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Summary: NCIS/HL (and now Dark Angel) cross: It’s the geeks you have to watch out for . . .

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Highlander > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories > Crossover: NCIS
NCIS > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories > Crossover: Highlander
PaBurkeFR1531,29411111,06912 Feb 0626 May 06Yes

Twilight Waning

Twilight Waning
By PaBurke

Summary: Sequel to In the Light of Old Age

Distribution: TtH

Disclaimer: None of the characters are mine, no infringement intended. Just play and more play.

Spoilers: HL and NCIS and now Dark Angel.

Rating: for language

AN: I just couldn’t get the idea out of my head, especially when I when I found out that the same actor played Logan on Dark Angel and Tony DiNozzo. Talk about Crossover Fodder . . .


Max scaled the wall of Logan’s apartment as the sun was setting in the west but stilled outside the window at the unfamiliar voice. He wasn’t talking in English, or any other language that Max knew. She had known for a while that Logan was well educated in the classics but languages was something that they had never discussed. Max thought that Logan and his guest were chatting in a Latin-based language. She picked out a few words, ‘injury’, ‘legs’, ‘necklace’, ‘kiss’ and ‘sick.' Max guessed that Logan was recounting their adventures. Why?

And then the stranger switched to Italian, “I told you so.”

“Shut up, Old Man,” Logan countered.

“I told you that suppressing your immune system to get the girl would kick you in the ass.”

“Shut up.”

“You’ve lived this long just to be killed by a stupid virus.”


The stranger paused for a moment. “You know she’s outside?”

“You have no experience with transgentics, do you?” Logan switched to English but spoke no louder than before. “Max, you can come in.”

Max slipped into the room, her eyes examined the stranger. He was laid back in the living room chair. Adam was no one that would stand out. He wasn’t especially good-looking, he looked the nerdy-type. Max wondered how he knew so much.

Adam waved a beer bottle at Max. “I see that your taste in women hasn’t changed. Still dark, beautiful, dangerous and unattainable.”

Logan threw a decorative pillow Adam. “Don’t mind him, Max. He cultivates his annoyance-ness.”

Max frowned. She had never seen Logan act like this. “You two know each other long?”

“Since before you were born, sweetheart,” Adam smiled.

Logan growled.

“Why did you let him in?” Max asked Logan.

Adam answered again. “’Cause I’m one the few people who really appreciates his collection of expensive beers.”

“And since he’s consumed them all, he’s just about to leave,” Logan said.

Adam grinned, not at all upset that Logan was kicking him out. He slid out of his chair with negligent ease. Max was alerted, the stranger’s clothing clung in a few spots that revealed that he wasn’t as defenseless as he first appeared. He was carrying at least two knives. The man meandered to his long coat and threw it around his shoulders. Max tensed a little more. There was something long and hidden in the coat, maybe a rifle?

Adam stopped at the door and turned around. This time, he was serious. “’Tonio, the offer to help is still available. There’s this place in Europe . . .”

“I’m needed here,” Logan said simply.

Adam rolled his eyes and muttered. “Why do I always end up near the stupid, self-sacrificing Boy Scout types?”

“’Cause you’re extremely lucky?” Logan countered.

Adam snorted and closed the door behind him. Max looked at her friend. With the stranger gone, Logan relaxed and smiled at her. He seemed more like the man she knew. “Anything I can help you with?”

“’Tonio?” Max questioned.

Logan shrugged. “That’s what he called me when we were younger. Adam doesn’t need a good reason for anything.”

Max would leave soon and find out where the stranger went. “I do have a job for Eyes Only.”

“Let’s hear it.”


Max looked down the street, confused. How could Adam have disappeared so quickly? She had only left Logan’s ten minutes after he did.

But he was gone.

He had disappeared into the dark.


The End

You have reached the end of "Moonlighting". This story is complete.

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