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Summary: Bruce Wayne’s rambunctious little boy makes an old friend. Companion piece to ‘New.’

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DC Universe > Batman > Xander-CenteredPaBurkeFR1855,76553329,13412 Feb 0628 Nov 06Yes

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR15

Old II

Old II
By PaBurke

Summary: Sequel to ‘Old,’ ‘Cold,’ ‘Scold.’ Xander Wayne has friends and finally comes home.
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters or universes. No money made, no copyright infringement intended.
Distribution: TtH
Spoilers: ‘New.’ Really should read that one first because no one in the Batman (& Batman Beyond) universe truly knows what’s up.
AN: I really, truly thought that ‘New’ was a one-shot. I was wrong. Now, it’s done.

Terry McGinnis bounded out of the Batmobile and toward the giant computer, taking off his mask as he strode along. The occupied chair swung his way. The figure in the chair stared at Terry and Terry stared at the stranger.

“Who are you?” they asked each other.

The dark haired stranger grinned first. “I’m Wayne,” he smirked.

“No, you’re not,” Terry was quick to refute.

“Xander Wayne,” the man finished off.

“Mr. Wayne doesn’t have any relatives,” Terry was quick to point out.

“That you know of,” Xander bantered back.

“Xander,” a female voice said from the shadows, “Cut it out! You just don’t have it in you to be Bond.”

“Who?” Terry looked from the stranger claiming to be a Wayne to the hot blonde woman coming out of the shadows. She was the same age as the strange man, which appeared to be only a couple years older than Terry.

The female looked horrified. “What has this world come to if they don’t know Bond?” She whirled on Xander and a redheaded female that Terry hadn’t noticed before. “How sure are we that we are home home?”

“Very,” the redhead replied. She looked sad and sure at the same time. “But we hadn’t counted on the time difference.”

“What kind of time difference?” the blonde asked.

Xander answered from his station at the computer. “Forty years.”

“Damn,” the girls swore.

The blonde kicked a random stone in front of her. “Everything’s going to be old and different.”

“Not you,” a familiar voice said.

Terry relaxed slightly. Things were better if Mr. Wayne was accepting of the newcomers.

“Uncle Bruce!” the girls said as they sped up the steps. Terry watched in semi-horror as they both hugged him and planted a kiss on the old man’s cheek.

“Goddess,” the redhead said, “You got old.”

“You were gone a long time, Willow.”

“He’s so old that he didn’t have an orgasm friend in bed with him,” a new voice announced. In the dark, Terry could tell that the blonde and the new woman had threaded their arms through Bruce’s and were leading him down the stairs.

Xander chuckled. “Anya,” he chided.

“What? We’re all friends here, I’m allowed to use the ‘O-word’.”

Xander eyed Terry. “We don’t know the new Bat’s name yet.”

“That’s Terry McGinnis,” the old man said.

The stranger Wayne smiled like he really was welcoming Terry. “Welcome to the Bat Family. Been doing this long?”

“A year.”

Xander nodded. “And you don’t understand how the Old Man could have a son that’s not on the public record.”

“Something like that.”

“Meet our resident Sorceress Supreme, Willow Parker.” Xander waved at the redhead who blushed slightly. “She handles all the pesky details like that.”

Bruce Wayne finally reached level ground and stepped into the light. Xander gaped at him. “Dad, you are old.”

Bruce smiled, a real smile that Terry rarely saw. “You were gone for forty years, Xander.”

Xander stood and waited as Bruce shuffled over to the computer. Bruce laid a hand on Xander’s shoulder and left it there. Some would assume that it was for balance, but these witnesses knew better. Xander gripped Bruce’s wrist as tightly as Bruce gripped his shoulder.

“Hey, Dad,” Xander grinned shakily. “I’m home.”

“I am so very glad.” Bruce’s every word was heartfelt. “Are you staying?”

“We think so. Oriana went to check in with the Guardians to make sure, but yeah, Dad. We are home.”

Bruce sat heavily in the chair. “Good,” his tone was the normal gruff one. “McGinnis needs help keeping the new Jokers in order.”

Xander rolled his eyes, leaned over for a hug that was not reciprocated and started for the stairs. “Sure Dad, whatever you say, but we are so throwing a party first.”


The End

You have reached the end of "Old". This story is complete.

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