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Shadows Over Sunnydale

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Summary: A lost descendant of the Collins family is found in Sunnydale.

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Television > Dark ShadowsNiklarusFR1331,7480102,4409 May 039 May 03No

Shadows Over Sunnydale

Title: Shadows Over Sunnydale
Chapter One of ??
Crossover: BtVS/(Original)Dark Shadows
Author: Niklarus
Disclaimer: All characters belonging to Buffy the Vampire Slayer are owned by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, Fox, etc. All characters belonging to Dark Shadows are owned by Dan Curtis, MPI, Dan Curtis Productions, etc.

Note: I just couldn't help it. The idea for this came to me a couple nights ago when I was trying to get ready for bed and dragged me, kicking and screaming, into writing it. Basically, the idea is "What if a member of the Scooby Gang is actually a Collins?" I hope fans of both shows will find this enjoyable.

The wind whipped wildly along the streets of Sunnydale as the white-haired old gentleman pulled his cape more tightly to himself and trod on through the night towards The Magic Box.

'And to think,' he mused, 'we sent the boy here to keep him safe. What fools we were.' Leaning on his cane, he determinedly made his way against the wind. 'If only you could be here, Julia, to see this.'

The light from the streetlamps reflected off the pure silver, wolfshead-shaped top of his cane and was absorbed by the deep black of the onyx ring he wore on his right forefinger. He stopped in front of The Magic Box and moved the cane into his left hand. Opening the door, he stepped inside to find it occupied solely by a middle-aged British man dressed in tweed.

"Can I help you?" Rupert Giles asked the older man. There was something about this stranger, Giles thought, that simply commanded respect.

"I am looking for Alexander Harris," came the reply in a cultured, rich voice. "I have been told that he can often be found here."

Giles adjusted his glasses and studied the man with a measured look. His gray business suit was clearly custom-tailored. The layered waist-length cape added a warning touch to the newcomer's wardrobe. His completely white hair was combed over and his eyes were those of a man who should never be trifled with. "I see," Giles replied with forced calm; his nerves jangled by the vibe the old man gave off. "If it would not be too much trouble, I would like to know why you might be looking for him."

The gentleman smiled. "Loyalty and caution are fine traits everywhere, Mister Giles. Here in this town, I would imagine they are also essential to survival. I am a friend of Alexander's real parents. My name is Barnabas Collins."
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