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Deadly Fun

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Summary: Warning not betad. A slayer gets dropped into the world of Anita Blake and wreaks some havoc.

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Anita Blake > Faith-CenteredlmarieFR1311,075032,27921 Feb 0621 Feb 06Yes
Deadly Fun

Disclaimer: I do not own anything except for the idea (I think). But if this were my world I would own them all and have fun with Jean Claude and Asher. To bad it’s not my world.

A/N: No spoilers what so ever. Takes place a while after Buffy seventh season and just the Anitaverse in general.

She was something new, something that had never been seen before. That alone would be reason enough to fear her. It was unthinkable to the vampires that there was someone stronger than them, for something to be able to overpower them. She was. She was deadly to them all. Stronger than the mother and lethal to the young ones. She was the slayer.

Most of the vampires that faced off with her didn’t get out alive, but if they did, they would always be haunted by the experience. Her graceful dance of death would forever be imbedded in their minds, making them shells of what they used to be. The ones who were exterminated were done so with such precision that it almost took no time at all, like it didn’t take any energy what so ever for her to kill them. They could tell she got off on it, and it scared them. Badly. They say she is worse than death himself. He is nothing to her. His cold heartless ways couldn’t even compare to the passion felt killing this woman does. She was the most feared thing to ever grace their planet.


He was watching her slaughter his people. His masters and the weres were doing all they could to stop her, but it was no use. She was overpowering them. They tried to overpower her with numbers, but it didn’t work. She killed them effortlessly. She would tear off the head off one victim and move onto the next. It was horrifying. He tried to look away, tried to get away. He couldn’t bring himself to do it though. It was a gruesome fascination. She was poetry in motion. All he could do was watch and hope that he went unnoticed.

He studied her for a moment as she took her sword and decapitated one of the wolf men, trying to tell himself that he was looking for a weakness, anything that would help defeat her; he wasn’t though. She was blood splattered. She had blood all over her tight leather pants and black top. Her beautiful black/brown waves of hair are covered in blood. Her faced had spots of blood here and there, but she didn’t seem to mind. In fact, she looked like she was enjoying it. There was a fire in her eyes, burning, yearning to kill. And she did.


That was fun, she thought, I haven’t had a fight that good since I got to this damn world.

She stood there, over what apparently was the master vampire (God from the way he fought you would think he was a fledgling not a master), and regrouped. She thought she was finished when she sensed another vamp about. Honing her senses, she let them stretch out, trying to touch him, see where he was. She looked up sharply and over her left shoulder where she could see some furniture. So the little vampie thought he could hide and get away, she thought with a feral smile.

She slowly stalked towards the desk and chairs and saw a shivering form peeking his head out slightly over the desk. When he saw her, he shot up and started to back away. At this she gave a grin that the cat would give the canary.

“Why? Why are you doing this? Why kill them,” his voice was slightly shaking when he asked.

She looked startled for a moment when he asked her, then cocked her head to the side pretending to think of an answer. She finally started to smile (more of a bearing of teeth than anything else) and said, “Why would I want to kill bloodsuckers of the night, hmmm? Let me think? I get dropped into this fucked up world by your kind, taken away from the only friends that I have, and when me and B were just starting to make up, and you ask me why?” She looked at him and noticed he was confused so said, “It’s fun.”

She was walking towards him now. He backed into a wall and she cornered him, getting ready to take his head and heart when he asked, “Who are you?”

“You mean you haven’t heard there is a new girl in town? Wow you must be a pretty dumb vamp, wonder why you even were turned.” She looked him up and down and then said, “I guess you could be a fun lover, but that is probably all you could really contribute.”

He was looking at her and pleading for her to answer his question. She didn’t know if this was a plow for him to live longer or what, but decided to grace him with an answer anyway, “I am Faith, the vampire slayer and your executioner.” With that she took his head, then his heart. She then started to walk out of the building, with the heels of her boot echoing around her.

Damn but that was fun. I should do that again sometime. She thought. With all the slaying she had been doing in LA, the vamp life was getting pretty low and wasn’t fun anymore. She needed to go somewhere filled with vampire activity or some kind of activity. I hear St. Louis has some pretty fun vamps there. She hailed a cab, went to the airport, and bought a ticket to St. Louis. I hope that I find more there than here. She never noticed the news casters on the radio.


This just in. A violent crime has just been committed in the vampire district. Seven vampires and 15 weres have been brutally murdered. We do not know what type of were or who they were yet. The police still don’t know who the killer is, but are saying that if anyone knows anything to stay away from him, he is very dangerous, and should not be approached at all. We think it might have been a terrorist act against the vampires, but still are not able to tell. But rest assured that as soon as this person is apprehended they will be punished to the full extent of the law. More on this later tonight. In other news……..

So what do ya think? should i make it a mini series or give up as a writer and continue to read instead? please review. the first one to review gets a cookie! ok now im desperate. disreguard that last statement.please review.

The End

You have reached the end of "Deadly Fun". This story is complete.

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