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Summary: Bruce Wayne’s rambunctious little boy makes an old friend. Companion piece to ‘New.’

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DC Universe > Batman > Xander-CenteredPaBurkeFR1855,76553329,16812 Feb 0628 Nov 06Yes

Chapter One

By PaBurke

Summary: Bruce Wayne’s rambunctious little boy makes an old friend. Companion piece to ‘New.’
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters or universes. No money made, no copyright infringement intended.
Distribution: TtH
Spoilers: ‘New.’ Really should read that one first because no one in the Batman universe knows what’s up.
AN: I really, truly thought that ‘New’ was a one-shot. I was wrong. I’m posting this separate from New in case I end up writing the parts where Xander was born and such. But at this time, no such stories are in the works. Any character questions you have at the end could probably be answered by going to and typing in the name you don’t know the meaning of.


The little brown-haired boy wiggled out of Alfred’s grasp and ran to his father. A smile peaked through Bruce Wayne’s normal solemn façade at the sight of his energetic son. Bruce caught the mini-torpedo and threw him into the air. Alexander squealed with delight. Bruce had never been as optimistic, as hyper and friendly as Alexander, even before the death of his parents. Bruce was doing everything in his power to make sure that Alexander never had the tragedy that would change his son’s cheerful demeanor.

Alexander wrapped his chubby arms around Bruce’s neck. “Guess what Daddy? Guess, guess!”

Bruce had to shake his head. “Did Alfred let you have your choice of junk food again?” His son had a definite sweet tooth to go with his sweet heart.

Alexander grinned. “I could only pick two.”

Bruce searched his son’s pockets, ‘accidentally’ tickling in the process. “So where’s mine?”

“I gave it away,” Alexander proclaimed proudly. Then he looked worried. “But you need one too. Alfred and me can go back to the store and get you one too.”

Alfred looked positively horrified at the thought.

“I’m afraid I need you here right now,” Bruce distracted the boy. “Alfred can take you later, Alexander.”

“We going to save someone?” Alexander asked hopefully.

“Maybe,” Bruce started carrying his son down the many steps into the Bat Cave. He had tried to keep Alexander out on many occasions but the boy kept on sneaking through, again and again. Bruce, fearing his son might take a fatal tumble, had finally compromised and said that Alexander could be in the Bat Cave with an adult if there was no danger. Thus far, the compromise had worked. Alexander made sure that Bruce took him down to the cave for every investigation. To make sure, the boy would sneak out of his bed and curl up by the grandfather clock that hid the secret entrance.

“Daddy,” Alexander accused. “You never guessed.”

“Do I get a clue?”

“Na-huh,” Alexander shook his head. “One clue and you get it always. Alfred says that you’re a Great ‘Tective.”

“And we always believe Alfred,” Bruce murmured. He sat in his chair with his son in his lap and began to type. Admittedly, he wasn’t giving Alexander his total attention but the boy didn’t seem to mind.

“Alfred calls me a wild-child. I have a new name,” Alexander proclaimed proudly.

Bruce swung his eyes to his son’s. “What’s wrong with Alexander Namir Wayne?”

“Too long.”

“So are we supposed to call you Alex from now on?” Not that Alfred would. His son was destined to be Master Alexander to the day he died.

The boy giggled. “No, silly.”

“Than what?”


Bruce watched his son. “Who gave you that name?”

“Willow,” he replied as if Bruce should have known.

“I believe,” Alfred was carrying a tray with coffee and hot chocolate down the steps, “That Master Alexander was referring to his new friend, Willow Parker.”

“Parker?” The name was familiar.

“The daughter of Master Peter and Mistress Mary-Jane Parker.”

“She’s my new girlfriend. She’s special.”

Bruce hid a smile. “Oh? What about Bellona and CarrieAnn and Oriana? Will you dump them?”

“No, they’re my girlfriends too,” Alexander said.

“All of them?” Bruce teased.


“Some days, Master Alexander,” Alfred added, “You greatly remind me of your father.”

Alexander giggled as if he had been paid a great compliment. Bruce glared at his long-time butler.

“Go ahead, Bruce,” a new voice joined the conversation. “I want to hear you dig yourself out of this hole.”

“Uncle Tim!” Alexander slid off Bruce’s lap. Batman made a grab for the child before he fell but the boy simply landed on his feet and kept on going. Alexander had no fear. Tim picked up the boy and threw him in the air. Alexander laughed and the Bat Cave echoed with it.

“So tell me about your new girlfriend, Alexander,” Tim prompted.

“My name’s Xander now,” the boy corrected. “And Willow’s special.”

“Special like Bellona?”

Alexander shook his head no.




Alexander had to think about it but still shook his head no. “She’s Willow-special.”

“Does she like spiders?” Tim asked.

“No, but she hates frogs worse.”

Tim settled Alexander on his hip and walked over to Bruce. “With the way that your son finds ‘special girls’, it’s a wonder that you don’t use him to find some of the people we chase.”

Bruce glared. Tim didn’t even wince. Somehow, the eager little boy reaching for his daddy had negated the glare. “He only finds females that are special.” So he had been thinking about it.

“Alfred got a woman’s phone number like Daddy normally gets phone numbers,” Alexander announced.

Tim’s jaw dropped. Then he burst out with laughter. Bruce looked slightly chagrinned that his son knew about the phone numbers. Alfred reddened slightly.

“So whose phone number did you get, Alfred?” Tim teased.

Alfred silently arranged the coffee and gave the hot chocolate to the child. Alexander mumbled a ‘thank-you’ before slurping it up.

“Xander?” Tim tried a different tack. “Was the woman pretty?”

“She was old.”

“Madam Parker is not old,” Alfred said. “And she has aged very well.”

“They went to school together,” Alexander twisted around to look at his father. Bruce placed a hand on the hot chocolate to keep it from spilling. “Can I go to school with Willow and Bellona and CarrieAnn and Oriana?”

“We’ll see.”

Alexander grinned as if Bruce had said yes.

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