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Ghosts of the Past

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Ghosts". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Come and see what happens when one particular Highlander character is found to still be alive, and when one Buffy character is found to be Immortal.Watch as the Ghosts of the Past stir, and make contact with the present.Edited-with a fine-tooth comb

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Highlander > Buffy-Centered
Highlander > Giles-Centered > Pairing: Other
RuthlessFR153175,66529056,50119 Feb 0622 Feb 10Yes


A.N Well, this is it. For now, anyway. Thanks for coming for the ride with me. I hope you’ve had as good a time along the way as I have.


After everyone had dispersed, they had done it.

Ethan had given him a glass of whiskey, spiked with mandrake venom. It had been quick enough, and painless.

And of course, he had been there when he woke back up, fingers twined through his, and a tender expression on his face.

With a gentle hand, he brushed back a few strands of hair which had fallen over his eyes.

“Well, that really is it, love. It’s all over and done.”

He leaned down, and brushed a gentle kiss against his lips, “For better or for worse, we’ve got forever.”


Duncan gathered a few little things that he remembered as having some significance to Richie. He hadn’t planned on going back to Seacouver any time in this lifetime, but there were far worse reasons to have ones plans go astray.

Sunnydale Airport

Buffy looked towards Kendra, and gave a little grin, “Na. It was gonna be Paris, and Adam says that he’d still be happy to set mom and me up with a friend of his over there, but that kinda defeats the purpose of everything. He said that he needs to go to Germany, to check up on something there. So, Germany it is.”

Kendra nodded. It still seemed strange to her that Buffy was still alive, in a way, but there wasn’t anything in that to complain about.

“Good luck, Buffy.”

“Right back at ya. I’m sure that you’ll be able to manage Sunnydale, but if anything really big does come up, then you’ve got my cell phone number. And I’m sure that I won’t stop dreaming.”

She gave the younger Slayer a brief hug, and then did the same to the rest of her friends, who were also there to see her off. The only person that wasn’t there was Angel, but she’d said a private goodbye to him last night.

Finally, she turned towards where Giles and Ethan were standing, a little way apart from the rest of the group. There was no hand-holding, or any obvious signs that there was anything going on, but the glance that they shared quickly was significant.

They were catching their own flight out towards London later that afternoon, and Kendra’s own Watcher was on his way out to Sunnydale, to join his Slayer.

“Make sure that you ring and keep me up to date on everything that’s going on, Buffy. I want to hear from you every third day, at the very least.”

“Sure, oh Watcher of mine,” she grinned at him.

While this little exchange was going on, Ethan had moved over to stand in front of Methos. He hesitated for a few seconds, and then hugged him tightly, “Thank-you. For everything, old man. You take care of yourself, and keep yourself in one piece.”

A smile tugged at the corners of Methos’ mouth, “Wouldn’t be getting sentimental on me would you now, Rayne?”

“Never. You only rebuilt my life and showed me what it meant to live again. I’m sure that anyone could have done it.”

Ethan loosened his hold, and stepped away, looking to meet his teachers’ eye.

“Still making jokes, boy?” his smile became bitter-sweet, “Don’t you ever lose that.”

“I won’t.”

“I will see you around, Ethan.”

“Yeah,” he twisted away, to hide the lone tear which threatened to wet his cheek. The he took a deep breath, “Be seeing you, old man.”

Methos nodded.


As the Summers family boarded the plane, Methos sat down in the seat next to Buffy and closed his eyes.

Back to Germany.

Back to the country which he’d sworn never to set foot in again, because of…

If she’s alive, then it really is a miracle.

Buffy watched as Sunnydale dwindled into the distance. She may have been leaving the Hellmouth right now, but she was sure that one day, whether in a few months time, or a few years, her own ghosts would call her back here. Because even though it had its problems, it was still home.

The End

You have reached the end of "Ghosts of the Past". This story is complete.

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