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Lost and Found

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This story is No. 6 in the series "Phoenixverse". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: On a late night patrol, Xander gets caught into something that he never felt possible. Multicrossover. Sequel to Phoenix Risings Trilogy. Slight BX Chapter 10 up. Enjoy. R/R

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Chapter One

Title: Lost and Found
Author: White Werewolf
Rating: M
Chapter: 1
Category: Buffy/Xander. Just like before. Some, but not allot. I’m taking this relationship very slowly to romance. Realistic if possible, and not forced.
Summery: During a late night patrol, Xander gets caught into something he never thought possible.
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything. Nothing. Ziltch. Nada. Zip-a-dee-dah! If you want to see what I do own, go to the site I designed for this series.
Spoilers: Anything post “Becoming Part 2”
Author Notes:This continues the Phoenixverse. I just finished the trilogy, and now the series can begin. Yay!

Buffy: the Vampire Slayer
Hercules: the Legendary Journeys
Quantum Leap
And one big crossover, but I don’t want to give it away. You’ll find out soon enough, but telling you now will take away the surprise.

And a few others…

A tall man found a seat on a crowed subway and sat down. His face featured lines of exhaustion. It had been a long day, and all he wanted to do was go home.

He scanned the car and saw another man approach him.

“Shit,” the tall man said under his breath.

The man that approached him sat down next to him, and grinned, “You’re him, aren’t you?”

The tall man said in confusion, “Excuse me?

“The guy. The scientist. I saw you on TV.” He then leaned forward, “I believed you.”

A moment passed.

He smiled and gestured his hands in circular manner. “Roar.”

The tall man shook his head. “I was misquoted. I was merely speculating on the evolutionary scenario of a lost world. I never said I was in such a place.”

Xander groaned as he awoke from the couch. Since he returned back from Stargate Command, Joyce wouldn’t allow him to go home. He could tell that she remembered their private conversation from two months ago. My god. Has it been that long?

They’ve been home from their adventure just after seven weeks. At the moment, they were just finishing up their eight…so two months is the right amount of time.

He sat himself down and scanned the dark room. Only one light was on to allow easy navigation within the house without waking anybody from hitting a wall or something.

Taking a glance at the clock, he noted it was only 2 o’clock in the morning. Standing up, he headed for the kitchen to get a glass of water.

The original plan was for him to move in with the Rosenbergs, but because of the closeness that developed between him and the Williamses, plans were switched to have him move in with them when they got a house. But, before he moved in with them, he was pleaded by Buffy to let him stay at their house. Buffy didn’t want to separate from him.

He smirked. She couldn’t resist the Harris charm.

Truth be told, he actually preferred to live with Buffy and Joyce at the moment. During the summer, he and Buffy really gotten close, and he was used to hanging around with her. And she kept her word. She told Giles that everyone was going to train with them. She didn’t want another death in Sunnydale that was someone close to her.

Today had been their fourth day of training, and Xander was already making progress. He was already ahead of so many thanks to the fact that he did train with Buffy in his apartment and at the SGC.

Everyone was home now. Faith and Ash were currently guest living with Wesley, much to Ash’s digression, but he did it because of his niece.

Gabrielle and Joxer were actually in talks to move to Sunnydale rather than stay with Hercules in Los Angeles. Being with him was something they’d enjoy, but they didn’t want anything to do with the celebrity life. Xander thought they were going to try and move into Angel’s old mansion.

And Aphrodite?

She was off with Hepheastus. Still bouncing between Hercules, Joxer, Gabrielle, and Xander. So much so, she was made an official Scrappy member.

He reached the kitchen only to find Buffy already sitting down at the table. She looked up at him, and asked, “Couldn’t sleep?”

Xander shook his head as he approached the cabinet. “Nah. Sleep’s overrated.”

She rolled her eyes as he reached the table a short time later with a glass of water. “Xan, sleep’s important. I only need less amount of sleep because I’m the Slayer.”

He smiled, “Well, after this summer, Buff. My body has come accustomed to less sleep. Y’know.”

Buffy nodded, “I know, Xan.” Letting a moment pause, she asked, “Do you feel any different? Since we’ve been back I mean.”

He nodded, “Yeah, I do. But, take a look at what we went through. Going into outer space. Fighting a goa’uld. Rescuing Faith. Killing her evil twin. Both of us…”

She cut him off, “Dying. I know, Xan. I died at the Master’s cave, you died by a ghost who had some pent up romantic feelings for me from a previous slay.”

Xander smirked, “See. You’re supernatural attraction continues. First it was.”

Buffy glared at him, “Don’t start, Xan. Just because I had my share doesn’t mean you haven’t either. Want me to bring up our substitute biology teacher?”

He held his hands up palm side out, “Fair enough.”

She grinned, “Good. Anyway, we both need to find the normal one.”

Xander smirked, “Or not so normal one.”

Buffy stood up. “Well, I’m done. No more vampires. No ghosts. No nothing.”

Xander finished his water and stood up as well. “Good for you. Just don’t forget I’m here for you.”

Of course she didn’t take it the way he meant. But still, in a good manner of speaking. “I’ll never forget that.”

She grabbed his glass, “Want another?” With his head nod, she went back to the sink. Xander sat down in his chair. “How’s the house hunt?”

“Ash said he’s close to a deal. Should be a few days. Then I’ll be gone from your house, and you can go around skipping in your underwear.”

Her eyes widened and she glared at him, “Xander.”

He grinned, “Kidding, Buff. Kidding.”

She couldn’t help but calm down with his smile. “I know, Xan.”

Taking her seat back, she gave him his glass, “Well, you have your house coming. We have school to try and get back into.”

“It’ll happen, Buffy. Snyder can’t deny us education.” When he realized what he said, he countered, “There’s something I never thought I say.”

She agreed, “Never thought you say that either. But, you’re right.”

“Wait to your mom gets to interrogate him.”

Buffy sighed, “But it won’t happen for another month. Who knew that rat was busy during the summer?”

He grinned, “What do you think he was going to do? Go out in the sun? That’s totally against his nature.”

She giggled, “Yeah, a vamp won’t even go near him. You know how much they hate vermin in their blood.”

And in response, he laughed too.


A knock on the door was sounded. It shortly opened to see a man in a black suit.

”Whom should I tell Mr. Hammond is calling?”

“Ian Malcolm.”

The door opened further and a dog came yipping by. It ran toward Marlcolm, growling. The scientist batted away the dog, and it left whining.

“Not an animal lover?”

He answered, “Not really.”

The two of them headed down the hall when a man came in front of them. "Ah, Dr. Malcolm. How are you? Going to chat things up with my uncle?

Malcolm said, "Do me a favor. Don't pretend for a second that you and I don't know the truth. You can convince Time Magazine and the Skeptical Inquirer of whatever you want, but I was there."

Peter Ludlow said to him, "You signed a non-disclosure agreement before you went to the island that expressly forbade you from discussing anything you saw. You violated that agreement."

Malcolm clarified, "You cost me my livelihood. That on which I relied to support my children."

"If your university felt you were causing it embarrassment by selling wild stories to Hard Copy, I hardly see how I am to--."

He cut him off, "I didn't tell anything, I told the truth."

"Your version of it."

Malcolm shook his head, "There are no versions of the truth! This isn't a corporate maneuver, it's my life."

"We made a generous compensatory offer for your injuries."

"It was a payoff and an insult. InGen never--"

"InGen is my livelihood," Peter said in his defense. "And I will jealously defend its interests. People will know what I want t hem to know when I want them to know it."

A moment passed.

"Don't forget that."

Seeing Peter walk past him, he and the butler continued to Mr. Hammond's room. The two then entered a room and saw two people. One he recognized from years past, the other man was in army fatigues.

Medical equipment has been disguised as well as possible among he furniture and flowers, but the sheer abundance of it means that whatever has stricken him is going to win this battle.

“Ian! Don’t linger in the doorway like an ingénue, Come in. Come in!”

As the scientist walked inside, the elder man gestured to the other man, “Ian, meet my much younger cousin, George.”

The man in question outstretched his hand. “Dr. Malcolm, it’s a pleasure to meet you. My name is General George Hammond.”

Ian shook his hand. “Pleasure’s all mine.”

George’s cousin said. “It’s good to see you. It really is. How’s the leg?”

He said, “Resentful.”

George said, “My cousin tells me that you had quite the run in. What was it? Velociraptor?”

He shook his head, “Tyrannosaurus, actually.”

He couldn’t help but smirk, “Who’d know that being such a dreamer?”

“George, don’t start. We’ve been through this too much. We know all about it. I’m the dreamer and you’re the realist. I’m sitting here on my deathbed, and you’re…”

His head sank, “Sorry, John. Old habbits die hard. I was merely saying it was hard to believe. But you did it. You brought your dream to life.” (Only if you knew how much of a dreamer I’ve become,) he thought sadly.

Ian added, “But his dream was stolen from other scientists. Nothing he did was on his own hard work, and now he’s taken credit for other peoples’ work.”

The elder man said, “When you have a lot of time to think, it’s funny who you remember. It’s the people who challenged you. It is the quality of our opponents that gives our accomplishments meaning. I never told you how sorry I was about what happened after we returned.”

Malcolm saw the emotion the man was holding, and gave his anger some straining.

“I don’t know you…weren’t well.” Ian supplied.

John added, “It’s the lawyers. The lawyers are finally killing me.”

George said, “They do have motives.”

Ian asked, “Why did you want to see me? Your message said it was urgent.”

He admitted, “And I was wrong. There! Did you ever think you’d hear me say that? Specifically wrong. Instead of observing those animals, I tried to control them. I squandered an opportunity and we still have near next to nothing about their lives. Not their lives as man would have them, behind electrical fences, but in their natural habitat, the impossible dream of any paleontologist. I could have had it, but I let it slip away.”

A moment passed.

“Thank god for site B.”

“Site B?” Malcolm asked.

George nodded, “Apparently my cousin had two islands. One was Isla Norbla, which was the park. Isla Sorna was the factory.” He glanced over at his cousin, “And the only reason why the military hasn’t tried to do anything is because we agree to let these animals live on their own. That and what he's doing doesn't follow my jurisdiction."

Ian remembered, “But they’re lysine deficient? They should’ve died within a few weeks.”

John countered, “Just as you said five years earlier, ‘life will find a way.’ And they did. They’ve been living there, undisturbed for quite some time. But because of a family who vacationed there, their daughter got attacked by compys.” He noted the look on his face, “Don’t worry. She wasn’t killed, just injured. It forced InGen to look at the matter again. And now, they’re forcing me out of the company, and taking my nephew in its place. The only way to protect that island now is to get photographic records of their existence. Then it can become a sanctuary for these animals.

“I only need four people.”

George interrupted, “John, I seriously hope that you rethink this. You already made some mistakes. Don't make any more.”

John looked at him, “George, I'm not making any of the same mistakes.”

Ian shook his, "No, you're making bigger ones."

“John, you’re sending four people. Three of which don’t know what you’re sending them into the unknown. Just rethink this.”

“They all know where they're going. There's Eddie Carr—a technician weaponry expert, Nick Van Owen—a wildlife photographer...and then there's...”

Ian immediately gave a look. He knew there's someone who John was holding back “Who’s the other one?”

He glanced at the mathematician, “Now, Ian. She wanted this.”

He glared at her, “Who?”

“Dr. Harding is already on the island.”

“What? No. No. No. John, you sent my girlfriend to the island? So, to make sure that I come along, you bring my girlfriend into this?"

John said, "Ian..."

He came forward, "You're mission suddenly became a rescue mission. Now, where's a satellite phone?"


Xander and Buffy headed back to their destined sleeping positions. Smiling, Xander went back to the couch and sat down. Bringing his head to a pillow that was resting and waiting for him, he waited for sleep to overcome, feeling better from the previous conversation.

Fifteen minutes passed, and nothing happened. He rolled around on the couch, but didn't find it any more comfortable. Sighing, he pulled himself into a sitting position and looked at the clock. It was now 3. He still couldn't get to sleep, so he thought maybe a quick patrol would help clear his mind.

Climbing to the floor, he pushed his hand through the dust covers and pulled out his sword. Placing a belt that he bought around his waist, he attached his weapon through the sheath. He wanted to get Buffy involved, but realized she saw already asleep. He didn't want to wake her up if he didn't have to. After all, it was just a quick patrol, and plus his sword would easily slay any vampire. That was what made organium special. It didn't have to be just for goa'ulds, but for any animal that was based on symbiosis.

Opening the drawer, he did bring his cellphone. Just in case. And, he took a sticky note paper and left a short message.

'Went for quick patrol. Didn't want to wake you.


Leaving it by the phone, he headed out the door and to the cemeteries.


Xander gave his weapon now in stake form a twirl. One thing he started to do was able to turn the Bane of Possession from stake to sword to stake more easily then before. While he used the stake at the moment, he found the sword much better to handle. Although, at this moment, having it stake form meant it was more compact and easier to hide within his jacket.

He continued to walk through the cemetery, keeping his eyes alert. Xander already completed a brief patrol and was starting to get a little tired. That of course was the reason why he wanted to patrol tonight anyway. The young man decided to give the cemetery a once more look over, and then go back to Buffy's house.

His eyes widened when he spotted a truck with its lights blaring. Kneeling down beside a tombstone, he noticed a number of people were bringing in some kind of supplies. Very technological equipment. "Why are they out this late at night?" He said bitterly to himself. Xander continued to gaze at them.

He then turned a little to the left and noticed a small horde of five vampires. "Shit," he cursed.

This led him to have two choices. One, he could call Buffy up and wait for her to join him in small battle. Or, two, he could take care of it himself. Considering he did have some training sessions with Buffy recently, and some skill remembered from Major Kawalsky, he knew what he had to do. Waiting for Buffy would take too long, and these people working by the truck only had a few minutes before they'd become snackfood.

"Dammit,” Xander said. "And I was about to go get some sleep."

Taking a breath, he sprinted toward the truck. During his run, he turned his stake back into a sword and launched himself at the vampires. "Over here, Overbites!"



The head vampire turned to look at his comrade, "What is it, Hank?"

Hank said, "It's that Slayer's friend! That must mean she's close."

Maurice snarled, "It's means one of two things, Hank. He's either a genius or completely insane."

"What do we do?" Karl asked.

"We can't risk this buffet just ahead. Quickly kill the boy, and then we'll go get the main dish." Maurice told his gang.

“Over here, Overbites!”

The five vampires charged the young man. “Skin him if you have to!” Maurice called out.

Xander grunted, “Interesting choice of words.” He then withdrew his stake, which already successfully changed into the sword version.

“Fancy weapon,” Hollered Karl.

He grinned, “Only a better way to cut you with, my dear.” Xander then did a foot sweep knocking the vampire on his back. Springing to his feet, he jammed the sharp edge of the sword into his heart. The vampire crumbled immediately.


Xander grinned, and decided to use a phrase from his friend. “Come get some.”

The remaining four vampires glared at the human. “Why did you have to do something like that?” Hank asked as he charged him.

Xander shrugged, “Comes with the job.”

“So is this!” Another one yelled as he kicked Xander to the ground.

He grunted in pain as he soon felt his legs being grabbed and flinging him toward the truck. “Dammit.”

Feeling a wave of pain rush over him, Xander rolled to his side and got back to his feet. Quickly turning his sword into a stake he jammed it into another vampire.

He smirked, “Looks like you lose another friend.”

“Ah, that was just Leon.” Maurice said. “Weakling of the group.”

The young man rubbed his chin, “So you say.”

The three vampires shortly walked toward him. “You killed Karl and Leon,” Hank summed up. “Killing the three of us isn’t going to be so easy.”

He chuckled, “Could give it a try. My odds are getting better.”

“Want to make a bet?” The one vampire known as Seth.

Xander shook his head, “Don’t make bets with demons. I don’t have any cats to spare.”

Maurice smiled wickedly, “Too bad. We’ll be willing to use you as an exception.”

He scoffed, “And that’s because why?”

“Because,” Seth said with certainty. “We got reinforcements.”

All of a sudden ten more vampires showed up.

Xander sighed.

“This isn’t going to be fun.”
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