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Ghosts of the Past

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Ghosts". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Come and see what happens when one particular Highlander character is found to still be alive, and when one Buffy character is found to be Immortal.Watch as the Ghosts of the Past stir, and make contact with the present.Edited-with a fine-tooth comb

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Highlander > Buffy-Centered
Highlander > Giles-Centered > Pairing: Other
RuthlessFR153175,66529056,49119 Feb 0622 Feb 10Yes


Disclaimer: Anything that you encounter in the following piece of work does not, in any form, shape, or way, belong to me. I'm only the ideas person, people.

A.N I just wanted to say - Thank-you so much to who-ever it was that nominated this in the best Highlander crossover catagory. I really appreciate it.

Ghosts of the Past

Ghosts of The Past Mark 3


A young looking red haired man moved stealthily behind a blond haired woman. He had been tracking her for the past several nights, studying her movements and trying to work out if she knew. He doubted it, but still, it was better to be safe than sorry, as he'd worked out a fair while ago.

Once again the woman turned to glance over her shoulder, pausing to scan the street, certain that she wasn't alone but not sure what form her company had taken. The man stepped backwards into a doorway to keep himself out of the woman's line of sight.

The Watchers had no idea that the man was still alive. He'd been keeping to himself in Sunnydale for the better the better part of two decades. It hadn't taken him all that long to work out what was wrong with the town. Fortunately though, that meant he hadn't seen another Immortal for as long as he'd been hiding out.

They tended to avoid this town and frankly, who could blame them?

A voice called out and the man put his head around the doorway just in time to see the woman vanish around a corner with a small red-haired girl. The man smiled and tried out the blonds’ name, testing it as though he would a new weapon.

"Buffy," he breathed.

The man's watch beeped, letting him know it was ten o’clock. There’d been something on the T.V that he’d wanted to watch, but it wasn’t the end of the world if he missed it –especially not when there was something for more interesting to be doing.

Turning the corner in the direction his quarry was moving, the man sped up. Not enough to make him careless. Just enough to bring the blond, Buffy, and her friend back into his sight.

The back of his neck started to tingle, warning him of how close the other Immortal was and the man froze. He had no wish to get caught up explaining the Game, the concept of Immortality, and every other nook and cranny to her, no matter how good-looking she was.

Several feet in front of him, Buffy turned into the door of a nightclub called The Bronze. It had been ages since the man had set foot in one of them. They were loud and tended to bring out the worst in most people, not unlike some bars he'd visited before coming to rest in town.

Sometimes he would have to admit, he did find himself wanting for company but he wasn't willing to trade his head for it. What use was company if you were dead, anyway? But still, 'till the man was sufficiently prepared to deal with her, he would protect her from afar.

Well, why not? It was certainly the wiser option.

Walking calmly into the crowd with his head held high, the man made his way over to a table that was on the opposite side of the room to where Buffy was. She looked quizzically around as he passed, but since he wasn't ordered to stop he finally began to let himself relax.

A few minutes after the man sat down with a beer another man with short, dark hair walked in. The red haired man seemed to remember the vampire as being called Angel, formerly known as Angelus. It was amazing how much one could learn about the dwelling of everything that was evil when one lived directly above it.

The band on stage weren't all that bad. The man seemed to recall them being known as Dogs Ate My Baby, from several overheard discussions, but he couldn't be sure. Especially considering that he didn't remember where exactly he'd overheard that.

The man let the music wash over him for a few moments before his attention was drawn away from the words by a familiar kind of tingling feeling. It wasn't just familiar because he was used to being around other Immortals, it was more that he had gotten used to being near this one in particular before going into hiding. His eyes scanned the room and lit upon a very familiar figure standing in the doorway. The very man he had come to this cold little town on the mouth of Hell to get away from.

"Shit. Duncan," the man muttered, making his way to the toilet and locking himself in. After considering his position for a few moments he smashed through the small window and pushed himself out through the gap. It didn't bother him that the glass he hadn't sent flying cut deeply into the flesh of his chest and arms (the only reason his legs avoided the same treatment was because most of the glass stuck fast into the flesh. It was a noble sacrifice) because he was lucky to be feeling anything at all.

Mere moments later Buffy made her way past the mouth of the alley that the man had broken out into. The man was tempted to scream in frustration. In those few wonderful seconds he had been the only person on his mind. If he didn't want the girl's head on his conscious he would have to warn her. And that meant doing everything else he hadn't wanted to do.

But that could wait 'till later. At the moment he had other business to take care of. Gritting his teeth the man wrapped his hands around the first piece of glass and pulled it free. It cut his hands and blood ran freely from his arm for a few seconds before healing, but the man gave it no heed. He had already moved on to the next piece.

When the man was finished and back in the house he had brought he cursed to himself. Obviously, he had chosen the wrong place to settle down after all.

The girl could wait 'till morning.
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