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A Postcard from Hell.

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This story is No. 5 in the series "Willow and Kennedy; The Untold Story.". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Will Johnny be able to handle what he sees in Willow's mind?

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Television > Dead Zone(Recent Donor)DaveTurnerFR15311,552056,93915 Feb 0611 Apr 06Yes

Chapter One.

The First Willow and Kennedy story by Dave Turner.

Disclaimer: I do not own ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ or ‘The Dead Zone’. I write this for fun not profit.

Crossover: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The Dead Zone.

Spelling and Grammar: Written in glorious English, English! Slang terms are mostly American where I know them. Spelling is English.

Timeline: Set in early to mid 2006, so it’s well after Buffy S7. Dead Zone; some time between Season 1 and 2.

Words: 11000+.

Warnings: Lesbian relationship but nothing graphic. One or two scene’s that some might claim to be ‘graphic violence’ but I don’t! Some strong language.

Summery: Will Johnny be able to handle what he sees in Willows mind?

Authors Note: 11/04/06. This story has been slightly re-written and re-formatted to make it easier to read. The story now contains some details of what happened prior to the start of the Fic.

“How are you this morning Will?” Asked Buffy as she entered the still unfinished Instructors Lounge at the Jenny Calendar School for Gifted Girls.
“Apart from the swollen ankles, backache, swollen boobs and needing to pee every five minutes, I’m fine!” Replied her heavily pregnant friend.
“Are you sure you’re up to this journey?”
“Yes Buffy I’m sure!” Replied Willow becoming a little exasperated with her friend; “Kennedy and I need to get away. You know we’ve never really been alone? You went off to Italy an’ all…and I know you needed to get away after everything and I don’t begrudge you the time. But the rest of us just jumped in and started the school an’ started work on the Hellmouth. I just want to get away and have my baby in peace!”
“There got ya’!” Exclaimed Buffy; “We have some of the best medical facilities in the United States in Cleveland…”
“And the biggest Hellmouth!” Interrupted Willow, “Do you know how much hell you can raise with a witch’s new-born baby in the cauldron? Well, I’m here to tell you, even you don’t want to know!”
“Okay Willow I get the message!” Replied her friend bowing to the inevitable, “When and where are you going?”
“The end of the week, we found this little place in Maine called Cleaves Mills. It’s just so ordinary! I’ve done web searches, an’ caste the runes an’ it doesn’t have any history of Vamps or Demons or anything otherworldly! It’s as far away from the Hellmouth as you can get without starting to get closer to another one! We’ll be fine”. Willow saw Buffy’s still sceptical look, “Look, ‘Worlds Most Powerful Witch’ and her own personnel Slayer. Who’s going to be stupid enough to mess with us?”
“If you’re sure Will?” Buffy still sounded unconvinced, “You know you’ve just ‘jinxed’ it don’t you? Saying no ones going to mess with you…ha! You’ve had it now! If you run off and get yourselves killed, don’t come crying to me!”
“I’ll take my chances! Now I’ve got to find Kennedy.”
“I saw her walking over by the ‘Temple’.
Willow made a couple of attempts to get up out of her chair; finally she gave up and looked at her friend.
“Buffy! I could do with some Slayer strength help to get me out of this chair!”
“See! I told you! Even the chairs think it’s a bad idea!”
“Resolve face Buffy!” Willow pointed to her own face. Buffy shrugged and held out her hand and hauled Willow to her feet.


Kennedy sat in the corner of what had become know as ‘The Temple’. It was one of those odd little ‘follies’ that rich people used to build in the grounds of their houses. This one looked like a Victorians idea of what an ancient Greek temple would look like. Since the school had taken over the house and the grounds it had become a ‘quiet place’. Somewhere for people to go and meditate, to put their thoughts in order, which was what Kennedy was trying to do.

Kennedy sat twisting a silk scarf in her hands, It had been bought for her by one of her ‘Little Sisters’ before she had left the school to start her Slaying duties in Europe. Kennedy could still picture the girl: at tall slim Dutch girl called Astrid who had an odd way of speaking English. It always made Kennedy smile to remember the happy blonde girl. Now she was dead, killed while on patrol in Amsterdam. Kennedy hoped that her death had had some point to it, and that she had not been alone at the end. She had as yet heard nothing from the girls Guardian, probably too ‘cut up’ to send a full report.

Kennedy wiped away a tear with the scarf as she looked up to see Xander enter the temple.
“Hi Xander.” She said hiding her face from the one-eyed ‘builder’ who saw more with one eye than most people did with two.
“Oh! Sorry! I didn’t know anyone was down here. I’d just come down to do some measuring up for Giles’ ‘War Memorial’. I’ll go if you want.” He made as if to leave.
“No! That’s okay you go on.” She watched him for a moment as he started to measure up the walls.
“You don’t like me much, do you?” She blurted out.
Xander stopped what he was doing and turned to face the dark haired slayer, he sighed and sat down facing her.
“Honestly? No I can’t say that I do!” He replied calmly, “I find you pushy and arrogant, but Willow loves you so you must have some good points. I’ve seen you with her and the younger Slayers and you’re like another person. It’s a pity you can’t be more like that with other people.”
“I do love her Xander more than anything.”
“Would you die for her?”
“Yes!” Without hesitation.
“Now dying’s easy, ask Buffy! She’s an expert on dying. The really difficult question is: Would you live for her?”
Kennedy looked at Xander confused by his question.
“You know when the baby comes that’s going to be Will’s number one priority?”
“Yes, but…”
“No! Let me finish. Willow’s not told you much about her childhood before we met Buffy has she?” Kennedy shook her head; “Well she was a neglected child. Her parents were so wrapped up in their own lives that they hardly noticed her from one day to the next. Don’t get me wrong. There was always food on the table, clothes and all, she never wanted for anything material there was just no emotional backup. She was like some kind of sociology project to them. That’s why we were so close. Now that’s a joke, looking for support from the son of a couple of drunks! Do you see what I’m saying?
“I think so…”
“Have you thought how Will’s going to be with her own child? She’s going to love it to bits! She’s going to stifle it with love and you’re going to have to stop her, I know my Will! There’s going to be times you’re going to feel left on the sidelines and ignored. There’s going to be times when you hate her and she’s going to hate you. Are you going to be strong enough for both of you?”


Kennedy drove the hired station wagon along the winding country roads heading for Cleaves Mills. It was mid-morning and they only had about fifty miles to go, they should be there by lunchtime. She glanced over at Willow who was gazing out of the window as the forests and mountains sped by.
“It’s getting worse.” Announced Kennedy.
“How bad is it now?”
“Some times I can feel her right behind me just waiting to pounce! I’m getting scarred Will!”
“It’s like I keep telling you you’re not the First Slayer! You’re an intelligent educated woman, and the girlfriend of a really powerful witch! That’s got to count for something? While we’re away from the others we can kick that First Slayers ass! Send her back to her bed of bones!”
“That’s okay for you to say Will, but when I’m in the queue at the market an’ I want to rip the head off the woman in front cos she’s too slow! I’m frightened that one day I’ll do it!”

Coming around a bend in the road they saw an old dark blue jeep parked up by the side of the road, the bonnet was up and the driver’s head was buried in the engine.
“Shall we stop?” Asked Kennedy.
“I think we should.” Replied Willow.
Kennedy pulled up behind the jeep, opened her door and got out; she walked around to the front of the jeep.

“You need any help?” Kennedy asked. The driver looked up, wiping his hands on a piece of rag. He looked about thirty something, average build with fair hair and a pleasant face. He limped towards Kennedy and picked up a black cane with a silver handle.
“I’m afraid there’s nothing I can do for my jeep. But, I’d appreciate a lift into town if you wouldn’t mind, and you’re not worried about giving a man a lift by yourself.”
“Oh I’m not worried.” Kennedy smiled; “Anyway I’m travelling with my partner. We’re going as far as Cleaves Mills, is that okay?”
“That’s fine! That’s where I live, I’m John Smith people usually call me Johnny.” Kennedy noticed he did not offer to shake hands.


“Kennedy Rosenberg.” Said the girl. She was an attractive brunette about five foot one or two, good figure very athletic looking, in her early twenties. Johnny was just thinking she was bound to have a boyfriend when he saw the redheaded woman sitting in the front passenger seat.
“Willow,” Kennedy called as she approached the car, “This is Johnny Smith, his jeep’s broken down and he needs a lift into town.”
Johnny studied the young woman for a moment; she wore a peasant style dress in russet and green. She had shoulder length red hair, freckles and green eyes that sparkled with impish amusement when she smiled.
“Hi I’m Willow Rosenberg, pleased to meet you Mr Smith!” She held out her hand once Johnny had got into the back seat to the station wagon.
“I don’t mean to be rude Ms Rosenberg,” He said from the back of the car, “But I don’t shake hands, it’s a sort of phobia for me. What brings you to this part of the country?” Johnny asked as Kennedy got in behind the steering wheel and pulled the car back out onto the road. The Willow and Kennedy explained how they lived in Cleveland where they were instructors at a girl’s school, and that were, sort of, on a vacation. Johnny told them how he used to be a teacher himself before his accident.
“I’ve come here so I can have my baby in peace! Away from all the pressures of the ‘big city’” Announced Willow. Johnny had not actually noticed that the young redhead was pregnant!

“I thought Cleveland had good hospitals, Cleaves Mills only has a small local hospital nothing like you’d find in a city.” Explained Johnny.
“We have our reasons.” Announced Willow glancing at Kennedy and sharing a significant look that was not lost on Johnny. There was obviously more than met the eye about these two young women.


When they arrived in Cleaves Mills Johnny invited Willow and Kennedy to take lunch with him in Jenny’s Diner. He saw them into the Diner and sat them down at a table by the window.
“My cells out of power I need to make a call to get my jeep towed, you order and I’ll be back in a moment.” He explained as he left the two women. After five minutes he got off the phone and went to join his two guests, as he approached the table he caught the end of a conversation, Willow spoke in a mock serious voice.

“…well, that’s typical isn’t it? You have your fun get me knocked up then you’re off with the first waitress you see!” Willow said teasing her partner.
“I just said she was cute!” Complained Kennedy, “I wasn’t going to run off with anyone!”
“I’m only teasing!” Said Willow hugging her girlfriend.
Oh! Mr Smith you’re back!” Kennedy said looking up in surprise. Johnny sat down across the table from them.
“You’re not sisters are you? He asked.
“Nope!” Replied Willow a smile playing around her lips, “Not cousins either!” She announced. Johnny got the feeling she was playing with him, and enjoying herself too!
“It’s none of my business, but how long have you been together?” He asked.
“Don’t worry about it Mr Smith!” Willow said and explained how they had been together for two years. How they had met in Sunnydale just before the town disappeared into what was now Sunnydale Crater National Park. As Willow spoke she smiled and joked and listened to what Johnny had to say with polite interest. Johnny found himself glancing at Kennedy who was not saying much. She would occasionally answer a direct question or make a comment of her own, but she did not seem to be paying much attention to the conversation.

Johnny noticed her eyes were constantly roving the diner watching everyone and everything. He noticed a certain alertness, like a Tiger waiting to strike when she saw someone new enter the diner. He observed that every so often Willow would squeeze the other girl’s hand gently, and as if by magic all the tension and weariness would vanish from the younger women’s eyes. As they sat and drank coffee, Willow drank tea, at the end of the meal Kennedy excused herself and headed towards the restrooms leaving Johnny and Willow together. Johnny reached out his hand to take some more sugar and accidentally brushed against Willows fingers as they rested on the table.

The vision that hit Johnny was extremely intense; more intense than his visions were normally, it was like running into a brick wall. He saw Willow Rosenberg, but not the smiling happy red-haired pregnant young woman that sat across the table. He saw a black-haired pail skinned woman whose eyes burnt like embers as she stalked through the smouldering ruins of Cleaves Mills.

“What did you see Mr Smith?” Willow asked a half smile on her lips.
“Nothing it’s…”
“No need to be coy Mr Smith, I didn’t realise you were ‘that’ Johnny Smith until you touched me! If I’d known I’d have stopped you!”
“It looked like a…a postcard from hell!” Replied Johnny.
“Oh! That’ll be my life alright!” Willow announced matter-of-factly, “Nothing new then.”
“I saw you, but not you? If you know what I mean?”
“Describe what you saw Mr Smith.”
After Johnny had described his vision Willow looked worried and dismayed.
“I’d really thought that was all behind me!” Willow said distractedly, “Something really bad must have happened for me to go all ‘Dark Willow’ again!”
“Again!” Johnny said in surprise, “And what’s a ‘Dark Willow’?”
“That needn’t concern you Mr Smith,” Willow said fixing Johnny with a stare. “Tell me, are your visions what will happen or what could happen?”
“Usually they’re what could happen I’ve changed enough to know that by now!”
“Then there’s nothing to worry about!” Said Willow once more the happy smiling young woman, “I’ll just refrain from burning the town down! That’s so much easier than doing it the other way!”
Johnny was still trying to collect his thoughts and work out how a young woman like Willow could burn down the town when Kennedy came and sat back down next to her partner.
“Ken,” Announced Willow, “Mr Smith has just had a vision in which ‘Dark Willow’ reappears. We need to be on our guard!”
Johnny was amazed at the way the brunette took the news of his vision so calmly; she seemed to accept it a fact without question! Then at a signal from Willow the two women stood up.

“Thank-you for the meal Mr Smith,” Willow said with a smile, “I hope we’ll meet again, maybe you’d like to come for dinner when we’re settled in?” Willow took Johnny’s hand and a vision of absolute nothingness filled his mind By the time he came back to the present the two women had left the diner and were heading for their car. He was left wondering how anyone could block his talent.

“Hi Johnny!” A woman’s voice came from behind him, he turned to see Sarah Bannerman, the sheriffs wife and his ex-fiancée, standing behind him, “Hey, Johnny what’s up you look like you’ve seen a ghost!”
“No! I think it was worse than that!” He replied.


“I think I frightened our Mr Smith!” Said Willow as she eased herself back into the car.
“Why?” Asked Kennedy, concerned.
“He caught me by surprise and I wasn’t quick enough to block him. He saw way too much! When I shook his hand just, I completely blocked him. He would have seen nothing but black, I think it scared him.”
“You better say sorry next time you see him.” Admonished Kennedy.
“I know, I will. I know we’ll ask him round one evening.”


Willow walked up to the door of the big house; she turned and looked back at the car where Kennedy sat. The brunette made ‘Go on!’ motions with her hand then turned back to the magazine she had been reading. The two women had spent about a week in their rented house on the outskirts of Cleaves Mills. Neither of them had seen Johnny Smith in all that time. Eventually Kennedy had told Willow she would have to go to his house and apologise for her behaviour in the Diner. The whole thing had come down to a contest between ‘Resolve Faces’, for once Willow lost.

Willow rang the doorbell and waited, she glanced back to the car. Kennedy was studiously ignoring her, flicking through the pages of her magazine. The door opened as she turned back, and there stood Johnny Smith.
“Hello Mr Smith,” Said Willow feeling about twelve and asking the local grumpy person for her ball back.
“Ms Rosenberg! What a….” Johnny seemed lost for words for a moment, “Surprise!” He finally said. “Would you care to come in?” Willow got the distinct feeling that he would rather she did not but she smiled and walked into the house anyway.
“You really shouldn’t invite people into your house like that, ‘specially at night! This is a nice house!” She said nervously.
“Yes it’s been in the family for…What was that about inviting people in?”
“Oh nothing much, but you should try to use a non-verbal invitation, it’s safer, particularly at night. Anyway, I’ve come to express my regrets for the way I acted the other day. It was wrong, and I shouldn’t blank people’s minds like that! It was Kennedy’s idea!”
“What? Blanking peoples minds?” Johnny found himself smiling at the flustered young woman.
“The apology! She’s so much better at this…I babble!”
“So I notice. Would you like to sit down?” He led her towards a large lounge.
“I thought you’d never ask! I like to sit down whenever I can these days,” She indicated her ‘lump’ “ and I’m doing it again!”
“Babbling! Have I said this is a nice house?”
“Ms Rosenberg…you’re a very…unusual young woman!” Johnny could not help but start to like this odd young redhead.
“You’re not wrong there buster!” Willow said half to herself, then in a more normal voice she asked, “How long have you been a seer Mr Smith?”
“How long have you been able to block people from seeing into your future, Ms Rosenberg?”
“I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.” Offered Willow in a low voice.
“You first.”
“Isn’t that just like a man! Want to see mine then you’ll run off and I never get to see…. can we stop the whole schoolyard thing?”
“Okay, I’ll go first, you remember I told you I was in a car accident and then in a coma for six years? Well it all started after that! Since then I’ve had these visions and I’ve tried to help people by using what I see.”
“I’ve been trying to help people since I was sixteen Mr Smith. It doesn’t work out that well all the time does it? What you saw was a result of my own personal demons nothing else, a sort of evil Willow. If you look now you’ll see she’s all gone away! I’m sorry that I reacted so forcefully…it’s just that I don’t often have people in my mind and I react badly to it…sorry.”
“Nothing to be sorry about Ms Rosenberg, can I call you Willow?” Willow nodded her consent, “I try not to touch people, it was an accident. It’s not as if you’d really burn the town down!”
“Well I better be gone!” Willow announced suddenly changing the subject and struggling to get out of her chair, “Kennedy worries if I’m gone too long.”
Johnny helped Willow up and started to show her out when the doorbell rang again. Johnny opened the door to a tall balding man in an expensive suit he looked to be in his late fifties.
“Reverend Purdy!” Johnny said as the man stepped into the hallway.
“Johnny. Oh I’m sorry I didn’t know you had visitors!” The Reverend said looking at Willow.
“This is Willow Rosenberg,” Explained Johnny, “She and her friend Kennedy are staying in the area for a month or so. They were kind enough to give me a lift when my jeep broke down.”
“Rosenberg?” Pondered Purdy, “I don’t suppose we’ll see you in church on Sunday, ‘though you, and your friend would always be welcome!”
“I don’t think I would Reverend!” Said Willow, “I’m one of those evil Wicca, lesbian, soon to be single mothers that you people like to try and blame for all the worlds woes! When was the last time you saved the world, Reverend?” Willow turned back to Johnny, “Nice to have seen you again Mr Smith,” She smiled, “I hope we can be friends.” Willow turned on her heel and tried to make a dignified exit, unfortunately it did not really work her ‘lump’ made it more of a waddle!
“What a strange young woman!” Said Purdy, “Why was she here again?”
“Just exorcising some personal demons Gene!” Replied Johnny.


Latter that night, Kennedy sat up in bed. Willow was resting her head on her breast; she made little murmuring sounds of contentment as she snuggled closer to her lover. Kennedy stroked Willows hair gently.
“I’m under your spell, how else could it be….” Kennedy sang quietly then stopped, “Now where did that come from?” She asked herself puzzled.

Since Willow and she had moved into the rented house just over a week ago Kennedy had become less bothered by the First Slayers appearances in her dreams. In fact she had not had a dream for two nights now. The dreams had started after she and Buffy had fought the strange Vampires in London. When they were staked they emitted a psychic blast that seemed to affect Slayers badly. It could knock them unconscious and generally screw with their minds! Buffy had been affected for a short period by disturbing dreams, of the First Slayer but then she seemed to shake it off. Kennedy had not been so lucky. Now it seemed that the first Slayer was trying to control Kennedy and re-enter the world of the living.
Kennedy relaxed and let her Slayer senses roam the darkened house. First she could hear Willows measured breathing and her slow, steady heartbeat. Next she could hear the sound of the baby’s rapid heartbeat.

Kennedy let her senses range wider, she could hear the mice seemingly tap-dancing in the walls as they scurried about. She giggled to herself at the picture of hundreds of mice with canes and top hats performing complicated dance routines in some surreal 1930’s Hollywood dance epic. Pushing the dancing mice from her mind, she could hear the sounds of animals out by the backdoor where the trash bins stood, ‘likely be Racoons,’ she thought. She liked Racoons even when they made a mess of the rubbish in the back yard. Then she heard the window in the unused back bedroom being opened; it was so loud to her Slayers hearing that she sat up with a start. Three thoughts entered her mind in a flash.
“Intruder! Protect! KILL!” The First Slayer was back, and she was out for blood!

Kennedy leapt from the bed and pausing only to retrieve the Katana she kept behind the bedroom door, she raced from the bedroom. By the time she had reached the back bedroom door the First slayer was in complete control.


Billy Greene climbed silently through the bedroom window. He planned on having some ‘fun’ tonight. He had watched the two ‘lesbo bitches’ who had rented the house, for the last couple of days. Tonight he was going to make his move. He would break in; tie the women up with the Duck tap he had brought for the purpose. Then rape them, even that pregnant one, then steal anything of value he could find. He had done this at least a dozen times before, in other towns across the state. The police were no closer to catching him now as they were after the first time. He turned to close the window, it would not do for some nosy neighbour to hear screams and call the ‘pigs’.

Billy turned in surprise as he heard the bedroom door shatter! He moved as fast as he could but he was still too slow. He felt a sharp burning sensation across his stomach; he looked down to see red-grey tubes oozing from the cut across his belly. He fell to his knees his hands trying to stuff his intestines back into his stomache. Then he looked up to see a naked woman standing over him holding a long bright sword above her head. He fumbled for the gun in his pocket and never saw the sword flash towards his neck.


The first Slayer brought the sword down with such speed and force that it sang as it ripped through the air. She hardly noticed any resistance as the sword bit into Billy’s neck cleanly cutting the mans head from his shoulders. Blood fountained in a long bloody arc that started on the ceiling above Billy’s head and ended at Kennedy’s feet. The First Slayer gloried in the way the blade vibrated as it passed through the mans spine, and the warmth of the blood that sprayed over her body. Kennedy only came back to herself when she heard Willow scream behind her.


The coroner placed his preliminary report on Sheriff Bannerman’s desk. “There you go Walt” The aged man said, “The victim died of a single cut to the neck which severed his head from his shoulders. The murder weapon was a long extremely sharp object, such as a sword, wielded with incredible force!”

Bannerman looked from the report to the coroner, then he out at the woman siting in the main office of the small police station, “Could that young woman have cut this guys head off with a single blow?” He asked pointing at Kennedy.
“In my opinion no!” The coroner replied, “The neck has a lot of muscle and cartilage, and then of course there’s the spine. Even a man your size might not be able to do it in one cut.”
“Okay Doc thanks, you’d better get home to your wife.” The Coroner wished Bannerman goodnight and good luck then left. The Sheriff called one of his deputies, as he watched the pregnant redhead sit down next to the other girl and wrap her arms round her friend.
“Joe, where did they say they came from?” He asked pointing at the women.
“Cleveland, chief.” Came the reply.
“Okay, Get on to Cleveland PD and see if they know anything.”
“On to it chief!” The deputy said as he left the office. Bannerman watched the two women through the glass for a few minutes, “Who are you protecting?” He wondered aloud then he reached for his phone.


“Thanks for coming over Johnny.” Bannerman said half a hour latter when Johnny Smith walked into his office.
“What’s going on?” Johnny asked, he had seen Willow and Kennedy sitting in the outer office.
“Those two,” He nodded towards the two women in the other office, “The Rosenberg’s killed a burglar earlier tonight…with a sword would you believe? There’s no way that little slip of a girl could have the strength to cut off a mans head! They’re protecting some one, a boyfriend maybe. I want you to hold the murder weapon and see if you can get anything from it. I’d hate to have a sword-wielding vigilante on the loose!”


“Willow, it was her” Whispered Kennedy.
“Who?” Hissed Willow.
“The First Slayer, she took over completely! Do you think I’d have killed that guy if I was there? He may have lost a few fingers, maybe a hand. But we don’t slay humans!”
“Okay honey…I’ll do a…no I’ll…I…I don’t know what to do Ken!”


Johnny put down the sword after the vision had passed and looked up at Walt.
“You okay Johnny?” The Sheriff asked when he saw the psychic’s face.
“Phew! Walt, that was intense. Two visions for the price of one!” Johnny rested his head in his hands. “I’m not charging enough for this!”
“What did you see?” Walt asked.
“More what I didn’t see!” Johnny began, “I didn’t see a boyfriend! I did see Kennedy take the guys head clean off. So, it looks like she killed this guy!”
“I still can’t believe that!” Exclaimed Walt, standing up and walking to the window to look at Kennedy.
“I think she said she instructed in self defence at that school were they both work.” Johnny volunteered, “Maybe it’s one of these Eastern Mystic martial arts things, lets you enhance your strength for a while?”
“You believe that?” Asked Walt.
“You got a better idea?”
Johnny paused for a moment. “I got something about the guy, must have been from the blood on the blade! I think you’ll find he’s done this sort of thing before…serial rapist looks like”.
“Looks like he picked the wrong house!”


Sheriff Bannerman walked into the outer office and looked down at the two women seated there.
“Sheriff,” It was the redhead, Willow, that spoke, “Are either myself or Kennedy under arrest? Because if we’re not I’d like to get us both home.”
“That’s what I’ve come to tell you. It looks like the evidence backs up your story and it was self-defence. The guy may have been a serial rapist, you had a lucky escape. So you’re free to go. But, you can’t go back to your house just yet and I don’t want you to leave town until I say so, okay?”
“Yes but where do we go tonight?” Asked Willow.
“County will pay for a motel for the night.” Replied Bannerman.
“That won’t be necessary!” Called Johnny from the sheriff’s office, “They can stay at my place overnight, I’ve got more than enough bedrooms.”


The next morning Sheriff Bannerman found himself back at the scene of the crime. He walked through the house to the back bedroom. He stood and looked at the shattered door. It was not just broken in it was smashed off its hinges. Pieces of wood lay scattered all over the bedroom. He stepped over the wreckage and surveyed the scene of the killing. The body had been removed but the blood still stained the ceiling, walls and floor.
“Sheriff!” Called one of his deputies from the doorway, “Got something you might wan’na see!” Bannerman looked up and walked over to his deputy.
“It’s in the master bedroom chief.” Said the man.
Bannerman followed the deputy into the main bedroom. There was a large black Carry-All lying opened on the bed, Another of his deputies stood guard over the bag. Bannerman walked over to where the deputy stood.

“What we got here Roscoe?” He asked as he looked into the bag.
“You gotta see this Chief!” Said Roscoe as he started to pull things from the bag, like a magician pulling rabbits from a hat. “Two swords, three small axes,” As he spoke he lay the weapons on the bed, “One big crossbow, one little crossbow and finally,” He said with a flourish, “Half a dozen wooden stakes! What were these two? Vampire hunters?” He said with a laugh. “Then there’s this stuff!”

Roscoe led Bannerman over to a draw unit in the corner of the room, and opened the bottom draw. Walt found bundles of herbs, crystals and jars of things he could not identify.
“Drugs?” Asked the deputy.
“I don’t think so.” Replied Bannerman, “Better have it checked out though. See to it will ya’!”
“Sure thing boss! But there’s one more thing you need to see” Replied the deputy and lead the sheriff over to the night stand by the bed, he opened it and lifted out the pistol that lay there.
“Glock 9mm, Sheriff, and look at this.” He removed the pistols magazine from its grip, “Weirdest bullets I’ve ever seen.” He took a round from the magazine and ran it across his hand; it left a black mark. “It’s like some sort of carbon.”
Walt picked up a box of ammunition that had lain next to the pistol. He read the label on the plain brown box, ‘Property of MOD. 38x9mm, Carbon Dum-Dum.’ it proclaimed, and he showed the box to Roscoe,
“I wonder who Mod is.” He asked.


Bannerman sat in his cruiser reviewing the case in his mind, he spoke out loud to himself.
“Girl kills a burglar and possible rapist with a sword, takes his head clean off! Why didn’t she used the pistol? This is after she’s reduced the door to kindling and crossed the room in full view of the armed perp! Girlfriend calls the cops. They both answer questions without any fuss. Then we find a stash of medieval weapons, and possible drugs. Should I let them go and hope for the best before something else comes up or….?”

His cell phone bleeped for attention and interrupted his musings, he snatched the phone from his belt.
“Bannerman,” He said briskly into the cell.
“Sheriff Bannerman?” Came a mans voice over the phone.
“Yeah that’s me.”
“I’m Lieutenant Dan Brewer, Homicide Division, Cleveland PD one of your deputies gave me your number. You wanted to know if we had any information on the Rosenberg girls?”
“Yeah anything you can tell us would be useful.” Bannerman was curious why a Homicide Lieutenant would take time out to talk to a country sheriff.
“Can I ask you if you’re holding them for any reason?”
“We had them in for questioning over a fatal wounding. It’s looking like self defence so far. There’s just one or two odd things I’d like cleared up.” Replied Bannerman.
“Only one or two!” Came the answer. “The Rosenberg’s deal in odd! They all do up at that school of theirs! We are talking about Willow and Kennedy right?”
“Yeah that’s them.”
“Sheriff they’re okay people, a bit unconventional, but they’ve helped us with a few of our more bizarre cases. Things to do with the occult and such.”
“Either of them into drugs?”
“No-way! All of ‘em at the school are dead set against any illegal drugs. Did you find something?”
“I found some herbs and other stuff I couldn’t identify.”
“Ah! That’ll be Willows Wicca stuff, it’s harmless. Look Sheriff if the Rosenbergs say it was self-defence, take a tip from me! Believe them! Don’t go looking for things that’ll keep you awake all night worrying!”
“Okay, I’ll bear that in mind.”
“Give the girls my best if you see them, how did Willow look she must be near due?”
“She looked fine,” Bannerman said a little surprised that a police officer would ask after a possible suspect’s health and well-being. “Just one more thing Lieutenant, what is the relationship between the Rosenbergs, they don’t look like family. They’re just friends right?”
“Ha! Sheriff ya’ know what I said about unconventional?”
“Oh! Yeah right! Thanks for your help Lieutenant.”
“My pleasure Sheriff.” Walt hung up and put his phone away, ‘that’s it’, he thought ‘I’m going to close this case and hope those women leave town soon!’


Authors Note: MOD stand for the British ‘Ministry of Defence’.
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