then at 11:00 I will wake up Angel, he will then wake up Rupert at 12:00, Rupert will then wake up Buffy at 1:00, she will wake up Willow at 2:00, Willow will wake up Amy at 3:00, Amy will then wake Dawn up at 4:00 until about 5:00, after that we will all watch him when we all wake up." Everybody just looked up at Joyce in amazed shock.
"I agree." Buffy said as she got up off the floor, Willow, Dawn and Amy followed her example and they all headed up the stairs. Joyce hand Giles and Angel some blankets to cover up in.
"You two might want to get some sleep." Joyce said as she pulled a chair up to the couch and sat down. Giles and Angel took their coats off and chose a chair to sleep in. Joyce leaned forward and rested her head on her clasped hands. Five minutes later she raised her head up as she heard Xander shifted around, Joyce squinted her eyes as she thought that Xander's skin looked a little green, when she closed her eyes and opened them Xander's skin looked normal.


As Buffy slept she dreamed, and in the dream she saw flashes of people, some she knew and most she didn't. One was of Xander but he was entirely green, Buffy then saw him change from himself to a whole lot of animals. One was of Angel, who was just standing there. One was of a black guy with machine parts, except half of his head and chest and some of his arms. One was of Willow, though Buffy sensed something was different with her. One was of a girl with orange hair and skin, her eyes were all green and she was wearing a skimpy purple suit. One was of a guy with dark brown hair, though he looked normal Buffy could sense that he wasn't. One was of a blonde girl and she was the same as the guy before totally normal but not. One was of a guy that looked like Bruce Wayne, in another flash she saw him get a suit on piece by piece and when he was done, he was wearing a flexible suit with a bat on his chest. One was of a guy that was wearing a suit like Obi-Wan wore in Star Wars and had a golden colored lightsaber in his hand. One was of a guy, that she had seen around school, turning into a werewolf. One was of Amy, but Buffy sensed that she was a little powerful. One was of a Oriental looking girl wearing what looked like bracers and whip. One was of pale looking guy in a black leather outfit with a crow perched on his shoulder. One was of girl in a black leather out with what looked like a wolf mask on. One was of a guy with dirty blonde hair crouching when all of a sudden Buffy saw what looked like his tongue shoot out and grabbed a fly. One was of a black girl holding a stake, Buffy sensed that she was the girl that would take the mantle of The Slayer, when Buffy died. One was of a brunette girl and as Buffy watched her she slowly turned into an upright female tiger. One was of Cordelia, and in a flash she also suited up in a flexible suit with a bat on the chest. One was of a blue fuzzy looking demon, but when he pushed a button on the watch that he was wearing he shimmered and looked normal. One was of another girl in a leather outfit though she was wearing a cat mask. One was of her cousin Alex, though his hands were glowing. One was of a long haired blonde girl that slowly turned invisible. One was of another black guy but he was wearing a green ring and was surrounded by a green glowing arua. In the next flash Buffy couldn't make out anybody, but she slowly saw the out line of a girl that she had seen at school. One was of a girl wearing a black and red leather outfit with her hands glowing blue. One was of a purple haired girl with a small jewel in her forehead and she was wearing a purple cloak, her hands were surrounded in black. One was of a brown haired guy, and in a flash he suited up in a red suit with a lighting bolt on the chest. One was of a blonde girl with pointed ears with a cat sitting at her feet. One was of Dawn who was surrounded by green sparkles. And one was of her holding a stake loosely in her hand. The last flash that she had was of all of them standing in front of a tower in the shape of a 'T'. Buffy shot straight up in her bed covered in a thin layer of sweat. Buffy looked towards her door when it opened and Giles's head popped in.
"Ah, you're awake," Giles said as he walked into his slayer's room and studied her face, "are you all right Buffy?"
"I don't know Giles, I had the most strangest dream ever," Buffy said as she threw the covers off of her stood up, "is it my turn to watch Xander?"
"Yes it is." Giles said as he took off his glasses and cleaned them.
"Well I guess I should take my turn." Buffy said as she head out of her room followed closely by Giles, who closed her door. When Buffy got down to the living room, she took the chair that her Mom used. "See you in the morning Giles."
"You to Buffy." Giles said as he got settled back into his chair and fell asleep immedately.
Buffy looked over at her watcher and just shook her head smiling, when she turned back to Xander, she closed her eyes and opened them back up only to see that Xander's hair and his skin had a green tint to it. "Looks like you're in for some changes Xand." Buffy said as she took her best friends hand in hers and rubbed with her other hand.
At exactly 2:00 Buffy woke Willow up.
"How is he doing Buffy?" Willow groggily asked as she got out of Buffy's bed.
"His skin and hair have a green tint to them." Buffy said as she looked at Willow, who had started to cry sotfly at Buffy's news, Buffy walked around her bed and wrapped Willow in a hug.
"Don't worry Wills, I don't think that he'll die." Buffy said gently in Willows ear.
Willow pulled back to look at her best friend, "How do you know?"
"When I was asleep, I geuss you would say that I had the strangest dream. In all, including you, Xander, Amy, my cousin Alex, Angel, Dawn, and me, there where 30 of us all together." Buffy said as she thought about it some more.
"Did Xander look normal at least?" Willow asked, with a hopeful look.
Buffy snapped out of her thoughts and looked at her friend, "Well, he was Xander-shaped, though he was sort of bright green, but don't worry he was looking fine and dandy in my dream."
"All right, see you in the morning." Willow said as she pulled out of Buffy's arms and head to the living room, Buffy went to her door and closed it gently.


A dull pain in the back of his head, was what woke him up.Xander opened eyes and immedately closed them from the bright sunlight, Xander reopened them to slits. Where am I. Xander thought as he sat up. I'm not at home, doesn't look like Willow's either. Wait, last thing I remember was going to Buffy's house to drop off Dawn. Xander turned his head to look around the room and noticed Giles asleep in his chair. Fell asleep during 'Watch over Xander'. Xander chuckled at that thought. Giles stirred then went back to sleep. Xander pushed the blankets off of him and stood up, Time to use the bathroom. Xander thought as he slowly walked around Giles chair and headed up the stairs to use the bathroom. When he reached the bathroom he left the light off so that it wouldn't hurt his eyes. When he finished, he flushed the toilet and head to the sink, he was almost done when he looked down.
Everyone that was asleep woke up with a jolt of shock when they heard the yell. Everyone jumped out of their beds and ran to where they heard the yell, which was the upstairs bathroom. Since Joyce, Buffy, Willow, Dawn, and Amy where the first ones to the bathroom. When they saw Xander they gasped, for before them was a green colored Xander.
"Oh boy." Buffy said as she stared at her Xander-shaped friend.
"You can say that again Buff." Xander said as he looked at his hands and arms and just shook his head. "What happened?"
"We have no idea Xander." Joyce said.
"Oh, good Lord." Giles said as he saw Xander.
"That can't be good." Angel said as he looked into the bathroom.
"No Duh, Deadboy." Xander said as he wrinkled his nose.
"What's the matter Xander?" Dawn asked as she looked at him.
"Don't take this the wrong way or anything Angel, but you need to take a bath man, you reek of death." Xander said as he waved his hand in front of his nose.
Everyone looked at Xander with confusion.
Xander just shook his head, "Never mind."
"Wait, when you say I smell like death, what do you mean?" Angel asked as everyone looked between Angel and Xander.
"What I mean Captain Hair-gel is that YOU SMELL DIED!" Xander yelled in aggravation at everyones confusion.
"Wait, I got it, I think. What Xander's trying to say is that his sense of smell must have been heightened, right?" Dawn asked as she looked around at the everyone,
"Thank you God." Xander said as he raised his hands up in the air and then let them drop down. Everybody laughed at that.
"At least my dream was correct." Buffy said as she started to pushed past everyone.
"What do you mean Buffy?" Joyce asked as everyone, including Xander, stared at Buffy's back.
"Great," Buffy said as she took a breath, without turning around she started to tell them about her dream, "To begin with, in all, including Xander, Willow, Amy, Angel, Alex, and me there where 29 of us all together. Any questions so far?"
"Yeah, how did you know Xander was going to be all right?" Giles asked as he took off his glasses and started to clean them.
"It wasn't actually a dream, more of a lot of flashes of people that I knew and most I didn't. The first one was of Xander standing there green from head to toe, but what startled me was the fact that he changed from one animal to another without even blinking, it was like," Buffy sighs as she tries to put the next part into words, "like he had been doing it for awhile, like he was good at it, or something." Buffy said as she turned around to face her friends and family. "Look this is going to take awhile can we go down to the living room?"
"Sure thing Buffy." Joyce said as she walked over to her daughter and put her arm around her shoulders and they both started down the stairs, closely followed by the others.
Buffy sat down on the couch, and sighed, she waited for everyone was sitting down. "The second flash I got was of Angel, but there was nothing different about him, he was still himself." Buffy said as she looked around, for she was the only one that knew he was a vampire. "The third flash was of Willow, from what I sensed, she was different, it didn't have anything to do with magic or anything, I think. she just felt different is all." Buffy said as she looked at Willow with a sheepish expression.
"Anything else?" Angel asked as he looked at Buffy with concern.
"Yeah, I had two flashes of two different black guys, and let me tell you, one was mostly a machine. The other guy was wearing a green ring and was surrounded by a green arua."
"Was it a magical arua?" Amy asked as she slid her hand in to Angels hand, no one saw this but Buffy, and she wasn't going to ruin Amy's happiness.
"I don't think so," Buffy said as she scrunched her face up in concentration, "I think it had to deal with the ring he was wearing." Buffy said as she looked up at Amy.
"Anything else that you can remember?" Giles asked as he rubbed the bridge of his nose.
"One flash was of a girl with orange hair and skin, with pure green eyes. The weird thing is that she didn't feel like a demon of any kind at all." Buffy said as she looked at her watcher.
Giles let out a sigh of confusion, "I have never in my life heard of slayers having dreams like that before."
"Let me see if I can finish this before Dawn, Xander, Willow, Amy and I have go to school." Buffy said as she leaned back, "There were two girls wearing black leather outfits but with a wolf and cat mask. An Oreintal looking girl with bracers and a whip. A pale guy with a black leather outfit, with a crow perched on his shoulders. A blonde girl with pointed ears and a cat sitting besides her. A blonde girl that gave of the same sense as the orange skinned girl. A dark brunette guy the same as the blonde. A guy with skin that looked like the bark of a tree. A girl that's invisible. A blonde girl that can turn invisible. A blonde guy with the tongue of a frog," at that everyone heard a loud 'eep' come from Willow, "Don't worry Wills, I think he's a good guy. Alex who's hands were glowing orange. A guy that looked like Bruce Wayne dressed up in a suit that had a bat on the chest of the suit. Cordelia was wearing the same thing. A brunette that turned into a tiger, that from my prespective could do the samethings as a human. A black girl that I guess will carry the mantle of The Slayer, when and if I die. A dark haired girl wearing red and black leather, whose hands where glowing blue. A blue fuzzy demon guy. A brown haired guy in a red suit with a lighting bolt on it. A purple haired girl with a jewel in the middle of her forehead, and her hand was glowing black. And the last flash was all of us, teenagers, standing in front of a T shaped tower on an island." Buffy said as she took a deep breathe.
"Well," Giles said as he processed as much of the information that he heard from Buffy, "I guess we should discuss this later."
"Yeah, that would be best, for now." Joyce said as she sat stunned as she processed that her oldest daughter might die.
Dawn, Willow, Amy, and Buffy went up stairs to change into some school clothes, while Xander just wore the same clothes he had on.
"Question, how on the freaking Hellmouth can I go to school being green," Xander asked as he stood up to pace, "Answer, I damned as hell can't."
"I belive that, if the faculty and the students think that it was a practical joke, they would buy it." Angel said as he looked up at Xander.
"I guess I could live with that." Xander said as he slumped down onto the couch.
Joyce shook off her concern for her oldest daughter, to walk over to Xander and give him a motherly hug, "We'll figure this thing out Xander, all of us together, okay." Xander nodded his head.
"Hey, Xander ready to go?" Buffy asked as she came down the stairs.
"Yeah Buffy." Xander said as he broke the hug and stood up.
"Then let's get going." Dawn said as she ran down the stairs.
"Hey, wait up." Willow said as she and Amy came down the stairs.


"What the hell happened to Harris?"
"He's green."
"Wonder who did it to him?"
"Hey Cordy, look at what Harris did to himself."
"Nice color."
Xander ignored the whispers that he heard and kept on walking to his first class. Xander had just walked through the double doors when he smelled something wrong. Sniff, sniff, sniff, sniff.
Buffy heard Xander stop, so she turned around to see what the matter was, and saw him sniffing around, "What's the matter Xand?"
"I smell blood all over Buff." Xander said as he sniffed around some more.
Before Buffy could respond a loud scream tore through the air of the high school. Buffy, Xander, Willow, and Amy ran to the hallway where the scream came from. At the sight before them most of the girls, including Buffy, Willow, and Amy let out a gasp of horror, while the guys had looks of horror on their faces, for before them where two mutalated bodys, before the student body of Sunnydale High School. The blood was covering the walls, the floor and the ceiling, the heads were on two sharp metal poles that where jammed into the floor, the arms and hands were nailed to the walls, while the legs and feet where hanging from the ceiling. The intestines and the internal organs where splade out onto the floor. From the heads, the students knew who they where, one was Lance a fellow student, while the other was Vice Princepal Snyder. But they both looked as if some of their body parts were chewed on.
"Who screamed?" came the voice of Princepal Flutie as he tried to get through the crowd of students. When he got through the crowd he saw the two bodys and started to gag. Xander looked over the scene with a critical eye and noticed footprints in the blood.
"Buffy look." Xander said as he nudged the slayers side and pointed. Buffy followed Xander's finger and saw the footprints.
"All right everyone go home, schools out for a few days at least." Flutie said as he looked at the students that he treasured. Buffy, Xander, Willow, and Amy headed towards the library in shocked silence. When they got there Giles was all ready there.
"Now, what's all the comotion about?" Giles asks as he looks over at the four students.
"Oh, just the mutalated bodies in the south hallway." Xander says as he sits down in a chair.
"What did you say Xander?" Giles asked as he looked at the teenager.
"There are two mutalated bodys in the south hallway, G-Man." Xander said as he shook his head to clear the images of the bodys out of his mind.
"Are you sure?" Giles asks as he takes his glasses off and started cleaning them.
"Yeah Giles we're sure." Buffy said as she sat down.
"I h...h....have n...n....never s...s....seen a...a....anything t...t....that b...b....before." Amy stutters as she also sits down.
Xander was about to say something, when the library doors opened, and in came Kyle, Tor, Rhonda, and Heidi, with a frigthened sophmore girl in between them.
"Oh, sorry, thought the library was empty." Kyle said as he looked around at the other students and laughed an eerie laugh and was joined by Tor, Rhonda, and Heidi. Buffy was about to tell them to leave when she heard a low growl coming from behind her. Buffy, Giles, Willow, and Amy turn to see Xander up from his chair and was glaring at the bullies.
"Why the hell did you do that?" Xander asks as he continues to growl.
"Do what?" Kyle asks as he looks at Rhonda and Heidi, who immedately start to circle Buffy and friends from different directions.
"You know exaclty what I'm talking about Kyle." Xander said as he started walking towards Kyle, while Buffy and Giles kept an eye on Rhonda and Heidi.
"Who do you think you are fooling Harris? You're a loser and you're weak, and all losers and weaklings die first." Kyle said as he started towards Xander.
"I wouldn't bet on that Kyle, I've changed, just like you, Tor, Rhonda and Heide have changed. Why do you think I'm green." Xander said as he and Kyle started circling each other.
"Giles what is going on?" Willow asked as she watched her best friend face off against the meanest bully in Sunnydale High.
"Truthfully Willow, I have no idea." Giles answeres as he keeps watch on Rhonda.
"I mean really, who is he trying to fool by dying his whole body green." Cordelia said as she pushed past the library doors with the Cordettes following close behind her, they all stopped when they saw Xander and Kyle circling each other.
"What's this, a fight over geek territory or something?" Harmony asked as she looked between Xander Harris and Kyle Trachen.
Kyle turned towards Cordy and her friends, "Looks like we got some more meat Tor." Kyle said as he watched his pack brother block the exit. When Kyle turned back to face Xander, but was met with a green fist in the face, which sent Kyle into the library counter. Tor, Rhonda, and Heidi started snarling at Xander, but where quickly silenced when Xander let loose a mighty roar, that also scared Willow, Amy, Buffy,Cordelia, the Cordettes, and even Giles. Xander looked over at Kyle, who was just getting back up.
"Better stay down Kyle." Xander said as he walked over to Kyle, grabbed him by the back of the neck and threw him into the stacks. "You guys, get into the cage now!"
Buffy, Willow, Amy, Cordy, Harmony, Giles and the other Cordettes ran into the cage, slammed the door shut and locked the door, with the key that Giles all ways carried around. They all watched as Xander faced off with Kyle's gang.
"Damn you Harris, I swear to god I'll rip your spine out and use it for a baseball bat!" Kyle yelled as he came out of the stacks, looking like a werewolf. When Xander looked over the other three bullies he saw that they all looked like werewolves.
"Damn Trachen, didn't know that you all were inbreds." Xander said as he suddenly felt his body changing, right before his friends,Cordy, the Cordettes, and Kyle, Tor, Rhonda and Heidi.
The first thing to happen was that both his arms legnthed and thickened two sizes larger, his fingers grew to two sizes larger, fur sprouted on both his arms, his legs started to bend and shrink, and both sprouted fur, his chest grew three sizes larger than a human chest,his face started to become rubbery, like that of a gorilla, but the strangest thing was that his clothes seemed to have melted into his skin.
"Holy crap!" Cordelia exclaimed as she saw dork Harris change from being a green human to a large green gorilla. Everyone shared her sentiment as Xander's body finished changing into a gorilla.
Xander lowered his head to check out his body, to see that his body had changed into that of a gorillas body, and looked up at his friends amazed, "Now that's new."
"That's not going to help you Harris." Kyle growled as he started towards Xander.
Xander tilted his head to the side, "Strange, I thought it gave me an advantage."He said as he suddenly propelled himself straight at Kyle with a mighty roar, swinging his concrete block of a hand towards Kyle's chest. Kyle tried to dodge the fists, but unfortunatly Xander's fist hit Kyle straight in the chest, making him go flying into the bookcage, knocking him out. Before Xander could turn to deal with the other three, he felt three sets of hands grab his left arm. He looked at Tor, Rhonda, and Heidi, with a puzzled look, for a minute, then with a sudden jerk of his arm he sent Tor, Rhonda, and Heidi into the bookcage as well.
Tor, Rhonda and Heidi stood up on shakey legs and looked towards Xander, "We'll get you next time Harris." Tor said as Rhonda and Heidi grabbed Kyle by both arms and dragged him out, with Tor following behind.
Xander looked over at his friends, Cordy and the Cordettes. "You guys going to stay in there forever?" Xander asked as he felt his body change back, when Xander was fully changed he shook his head.
"Depends on if your going to rip our arms off." Harmony said.
Xander shook his head in amazement, "Harmony what makes you think I would hurt anyone at all?"
"Probably by what you did to Kyle and the others." Amy stated as she looked at Xander with a little fear.
"Xander, you turned into a green gorilla." Willow said as she looked at Xander with a worried gaze.
"Hey, it's alright Wills, I'm not going to hurt you." Xander said as he went to the table, pulled out a chair and sat down.
"Are you sure?" Willow asked as she put her hand on the lock.
"I'm sure Wills." Xander said as he put his feet up on the table, and watched as his friends, Giles, Cordy, Harmony, and the other Cordettes came out of the book cage slowly. When they where all out, Xander watched Cordy, Harmony and the Cordettes leave, before turning to his friends.
"Well, looks like from now on, you guys can call me Beast Boy."

Chapter 2
WolfGirl Moves To Sunnydale

Chloe Sullivan got out of her dads car and stared up at the house that her dad had bought when they had to move from Smallville. She looked around the neighborhood then sat on the car hood and waited for her dad to show up.

"Alexander, are you done?" Leanne Harris asked as she called up the stairs to her son.
"Almost Mom." Xander called down as he grabbed a shirt and pulled it on, he then stared into the mirror that was on his dresser, after the incident in the library a few days ago, his mom and dad actual didn't mind that he was now a green skinned teenager, after a bout of teasing from them.


"We don't mind that you're green Alexander, you could be orange and blue for all we care, but we would still love you." Leanne said as she pulled her son into a hug.
"Exactly son." Anthony said as he patted his son on the back.

End Flashback

Alexander, get your butt down here before we leave you here!" Anthony yelled up the stairs as he and Leanne waited for their son in front of the door.
"I'm coming." Xander said as he bounded down the stairs as a dog.
"Alex." Leanne warned as she stared down at her son while trying not to laugh, while Tony just let out a laugh.
"Okay." Xander said as he changed back into his human form.
"That's better, since we are meeting the new people to the block." Leanne said as she grabbed the door knob and pulled the door up.
"I just hope that they have the common sense as to not let anyone in after dark." Tony said as all three of them walked down the steps.
"Yeah." Xander said as he looked down the road to where the moving van was.

"So, what's this town like Dad?" Chloe asked as she helped him carry some boxes into the house.
"No idea, but all the people that I met said the same thing 'Don't let anyone in after dark.'" Mr. Sullivan said as he set a box down in the living room.
"Strange." Chloe commented as she grabbed a box from the truck and started to walk towards the house.
"Exactly what I said." He said as he turned to go to the van when he noticed couple and a boy coming their way. Strange that kid looks as if some dyed him, head to feet, in green dye.
"Hello, my name is Anthony Harris, this is my wife Leanne, and my son Alexander." Tony said as he walked up to the man and held out his hand.
"Gabe Sullivan, and this is my daughter Chloe." Gabe said as he took Tony's hand and shook it.
"Did someone go overboard on a prank or something?" Chloe asked as she looked Xander up and down.
Xander laughed, "You might say that, my name's Xander." Xander said as he held out his hand to Chloe.
"I thought your name was Alexander?" Chloe asked as she took Xander's hand and shook it.
"It is, but people only call me that when I'm in trouble, but my friends call my Xander." Xander said as he let Chloe's hand go.
"Would you like some help?" Tony asked as he turned to face Gabe.
"Sure." Gabe said as he nodded his thanks.
"Where's your wife?" Leanne asked as she looked over at Alexander and Chloe.
"She divorced me." Gabe said as he turned to face Leanne.
"I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to bring up unpleasant thoughts." Leanne said as she looked down in embarrisment.
"It's alright, she left when Chloe was young." Gabe said as he and Tony grabbed some boxes.
"Hey BB!" a voice yelled from down the street. Everyone turned to see a young brown haired girl start running towards them.
Xander laughed, "Hey DawnPatrol."
Chloe watched fascinated as the girl launched herself from five feet away from Xander and watched him catch her, and give her a hug.
Dawn looked up, "Hi Mr. and Mrs. Harris." Dawn said as Xander let her down.
Leanne smiled, "Hello Dawn, where's Buffy?"
"Right here." Buffy said as she came up behind her sister. "Hi Mr. and Mrs. Harris."
"Hello Buffy," Tony said as he grabbed another box, "Think you could give us a hand?"
"Sure." Buffy then turned to the blonde girl and held her hand out, "HI the name's Buffy and this is my sister Dawn." Buffy said as she pointed to Dawn with her other hand while she and Chloe shook hands.
"Chloe Sullivan." Chloe said as she and Buffy let go.
"Nice to meet you, well better go help the old men." Buffy said as she went to help Tony and Gabe haul boxes into the house.
Chloe, Xander, Dawn, and Leanne laughed while Tony and Gabe gave indignant squaks.
"For your information Elizabeth, I'm only thirty-eight." Tony said as he grinned at the face that Buffy made at being called by her real name.
"He does have a point Buffy." Leanne said as she kept on chuckling.
"Well might as well help." Xander said as he, Chloe, and Dawn grabbed some boxes.
A few hours later everything was unloaded from the van.
"Well, thanks for the help." Gabe said as he put a box down on the couch.
"Not a problem Gabe." Tony said as he put another box on the coffee table.
"Glad we could help." Buff said as she came in from the kitchen.
"Yep." Dawn said as she follwed behind Buffy.
"What's there to do around here?" Chloe asked as she and Xander came out of her bedroom.
"There's the Bronze, the mall, and other stores and fast food places." Buffy said as she looked over towards Chloe.
"Bronze?" Gabe asked as he looked over at Buffy.
"Yeah, the local hang out spot for teenagers." Leanne said as she handed everyone a glass of lemonaide.
"And it's the only place for us disgruntled teens in at night." Xander said as he took a sip from his glass.
"So, would you like a tour of Sunnydale?" Dawn asked as she took a big gulp of lemonaide.
"I don't see why not, you could have fun." Gabe said as he looked over at his daughter.
"Sure, just let me get my wallet." Chloe said as she went into her bedroom to get her wallet.

"So what do you think so far?" Dawn asked as they started heading back.
"It's okay, a little bigger than Smallville." Chloe said as she looked over at the young teenager.
"Smallville?" Buffy asked as she turned to look at Chloe.
"Yep, Smallville, Kansas." Chloe said as she looked down.
Xander noticed the look on her face, "Hey, you okay?"
"Yeah, just miss my old friends." Chloe said as she looked up at Xander.
"Oh, for a minute there I thought you where going to cry." Xander said as he looked back at Chloe.
"Sunset, we better get you home Dawn." Buffy said, so they changed direction and headed for 1630 Revello Drive.
"Okay." Dawn said as she looked down in dissapointment.
"Why can't she stay with us?" Chloe asked as she looked over at Buffy.
"One, it's almost dinnertime. Two, my mom wants her home in thirty minutes.Last but not least, its dangerous when night falls." Buffy said as she looked over at Chloe.
"What's so dangerous about it?" Chloe asked as she looked between Xander and Buffy, and noticed the glance that Xander threw at Buffy.
"Just trust us Chloe." Xander said as he looked over at her.
"Okay, since you won't answer that question, then can you answer why you're green?" Chloe asked as she looked between Xander and Buffy again.
"It's along story." Buffy said as she slid a glance towards Xander.
"Well, well, if it isn't Harris, the two Summers, and a new girl." a voice said from behind them. They all turned around at once.
When Chloe was fully turned around, she saw four other teenagers, two guys, and two girls.
"Kyle, do all of us a favor and leave." Xander growled out. Chloe looked sharply at Xander when he growled.
"Chloe, do me a favor, my house is three houses down on the right, take Dawn and run." Buffy said as she got into a fighting stance.
"Who are they?" Chloe asked as she grabbed Dawn's hand.
"They call themselves the Hyena Pack." Xander said as he just stood there.
Chloe go!" Buffy said as Heidi launched herself at Buffy, who launched a spin kick, that nailed Heidi in the side of the head, that sent her flying into a bush.
Chloe started running with Dawn behind her. Chloe looked behind her and saw one of the girls following her and Dawn. When Chloe and Dawn where nearing a bush, Chloe swung Dawn into it, then turned and launched a kick that nailed the girl in the stomach that launched her a few feet back and doubled her over gasping for breath.
"Are you all right Dawn?" Chloe asked as she ran to the bush and helped Dawn out of it.
"Yeah I would be you hadn't swung me into it." Dawn said as she stared up at Chloe from her postion in the bush.
"Sorry about that, but I had to get that girl away from us." Chloe said as she grabbed Dawn's arm that she offered and pulled her out of the bush. "Now lets go." Chloe and then started running again. When they reached Dawn's home they ran up the stairs and burst through the door closing it with a loud thunk.
"Dawn is that you?"Joyce asked from in the kitchen.
"Yeah Mom." Dawn said as she started into the kitchen with Chloe following a few steps behind.
"Is Buffy with you?"
"Um, she and Xander had to deal with the Hyena Pack." Dawn said as she walked into the kitchen.
Joyce turned from the stove to look at her youngest daughter and noticed a blonde girl standing behind Dawn, "Hello, I'm Joyce Summer, and you are?"
"Oh, I forgot, this is Chloe Sullivan, she and her dad moved into the old Mables place on Xanders block."
"Hi, nice to meet you Mrs. Summers." Chloe said as she offered her hand.
"You to Chloe." Joyce said as she took the young girls hand.

Knock, knock,knock.

Joyce turned and left to answer the door.
"So, how did you do that?" Dawn asked when she turned to face Chloe.
"Do what?" Chloe asked as she started to get nervous. Dawn was about to answer when Joyce and strange girl came into the kitchen.
"Well, Buffy should be here in a while. Why don't you sit down, Dawn you need to get ready for for dinner, you can join us if you want Chloe." Joyce said as she turned back to the stove.
"Sure." Chloe said as she followed Dawn up the stairs to the bathroom to wash her hands. They had been up there for a while when they heard a loud crashing sound coming from the kitchen, Chloe and Dawn looked at each other for a second, then they where running out of the bathroom, down the stairs and into the kitchen when Dawn saw her mom, her nack bleeding and Angel with his arms around her.
"You didn't do that right Angel?" Dawn asked as she looked from her mom to Angel and back.
"Darla did." Angel said as he set Joyce down and grabbed a dish towel, to put on the wound.
"You're dead." Chloe stated as she stared at the strange man.
"No I'm not." Angel said as he stared at the blonde girl.
Dawn turned her gaze to Chloe, "How do you know."
Chloe was about to answer when the front was opened and Dawn heard Buffy's voice calling out for Dawn, and their mom.
"We're in here Buffy." Dawn yelled.
"Dawn, where's Mom." Buffy asked as she, Xander, Willow, and Amy walked into the kitchen and noticed that Angel was holding a dish towel to her mom's neck.
"What the hell happened?" Buffy asked as she rushed to her mom's side.
"It was Darla." Angel said as he kept an eye on the new girl.
"What's the matter Angel?" Amy asked as she saw where her boyfriends eyes where pointed at.
"Well, well. I haven't seen one in about two centuries, but here is the recent one."
Everyone turned to face the back door, and saw Darla smirking at something behind them, so they followed Darla's line of sight and saw her looking at Chloe.
"Suprisingly none of them has killed you yet." Chloe said as she watched the blond vampress.
"Oh, I'm tougher than I look, girlie." Darla said as she sneered at Chloe.
"Doesn't look like it from where I'm standing, unless you have a Cathlic school girl fetish that no one knows about." Chloe said as she smirked back at Darla.
"Oh, this one has a sharp tongue, you might want to keep her Slayer." Darla said as she turned to go, only to have Chloe Land on her back driving her to the ground.
"I have a sharper bite Vamp Bitch." Chloe snarled in Darla's ear. Everyone that had sharper hear heard what Chloe said to Darla and their eyes widened in shock.
"Well, then someone needs to teach you some manners pup." Darla snarled as she reached back grabbed Chloe's hair and flipped into the back yard. Where she immediatly sprang up to her feet and turned to face Darla.
"No one has yet, what makes you think that you can." Chloe snarled as Darla climbed back to her feet.
"Because, I'm going to kill you WolfGirl." Darla snarled as she launched herself at Chloe, who launched her foot so that it connected with Darla's abdomen and had her flying into a corner of Buffy's house, and landing on the ground.
"Yeah, that really looks like you're killing me." Chloe smirked as she watched Darla slowly get back up. Darla turned to face Chloe with her game face on.
"That was a warm-up act, this is the show." Darla said as she again launched herself at Chloe. Chloe dodged to the side, grabbed Darla's outstretched arm swung her into the door jam with a loud thunk, then threw her backwards further into the backyard.
"Yeah, a real show." Chloe remarked dryly as she watched Darla get up slowly. "Ready for round two?" Darla turned to face Chloe once again snarling like a wild animal.
"I'll show you round two!" Darla screamed as she charged Chloe, when she reached Chloe, she threw a haymaker straight for her face, but it was caught a few inches from her face, Darla then felt a sharp pain lance up her arm as Chloe broke it, with a simple twist of her wrist.
"Next time you bring you mouth to a fight, try to back it up Vamp Bitch." Chloe stated as she threw Darla back into the backyard. Chloe watched as Darla got up again and started for the back fence, when she reached it she jumped over it and was gone from sight.
Chloe sighed and turned back to face the people that stood in the house. "So, I bet you all are wondering how I did all that?"
"Yeah, mainly." Buffy said as she stared at Chloe.
"Let's just say it started with my death by drowning and reserection by a Norway Timberwolf." Chloe stated as she looked at what she hoped would be her new friends.
"Hey, we can deal with that." Xander said as he came over to Chloe and put his arm around her shoulders, "Just think of yourself as a member of the Scooby Gang WolfGirl."

Chapter 3
Oracle is Born

Cortona, Italy

In the darkness of night a castle on a hill stands promenent. Inside a boy of eighteen stares ahead of him.

"Carlo, my dear one."
Carlo takes several steps forward and then kneels. A green hand reaches up and rests on Carlos' head. Carlo looks up into the face of a green horned demon.
"Do you love me?" the demon asks. "I can give you everything. All I want is your love."
"You have my love."
The deomn sneers then snaps Carlos' neck.
In a church a few miles away several monks gather inside.
"It is Moloch. The Corrupter. He walks again." a monk that was standing in the middle of the circle, holding a book. "More and more people have fallen under his mesmerizing power. There is still tmie to bind him. We must form the circle."
The monks start walking to form a circle around the monk with the book.
The monk opens the book and starts to read, "By the power of the circle of Kayless,"
The demon drops Carlos' dead body straightens to his full height, he feels something go through him and turns toward where the church was.
"By the power of the Circle of Kayless, I command you, Demon...Come!"
"I command you...Come!"
The demon starts screaming.
The demon keeps on screaming. then burst into letters and rushes to where the monks are.
"Come, Demon! Come!" the monk yells as he watches letters start to form on the blank pages. When it's done the monk closes the book and on the cover is the head of Moloch. The monk then puts it into a box saying, "Pray this acurssed book shall never again be read. Lest the Demon Moloch be loosed upon the world..." The monk says as he puts the lid on.

Sunnydale, California

The sky over Sunnydale was growing cloudy, and clouds where growing darker and darker, signaling to everyone in Sunnydale that it was about to rain.

Buffy opens the lid of a box and sees a only book, "Oh, great a book." She then reaches in and pulls the book out and blows the dust off of it.
"Oh, I haven't gone through the new arrivals." Giles said as he saw Buffy blowing the dust off a book. "Put it in that pile." Giles said motioning at the pile by Willow.
"Here I'll get it." a boy with light brown hair, wearing a red and white shirt, said as he got up from the chair he was sitting at.
"Oh, thanks Dave. The Willow pile." Buffy said as she handed the book to Dave.
"When I've examined it, you can, uh, skim it." Giles said as he looked at the computers sitting on the library table.
"Scan it. Rupert that's scan it." a dark haired woman said as she came up to the table.
"Of course." Giles said sarcastictly as he put his glasses back on.
"Oh, I now our ways are strange to you, but soon you will join us in the 20th century with 3 whole years to spare." the lady said as she smiled at Giles.
"Ms. Calender...I'm sure your computer science class is fascinating. But I happen to believe that one can survive in modern society without being a slave to the, um, idiot box." Giles said as he pointed to the computer.
"That's TV. The idiot box is TV. This is the good box." Ms. Calender said as she gave Giles a disbelieving look.
"Well, I still prefer a good book." Giles said as he raised the book in his hand up.
"The printed page is obsolete." another guy with brown hair, wearing a brown zip-up sweater. said as he continued to look at the computer screen that he was sitting in front of. "Information isn't bound up anymore." he said as he got up and stared at Giles. "It's an entity. The only reality is virtual." he said as he turned to face Ms. Calender and back to Giles, "If you're not jacked in, you're not alive." he said as he grabbed his books and left. Xander and Willow watched him leave.
"Thank you Fritz..." Ms Calender said as she raised her amr and waved good-bye, "for making us look like crazy people." she said as she turned back to face Giles and follow him to the end of the table. "Fritz--Fritz comes on a little strong, but he does have a point."
"Yeah, and it's under his hat." Xander said as he watched WIllow scan another book. Willow giggles as Dave and Buffy laugh.
"Yes, very funny Xander." Giles said as he turned to Xander. Xander just shrugged and went back to watching Willow.
"Anyway, you know, for the last 2 years, more E-mail was sent more than regular mail. More digitized information went across phone lines than conversations." Ms. Calender said as she followed Giles back down to the other end of the table.
"That is a fact that I regard with genuine horror." Giles said as he picked up a book from the table.
Ms. Calender smiled and nodded, "I'll bet it is." she said as she turned to face Dave, Buffy, Xander, and Willow, "All right, guys, let's wrap it up for today."
Willo looked up from the computer, "I just got a few more. I'll hang for a bit."
"Cool. Thanks." Jenny said as she bent down to grab some stuff.
"Xander, you want to stay and help me?" Willow asked as she looked up at Xander.
Xander snickered, "Are you kidding?"
"Yes. It was a joke I made up." Willow said as she tried not to show how hurt she was.
"Willow, I love you, but bye." Xander said as he swung his backpack on to his shoulder and started to head out the library.
"See you tomorrow." Willow said as she watched Xander leave.
"See ya. Buffy, wait up." Xander said as he followed Buffy out the library doors.
"I'm just going to stay and clean up a little. I'll be back in the Middle Ages." Giles said as he headed up the stairs to the stacks.
"Did you ever leave?" Jenny asked as Giles passed her.
Giles paused and turned to face Jenny. Jenny smiled and left, Giles turned and went up to the stacks. Giles, Jenny, and Willow all paused when they heard thunder rumble over head.
"Don't stay to long Willow." Jenny said as she turned to Willow.
"I won't." Willow said as she went back to scanning books.
A little while later Giles can up behind Willow and put his hand on her shoulder, "I'm going to leave, lock up when you're done Willow."
"Okay, Giles." Willow said as she watched Giles left


Willow had just finished scanning the last book when the computer screen went blank and the words Where am I appeared.
Willow was about to type something when at the same time a lightning bolt struck the school frying every computer, plug-ins, everything else, including Willow.
All Willow felt was pain, she couldn't hardly discribe it, all it felt like was her brain was melting or something to that fact. After the bolt was gone Willow slumped in her chair and fell over unconsciencous. While Willow was asleep, her brain was under going a transformation, that part of her brain that humans never used was opening up and storing the information, that it got from the computer when the bolt hit, in alphabetical order.


Willow woke up with a groan. "I'm never doing that again." Willow said as she sat up.
"Dear Lord, Willow are you all right?" Giles asked as he rushed over to Willow's side.
"I think so." Willow said as she looked around, "What happened?"
"I don't know, I came in and saw you sitting up, and that infernal machine's screen broke." Giles said as he pointed to the computer screen. Willow glanced at the screen then grabbed her head in pain as flashes of what happened flashed through her mind.
"Willow?" Giles asked concerned for the young lady.
"I was finished scanning the last book, when the words Where am I? came up on the screen, I was about ask who the person was when I got zapped by the computer." Willow said as she looked Giles in the eyes, "Giles I think when I got zapped it did something to me."
"What?" Giles asked as he turned to the library doors, when they opened. In came Amy, Chloe, Buffy, and Xander.
"What's the matter?" Xander asked as he rushed over to Willows side, followed by Buffy, Amy, and Chloe.
"I think what Willow has told me, was that a bolt of lightning must have struck the school, when she was on that machine and she got zapped in the process." Giles said as he and Xander each grabbed an arm, and pulled Willow up to her feet, and sat her down on a chair.
"But what I was telling Giles was that I think when I got zapped, some how computer data got transphered into my head, because as of now, I think if I started now that I could crack every single nations secruity codes for nuclear missile and everything else." Willow said as she finally took a deep breath.
"So, you think it down loaded some stuff into your brain?" Amy asked as she looked concerned for her friend.
"Yes, because if I wanted to I could get into Bill Gates's bank account, I could break into the FBI files without them knowing knowing I was there, and I can even break into the White House computers it I wanted to." Willow said as she looked up at her friends and mentor.
"This is good, we got a girl that has everything that a Norway Timber Wolf has, a guy that can transform into any animal he wants to, and know we have girl that has computer data in her head." Buffy said as she tried to lighten the mood in the library. Everyone looked at Buffy for a minute or two before Xander let out snort, then everybody, including Giles and Buffy, herself, started laughing at what she had said.
When everyone was done Willow looked around, "I think there's a demon on the internet." Everyone looked at each other then at her.
"Are you sure Willow?" Giles asked as he took off his glasses and cleaned them.
"Yeah, after I got zapped I saw a green guy with red eyes and curved back horns like that right there." Willow said as she pointed to the book.
Giles went over to look at the picture then turned to look at Willow, "Are you sure you saw this demon?"
"Yeah. Who is it?" Willow asked as everyone looked towards Giles.
Giles put his glasses back on and turned to face the young women and man, "He's call Moloch The Corrupter. He lures people to him, with vows power, love."
"So how do we get rid of him?" Xander asked as he sat down on a chair.
"Well, some demons in earlier centuries where cast into books, and I think Moloch was one of them. So if we could get enough people, we could try to spell him off of the intrenet." Giles said as he turned to look at the group.
"Maybe I could help with that."
Everyone turned to see Ms. Calender standing inside the doors.
Buffy turned to face Xander, "Couldn't you smell and hear her coming?"
"Hey, I was to worried about WIlls to worry about some one coming." Xander said as he shrugged his shoulders.
Buffy shook her head, "Some Beast Boy, you turned out to be."
Jenny quirked an eyebrow at Buffy and Xander, "Beast Boy?"
Before either Xander and Buffy could answer Dave came running into the library, and ran into Ms. Calender, knocking them both down.
"Sorry Ms. Calender, but I had to talk to Buffy." Dave said as Buffy and Xander walked over to them and helped them stand up.
"What's the matter Dave?" Buffy asked as she pulled him to his feet.
"There's something weird on the internet, that's trying to get me to help it, I told it that I would have to think about it, so after I got done, I ran over here to see if you could help me?" Dave asked as he looked at Buffy with a pleading look.
Buffy Looked over at Giles, then turned back to face Dave, "Do you think you could pretend that you decided to take it up on it's offer, and try to get us some info on it?"
"I guess I could." Dave said as he looked down at the floor.
"Don't worry Dave, we know what it is, we just need some info on want it's going to do." Buffy said as she looked towards Willow and Xander with a smile.
Dave raised his head up, "You mean like a spy or something like that?"
Buffy nodded her head, "Yep."
"I guess I could do that." Dave said as turned to leave.
He was just pushing the doors open when Buffy called his name, "Thanks."
"You're welcome Buffy." Dave said as he smiled at her and then left.
"Well, that's settled." Buffy said as she turned to face the group.
"So, what do you need to spell off the internet?" Jenny asked as she looked around at the teenagers and then looked at Giles.
"We need to get Moloch the Corrupter off the internet." Willow said as she looked over at Ms. Calender.
"Well I could e-mail, my coven and we can do it today."
"We should wait and see what he want's to do first, and when we know that then we can spell him off the internet." Chloe said as she sat down in the chair across from Willow.
"Agreed, that's why I had Dave say that he would help Moloch." Buffy said as she looked over at Chloe
"So, why did Buffy call Xander Beast Boy?" Jenny asked as she looked around at the teens.
"Because," Xander said as he quickly shifted to a dog and back, "I am."
Jenny's mouth fell open in shock, "H-h-h-how is that possible?"
"Just get bit froma green monkey." Xander said as he stared amused at Ms. Calender. He got up and started out the library with Amy, Chloe, Buffy and Willow following him.

A Few Days Later

Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring

"Hello, Buffy speaking."
"Where are you?"
"How sure are you?"
"Pretty sure?"
"Okay, I'll call every one and have Ms. Calender get her coven ready, meet us at the library. Be careful Dave all right. Bye."
Buffy put the phone back in the cradle, and turns to face Chloe, "Looks like we got to get ready to get rid of Moloch, lets go."
"Coming." Chloe said as she got up and followed Buffy out the door. Their first stop was Willow's, after that was Xander's, and finally Amy's house. They bumped into Angel on the way to the school, so he joined them.
"Giles!" Buffy called as they entered the library.
"Yes?" Giles said as he came out of his office.
"Call Ms. Calender pronto, Moloch has made a body for himself." Buffy said as they all sat down at the table.
"Is it me, or has the table shrunk?" Xander asked as he looked around.
"Nope, just a lot more people." Willow said as she booted the computer up. Giles went into his office to call Jenny.
"Oh, I thought so." Xander said as he leaned back in his chair. a minute or later Angel, Xander, and Chloe sit up straight in their chairs as Dave bursts throught the doors, bleeding from numerous cuts.
Buffy shot up out of her chair and ran over to Dave, "Are you all right?"
"Yeah, Moloch figured out what I was doing, and had Fritz and some others try to stop me, but I lasot them." Dave said as he tried to catch his breath.
Giles came running out of his office and noticed Dave, "Let's get this cuts taken care of." He said as he walked over to Dave and guided him to a vacant seat. "Amy, could you get the First Aid kit, please? Chloe get me a cup of warm water."
"Sure Giles." Amy said as she got and ran to get the First Aid kit.
"No problem." Chloe said as she headed for the teachers lounge.
"Shouldn't I go to the hospital?" Dave asked as he looked up at Giles.
"I'm afraid not, Moloch might find out if you went to the hospital." Giles said as Chloe came running back in with a cup of warm water, and handed it to Giles. He took out his hankerchief and dipped in the water and started cleaning Dave's cuts. Amy came out and handed the First Aid kit to Giles.
"I'm here." Jenny said as she walked through the doors.
"Good." Buffy said as she started to pace back and forth.
"Alright just let me e-mail them, and then we should be ready to do this." Jenny said as she sat down at the other computer.
"What are doing Wills?" Xander asked as he looked over her shoulder at the computer screen.
"Making sure that he gets out of the internet." Willow said not looking up at Xander.
"Good thinking." Giles said as he started applying anti-septic and bandges.
"Yeah." Chloe said as she also looked over Willows shoulder. Amy just nodded as she started to chew on her fingernails. Angel came up behind her and wrapped his arms around Amy's waist.
"Ready!" Jenny called out.
"Coming. Angel could you finish this?" Giles said as he grabbed a book and started for towards the computer that Jenny was on.
"Sure." Angel said as he let go of Amy and over to Dave and started to finish what Giles started.
"By the power of the the essence of the word, I command you. By the power of the Circle of Kayless, I command you!" Giles turned to look at the computer screen, "It's Kayless with a "K". Demon, come! I command you! Demon, come!" Jenny jumped back as the screen started to spark and sizzle.


Moloch felt a wind go through him, "No!" He screamed from inside the metal body, "I won't go back. I won't go back." He yelled as, he felt himself leave the internet. "Aah." He screamed and fell to his knees as he felt himself merge with the metal body. When it was all over he bent forward, "I was everything, I was omnipotent!" He yelled as he stood back up. "Now I'm stuck in this shell!"


"Well, he's out of the internet." Willow said as she searched for him.
"Then where is he if he isn't in the book?" Amy asked as she pointed to the book.
"In the metal body that he had people made for him at C.R.D." Dave said as Angel finished wrapping his wounds.
"Well, to make sure he never causes trouble again, I'm going to fix the problem." Willow said as she started to type something into the computer.
"What are you doing?" Xander asked as everyone looked over Willow's shoulders.
"I'm making it so that the computers over there overload and explode." Willow said as she finished type.


Moloch faced the door when he eard a low rumbling sound, "What the hell is that?" He muttered as broke the door down and walked out in to the hall to see that everyone running for the exits to get away from the wall of fire bearing down on them. Before Moloch could do anything he was surrounded by fire and rubble as the building started to colapse.


"Nice touch Oracle." Buffy said as she laid her hand on Willows sholuder.
Willow looked up at her best friend, "Oracle?"
"Yep, Xander is Beast Boy, Chloe is WolfGirl, I'm The Slayer, and you are Oracle." Buffy said as she smiled down at her friend.
Willow nodded, "I guess that I can deal with that."
"Welcome to the team Oracle." Xander said as he too put his hand on his best friends shoulder.

2 hours later

The Hyena Pack was shifting through the rubble, when they turned at the sound of rubble shifting to see a metal body emerge.
"Aaaaaaahhhh!" Moloch yelled out as he broke free of the rubble.
"Wow, a metal head." Tor said as the Hyena Pack started towards the metal person.
Moloch turned to face the people that where coming toward him, "Who the hell are you!" He demanded as he stared at a boy, that looked more like an animal than a person.
"We're called The Hyena Pack. And you are?" Kyle asked as he stared at the robot.
"I'm Moloch the Corrupter." Moloch stated as he walked past the Pack.
"Would you like to join us in terrorizing Sunnydale?" Kyle asked as the robot walked past him.
Moloch halted a few feet away from the Pack, he turned to face them, "Yes."

Chapter 4
The Puppet Show That Wasn't

Victor Stone climbed out of his Moms and Dads' car when it stopped in the driveway. He looked around and just shook his head in defeat.
"Don't worry son, you'll like it here." Myra Stone said as she tried to get out of the car. Victor turned and went to his moms side to help her out.
"Sorry Mom." Victor siad as he looked sheepishly at his mother.
"It's alright son." Myra siad as she smiled up at her son.

Honk Honk

Victor turned and watched as the moving van pull up to the curb. Ryan Stone opened the van door and stepped down out of the van. "So what do you think of it?"
Victor turned back to the house, "It's okay, I guess."
"It's lovely Ryan." Myra said as she turned to look at her husband.
Victor and his parents turned to see a young girl with long brunette hair standing at the end of the drive way staring right at Victor.
"Hello." Myra said as she looked at the young girl.
"Oh, hello, I'm Dawn Summers. I live a couple of houses down on the left side." Dawn said as she came forward to offer her hand to the new neighbors.
"I'm Myra Stone, this is my husband Ryan, and my son Victor." Myra said as she took the young girls hand.
"Nice to meet you." Dawn said as she turned to shake Ryans hand.
"You to." Ryan said as he smiled down at Dawn.
"Hi." Victor said as he offered his hand.
"Hi." Dawn said as she took it.
Dawn turned to see Buffy coming toward her, she turned to face Victor. "I got to go." Dawn said as she let go of Victors hand and headed for her sister.
"What a nice girl." Myra said as she watched Dawn run off in the direction the yell had come from.
"I guess." Victor muttered as he went over to help his dad unload the moving van.

"I'm telling the truth Buffy." Dawn whined as Buffy started to get her jacket on.
"I'm not say that you are Dawn, I'm just saying that it's unlikely." Buffy said as she turned to Dawn.
"I just wanted to let you know." Dawn said as she crossed her arms in front of her and pouted.
"Thank you Dawn." Buffy said as she grabbed her purse and headed out the door.

"I'm going out Mom and Dad." Victor called out as he headed out the door.
"Don't stay out to long!" Myra called out after him.
"Okay." Victor called back as he headed west toward downtown.

"She said she actually saw a guy that was half man and half machine?" Xander asked as he took a sip of his coffee.
"Yep." Buffy said as she nodded and took a sip of her latte.
"Well, it's not that far fetched, if you think about it." Chloe said as she set her cup down on the table.
"True." Amy said as she took a bite out of her muffin.
"Okay, you got a point." Buffy stated as she set the cup down.
Just then Jonothan Levinson came running into the Espresso Pump and directly to Buffy's table. "You guys have to come out and see this, you won't believe it." He said as he started pulling on Buffys arm.
"Okay Jono, chill man." Xander said as they all got up and followed him out of the Pump. When they got out side Jonothan pointed acrossed the road at a guy, whose face was covered by a metal plate, and was walking by looking around.
"I wonder what happened?" Jonothan said as he looked over at the teen.
Buffy looked at her friends, then ran to catch up with the black teen. "Hey wait up!"
Victor turned at the sound of a females voice coming from behind him, there running towards him where four females, tow where blondes, one was a red head, and the last was a brunette, come up behind the four girls was a guy that was entirely green, including his hair.
"Yeah, what do you want?" Victor said as the other teens caught up to him.
"Just wanted to talk." Buffy said as she held out her hand. "I'm Buffy Summers."
Victor shook her hand, "Related to Dawn Summers?"
"Yep, that's my little sister." Buffy said as she let go of Victors hand.
"Victor Stone." Victor said as he turned to the red head with his hand extended.
"Willow Rosenburg." Willow said as she took his hand and shook it.
"Hi." Victor said as he let go and offered his hand to the other blonde.
"Chloe Sullivan." Chloe said as she grabbed a hold of his hand and shook.
"Hi." Victor said as he pried his hand out of Chloes' grasp and held it out to the brunette.
"Amy Madison." Amy said as she grasped his hand and shook.
"Nice to meet you." Victor said as Amy let go anf he offered it to the green guy.
"Xander Harris." Xander said as he grasped the metal hand and shook it and let go.
"Hi. Just a question though, is that a prank gone wrong?" Victor asked as he looked Xander up and down.
Xander laughed out loud. "You might say that Victor."
"Okay." Victor stated as he turned to go.
"Mind if we give you the tour of your own Sunnyhell?" Buff asked as she and the others followed Victor.
Victor turned back, "Sunnyhell?"
"You go to the high school long enough, you'll figure it out." Willow said as she tried to assess, what type of danger Victor could be.
"Thanks for the advice." Victor muttered as he turned to leave.
"Not a problem." Xander stated as Victor walked.
They where about to leave when Xander noticed that five lengthing shadows where following Victor, "Oh, guys, we might want to get Vic."
"Why Xand?" Buffy asked as she looked back at where Vic went and saw five shadows duck into an alley behind Victor.
"Ah man, can't we for once not have to deal with them?" Chloe asked as they headed for Victor.
Victor turned around. when he heard footsteps come running up from behind him, he turned and stared at the other teens with an angry expression on, "What the hell do you want?"
"It's not use that want anything with you, it's probably them." Chloe said as she pointed behind Victor.
Victor turned around and saw five people detatch from the shadows of the building in front of him, four where people, though they where covered in course hair, their eyes where a glowing green, at the end of their fingers where claws, and their teeth where needle sharp. The fifth one, from what Victor could tell from his red eye, was that it was made entirely of metal. Victor looked back at teens behind him, "Are these people rejects from a movie gone wrong or something?"
Xander laughed while the four girls tried to stiffle their laughter.
"We're the Hyena Pack, and this is Moloch the Corrupter." Kyle said as he stepped towards the boy that was half machine and half human.
Victor raised an eyebrow and looked at the machine, "Moloch the Corrupter?"
"Yes." Moloch said as his eyes narrowed at the teen.
"You should talk to your parents and see if they could change your name for you." Vic said as Moloch growled and the four teens with him cackled at Vic's lame joke.
"You will pay for that human!" Moloch roared as he charged Victor and swung his fist at his head.
Victor caught the fist a few inches away from his face, "I'm not entirely human, Metal Head." Vic said as he swung his own fist at Molochs head, which hit Moloch right on the side of his head. Moloch would have flew back into the Pack if Victor hadn't have a hold on his fist. "Just a tip for you, never fight a Cyborg." Vic said as he let go of Moloch's fist and slammed his fist into Moloch's stomach.
Moloch doubled over in pain as his censors started to warn him that he had 50% damage to his body, "You're going to pay for that Boy!" Moloch yelled as he and the Pack ran down the alley.
Victor turned to face the other five, "Does that happen all the time?" Vic asked as he looked for person to person.
"All the time Victor." Buffy said as she looked over at the new guy.
"So, what is there to do here?" Victor asked as all six teens started walking away.
"Well, there is the Bronze." Chloe said as she looked over at Victor.
"What's that?"
"Well, it's kinda like a club where us high schoolers go to hang out." Xander said as he jumped onto Buffys' back only to change into a little monkey and smiled at Victor.
Victors' human eye widened, "That is physically impossible."
"No it isn't when you get bit from a green monkey." Xander said as he jumped off Buffy and changed back into his human body.
" is it possible then?" Victor said as he stared at Xander in amazement.
"Have no idea, but here I am, the one and only Beast Boy." Xander said as he bowed to the others.
"Don't you mean Breast Boy?" a voice asked from the shadows. Everyone, except for Xander laughed at the joke.
"Ha ha ha ha." Xander laughed an exagurated laugh. "So not funny Deadboy."
"Well the others did." Angel said as he came out of the shadows.
Victor looked the new guy up and down, "Uh, you guys do know that he does not have any body heat to speak of?"
"Yeah, why do you think I called him Deadboy." Xander said as he looked over at Victor with a look that said 'Where the hell were when I said that'.
Victor looks at Xander, "I'm sorry if I wasn't paying attention Beast Boy."
"Well I'm sorry if you wheren't paying any attention Cyborg!" Xander exclaimed as he looked at Victor.
Victor looks at Xander and gives him a mock glare, "I wouldn't have not pay attention if you weren't talking Beast Boy!"
Xander mock glares at Victor right back, "Well, if you weren't playing with what it was you were playing with, you would have found out that Deadboy was dead you would have known that Cyborg!"
While this was going on the girls where laughing while Angel was chuckling.
Victor was about to say something when Buffy came between him and Xander waving her arms in the air and laughing, "Stop already, you two are going to gives heart attacks with out even trying to."
Victor and Xander look at each other then at Buffy, "And what right do you people have to laugh at us. Huh?" They say at the same time.
With that everyone bursts out laughing.
Xander looks at Victor, "Maybe we should go some where were we would be more appreciated."
"Good idea BB." Victor said as he and Xander left the others laughing on the sidewalk and headed to the 'Bronze'.

Victor's alarm clock went off at 7:15 A.M. A metal hand came out of the blankets and hit the snooze button. "First day at Sunnydale High, oh boy." Vic muttered as he rolled over, and immediatlly fell out of bed. "I'm up." he said as he stood up and stretched.
"Victor, you better get up!" Myra called up the stairs.
"I am Mom." Victor called back.
"Okay, I'll make some breakfast."
"Okay." Victor called out as he started to get dressed. He put an extra large green shirt, that had Marvin the Martian on it, a pair of extra large black pants, but didn't put any shoes on, since none could fit him, after he was done dressing he walked out of his room and down the stairs heading for the kitchen, when he got there his mom was at the stove while his dad was at the table reading the newpaper.
"So, did you meet any new friends?" Ryan asked as his son sat down opposite from him.
"Yeah I did." Victor said as his mom set down a plate of pancakes in front of him.
"I met Xander Harris, Willow Rosenburg, Amy Madison, Chloe Sullivan, and Buffy Summers." Vic said as he stuffed his mouth with two pancakes.
"Slow down son." Myra said as she came back with a plate for her husband.
Victor swallowed the two pancakes, "Sure mom."
"So, Buffy Summers, is she Dawns' sister?" Ryan asked as he looked over his newspaper.
"Yep, her older sister." Victor said as he took a huge bite of a pancake.
"That's nice." Myra said as she sat down with a plate of pancakes and coffee.
"So, do any of the others have siblings?"
"Not that I know of, I got to go." Victor said as he stood up and left the kitchen and headed to the foyer to grab his backpack and leave.
"Have a good day!"
"I will."

Victor had made it to school just in time to get his shcedule and get to his first class, which was Computer Science. The door was open, so he went right in.
"Can I help you?" Jenny asked as she looked at the student that had walked into her class.
Vic turned towards her, and the entire class gasped.
"Class!" Jenny exclaimed.
"Hey Metal Head I thought you belonged on the Ninje Turtles?" came a voice, that Victor recognized.
"Sorry Ms. Calender." Xander said as he smirked at Victor.
"You can sit there." Jenny said as she pointed at an empty seat by Xander.
"Thank you." Victor said as he headed for his seat.
"Glad to know that you're seating by me, Metal Head." Xander whispered as he leaned towards Victor.
"Yeah, I may belong on the Ninja Turtles, but you belong on Barney." Victor said, loud enough for some people to hear, who laughed at the joke.
"Nice one Cyborg." Xander said.
"I try Beast Boy." Victor said as he took out a notebook and started taking notes.

Victor was walking down the hall when his red mechanical eye picked up a very hot heat signature. Strange. Victor thought as he started to follow it. He followed it all the way to the auditorium, where he lost it. Vic was about to leav when he noticed Buffy, Amy, Willow, Xander, and Chloe sitting around an older looking man, so he started towards them, when he got closer he heard them talking.
"If you had any -- shred of decency, you would have participated or at least, um...helped." the man said.
"Nah! I think I'll take on your traditional role and watch." Buffy said.
"And mock." Xander said.
"And laugh." Willow said.
The man put on glasses and sighed heavily.
"Okay, I think maybe we better leave our Mr. Giles to this business he calls show." Buffy said as all five of them got up to leave. Victor was going to leave to when he spotted Princepal Flutie's heat signature.
"I wouldn't go this way." Victor said as he walked up behind them. All six whirled around to look at Vic.
"Why?" Amy asked.
"Princepal Flutie's coming, so we should head that way." Victor said as he pointed to the exit door by the stage.
"Good idea." Xander said as all six teenagers left the auditorium, just as Snyder was coming in.
"That was a close one." Willow said as they all headed for the library.
"How could you tell he was coming?" Amy asked as she turned to look at Victor.
"My eye can see heat signatures." Victor said as he followed everybody into the library.
"Oh, cool." Buffy said as she sat down.
"Yeah, sometimes." Victor said as he started to pace around the library.
"What's the matter?" Willow asked as she sat down in front of the computer.
"The reason I was in the auditorium was because I followed a very high heat signature." Victor said as he turned to look at the group.
"How high?" Amy asked as she to sat down and pulled an old looking book out of her backpack.
"220 degrees."
"Wow, that's high." Willow said as she looked up at Victor, then back down to the computer screen.
"Yeah, but the only thing that I know that has that high of a heat signature was that Moloch guy." Victor said as he started pacing again.
"So what could have a high heat signature?" Amy asked.
"A demon?" Xander suggested.
Victor stopped pacing, Willow looked up, Amy looked up, and Buffy looked at Vic, and all of them turned to look at Xander.
"What?" Xander asked nervously.
"That's actually a good idea Xand." Willow said as she started to type furously on the keyboard.
"It is?"
"Yeah, some demons could have very high body heat, that could help us find out what kind it is." Willow said as she stopped typing to read something on the computer screen.
The doors to the library opened and in came the man, that the others where talking to earlier, with a look of total shock on his face.
"Uh, Giles, what's the matter?" Buffy asked.
"Uh, it seems that Emily Hannigan, was, uh, murdered in the girls locker room, and her heart was missing." Giles said as he set his briefcase down on the library counter and turned to face his Slayer and her friends, noticing, as he did so that there was a young colored boy, with what looked like metal covering the left side of his face, standing in front of the table, and who is your friend?"
"Oh, this is Victor Stone, the one we told you about." Amy stated.
"Oh, right, sorry."
"It's alright Mr. Giles." Victor said as he offered his hand, which Giles took it.
"A pleasure Mr. Stone."
"Ah, please call me Victor, cause my dad is Mr. Stone."
"Of course." Giles said as he let go of the young mans hand.
"So, now we can add something else to the profile." Willow said as she typed something else on the screen.
"What profile?"
"The profile of the demon we're looking for." Buffy stated as she started to pace.
"So what else do you have?"
"High body heat, and collects hearts." Willow said.
"Oh, well good luck."
"Luck had nothing to do with it."
"Yes, well good luck any ways."
"Thanks Giles."
"So now what?"
"Now we go looking for that heat signature that you saw." Buffy said as she and Victor headed out the doors.
"Fine by me." Victor said as he followed behind Buffy.

After about two hours with nothing to show for it, Buffy and Victor returned to the library.
"Anything?" Amy asked as Buffy and Victor walked through the doors.
"Nope." Buffy said as she walked over and slouched into a chair.
"Bummer." Xander stated as he came out of the stacks.
"Yeah." Victor muttered as he sat down in a chair.
"Wait, I think I got something!" Willow called out.
"The only demons that have high body heat are a group called the Seven. They take the hearts and brains of teenagers to keep their appearances, oh they also smell really bad when their close to changing back to their demon body. But it says that a demon hunter killed all but one so, all we have to deal wiht is the last one and that's it." Willow said as she looked up from the screen.
"So, now we have to find ot then kill, that should be simple." Amy stated as she looked up from the book.
"Exactly." Willow answered.
"So, I guess me and Victor are going to go look for this demon, and then put it down." Buffy said as she and Victor got back up and headed out the doors.
"I hope they find it this time." Xander said as he headed for class.
"Same goes here." Amy said as she put her book back in her pack and followed Xander out the doors.
"About time they left." a voice said from within the stacks.
Willow spun around and found Mark walking out of stacks to stand on the top step.
"Mark what are you doing here?"
"Don't play stupid Willow, it doesn't suit you." Mark said as he walked down the stairs.
"I know that you and your friends are looking for me, and they will be to late." Mark said as he pulled a knife from behind his back.
"I don't think so."
Mark whirled around and saw Victor come out of the stacks. "What the hell are you?"
"As Xander likes to call me, I'm a Cyborg." Victor said as he leveled his left metal arm and it changed into what looked like a gun.
"Guns can't hurt me." Mark snarled as his face started to change.
"Who said it was a gun?" Victor said as invisable waves of sound came out of the gun and shot towards Mark.
Mark fell to his knees, holding his hands over his ears trying to block the sound out. While Mark was preoccupied Buffy came up behind him and raised the short sword that she was carrying and brought it down on Marks neck, cutting his head off, the body flopped down to the floor and sat there motionless.
"Thanks." Victor said as he looked up at Buffy.
"Your welcome, I'm just glad we got him before he killed anyone else." Buffy said as Xander and Amy ran back in to the library.
"Sorry we where late Buffster." Xander said as he looked down at the headless demon.
Buffy turned to face Victor, "Welcome to the team."

The End?

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