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Tohru the Vampire Slayer

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Summary: Determined to save Kyo from being locked up after graduation Tohru tells Akito she will do anything. Akito decides to test her in a life or death battle with a monster.(now with a better introduction for if you don't know Fruits Basket)

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Tohru's Decision.

Tohru the Vampire Slayer chapter 7. Tohru's Decision.

I don't own Buffy, Angel or Fruits Basket I am not making any money off of this, it is purely for pleasure that I write this. Please don't sue.


Monks flitted in and out of the room bowing deeply to Tohru. Hatori was surprised by their level of respect they showed to a young girl until he found out that this temple was a sight that had been saved by a slayer many years ago and in thanks they were dedicated to be a place of safety and healing to any slayers who might need it. That was why there was food and first aid left out on the alters every night.

Everything he had been told about the slayer blew his mind and made him unreasonably angry. But it wasn’t until he started questioning the help a slayer would receive in this battle she was expected to wage with the monsters of the night that he truly became angry.

“With that little amount of help what kind of life expectancy do these slayers have?” He asked feeling concerned about Tohru.

“In the past it is very unusual for a slayer to last more than one to two years. Until recently most slayers worked alone and were allowed no outside associations.” Giles was about to explain more about his Slayer Buffy when Hatori flashed him an icy glare.

“Tohru, we are leaving, you can forget about this slayer nonsense.” Hatori stated coldly.

Tohru stood blinking in shock, she knew it would be dangerous to be this slayer but the idea that she wouldn’t live much longer filled her with dread and a morbid hope. She would be with her mother again soon, yet she didn’t want to die. She knew her mother would be there waiting for her whether it took her one year or fifty to join her. Life though was a rare and precious thing. She wanted to help the Sohma’s in anyway she could. She wanted to graduate and get a job where her father used to work. She wanted to make a difference.

“Tohru.” Hatori repeated breaking her from her horror induced daze. “We are leaving, don’t worry they already have a slayer they don’t need another one. You can forget everything about this. Let’s go.”

“You can’t do that.” Giles stated getting angry inside. “All her hopes depend on her training. Whether she actively hunts or not she is the slayer and all kinds of things will be hunting her. If she hopes to last she must train. It is her only hope.”

Tohru blinked in shock and stood frozen though Hatori was still trying to get her to come with him. “Angel San is this true?” She asked.

“The creatures of the night will be attracted to you. Are attracted to you, your blood. Tohru you need to learn to defend yourself from them. I don’t want anything to happen to you. I promise to help you in anyway I can.”

“No.” Hatori growled. Tohru was so like his lost love Kanna. The spring that melted the cold snow deep within his heart. He didn’t love her the same way he loved Kanna but he did love her like a daughter in his heart. He would as soon die as to see her put herself in danger. To see her hurt or killed was simply unacceptable. “We will protect you Tohru.”

“Like you protected her from that demon she had to kill the other night?” Angel asked pointedly.

Tohru turned to look at Angel in shock. “How did you know about that Angel San?”

She was ignored Angel and Hatori stood facing each other both with looks of ice on their faces.

“What do you know about that?” Hatori finally asked.

“It was how I found Tohru. I heard about the cave where people kept disappearing and about a monster inside of it. I went to check it out and found it dead. I had her scent and followed it back to that little house at the edge of the woods. Only a slayer can kill a Scanthor demon, you couldn’t protect her from that, or the gang of vampires that nearly killed her last night.”

“What is this?” Hatori asked Tohru who winced remembering his orders to take it easy.

“You can’t be with her twenty-four hours a day, even if you could, like the Scanthor demon there are things that only Tohru will be able to face.”

“I am not going to just stand back and let her die.” Hatori growled advancing on Angel.

“Neither are we.” The red headed girl spoke up at last. “Giles explained how things work for most slayers but Tohru like Buffy isn’t like most slayers. Buffy is still alive today because she is different, things could work like that with Tohru. Buffy is still alive because of her family and friends. We wouldn’t let Buffy face her destiny alone, already Tohru isn’t alone either. It is apparent that she has you. What you don’t understand is that you and us are on the same side. The keep Tohru and Buffy alive side. That is what matters. We have serious problems in Sunnydale and Buffy won’t be able to survive without the help of another slayer. We need Tohru’s help, and she needs our help to train. Especially since the council isn’t going to find out about Tohru so she can go to her mysterious job. The freaky balance demon said so he made Angel promise to train her.”

“Willow, I think that is enough babbling for one night. Thank you.” Giles stated wondering if he babbling would help or hinder matters with this newest slayer.

Tohru’s head was spinning. As she took in the things that Willow had told her. She was trying to take in everything and it was just too much. She couldn’t help wondering how this would effect her schooling and her promise to her mother. She had caught Willow’s mention of the job she wanted after graduation. That was something that she had kept mostly to herself. She was overwhelmed at the thought of having to kill another creature. Even after she had spoken with Angel San about their being evil and killing other people if she didn’t finish them off first. That she had to have training to survive this new ability. But one thing stood out to her more than any other; Buffy would die unless she helped her. This other slayers life was in her hands. The pressure of these thoughts built up within her until she was ready to burst.

“Oh Mom! I don’t think I can do this!” Tohru cried out loud even though she thought she was only talking to her mother in her head. “Everybody is looking to me to be some super powered killing slayer person, but I’m clumsy and walk into walls and fall down a lot and I can’t be the only hope the other slayer has! Ug! I don’t know how to do this, and I will have to kill things that used to be human! I can’t, not after what happened to....” Tohru broke off the torrent of thoughts that were coming streaming out of her mouth as she realized that everyone was listening to her. “Eep!” She squeaked at the end and collapsed to the ground as a nervous wreck.

“Tohru.” Angel cried out and ran to her side.

Hatori calmly checked her out and advised her to take deep slow breaths.

“It’s ok.” Tohru heard her mothers voice in her mind. “Just take things one day at a time, and just be yourself. I believe in you Tohru, you can do anything if you believe in yourself and try hard enough.”

“Right mom.” She whispered though Angel caught her words and wondered at them.

“Tohru you are making yourself too upset about all of this, I think it is time we take you home.” Hatori advised in firm tones.

Tohru blinked and looked at the Doctor she admired and loved as if he were family.

“No, Hatori I’m ok. I just need to take things one thing at a time like mom said.”

“You aren’t going to hug me again are you?” Hatori whispered remembering the last time Tohru woke up talking like she had just spoken to her mother.

Tohru giggled. “Thank you for coming with me Hatori. I have decided that I want to learn from Angel San though. Whether I am going to actually kill vampires or not will have to be a decision I make later, but for right now, I think I should learn what he is willing to teach me.”

“You are not to have her facing any vampires or demons in this training you are planning.” Hatori told Angel.

“No, Tohru isn’t ready for that.” Angel agreed.

“When you think she is ready I am to be informed first.”

“That is certainly acceptable.” Giles agreed. “However sometimes the creatures of the night don’t follow our schedules but their own. I cannot promise that something won’t come after Tohru while she is still learning. We will, do everything in our power to make sure that she will survive something like that occurring.”

“We need somewhere to train. Somewhere that is discreet.” Angel stated.

“I think I know just the person who can help us.” Giles stated. “I’ll call him tomorrow and see about using his place for training. He used to be a watcher but he left the council for family reasons. How about we meet here tomorrow after lunch and we can go get started on your training then? I am sure he will be willing to help, he always wanted to train a slayer.”

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