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The Wicked Never Rest

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Summary: series of ATS characters after their deaths

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Multiple Crossings > Multiple Pairings > Ficlet Collections - OtherWillowsAngelFR1325840192019 Feb 0619 Feb 06No

Chapter One

Title: Bad Day Rising
Fandom: ATS, Anita Blake
Character(s): Doyle, Charles Gunn
Rating: Nothing Naughty
Date: 2/6/06

Doyle watches his newest charge try to adjust to the alternate reality. Gunn had taken the speech pretty well considering, but even so, St. Louis in this world was a bit much for the former street fighter turned lawyer. Magic known and legislated, Vampires with voting rights, Were’s struggling for Civil rights, Elves and such known and legal, protected citizens. But Gunn was smart, street smart and resourceful. As long as he didn’t fall for Anita Blake, he’d be fine.

Charles Gunn knew he was paying for the many sins he’d committed in his former life as a lawyer for Wolfram & Hart. Still this was a bit much. As soon as he’d agreed to the Irish seer’s proposition, he’d landed naked on top of a pile of snarling were-hyena’s and when one of them charged toward him, he’d done the first thing he could think of, grabbed the closet sharp object and swung. He’d had to severely injure about 5 or 6 of them before they’d wised up and he’d spent the rest of the night with his back to the wall brandishing his makeshift axe. Then the sun had risen and they’d all turned back into human form, (Not a sight he ever wanted to witness again.) Then they’d overpowered him, and dragged him to some demented circus and put him in front of the “Master”. Code for head Vamp of this world’s St. Louis. So now he sat surrounded by a host of dangerous, suspicious non-humans while a group of the “most-important” vamps and weres decided his fate.

“Dead white men and their power plays.” Always the same no matter where you went. Maybe he shouldn’t have said it out loud, but when he’d been “threatened” by vamps who looked like they were ripped off the covers of those romances Cordy swore weren’t hers, he couldn’t help it. Even that short lady who’d been flashing some serious heat couldn’t come close to Cordelia on a bad hair day.

To top it all off, now the hyena’s, in human form where trying to get a little too friendly. He was having words with Doyle.
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StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking