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Shopping Trips, Baby Dolls and Fake Nails

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Summary: Richard and Anita end up shopping for underwear with Andrea and Harmony. BtVS/AB FFA challenge #1635

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Anita Blake > General > HumorPauletteFR1313260192811 Feb 0611 Feb 06Yes
Title: Shopping Trips, Baby Dolls and Fake Nails
Author: Paulette aka Cooper_666
Disclaimer: not mine
Summary: Richard and Anita end up shopping for underwear with Andrea and Harmony. FFA challenge #1635

“That’s so cute!” Harmony gushed, holding up a flimsy piece of lingerie.

Andrea giggled, “Isn’t it gorgeous? And it’s on sale!”

Anita stared at the girls. How the hell had this happened? Between Richard and Judith, she had been coerced into a meeting between her parents and her boyfriend. Then her Dad had gotten an emergency called and had zoomed off to ‘save a horse’. Andrea had decided to come judge Richard too and had brought along her friend from Los Angeles, Harmony.

Harmony had had a field ball when Dad went off to ‘save a horse’ but not ‘ride a cowboy’.

Somehow or another, Andrea had dragged them across the street to the mall to go shopping. Judith had backed out, after adoring Richard so much it was sickening, and had gone home early. Unfortunately, Anita hadn’t been able to pull the same trick and now, she was in an underwear store with Richard waiting just outside.

“It’ll look beautiful on you, Harmony, but Anita, you’d never be able to wear a baby doll like that.” Andrea stated pointedly at Anita, “You’re just too short.”

Anita glared at her, “I wouldn’t wear it anyway.”

She glanced over at Richard. He was grinning back at her slyly. Damn keen hearing…

“This, on the other hand,” Andrea smirked, pulling out a black frothy thong and bra. “Suits you perfectly!”

Harmony laughed, “Hey Richard,” she called out. Richard looked over at her from just outside the store, “How would you like to see Anita in that and a garter belt?”

Anita blushed deeply, sneaking a glance at Richard. He was laughing. Damn werewolf…

“You know Anita, you could always go try it on,” Harmony said slyly. “I’m sure Richard would enjoy the show.”

Stupid ditz from Los Angeles, Anita cursed inwardly, moronic blond with fake nails and ugly lipstick…

The End

You have reached the end of "Shopping Trips, Baby Dolls and Fake Nails". This story is complete.

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