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The Gift of a Family

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The Gift of a Family Series.". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: When Jack gets a second chance at being a father he races to his daughter. Trouble is not far behind. Everybody is in for surprises once all the secrets are out. His family might end up bigger than he thinks. Pairings DanielxBuffy Jackx?

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Stargate > Buffy-Centered > Theme: Buffy's Real Family(Past Donor)FireDragonFR152968,03741453255,47518 Feb 063 Jul 10Yes

The End of the Beginning.

Chapter 29 The End of the Beginning.

A.N. Finally the conclusion of the beginning chapters of my story. It really morphed into a story of it's own and took a LOT longer to complete than originally planned. I hope you all liked the ride as much as I did. I really want to thank everyone for their support and I hope you will continue to read book two which I will be posting the first chapter of in a few moments.

Later that evening at Jack's home Buffy was getting ready for her date with Major Paul Davis. She had Jack help her escape Doctor Fraiser and Samantha's one thousand and one questions. Fortunately Daniel was now a mini expert on the Slayer and didn’t mind helping with the explanations. Buffy just hoped Paul was able to escape as well. She was looking forward to her first real date in...she didn’t even know how long. She smiled in the mirror as she completed the finishing touches on her hair. She had a date tonight and she had just planned one with Daniel next week. Things were really starting to pickup for her and she just might get to have a real social life for a change.

“I was thinking maybe we could go out to O’Malley’s for dinner.” Jack suggested out side of Buffy’s room.

“Oh! I’m sorry Jack, but I already made plans.” Buffy called from inside of her room.

“Buffy you have been in town for what? Eight hours? Who could you have made plans with? It’s Daniel isn’t it, He is already honing in on my daddy daughter time!”

“No, it’s...” The doorbell ringing cut off her reply. “Oh no, Major Hottie is here already and I’m not finished getting ready!” Buffy cried.

“Major Hottie? Is that a military designation?” Jack demanded through the door.

“Jack! Will you please just play nice and answer the door. Let him know I’ll be down in just a minute.”

Like a lion on the prowl Jack stalked to the door his brow furrowed. He opened it to see Teal’c and nearly lost it before he realized that Daniel was with him. Taking in the Pizza, beer and DVD Jack then remembered Teal’c’s demand that the men get together tonight to bond and heal the rift that had developed between them.

“Jack.” Daniels voice brought the temperature in the room down by several degrees.

“Daniel.” Jack replied in his I’m losing my patience with you voice.

“Enough.” Teal’s stoic voice interrupted any reply. “It is time.” This said Teal’c marched into his living room and started setting up the movie, pizza and drinks. Without a word Jack stepped back and allowed Daniel to enter as well.

“I’ll be down in just another minute.” Buffy’s voice floated down.

“Buffy is joining us?” Daniel asked pleasantly surprised. The change in his voice was readily apparent.

“No,” Jack growled. “Unfortunately she has prior arrangements with “Major Hottie”.” Jack quoted emphatically. He was clearly not pleased with this.

Daniel blinked in surprise. Buffy had a date, already? Even though he had only just met her, the thought was disturbing to him. He knew he had no right to think that she shouldn’t see other people. They had only just made plans for their first real date earlier that day. Still, she had called the guy Major Hottie. Somehow that seemed like a better complement than being compared to Indiana Jones and he couldn’t help feeling a little jealous.

The doorbell ringing brought him from his daze. Jack opened the door and blinked in surprise. Major Paul Davis was standing on his porch wearing dressy civilian clothing and holding a long stemmed red rose. Seeing Jack he quickly saluted him.

“Davis? You’re Major Hottie?” Jack asked in shock.

Paul looked bewildered for a brief moment before his eyes grew wide he blushed a bright red but couldn’t hide the smile on his face.

“Sorry for keeping you waiting.” Buffy interrupted any reply Paul might have made. Turning Jack nearly swallowed his tongue. Daniel and Paul weren’t doing much better.

Buffy’s hair was pulled back off her shoulders into an artful twist that allowed her soft golden curls to trail down her back. She swore a blood-red silk mini-dress. The sleeves were nearly off the shoulders revealing her golden skin. Daniel noticed the scars from where she had been bit by vampires, instead of detracting from her beauty it only served to call his attention to her neck and shoulders. The skirt ended above her knees and her tiny feet were encased in a pair of incredibly high heels that were the same color as her dress.

She was Astarte, Freyja, and Artemis combined. No, he corrected himself. Not Artemis but Amaterasu; for she could truly illuminate heaven. *Will she wear that on our date we scheduled?* Daniel hoped so, he was really looking forward to his date with her.

Daniel blanched when he suddenly remembered she was wearing that to go out with someone else. *Jack isn’t going to let her go out like that.* Daniel comforted himself and turned his eyes to Jack waiting for the fireworks.

“Wow.” Paul whispered his eyes drinking in the golden blond before him.

“You can’t go out wearing that.” Jack ground out between his teeth trying desperately to hold on to his patience.

“Dad, it’s totally ok. I broke these shoes in several months ago at the Bronze.” Buffy stated calmly. “Now I have my cell if there are any emergencies, don’t wait up. I plan on giving this town a complete patrol after my date.” This said; Buffy kissed Jack’s cheek and taking Paul’s hand walked out the door. She had noticed that Daniel was there and felt more than a little awkward, she wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible.

All was silent for a long moment as Daniel and Teal’c both looked at a Jack who had a little smile on his face. “Buffy called me Dad.” He whispered to himself.

“O’Neill,” Teal’c’s voice intruded on his thoughts. “I must admit to being surprised. I did not think you would let your daughter go out on a date wearing such revealing clothing. Is this a normal Earth custom?”

Blinking Jack suddenly realized that Buffy had left with Major Davis. “BUFFY!” He shouted and ran out the door, but they were already gone. Turning Jack walked back into the house to Daniel’s worried look.

“Did...did Buffy say she was going to patrol tonight?” He asked nervously a dark thought refusing to leave his mind.

“Yes.” Jack growled obviously still very upset.

“She can’t patrol on a date!” Daniel exploded.

“Major Paul Davis is aware of the Slayer. Why should she not patrol on her date?” Teal’c asked.

“It was something Faith told me. She said that slaying makes er...” Daniel stopped speaking blushing brightly.

“What? Daniel talk.” Jack ordered slipping into command mode.

“Well... she called it the H and H factor. She said that slaying makes them hungry and er...what is a delicate way of putting this?”

“Just spit it out in her own words.” Jack commanded.

“Faith claimed that slaying makes Slayers hungry and, er, horny.” Daniel finally managed to sputter.

“WHAT!?!” Jack exploded and Daniel winced wondering if he should have kept his mouth shut. “T, Daniel let’s move out.” He stated while grabbing his truck keys and making sure he was well armed.

Teal’c was following his companions out the door and couldn’t hold back his question. “O’Neill, I am curious. How would your daughter grow horns?”

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The End

You have reached the end of "The Gift of a Family". This story is complete.

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